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Obama gets shredded for throwing intelligence officials under the bus on ’60 Minutes'

It's Your Fault, Not Mine

From Biz Pac Review:
The reviews from President Obama’s interview that aired Sunday night on “60 Minutes” are coming in, and they’re not raves. 
The intelligence community was thrown under the bus and isn’t happy about it. And even President Obama’s once-loyal media guard had trouble spinning the performance that aired Sunday as anything more than an exercise in finger-pointing. 
And that finger was pointed directly at Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. 
“Our head of the intelligence community, Jim Clapper, has acknowledged that, I think, they underestimated what had been taking place in Syria,” Obama told interviewer Steve Croft. 
But a Fox News article quoted an intelligence official who said the threat from the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, has been part of the president’s daily briefing package for the past 18 months. 
And the Daily Beast points out that Clapper and others had testified back in January to House and Senate intelligence committees that ISIS and other jihadist groups were a threat in Iraq and Syria. 
If they were saying it in the House and the Senate, they were telling the president the same.  
What makes it odder that is was January, remember, when Obama was quoted as calling the Islamic State a “jayvee squad” in international terrorism. 
The Daily Beast reported one intelligence source exploded in anger in an interview after “60 Minutes” aired. “Either the president doesn’t read the intelligence he’s getting or he’s bullshitting,” said the source, a former intelligence official, according to the Daily Beast.

HUGE NEWS: Oklahoma Federal Court Rules IRS Attempt to Save Obamacare's Subsidies for Federal Exchange Enrollees "Arbitrary, Capricious, an Abuse of Discretion, and Otherwise Not In Accordance with the Law"

If you're coming in late to this, or have forgotten, this concerns the IRS granting those who enroll into Obamacare in the federal exchanges the same subsidies as are granted to those who enroll in the state exchanges.

The problem is that the law only specifies subsidies for state exchange enrollees. It appears this was intended to be an encouragement for states to set up their exchanges.

But 26 or so states opted out -- but Obama's IRS, desperate to save his bacon with lots of enrollees, decided that by administrative rule they would trump the law passed by Congressand just rule that anyone signed up for Obamacare should have subsidies.

A federal court in Oklahoma has ruled otherwise.

You Gotta Be Fuckin' Kidding Me

State Department Says Netanyahu Wrong To Claim Militant Islam Seeks To “Dominate The World”

If You Ask Me, Our Fellow Anti-Jihadists Going a Little Over The Top On Criticism of NFL Player Hussain Abdullah

Here's Hussain Abdullah celebrating a touchdown:

Here's Tim Tebow:

I understand there is a technicality involved; End Zone celebrations vs. a Quarterback celebrating in the back field. I understand that.

But the criticism seems to be going beyond that, if you ask me.

Greece: Bishop Declares, This Anti-Racist Law Will Make Us Strangers In Our Own Country

I think this Bishop, along with Nigel Farage and Geert Wilders are the highest-ranking Europeans to understand the nature of the true threat, and to understand that Free Speech is the antidote, not the enemy.

The Very Venerable Amvrosios Lenis, metropolitan of Kalavryta and Aigialeia, strongly denounced the new law recently adopted by the Greek Parliament that toughens penalties for "inciting to racial hatred".

The bishop addressed the many faithful of the diocese who had gathered for the one hundredth anniversary of the dedication of the cathedral of the Assumption of the Very Holy Virgin. "Beginning this morning," he warned, with the anti-racist law, whoever speaks to defend our country risks going to prison. Soon, we will be strangers in our own country. I don't know if I will live to see it, but your children will be slaves of the Muslims."

Diana West: "Religion of Peace" Brainwashing No Different From Brainwashing Leftists Attempted With Regard To Communism

The Journal of the American Medical Association Tells Doctors To Start Treating People For Climate Change

From Yahoo News:
Doctors aren’t just worried about heart disease, diabetes, and obesity these days. Climate change is climbing to the top of their list of public health hazards, and that could have big implications in the political fight to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. 
Among the more than 310,000 demonstrators marching through Manhattan in last week’s People’s Climate March were contingents of physicians. 
And now the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), the voice of the nation’s powerful medical establishment, has issued a call-to-arms to doctors, urging those in health and health-related fields to throw their weight behind climate change prevention efforts. 
“Is climate change similar to poverty and war, best left to other scientists and politicians, or is it of such fundamental importance—like clean water, clean air, and adequate sanitation—that physicians should strive to further clarify the effects of climate change on health, educate themselves and the public, and mount a campaign to ensure that climate change does not lead to an epidemic of eroding health?” wrote Howard Bauchner, JAMA editor-in-chief, and executive editor Phil Fontanarosa. 
Yes, they concluded. 
“Understanding and characterizing this threat and educating the medical community, public, and policy makers are crucial if the health of the world’s population is to continue to improve during the latter half of the 21st century,” according to Bauchner and Fontanarosa. 
The editorial accompanied a new JAMA study that found that climate change is already making us sick, and will make us even sicker as global warming accelerates.

Latest Liberal Lunacy: Global Warming Created ISIS

US poised to become world’s leading liquid petroleum producer

From the Financial Times:
High quality global journalism requires investment. The US is overtaking Saudi Arabia to become the world’s largest producer of liquid petroleum, in a sign of how its booming oil production has reshaped the energy sector. 
US production of oil and related liquids such as ethane and propane was neck-and-neck with Saudi Arabia in June and again in August at about 11.5m barrels a day, according to the International Energy Agency, the watchdog backed by rich countries. 
With US production continuing to boom, its output is set to exceed Saudi Arabia’s this month or next for the first time since 1991. 
Riyadh has stressed that the rise of the US should not detract from its own critical role in oil markets. It says it has the ability to increase its output by 2.5m b/d if needed to balance supply and demand. 
Prince Abdulaziz Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz, Saudi Arabia’s deputy oil minister, said earlier this month that the kingdom was the “only country with usable spare oil production capacity”. 
However, even Saudi officials do not deny that the rise of the US to become the world’s largest petroleum producer – with an even greater lead if its biofuel output of about 1m b/d is included – has played a vital role in stabilising markets. 
Global crude prices have fallen in the past two years, in spite of the turmoil in Syria and Iraq, fighting in Libya and Russia’s conflict with Ukraine.

Next to Surely Happen: Citizen Who Stops a Beheading Will Be Charged with Religious Discrimination

From Rightwing News 



Of course you would sue the people who saved your life. Because this is America, right? Too bad you’re not an American. 

In February we profiled an illegal alien felon who had made nearly $200,000 by mass-filing frivolous lawsuits against L.A. restaurants.

But that was just about a creep trying to game the system. This is truly disgusting.

An illegal alien in Colorado is suing several first responders who took part in rescuing him last September, when he became trapped in his car during a flash flood.

They saved Roy Ortiz’ life — and he is suing them, for not getting him out fast enough.

The document, lists Boulder County sheriff’s deputies, a member of the Westminster dive team, Broomfield and the North Metro Fire Rescue District as potential defendants.

On Sept. 12, Ortiz’s vehicle was washed off the road, and the rushing waters flipped the car upside down. It took North Metro Fire Rescue about two hours to bring Ortiz to safety. Ortiz now claims that rescuers were negligent in their duty because they should have extracted him from his car faster.

It is disgraceful, and he’s doing it all for money. Said Ortiz:

Well, I’m happy. I’m really happy to be alive…But I’m looking for some help with my bills. I don’t have the money to pay.”

So an illegal alien, who is breaking our laws, who like millions of illegals may well have engaged in social security and document fraud to obtain unlawful employment….now wants MORE from us?

All he should get is deported.

His lawyer, Ed Ferszt, told 7 News Denver:
Of course he was thankful because those divers did have a major role to play in saving his life that day. That doesn’t negate the fact that a mistake may have been made. I can understand why there’s a lot of furor over people thinking that he’s biting the hand that feeds. Does that mean that officers of North Metro Fire are above reproach?”

Ortiz, who claims he is still suffering from shoulder pain, is seeking $500,000 in damages

Look, this idiot should not even be allowed to file such lawsuits in America. He isn’t even here legally. maybe if you weren’t in America illegally, you would not have been in a situation where you needed medical care. Speaking of which, Mexico has free medical care. Maybe its time to go home, Buh-bye, greedy Oritz. 

To article


Tribute To Colleen Hufford

Click directly on the images to enlarge them:

Colleen Hufford (far right) is pictured with her husband KC, daughter Kelli and granddaughter Riley

Mrs Hufford, with her daughter and granddaughter

See this photo essay for more photos and additional details.

House Intel Chair Rogers: Intel Officials Warned Obama About ISIS “For Over A Year

Fetch Me Some Interesting Italians

From The Hill:
House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) said the intelligence community had warned President Obama about the threat from the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria for “over a year.” 
“This was not an Intelligence Community failure, but a failure by policy makers to confront the threat,” Rogers said in a statement Monday. 
His statement comes after the president said that intelligence officers had underestimated ISIS in an interview that aired on “60 Minutes” Sunday. 
“For over a year, U.S. intelligence agencies specifically warned that ISIL was taking advantage of the situation in Syria to recruit members and provoke violence that could spill into Iraq and the rest of the region,” Rogers said in a statement on Monday, using an alternate name for the group. 
Rogers said his committee had formally pressed the administration to act against the terror threat in 2013.

There were several reports suggesting Obama did not regularly attend security briefings
March 2014, WH Obama Not Attending National Security Briefings
Obama has also admitted on multiple recent occasions that he only discovered current events thru msm reports 


Former Imam of Mosque Attended By Oklahoma Beheader Apologizes To ISIS Day After Beheading

The article below, from the Daily Caller, claims that it is not known whether Webb and Alton Nolen ever met. The above photograph, posted by Nolen to his Twitter page, shows Alton Nolen in the center, with Suhaib Webb to his right (the left side of the photograph).

Suhaib Webb used to be the Imam of the Oklahoma City Mosque where Nolen worshipped. Webb is now the Imam at the Mosque where the Boston Bombers attended services.

From the Daily Caller:
The former imam of the Oklahoma City mosque attended by beheading suspect Alton Nolen apologized this week to ISIS for previously criticizing the group. 
Suhaib Webb is currently the imam of the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, which is part of the same entity under the same ownership as the Islamic Society of Boston, where Boston Marathon bombers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev worshipped. 
Webb spoke alongside the late al-Qaida senior operative Anwar al-Awlaki at a Sept. 9, 2001 fundraiser for an Islamic radical who killed two police officers, according to FBI surveillance documents. 
Webb previously served as imam of the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City, where Nolen reportedly worshipped. It is not known whether Webb and Nolen ever met. 
Webb recently returned to the Oklahoma City mosque to deliver two sermons in October 2013, records reveal. Webb previously gave sermons there in November 2011, October 2010 and October 2008. The day after Nolen beheaded a co-worker, and the same day that Webb was publicly linked to Nolen’s mosque, Webb apologized to ISIS in an online column he wrote for the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center entitled “Shame on Me: A Commitment to Discourse Instead of Demonization.”

Europe Sends Almost As Many Jihadists To Fight For ISIS As They Sent To Aid US During The Iraq War

Let me be clear that I, personally, do not include the UK as being part of Europe.

I know the UK is part of the European Union, but the UK has never conducted itself like other European nations. 

The UK sent almost 50,000 troops to Iraq to join the United States in our coalition against the Jihad.

But the rest of Europe only sent 7470 troops to fight the Jihad in Iraq.

So, Europe could only muster up 2 1/2 times as many troops to fight against the Jihad as they have sent to fight for the Jihad.

If you take Italy (3200 troops) and Spain (1300 troops) out of the equation, you get 2970 troops ...

So then, Europe sent MORE Jihadists to fight for ISIS than they sent to help the USA fight against the Jihad.

France sent NO TROOPS. Germany sent NO TROOPS. 

That tells you what you need to know about Europe. 
Percy Sledge
When A Man Loves A Woman

Dark End Of The Street

Warm And Tender Love

Surreally Evil Response To Oklahoma Beheading Case: "Muslims Are Hilarious" Says Muslima Who Identifies Herself As a "Social Justice Comedian"

To Prove that this week's beheading of an American by a Muslim had "Nothing to do with Islam", MSNBC had on not 1, not 2, but 3 Muslims to really hammer that home. The male Muslim assures us there's nothing in the koran saying if you get fired you need to go back to your work place and kill people. And that's technically true, because the Koran actually says to kill All infidels. All the time. Anytime. For any reason. For No reason. Just kill them wherever you find them. They won't be able to get away with this kind of crap one day.

Of all the responses that American Muslims might have to the Oklahoma beheading, I think, "Muslims are hilarious!" is probably one of the more preposterous ones you can have. But that's the conclusion that this MSNBC panel gets from their discussion of the horrid case.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Jon Karl Spends 7 Minutes Grilling WH About Obama’s Nonsensical Spin On ISIS Assessments

"Everywhere we look, militant Islam is on the march.”

Benjamin Netanyahu, NAMING the evil, at the UN just now.


Oklahoma Beheader's Mother Says My Boy Is a Good Boy

Obviously the woman is tortured by the reality of what her son has done. But she typifies the mothers of criminals and gang members across the country, who jump immediately to defend their sons and declare them to be good boys, even as they mow down human beings like so much grass.

Let's be clear, Islam is a Racketeering Outfit, a Mafia, a gang, and it treats non-Muslims like grass to be mowed.

And this woman would enable such a thing? She's out of her fucking mind.
“My son was raised in a loving home… My son was a good kid… I know what they’re saying that he done. But I’m going tell you this. That’s not my son… I’m praying that justice will prevail, the whole story will come out. The whole story.”

Another Beheader In Oklahoma? Arrrested Before He Could Do The Deed.

See Man says he represents ISIS, threatens co-worker. Full article:
Oklahoma City, Okla. —It appears to be a strange coincidence.

On the same day (Friday) Moore police announced the deadly attack inside Vaughan Foods, Oklahoma City officers arrested a fired nursing home employee for threatening to cut off a co-worker’s head.

Police tell Newsok.com, Jacob Murithi had been working at the Bellevue Nursing Home in northwest Oklahoma City.

He’s said to have threatened the unidentified co-worker on Sept. 19.

She told officers Murithi identified himself as a Muslim. He then mentioned he “represented ISIS and that ISIS kills Christians.”

He’s currently at the Oklahoma County Jail on a terrorism count. Police say his bail is set at $1 million.

UPDATED --- No Jannah (heaven) for Islamic State jihadis: Over 100 Sunni clerics write open letter to ‘Caliph’ Al-Baghdadi

UPDATED --- Nico notes that CAIR and the ISNA are both signatories to this Fatwa. I don't know about you, but that's all I need to know. CAIR and the ISNA are perpetually full of shit. 

This Fatwa is absolutely meaningless. 

CAIR was birthed by Hamas and the Department of Justice declard CAIR to be an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation Terror Funding trial.

Your thoughts? It seems to me there are many problems with this, but I want to hear the thoughts of others.

I'm going to highlight the parts that I think are problematic.

From the Muslim Issue:

Executive Summary (for the full version, please use the links above)
1- It is forbidden in Islam to issue fatwas without all the necessary learning requirements. Even then fatwas must follow Islamic legal theory as defined in the Classical texts. It is also forbidden to cite a portion of a verse from the Qur’an—or part of a verse—to derive a ruling without looking at everything that the Qur’an and Hadith teach related to that matter. In other words, there are strict subjective and objective prerequisites for fatwas, and one cannot ‘cherry-pick’ Qur’anic verses for legal arguments without considering the entire Qur’an and Hadith.
2- It is forbidden in Islam to issue legal rulings about anything without mastery of the Arabic language.
3- It is forbidden in Islam to oversimplify Shari’ah matters and ignore established Islamic sciences.
4- It is permissible in Islam [for scholars] to differ on any matter, except those fundamentals of religion that all Muslims must know.
5- It is forbidden in Islam to ignore the reality of contemporary times when deriving legal rulings.
6- It is forbidden in Islam to kill the innocent.
7- It is forbidden in Islam to kill emissaries, ambassadors, and diplomats; hence it is forbidden to kill journalists and aid workers.
8- Jihad in Islam is defensive war. It is not permissible without the right cause, the right purpose and without the right rules of conduct.
9- It is forbidden in Islam to declare people non-Muslim unless he (or she) openly declares disbelief.
10- It is forbidden in Islam to harm or mistreat—in any way—Christians or any ‘People of the Scripture’.
11- It is obligatory to consider Yazidis as People of the Scripture.
12- The re-introduction of slavery is forbidden in Islam. It was abolished by universal consensus.
13- It is forbidden in Islam to force people to convert.
14- It is forbidden in Islam to deny women their rights.
15- It is forbidden in Islam to deny children their rights.
16- It is forbidden in Islam to enact legal punishments (hudud) without following the correct procedures that ensure justice and mercy.
17- It is forbidden in Islam to torture people.
18- It is forbidden in Islam to disfigure the dead.
19- It is forbidden in Islam to attribute evil acts to God. (LOL)
20- It is forbidden in Islam to destroy the graves and shrines of Prophets and Companions.
21- Armed insurrection is forbidden in Islam for any reason other than clear disbelief by the ruler and not allowing people to pray.
22- It is forbidden in Islam to declare a caliphate without consensus from all Muslims.
23- Loyalty to one’s nation is permissible in Islam.
24- After the death of the Prophet, Islam does not require anyone to emigrate anywhere.
In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds, Peace and Blessings be upon the Seal of the Prophets and Messengers

Shocker: Obama Admits Islam Biggest Cause of Conflict in the World

From Kristinn Taylor at Gateway Pundit:
President Barack Obama may be shocked to realize he said this after he reads about it in the news, but he made an apparently unwitting admission about Islam’s debilitating role in the world in a taped interview with Steve Kroft of CBS News’ 60 Minutes that is scheduled to be broadcast Sunday evening. 
“What we also have to do is we have to come up with political solutions in Iraq and Syria, in particular, but in the Middle East generally that arrive in the combination between Sunni and Shia populations that right now are the biggest cause of conflict, not just in the Middle East, but in the world.” 
Obama has spent his presidency acting as a defender of Islam. For example, in the wake of the September, 2012 Benghazi attack by Islamist terrorists that killed four Americans including Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens, Obama blamed a video critical of Islam called The Innocence of Muslims for inspiring the attack. 
Weeks after the Benghazi attack Obama told the UN, “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” Also that same month Obama issued his own video apologizing for the anti-Islam video and jailed its filmmaker.
Wayne Shorter Quartet

Red House

Leslie West - Guitar and Vocals


Mountain Live, 1970 - Mississippi Queen

Moutain - Better Off With The Blues (2013)

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Woman Confronts Muslm Extremists Who Invaded Her Hometown

From Top Right:

Muslim cab drivers and Subway franchise managers kicking out disabled customers with guide dogs. Muslim refugees on welfare demanding Sharia Law-compliant food banks. Towns surrendering to the complaint of a single Muslim to remove an ad for bacon. Man ordered to remove an American flag because it was ‘offensive to Muslims.’

he demands of Muslims in America are spreading more quickly than we can document it. Yet despite the record influx of immigrants and “refugees” from Muslim nations, the population in America is (for now) well below that of Britain.

And it is from Britain that a stunning warning video comes showing us what can happen when a large number of Muslims infiltrate a Western city.
Stacey Dooley is a native of the city of Luton, whose home town is now known as the “Extremist Capital” of Britain, with a massive Muslim population. In just 20 years, the young Dooley has seen her city radically transformed from a quiet, typical English city to a hotbed of Muslim fanaticism.
Dooley wanted to demonstrate how Muslims have infiltrated her town, since the liberal media refuses to do so.
Dooley documented the Muslim invasion of Luton in greater detail in the following video. She hopes her message about the rapid spread of Islamic radicalism in the U.K. will warn Americans of the threat, before it takes hold in U.S. cities.

Iranian President Rouhani Uses Racist Phrase at UN

From INN:
Hassan Rouhani saved by quick-thinking translator, after using racist word for black people in General Assembly speech. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s attempt to blame western states for the rise of radical Islam in his speech to the UN General Assembly nearly backfired awkwardly when he used a racist Farsi expression – but was saved by a quick-thinking translator. 
During the speech on Friday, Rouhani claimed that “certain Intelligence agencies have put the blade in the hand of the drunken Zangi” – a phrase referring to irresponsible and dangerous jihadi groups, which was translated simply as “madmen” by the translator (see 3:59 in video below). 
But according to Iranian opposition blog azarmehr, the word “Zangi” is actually a derogatory term for black slaves from Zanzibar in Farsi. His use of the term was apparently based on a line from a poem by ancient Persian Sufi poet Jalal al-Din Muhammad Balkhi: 
“It is better to put a sword in the hand of an intoxicated negro than ‘that knowledge’ should fall to a worthless fool.” 
It is not the first time an Iranian president’s comments have been the subject of dispute by translators. In 2005, then-president and notorious holocaust-denier Mahmoud Ahmadinejad reportedly called for Israel to be “wiped off the map” at a conference entitled “A World Without Zionism”. 
Iranian officials and other analysts insisted Ahmadinejad’s comments were mistranslated – though others pointed out that the fact that the Iranian regime openly calls for an end to the State of Israel and actively funds terrorist groups committed to the Jewish state’s destruction made the debate somewhat academic.

Why Hasn't Obama Said a Word About the American Woman Beheaded By a Muslim?

From Diana West:
For logic-minded Americans still genuinely puzzled as to how it could be that our presidents and secretaries of state and generals and pundits keep hammering home the big lie that Islam has nothing to do with jihad, that the religion of conquest is a "religion of peace," I have a special warning. 
Such widespread, politics- and mass-media-driven brainwashing is nothing new. Just as today's opinion-makers seek to divorce Islam from its impact -- for example, brutal conquest, forced conversion, religiously sanctioned sex slavery, beheadings -- past opinion-makers worked equally hard to divorce communism from its impact -- for example, brutal conquest, forced collectivization, concentration camps (Gulags), mass murder. It worked. 
Unlike Nazism, communism has never been judged guilty or even held responsible for the carnage and suffering it has caused. On the contrary, it remains a source of "liberal" statist ideas such as Obamacare. 
My book "American Betrayal" delves deeply into this dangerous double standard. In short, it not only enables collectivist policies to strangle our remnant republic, but also explains why American students can find a drink called Leninade, emblazoned with a hammer and sickle, for sale on a college campus. It is also why silkscreens of Warhol's Chairman Mao, history's top mass murderer, are sought-after items for the homes of the wealthy. 
There are no such trendy portraits of Hitler, and who would want them? Who would want to swig a bottle of Hitlerpop, decorated with a swastika? So, why Leninade? Not only does the stench of death not follow the Communist murder-cult, the brand lives. Barring a groundswell of common sense, I predict that Islam, the brand, will most likely remain separate in the public mind from the violence and repression it causes and has caused for more than a millennium. 
That's certainly the direction leaders from both political parties have been relentlessly herding us in for over a decade, insisting against all reason -- against all sacred Islamic texts -- that "Islam is peace." 
This means that not only must we contend with this cycle of expansionist jihad -- a recurrence that should be familiar from Islamic history were it, too, not subject to whitewash -- we must simultaneously withstand a campaign of lies designed to subvert our understanding of how Islam, in fact, has everything to do with beheadings and other violence both in the Islamic world and in the West. 
And yes, such whitewashing has happened before. Stalin's Red Army occupied half of Europe at the end of World War II, but Americans were told they had won the war and that "Uncle Joe" was a great guy.

Everything's a lie. Everything.

From National Review

The Khorosan Group Does Not Exist

It’s a fictitious name the Obama administration invented to deceive us. 

Bill Maher Explains Why Leftist Tolerance/Apologia of Islam Is Completely Friggin' Absurd

From Breitbart:
HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher sharply criticized liberals for their refusal to denounce the actions of radical Islamists on Friday. Maher began by discussing a Pennsylvania teenager who had photographed himself mimicking a sex act on a statue of Jesus, and said “this kid is not going to get killed for this, he’s not even going to jail,” and that the case “speaks volumes about why liberal, Western culture is not just different, it’s better.” 
He then criticized President Obama for his claim that ISIS is not Islamic, “President Obama keeps insisting that ISIS is not Islamic...but, if vast numbers of Muslims across the world believe, and they do, that humans deserve to die for merely holding a different idea, or drawing a cartoon, or writing a book, or eloping with the wrong person, not only does the Muslim world have something in common with ISIS, it has too much in common with ISIS” he stated. 
Maher turned his criticism to self-proclaimed liberals who refuse to denounce radical Islam in the name of “multiculturalism,” he declared “cultures are different. It’s OK to judge that rule of law isn’t just different than theocracy, it’s better. If you don’t see that, you’re either a religious fanatic or a masochist, but one thing you are certainly not is a liberal.” 
He continued, “It amazes me how here in America we go nuts over the tiniest violations of these values while gross atrocities are ignored across the world.” And “we hear a lot about the Republican war on women, it’s not cool. Rush Limbaugh called somebody a slut. OK. But Saudi women can’t vote, or drive, or hold a job, or leave the house without a man. Overwhelming majorities in every Muslim country say a wife is always obliged to obey her husband. That all seems like a bigger issue than Evangelical Christian bakeries refusing to make gay wedding cakes.” 
Maher also bashed the atheist Yale students for protesting Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s planned speech on the school’s campus. “You’re atheists, you should be attacking religion, not siding with the people who hold women down and violate them, which apparently you will defend in the name of ‘multiculturalism’ and then lose your sh*t when someone refers to Chaz Bono by the wrong pronoun,” he proclaimed. 
He then concluded, “if we’re giving no quarter to intolerance, shouldn’t we be starting with the mutilators and the honor killers?”