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MASSIVE WIN FOR TRUMP IN PA: Voting Machine Warehouse Official Withdraws Lawsuit Against Trump and Two Local GOP Poll Watchers Gregory Stenstrom and Leah Hoopes Regarding Election Fraud Claims in 2020 Presidential Election

Greg Stenstrom and Leah Hoopes, alongside former President Donald Trump, emerged victorious in a high-profile defamation case in Pennsylvania. The lawsuit, known as “SAVAGE VS TRUMP ETAL,” alleged malicious and defamatory statements against the Plaintiff, James Savage, following the 2020 Presidential election.

The case revolved around accusations made by Gregory Stenstrom and Leah Hoopes, two GOP poll watchers, claiming that Savage, the supervisor and chief custodian of the Delaware County Voting Machine Warehouse, manipulated vote tabulation in favor of Joe Biden.

The lawsuit points to numerous public statements made by the defendants in the wake of the election that were allegedly designed to sow discord and confusion about the results, including a Nov. 25 hearing before Pennsylvania Senate Republicans in Gettysburg and a press conference in Arlington, Va., on Dec. 1. The suit also references an affidavit from Stenstrom in one of several lawsuits filed by Trump seeking to overturn election results and in statements he made on Fox News’ “Hannity” program on Dec. 3, 2020.

Savage says that in each of these forums, the defendants sought to disparage him by claiming he illegally “stuffed” or padded ballot totals in favor of Biden by uploading 50,000 fraudulent votes to machines via a USB “v-card” device.

Stenstrom alleged that he had personally witnessed Savage uploading these sticks 24 times as votes were counted and that 47 or 64 of these USB cards had later gone missing.

Defendants including Trump and Giuliani also reiterated several times that the election was a “fraud,” “sham” and “disgrace,” while Hoopes referred to Savage in Gettysburg as a “Bernie Sanders delegate who was also solely responsible for every scanner, machine, v-card, and all machines with absolutely zero experience in this area,” the suit says.

The suit acknowledges Savage was not typically referred to by name in these statements, but as the “voting machine warehouse supervisor.” Because Savage was the only one of those in the county, however, the suit claims this effectively amounted to the same thing.

This week, James Savage and his attorney, J. Conor Corcoran, have withdrawn their complaints just before the scheduled hearing, citing a motion for summary judgment in favor of Stenstrom and Hoopes based on the truth as a complete defense.




How many 21-year-olds have had a heart attack? How many 23-year-olds have had three heart attacks? What if the person was performing regular ten-mile runs prior to the first heart attack?

This case would certainly seem to be extremely anomalous, right? What would cause such a young, fit person's health to change so catastrophically?

That's the question Karolina Stancik was left asking herself after months of severely deteriorating health throughout the summer of 2021. Her health continued to decline until her first heart attack, at age 21, in October 2021. She suffered a second heart attack in February 2022, and a third in May 2023.

What caused this?

The same thing that has caused massive health disasters in countless other young Americans that were healthy and fit before injecting a harmful poison into their bodies because they were told it was the right thing to do.

Of course, that was always a lie, and those lies have very real consequences for very real people. Those people value their health just as you and I do but in their cases, their health has been taken from them. Fortunately, in some cases some individuals have been able to recover from the effects of the shots. The human body certainly has a powerful ability to heal and our prayers remain with all those suffering from the evil designs of those who created these poisonous “vaccines.”

Why did Karolina take the covid-19 vaccine? The Liberty University student had just enlisted in the Virginia National Guard in February 2021 and was encouraged by her unit to take the “vaccine” before reporting to Basic Training so that she would not have to recover from any potential effects, should they occur, during the rigors of Basic Training.

Karolina, acting on this advice, took the first shot of the Moderna series in March 2021. She took the second in April. After each shot, she got very sick with a fever, tightness in her chest, and an elevated heart rate but assumed she was merely having a bad, but normal, reaction that would quickly subside.

In June 2021, she reported to Fort Leonard Wood, MO for Basic Training. During Basic Training, the former stellar athlete, who had competed in everything from soccer to basketball to swimming, struggled to complete physical tasks that under normal circumstances should have been relatively easy. Despite what was clearly the beginning of her health challenges, she successfully completed Basic Training and reported to Fort Huachuca, AZ in August 2021 for additional training.

Sadly for Karolina, her health problems were getting worse. Two months later (in October 2021), she suffered her first heart attack.

At this point, Karolina began to receive some information that would help her understand what was happening and why. Up until this point, she knew that something severe was going on with her health. She was barely able to complete workouts that previously she would have coasted through. She was coughing up blood during easy runs and even finding herself sometimes on the brink of passing out.

After her heart attack, some of the medical personnel (civilian and military) began to reveal to her something she had not considered. Multiple caregivers told her that she was likely vaccine injured. In fact, they told her that these injuries were becoming more common in the wake of mass covid vaccinations across the country.

That's not all they revealed to her. They told her they could lose their jobs for revealing to her that the covid shot was the likely culprit of her extreme health deterioration and heart attack. In fact, these medical providers, though helpful enough to tell her the truth about the most likely cause of her injuries, were too cowardly to formally include these claims on her medical files. As we've seen repeatedly during the past few years, most people actually consider their jobs to be more important than the truth or even other people's lives.

The damage to Karolina's heart wasn't her only medical injury. She suffered nerve damage in her neck that would cause pain to radiate up into her head producing powerful headaches. This nerve damage also radiated from her neck downward along her arm, affecting her ability to carry objects in her left hand. She also had to wear a heart monitor.

These health issues impacted her ability to perform her originally selected military occupational specialty: intelligence analyst. Therefore, they changed her to a new specialty and decided to send her to Fort Lee, VA in February 2022 for new training to learn her newly assigned specialty.

However, just days prior to her planned move in February, Karolina suffered a second heart attack - at age 22. Again, medical providers told her that the covid shot was to blame and that doctors and nurses were beginning to see these types of injuries more frequently. She was referred to a cardiologist.

Incredibly, within less than a week of suffering her second heart attack, she moved to VA to continue her training at Fort Lee. As if that weren't enough, bureaucratic obstacles in her unit prevented her from seeing a cardiologist until April, two months after her second heart attack. She had been referred to a cardiologist after the first heart attack but did not see one until well after the second. Once Karolina was finally able to see a cardiologist, she was diagnosed with left ventricular enlargement, severe asthma, newly developed allergies, and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS).

In late November 2022, Karolina suffered a stroke which affected her vision to such a degree that it has still not completely healed. She was diagnosed with cataracts.

However, in early 2023, Karolina finally began to receive some support. She started to receive very helpful treatment from Dr. Mollie James, whom she credits with improving her health significantly for a time.

She also filed a congressional inquiry to assist her with gaining financial support as her medical bills continued to climb. As if Karolina's physical woes weren't enough, she was furthered victimized by the intransigence of DoD and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in recognizing vaccine injury. As she was not an active duty soldier, the military was largely unwilling to cover her medical bills. Congressman Ben Cline (VA, 6th District) did place pressure on the National Guard which did result in Karolina receiving more help from her unit. Sadly, it did not help much with solving the enormous problem of her medical bills.

In June of 2022, Karolina had moved from VA to FL to be closer to her family as she continued medical treatment. In FL, she engaged with the congressional office of Representative Anna Paulina Luna (FL, 13th District). Luna also provided some support for Karolina, but again this support has not resulted in easing the financial burden of growing medical bills.

Despite her initial increase in health throughout early 2023, she suffered a third heart attack in May.

Karolina, a 23-year-old former competitive athlete has now suffered three heart attacks. She has received inadequate support from the Department of Defense. The military refuses to pay for the majority of her treatment and she currently has growing medical bills to add to the stress of coping with the injuries themselves.

Karolina has expressed her gratitude for the support and help of Dr. Mollie James and Congressmen Ben Cline and Anna Paulina Luna.

Aside from that support, this has been a tragedy, physically and morally.  

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New York AG Letitia James (THE NY STATE ATTORNEY PROSECUTING TRUMP) Files Lawsuit Against Worlds Largest Beef Producer for ‘Misleading Public’ About its Impact on Climate

New York Attorney General Letitia James is now seeking to punish the worlds largest producer of beef products.

A far-left judge recently ordered Trump to pay a $355 million judgment (which has now swelled to $464 million with interest) and banned Trump from doing business in New York for 3 years after Letitia James sought to destroy the former president.

James charged President Trump for taking out loans, paying them back with interest, and making money for himself and the banks.  There were no victims in the case (except Trump) and the banks said they would gladly do business with billionaire Donald Trump again.  A lawless judge in New York fined Trump the original $355 million for doing business  in New York state.

Now she’s waging a war on meatpacking giant JBS USA Foods Co.


Letitia James Posting Daily Score of Massive Added Interest on Trump Fine: “+$114,553.04 = $464,805,336.70”

New York state Attorney General Letitia James (D) is posting a daily score of the added interest in the fine imposed on President Trump by Judge Engoron in the judgment in the civil case accusing Trump of inflating property values.


Jury Finds NRA and Wayne LaPierre Liable in Civil Corruption Lawsuit Brought by Crooked New York AG Letitia James

A jury found the NRA and former NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre liable in a civil fraud lawsuit brought by corrupt New York Attorney General Letitia James.


BREAKING: Radical Illinois Judge Kicks President Trump Off the State’s Ballot


Missouri Man Let Out of Jail By Soros DA, After Driving a 70 MPH on a Surface Street, Ploughing Right Through Mother and Daughter, Killing Them Both



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Can We Sue AI For Defamation?

Vivek Ramaswamy: Google's Gemini Catastrophe

Vivek Ramaswamy is the only guy running for President, who truly, and deeply, understands the issues we face today. But he doesn't have the balls Trump has.

So, one might think, ok, great, pair Ramaswamy with Trump and you have a winning combination. 


One of the problems with big balls is, big balls don't listen.

Trump wouldn't listen to Ramaswamy anymore than he has listened to the evidence of the disaster of the vaccines he bragged about.