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"For They Sow The Wind, And They Shall Reap The Whirlwind"

Massive Protests Against Medical Martial Law***, Macron On The Brink

Macron uprising: Major French rebellion as ‘phenomenal’ revolt planned –President on brink

EMMANUEL MACRON is facing a “phenomenal” protest on Saturday against his latest coronavirus rules, also dubbed “shame health pass” laws.

The French President submitted legislation to parliament which will stop people entering restaurants and bars without a “health pass”, showing they are vaccinated, have had a recent negative test, or have immunity from COVID-19. Opponents say the state is, de facto, forcing people to get jabbed.

The new rule has attracted criticism from politicians across all parties in France and abroad.

Last weekend, police estimated that 100,000 people joined protests against the measures – some of them under the banner of the Yellow Vests. And another round of protests is planned for this weekend.

*** The phrase "Medical Martial Law" coined by The Last English Prince.

"I Am Not a Biohazard"

 Massive protests across Australia.

Highlights from the Freedom Rally March in Melbourne, Australia - 24.07.21 The Chief Commissioner of Police disgraced himself yesterday on 3AW radio when talking about the lengths that people in Victoria are going to, in order to organise protests to voice their dissent by using encrypted messaging apps to circumvent police detection. In a free & democratic nation such as Australia, ordinary citizens that are displeased with their government should never have to use encrypted messaging apps to avoid detection by the police, just so they can exercise their civil & human right to protest. Without being subject to any meaningful oversight and having to provide no accountability to the public they serve, it would appear that the government and police have gone mad with power in Victoria. Yet despite all these hurdles, thousands still managed to gather in opposition of lockdowns and draconian mandates in the State. I’ve minimised the amount of police interactions in this video, as there is no point in highlighting their unlawful interactions with the public. Instead this highlight belongs to the people of Victoria, and their courage in the face of adversity. For anyone that wants to watch the RAW Unedited 2 Hour Livestream (no music) its available via


The Antifa/FBI Coalition?


Over two dozen people were killed during the Antifa and BLM protests in 2020. It is routinely reported that "five people died as a result" of the Jan. 6 disturbance. This is a totally accurate statement, however, it is still misleading.   
Only one of the deceased died as a result of violence. She was actually murdered by a government official. Relating these deaths allows the media to routinely describe Jan. 6 as a "deadly insurrection" as opposed to the "mostly peaceful" protests by Antifa and BLM. Prior to Jan. 6, Trump supporters had held dozens of mass rallies without burning cities or murdering people. This was a major embarrassment for the Deep State. 
Media coverage of the Jan. 6 event has been largely successful in minimizing that embarrassment. This was a major Deep State coup and the planning and execution of this "insurrection" reveal a disturbing relationship between the government and radical groups. 
The FBI did not only fail to adequately prevent the disturbance, they appear to have actively facilitated it. The FBI and radical leftists are branches of the Deep State. 

 FBI agents "taking a knee" in homage to BLM

The FBI has a history of instigating terrorist plots that they thwart with great fanfare. This is not a conspiracy theory. 

The New York Times has reported there have been twenty terrorist plots against the U.S.  Three of those plots were real; the other 17 were created — and then stopped — by the FBI.  

The Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping case is based on evidence provided by two FBI informants and two undercover agents according to the FBI’s affidavit.  As many as twelve informants were used in this case.  Enrique Tarrio, leader of the Proud Boys, was at one time an FBI informant.  Several sizable right-wing organizations were involved in the Jan. 6 disturbance.  The FBI had infiltrated every one of them and therefore knew exactly what they had planned.

The DC Metropolitan Police also had at least one undercover employee embedded within the pro-Trump crowd.  This is not speculation.  It is based on court records.  

It is preposterous to contend that the FBI did not have operatives in this disturbance as Christopher Wray contends.   Journalist Glenn Greenwald commented, “What would be shocking and strange is not if the FBI had embedded informants and other infiltrators in the groups planning the January 6 Capitol riot.  What would be shocking and strange—bizarre and inexplicable—is if the FBI did not have those groups under tight control.”

The FBI and the Capitol Police knew in advance that the demonstration would turn violent. 

The New York Times reported: 

The Capitol Police had clearer advance warnings about the Jan. 6 attack than were previously known, including the potential for violence in which “Congress itself is the target.” But officers were instructed by their leaders not to use their most aggressive tactics to hold off the mob, according to a scathing new report by the agency’s internal investigator.

 Yet the head of the FBI’s Washington Field Office, Steven D’Antuono, told reporters that the agency did not have any intelligence suggesting the Trump rally would not be peaceful.  

During Senate testimony, Senator Amy Klobuchar suggested that the FBI had not infiltrated these groups.  She asked Christopher Wray, "There must be moments where you think if we would have known, if we could have infiltrated this group or found out what they were doing, and that -- you have those moments?"  Wray did not correct her.  The knowledge that there would be violence was based partially on a document acquired by the Norfolk FBI.  It asserted, "Be ready to fight. Congress needs to hear glass breaking, doors being kicked in, and blood from their BLM and Pantifa slave soldiers being spilled. Get violent. Stop calling this a march, or rally, or a protest. Go there ready for war. We get our President or we die. NOTHING else will achieve this goal.”  

The FBI does not reveal the source of this document.  Was it really the work of a Trump supporter?  Still, the violence could have been prevented.  

According to Kash Patel, Chief of Staff to Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller, "We had offered the Capitol Police, and Mayor Bowser of Washington, D.C., thousands of National Guardsmen and women, two days before Jan. 6. And they turned us down."

Defenders of left-wing radical groups stress the fact that they are "decentralized."  Wikipedia's description of Antifa mentions its "decentralized" nature numerous times.  Yet, the left is capable of acting in unison, as if under the command of a single director.  Mike Podhorzer, senior adviser to the president of the AFL-CIO, is mentioned in a Time magazine article giving a reason why left-wing groups were not visible on Jan. 6. He credits the activists for their restraint: “They had spent so much time getting ready to hit the streets on Wednesday. But they did it.  Wednesday through Friday, there was not a single Antifa vs. Proud Boys incident like everyone was expecting. And when that didn’t materialize, I don’t think the Trump campaign had a backup plan.”  Podhorzer continued, "To preserve safety and ensure they couldn’t be blamed for any mayhem, the activist left was 'strenuously discouraging counter activity.'” All these "independent" groups decided in unison to stay home that day.  Or did they?

Antifa activist John Sullivan's brother James claims that there were 265 disguised Antifa members at the disturbance.  The FBI will investigate this just as they are investigating child sex crimes.  (Unfortunately, David Harris, who was in charge of investigating crimes against children, was arrested for numerous child sex crimes.)


It is important to note that multiple friends of this website, from over the years (The Last English Prince, Bosch Fawstin, Pamela Geller, and Robert Spencer), were victims of an attack by assassins with the full knowledge of the FBI. 

This occurred at the "First Annual Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest". An FBI agent had been working undercover with two men who wanted to murder these four people at the Mohammed Art Exhibit, which took place in Garland, Texas. 

When the assassins showed up and started shooting, the FBI agent fled the scene, rather than gunning down the assassins.

Here's Wikipedia on the incident:

The Curtis Culwell Center attack was a failed terrorist attack on an exhibit featuring cartoon images of Muhammad at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas on May 3, 2015, which ended in a shootout with police guarding the event, and the deaths of the two perpetrators.[4] The attackers shot an unarmed Garland Independent School District (GISD) security officer in the ankle.[5][6] 
Shortly after opening fire, both attackers were shot and killed by an off-duty Garland police officer.[7] 
The FBI had been monitoring the two attackers for years, and an undercover agent was right behind them when the first shots were fired.[8] The injured security guard filed a lawsuit against the FBI in October 2017, claiming the FBI was partially responsible for his injuries.

The "Off-Duty Police Officer" was hired as security for the event by Pamela Geller.

If she had not had that foresight, they all would have been dead. 

So, yeah, enough said.

So That No Man May Buy Or Sell

In Germany, the Pastor of the Evangelical Free Church, Jakob Tscharntke, is one of the few Christian leaders opposing Chancellor Angela Merkel’s push to have her population vaccinated.  
Pastor Tscharntke preaches that the Mark of the Beast will be more readily received by those who have already been deceived into taking the experimental coronavirus “vaccine” (gene therapy). The Mark of the Beast is referred to in the Book of Revelation 13:16-18. 
There are actually two Beasts mentioned in Revelation 13. The first has been typically associated with the Anti-Christ, who many believe will be some type of political figure or businessman who will rise to power and persecute the Christian Church. 
The second Beast is often associated with some type of religious/cult figure who will come in the same demonic spirit as the first beast but will deceive the people through miraculous signs and wonders to worship the first beast. 
It is the second Beast who will institute the Mark of the Beast. However, true believers in Jesus Christ will neither accept the Mark nor worship the Beast, even if it means martyrdom. 
Holy Scripture says that the Mark of the Beast is to be put on a person’s hand or forehead, signifying the Beast’s authority over his subjects’ thoughts and deeds. Without the Mark, no one can buy or sell anything. 
If the “vaccine” is a precursor to the Mark of the Beast, we see that today there are vaccine mandates which force people to take the shot in their arm if they want to go to their jobs and earn a living or go into stores to buy food, clothes, medicine, and other necessities.

And, if it isn't clear enough that this is a Human Experiment centered around Psycho-Social Control, then here's this:

People jabbed with PLACEBOS during vaccine trials will have same privileges as those who are ‘fully’ vaxxed, UK minister says

The UK government views people who were given placebos during Covid-19 vaccine trials as fully inoculated, Britain’s vaccines minister has said, adding that they would enjoy all the privileges granted by the NHS Covid Pass.

In remarks given before Parliament on Thursday, vaccines minister Nadhim Zahawi touted the country’s controversial NHS Covid Pass as having an “important role to play in slowing the spread of the virus,” and urged certain businesses and large venues to adopt the domestic health certificate in order to “keep their clients or their customers safe”. The NHS app can be used to show proof of vaccination status, negative test results or natural immunity. 

But it seems the urgent need to methodically document people’s vaccination status, and use this private medical information to grant certain privileges, contains at least one loophole: individuals who have participated in vaccine trials will be viewed as “fully vaccinated” whether they received a placebo or an actual shot, Zahawi said. 

It’s unlikely that he misspoke, as he made the same declaration in two separate exchanges while answering questions from Parliament.


From what I can tell, the above risk results numbers do not take into account those who are suffering illness and death BECAUSE OF THE VAX.

Lockdowns: Classic Abusive Behavior

Vlad Tepes Blog comments
Interesting that China is fully open and pretty much always has been, and Covid never hit the cities in China except in Wuhan.

Gerald Veasley

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Biden DOJ Drops Investigations of All Democrat Governors Whose Actions Killed Tens of Thousands of Seniors in Nursing Homes with COVID


Biden DOJ Drops Investigations of All Democrat Governors Whose Actions Killed Tens of Thousands of Seniors in Nursing Homes with COVID

New Poll: Trump Now More Popular Than Biden

Former President Donald Trump is more popular with U.S. voters than President Joe Biden, according to a Rasmussen poll released on Friday. 
Fifty-one percent of voters have at least a somewhat favorable opinion of Biden compared to 52 percent who have a somewhat favorable opinion of Trump. More people have an unfavorable view of Biden (48 percent) than Trump (46 percent).

Eric Clapton says he won’t play venues that require proof of vaccination


Eric Clapton says he won’t play venues that require proof of vaccination

LOS ANGELES — Eric Clapton will not perform at venues that require proof of vaccination.

“Following the PM’s announcement on Monday the 19th of July 2021, I feel honor bound to make an announcement of my own: I wish to say that I will not perform on any stage where there is a discriminated audience present. Unless there is provision made for all people to attend, I reserve the right to cancel the show,” Clapton said via statement posted onto architect, film producer and anti-vaxxer Robin Monotti Graziadei’s Telegram account.

The news follows U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s announcement Tuesday that as restrictions on social gatherings lift, nightclubs must require guests to show a COVID-19 pass from the U.K.’s National Health Service upon entry for everyone over the age of 18.

Clapton has been releasing anti-vaccination and anti-lockdown statements and songs for close to a year now. In December 2020, Clapton joined fellow classic rocker turned anti-vaxxer Van Morrison on his song, “Stand and Deliver.” The song features lyrics including, “Do you wanna be a free man / Or do you wanna be a slave?” and “Dick Turpin wore a mask too.” Variety critics ranked it as one of the worst songs of 2020.

In an earlier release Clapton detailed a “disastrous” experience with the AstraZeneca vaccine for which he blamed “propaganda” for pushing on him. The musician continued on revealing that he suffers from “peripheral neuropathy and should never have gone near the needle.”

A rep for Clapton did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Young Students Roast Their Liberal Teachers at School Board Meeting

Jen Psaki Asks Reporter: "Why Do You Need To Have That Information?"

INSANITY: Almost a Million People Can’t Leave Home in Sidney Because Man in His 80s Dies from/with COVID


INSANITY: Almost a Million People Can’t Leave Home in Sidney Because Man in His 80s Dies from/with COVID

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