Thursday, June 13, 2024

AG Garland Held In CONTEMPT OF CONGRESS, REFUSES To Reveal Potential Biden Health Crisis

You’ll Own Nothing…Or Be Dead

Palestinian Supporters Chant "Raise Your Hands If You're a Zionist" On NYC Subways

Vlad Tepes Blog On The 8 Muslim Terrorists Arrested in The US A Couple of Days Ago

The 8 Muslim terrorists busted in the US and the curious reporting on it by the NY Post

The Broad strokes: Eight Muslim terrorists with Islamic State connections were arrested in the US. 7 in the New York Area and 1 on the West Coast in LA. These guys all entered the US illegally and had been fully vetted by DHS. (The same outfit that bulldozed the remnants of the exploding Muslim building in Minneapolis before any investigation could be done on the rubble. DHS claimed it was a gas leak. The gas companies invited journalists in to prove they didn’t have a leak in the area and that building didn’t get gas. I include this because it goes to DHS’s methods.) What is curious though is how in so many articles I have seen, they say the 8 originated in Russia. Which they did not. They came from Tajikistan, a separate country near Russia that is 96.4% Muslim. Personally I find it concerning that so many agencies including the NY Post claim they are from Russia. This would fit into Viktor Orbán’s belief that the West is “creating a mood for a wider war”.



Hungary Fined €200 Million By EU For Not Allowing Migrant Invasion – PM Orban Slams ‘Financial Blackmail’

Piers Morgan Unmasks Candace Owens

To speak of proportionality in relationship to Israel and Gaza in terms of how many people are killed one relative to the other is not to address the whole issue. One side, the Gaza/Hamas kills to instill terror. The other side, Israel, kills to effect change in the government. One side, Israel, has great power, and purposefully chooses not to use it's full power to achieve it's ends. The other side, Gaza/Hamas uses every bit of it's power to kill, rape, mutilate and destroy as many Israelis as possible, because they hate Jews, and they say so in such language.

Piers Morgan did a good job in this interview.

I have been trying to wade through the history of this Daily Wire vs. Candace Owens issue for a while now. I think Piers unmasked Candace. It's pretty clear she wants to accuse Israel of genocide. She doesn't bring the word genocide up in relation to America, or Russia, or China,, or even ISIS, now does she. I think, perhaps she really is what Andrew Klavan accuses her of. And, its not because of the phrase "Christ is King.' I would not be able to say whether she meant that as a provocation. Instead, it is her use of the word genocide in relation to Israel. That's the telling detail.

If Israel wanted to wipe out the Gazans, they could do so in a matter of a few hours. They don't do that. Enough said.


By the way, I don't like Ben Shapiro. I think I have made that clear over time.

This is not about Candace vs. Ben Shapiro to me. The reason I reference Daily Wire vs. Candace Owens, above, is because, they were the ones who began accusing her of anti-Semitism.

I don't much care what Ben Shapiro or the Daily Wire think.

But if the say something I agree with, I will say I agree.

In this case, I kind of agree. Candace Owens sounds like she has a problem with Israel. She is willing to accuse Israel of genocide, when she is not accusing any other nation of genocide. And this is a hallmark of what has been called the New Anti-Semitism; singling the Jewish state out for criticism, when one does not criticize any other state for the same crimes.

John Solomon: The FBI Has Imposed a Political Test for Security Clearances -- Supporting Donald Trump or Questioning the Covid Vaccines Makes You a Threat to the National Security of the United States

James Comey was a former communist. So was John Brennan at the CIA.

Some say they still are.

The left long ago got communist sympathies -- and later, foreign jihadist terrorist sympathies -- normalized in the "intelligence" services.

But supporting Donald Trump?

Questioning the safety of an untested, entirely new gene therapy?

Supporting the Second Amendment??!

These dangerously subversive positions make you ineligible for a security clearance.

In shocking litmus test, FBI security inquiry tried to unmask employee's Trump support, memos show

The New McCarthyism? FBI Interviews raised politically-slanted questions including employee's vaccine hesitancy, 2nd Amendment support, prompting a bias complaint to DOJ's internal watchdog.

FBI officials conducting a top-secret security clearance review for a longtime employee asked witnesses whether that employee was known to support former President Donald Trump, if he had expressed concerns about the COVID-19 vaccine or had attended a Second Amendment rally, according to internal memos that prompted a complaint to the Justice Department's internal watchdog alleging political bias inside the bureau.

The employee's security clearance was revoked months after the interviews, which confirmed his support for Trump and gun rights and his concerns about the COVID vaccine, according to the documents obtained by Just the News.

The memos show that agents for the FBI's Security Division asked at least three witnesses in spring 2022 whether the employee, whose name and job title was redacted from the memos, had been known to "vocalize support for President Trump" or "vocalize objections to Covid-19 vaccination." Agents ascertained from at least one witness that the worker, in fact, had declined to get the coronavirus inoculation.

The latter questions about the vaccine were asked in spring 2022, a few months after the U.S. Supreme Court had struck down vaccine mandates in corporate workplaces and a separate federal court had issued an injunction on federal employee vaccine mandates.

The agents also asked witnesses whether the FBI worker had "attended the Richmond Lobby Day event" in January 2021, a rally for supporters of the Second Amendment in Virginia. The agents' notes referred to the colleague they were vetting as a "gun nut" but who in engaged in "no promotion of violence."

FBI officials declined comment about why a worker's support for Trump and the Second Amendment or his hesitancy to get the COVID-19 vaccine had relevance to his security clearance.

They also declined to answer whether similar questions about support for Joe Biden or other medical issues, such as a woman's support for abortion.

"The FBl's intentions are made clear by the questions it chose to put in black and white on a government document," added Leavitt, whose group has represented the IRS whistleblowers in the Hunter Biden case as well as several FBI agents and analysts who claim their security clearances were suspended or revoked because of their political views.

One of those FBI employees, intelligence analyst Marcus Allen, was vindicated last week when the bureau restored his clearance and paid him more than two years of back pay, according to CNN.

If the inspector general opens an inquiry, it could help the public and Congress determine whether the FBI's questions about Trump were more widespread than the employee who went to Washington on Jan. 6, 2021, or whether other questions about political preferences and medical treatments are asked during traditional security clearance reviews.


Humpday Blues

Walter Trout
I've Had Enough

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Physician, and Member of Congress, Dr. McCormick CONFRONTS Fauci on "making life difficult for unvaccinated"



Hunter Biden was found guilty on gun charges. All that will do is create the narrative that Trump's insistence on a corrupt justice system is bullshit, despite the fact that Hunter is merely a distraction from the horrendous actual criminality and treasonous graft of his father.


Spokane, Washington Pursues and Captures Teenagers for Doing Donuts on a Sin Flag... Then a Corporation Steps In to Take Over Where the State's Power Ends


In Spokane, Washington, six teenagers were arrested within 30 minutes for the Very Serious Crime of (checks notes) doing donuts on a Sin flag painted in the street.

I wonder how many BLM and antifa terrorists Spokane has arrested and prosecuted with such fanatic zeal? Zero, I'd bet.

This happens in all the Soros Zones, where antifa and BLM and organized gangs of bandits are permitted to commit crimes with total impunity, but anyone actually engaged in protest is hounded and jailed.

What makes this story a little different -- a little -- is that another corporation has stepped in to play Thought Police on behalf of the corrupt God-State.

From CBS Austin:

Lime, a transportation company which rents electric scooters and bikes to pedestrians, is implementing a "no go zone" around a crosswalk painted with a large Progress Pride flag mural in Spokane, Wash., the company told The National Desk (TND) Friday.

In response to the incident, Lime implemented a "no go zone" over the crosswalk. Lime vehicles "aren't authorized to travel in no go zones," which it marks with red shading on its app. Entering a "no go zone" will cause a Lime vehicle to "gradually come to a stop," according to its website, forcing a rider to walk their scooter until it is outside the zone.

You Will Be Made to Bow Before Their Dark Gods. 

Canada Is Importing Nazis?

Of course they are. These are the same people the US is hosting on College Campuses; the ones who are taking over buidlings and setting up Jewish no-go zones. AMD THEN THERE'S THIS:

APOCALYPSE CAM: Scientists Are Building a "Black Box" To Record The End of Civilization


If — or when — human civilization collapses, what will remain? Maybe parts of some cities. Or the Statue of Liberty, a la "Planet of the Apes." Overall, though, there might not be a lot of evidence left behind about what humanity accomplished — or what resulted in its downfall. 

One team of researchers wants to change that. Their solution? A massive, indestructible box that’ll record scientific data to give future civilizations insight on how exactly humanity fell.

The project, dubbed Earth’s Black Box, will be an immense steel monolith installed in a remote location in Tasmania. It’s akin to the black boxes that are designed to survive airplane crashes and provide investigators valuable data on what led to the disaster — except on a planetary scale.

German Conservatives Secure MASSIVE WIN, Germans Are DONE With Unchecked Immigration & Crime

The Right Just Scored A KNOCKOUT Blow In Europe And Liberals Are STUNNED