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John F. Kerry: Netanyahu’s Iran “Mythology” Is Not Going to Happen

John Kerry is in so far over his head. I've never seen such a mannequin in such an important position.

Attempts by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to secure a more stringent nuclear deal with Iran are “not gonna happen,” Secretary of State John Kerry said in an interview published Tuesday.
“The whole mythology I’ve heard, from [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu to Republican members of the House and Senate — ‘Oh, just squeeze them to death, raise the sanctions’ — not gonna happen,” Kerry told the Washington Post.
He said the deal in its current form would scale back the amount of time it would take Iran to produce enough fissile material to make a nuclear bomb from three months to one year, and it would require daily inspections of Iran’s enrichment facilities for the next “25 years.”
The secretary of state, who along with negotiators from the UK, Russia, China, France, Germany and of course Iran has been trying to hammer out a deal by June 30, lamented the possibility that Congress could kill an agreement even if all the countries involved accepted it.
“Look, if Russia, China, Germany, France, and Britain, all of whom have nuclear programs, sign off on this, and all their experts say it’s a good deal, and Congress for political reasons wants to go kill it, they’re walking away,” he said.
He said this will spell the end of the sanctions regime because none of these countries would back it if they felt a good deal had gone to waste.

TX Gov Orders State Guard to Monitor Possible Military Takeover of Texas

Obama's recent maneuvers - governing by Executive Action, threatening Churches, and making deals with enemies like Iran, while threatening to cut off ties with Israel - have consequences.

His behavior is no longer tethered to the Constitution or to the American Tradition.

And so, when the people of our nation no longer trust him to call the sky blue, their reaction is rational, even while it looks irrational.

How do we trust a man who seems to have no allegiance to our nation's laws?

And how can we have leadership when we no longer have trust?

When trust is gone, all we have is coercion. And that is not the United States of America.

TX Gov Orders State Guard to Monitor Possible Military Takeover of Texas
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott on Tuesday asked the State Guard to monitor a U.S. military training exercise dubbed "Jade Helm 15" amid Internet-fueled suspicions that the war simulation is really a hostile military takeover.
The request comes a day after more than 200 people packed a meeting in rural Bastrop County and questioned a U.S. Army commander about whether the government was planning to confiscate guns or implement martial law. 
Bastrop County Judge Paul Pape said "conspiracy theorists" and "fear mongers" had been in a frenzy. Pape thanked Abbott for the letter to the Texas State Guard, which he believed helped emphasize the benefit of the military training rather than further fuel theorists. 
"It's a sad when people's greatest fear is their own government," Pape said. "Think about the ramification of that. If Americans go to sleep at night worrying whether their own government is going to sell them out before morning, it'd be hard to sleep." 
Suspicions about Jade Helm intensified on some conservative websites and social media after a map labeled Texas, Utah and parts of California as "hostile" for the purposes of the three-month training exercise that begins in July. 
Such war simulations aren't unusual, though the Army has acknowledged that the size and scope of Jade Helm makes it unique. Texas and six other states are hosting the exercises on public and private lands. 
The Army says the terrain and topography in the areas selected are ideal to replicate foreign combat zones. No other governor had so publicly addressed the training exercise. 
"It is important that Texans know their safety, constitutional rights, private property rights and civil liberties will not be infringed," Abbott wrote. "By monitoring the Operation on a continual basis, the State Guard will facilitate communications between my office and the commanders of the Operation to ensure that adequate measures are in place to protect Texans." 
U.S. Army Lt. Col. Mark Lastoria told the crowd in Bastrop on Monday that the exercise will involve 1,200 soldiers and all four branches of the military, according to the Austin American-Statesman. He said people with a "personal agenda" about the exercise had been spreading misinformation. Lastoria spoke for two hours, but some left the meeting still unconvinced.

Texas Ranger Drops Jade Helm Bombshell: “There Are Trains With Shackles On Them”

A letter sent to Dave Hodges at The Common Sense Show by a concerned Texas Ranger indicates that the government is preparing for a scenario ... in which ISIS terrorists cross the southern border of the United States and simultaneously attack soft targets across the nation. But the letter doesn’t stop there. 
The Ranger, who has kept his identify private for obvious reasons and makes clear that the scope of Jade Helm is so secret that the intent is not completely clear, says that the JH15 mission objectives may go much farther than just preparing for terrorists. 
According to the law enforcement insider there are trains moving throughout Texas and some of them have been outfitted with shackles, presumably to “transport prisoners of some sort.”
 Actually, it does not seem outlandish that the military would be preparing for a strike by ISIS terrorists from across our Souther border.

After all, there is an ISIS camp just a few miles from our border.

Maybe the above story about shackles on trains isn't as crazy as it sounds.

But again, what kind of government and citizenry can we have when trust is lost?

It makes one paranoid.

I think I'll go ride my motorcycle down to PCH today and check out the babes in bikinis.

MORE ---

CNS: WH: U.S. Special Ops Forces Will Be 'Wearing Arm Bands' When They Come to Texas
When hundreds of U.S. Special Operations Forces descend on Texas (and six other states) for an eight-week training mission in July, they will not be "incognito," nor will they threaten the constitutional rights or civil liberties of Americans, the White House said on Wednesday. 
"My understanding is that the -- that the individuals who are participating in the exercise won't be traveling incognito, that they'll be wearing arm bands," White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters.
Well, that's good. Right?

Yeah, sure, it's good. It real good. We think it's good, don't we?

Sure we do.

MRT: Abbott orders Texas Military to monitor Jade Helm
Gov. Greg Abbott has ordered members of the Texas Military to monitor federal troops in an upcoming two-month training exercise planned for the Lone Star State.
Operation Jade Helm will bring the U.S. military's most elite soldiers, including the Green Berets and Navy SEALS, to Texas for simulated special operations in a hostile territory.
But plans for the exercise have roused fears in some Texans of a federal occupation.
It's completely fucking ridiculous that we even have to have this discussion.

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman Replaces Crown Prince, Foreign Minister

Who Am I? Why Am I Here? 
And Why Am I Wearing This Facacta Rag On My Head?

From the Wall Street Journal:
In shuffling of officials, nephew is named as new heir apparent, nonroyal named as foreign minister 
He replaced veteran Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al Faisal with Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the U.S. Adel al-Jubeir.

The Saudi shake up can have important implications, yes. I came upon the link at BING's News headlines for Saudi Arabia. The link there remains readable without the subscription:
RIYADH—Only three months have passed since Saudi Arabia got a new king. But in its foreign and domestic policy, it is already a kingdom transformed, and not necessarily in ways that please the U.S. 
King Salman, 79, assumed the throne after his older brother, King Abdullah, died on Jan. 23. Within days, the new monarch reshuffled the ranks of power, delegating many day-to-day affairs of government to his son, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, 29, and to his nephew, Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, 55. 
Under their leadership, confirmed by Wednesday’s changes in the line of succession, Saudi Arabia has become increasingly independent of Washington as it wages a war in neighboring Yemen while opening up to conservative Islamic clerics who opposed the late king’s liberal reforms. 
In a kingdom where elderly and infirm monarchs made all major decisions for decades, this empowerment of younger members of the House of Saud is a significant departure. 
It has already translated into a surprisingly activist foreign policy that has asserted Saudi leadership of a Sunni Muslim bloc confronting mainly Shiite Iran. 
Angered by the U.S. outreach to Iran and eager to showcase its own ability to use military force, Saudi Arabia last month began airstrikes in Yemen, the first foreign war that Riyadh has run since it led a military campaign on the same soil in 1934. 
“During King Abdullah, we did not have a foreign policy, and just watched events unfold in front of our eyes in Yemen,” said prominent Saudi sociologist and commentator Khalid al Dakhil. The new administration in Riyadh, he added, “is making the right choices and having the will to follow through.”

heirarchy chart image - click to make larger
Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei predictably had a less charitable take on Riyadh’s new approach, complaining earlier this month that Saudi Arabia’s traditional caution in world affairs has been jettisoned by “inexperienced youngsters who want to show savagery instead of patience and self-restraint.” 
Though the world’s attention has focused on these changes in Saudi Arabia’s foreign policy, the developments at home have been just as important. 
Along with his moves to curb Iranian influence, King Salman shored up domestic support by appeasing Saudi religious conservatives who had come to view King Abdullah’s tentative modernization drive, which included the creation of a coeducational university, with open hostility. 
Within days of taking over, King Salman replaced the head of the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, removing an official long criticized by conservatives for attempting, under King Abdullah’s direction, to defang the kingdom’s feared religious police.
Under new leadership, the Committee’s enforcers have already become more active, resuming patrols in shopping malls where they have not been seen in years and raiding beach-front compounds used by foreigners. 
Wednesday’s decree by King Salman also removed from her post the most senior female official in the kingdom, the deputy education minister, whose appointment in 2009 was hailed by the West as an encouraging sign of the kingdom’s progress on women’s rights. 
Mohsen al Awaji, an Islamist lawyer and activist who was imprisoned six times, most recently in 2013, praised King Salman’s new outreach to fellow conservatives as “a very positive indication.” 
“During King Abdullah, a lot of the decisions were taken against the will of the people—in internal and external affairs. King Abdullah had opened a very serious conflict with the conservatives,” Mr. Awaji said. “But King Salman is a man of common sense.” 
While Saudi Arabia remains one of the world’s most repressive societies, the new administration in Riyadh has also made conciliatory moves toward Islamist dissenters, relaxing or ending restrictions on some, and ending King Abdullah’s policy of trying to crush the Muslim Brotherhood. 
In a nation where stability and continuity have long been the official mantra, these changes are barely acknowledged in government discourse. But combined with the Yemen war, they have already bolstered the new king’s popularity, even among longtime critics of the regime. 
“What was happening under King Abdullah was not real reform but fake liberalism,” says Saudi political analyst Abdullah al Shammari, a former senior diplomat and professor. 
Saudi Arabia’s conservative brand of Islam is the glue that holds the kingdom together, and the new regime has wisely recognized the perils of attempting to dilute it, Mr. Shammari observed. 
“Saudi Arabia is the center of Islam, and it is not our choice to be liberal. The moment Saudi Arabia tries to be liberal, it will collapse,” he said. 
The architect of King Abdullah’s policies to roll back conservative restrictions—an approach welcomed by the U.S.—and to crack down on the Muslim Brotherhood was Khalid al Tuwaijiri, the head of the Royal Court. 
King Salman removed him within hours of taking over in January, appointing to that position his son, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who held the job until his elevation on Wednesday to deputy crown prince. The young prince remains in charge of the Defense Ministry and the inter-ministerial committee overseeing economic affairs and development. 
Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, who succeeded his father as interior minister and has worked closely with the U.S. to curb al Qaeda and Islamic State, runs a separate committee responsible for political and security affairs. 
The new economic committee, in particular, has brought significant changes to the way Saudi Arabia’s economy is governed, with ministries formerly run as individual fiefs now put under the prince’s direct control, and ministers deemed to be underperforming fired without ceremony. 
“Every minister knows they are watched much more closely than before,” said Khalid al Sweilem, former head of investment at Saudi Arabia’s central bank and a fellow at Harvard’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs. Prince Mohammed bin Salman “is very much involved and he is looking at what is good for the country, not at what is good for a particular ministry.” 

In Baltimore Thugs, Er, I Mean Nice Schoolboys, Burn Down Stores and Our Leaders Make Excuses for Them, Meanwhile In Egypt, Muslims Burn Down a Church and They Are Given Life in Prison

Yeah, My Cock Is Only About This Big, 
But You Should See The Size of My Balls

An Egyptian court on Wednesday sentenced 71 people to life in prison over the torching of a church in Giza, shortly after the ouster of Islamist president Mohamed Morsi in 2013. A life sentence means 25 years in jail, according to the penal code. 
Two more received ten-year jail terms in highly secured facilities in the latest in a series of mass sentences passed over the past year and a half. 
The defendants can still appeal against the verdict. They faced multiple charges, which included fomenting chaos, torching the church and preventing local residents from putting out the fire. 
They were also charged with possessing bladed weapons and ammunition, as well as blocking roads, resisting authorities and belonging to an illegal group.

UK: Students Publicly Humiliated by School Because Parents Refused Permission for Mosque Visit

Kunt Smith, the chairman of governors 
for the Lostwithiel School, 
said parents expressed concerns 
about the teaching of Islam at the school
She sent them anyway 

Ten young children who were pulled out of a school trip to a mosque by their parents have been publicly humiliated by their school in Cornwall. The children, aged between eight and 11, were singled out in assembly and made to answer questions about their planned non-attendance.
Junior school children from Lostwithiel School in Cornwall are due to visit Exeter mosque, Devon in May as part of their Religious Studies lessons. The rural school has just 156 pupils on its books, nearly 100 of whom, aged between eight and 11, are expected to be taking part. The school says the aim of the outing is to teach children that jihadist groups such as ISIS are not a true reflection of Islam.
But the parents of 10 children refused permission for their youngsters to take part in the trip due to safety concerns, citing fears over Islamic terrorism. They reacted furiously to the news that their children had been made to publicly answer questions about their non-attendance, pointing out that it was not the decision of the children involved.
Christine Trevethen, 47, a housewife from Lostwithiel, Cornwall, has stopped her 10-year-old daughter Keira going on the visit.
She said: ‘We are not the only ones that don’t want our kids to go – but a lot of the others haven’t been honest enough to do so in the consent form.
‘I do not want my daughter going to the mosque for personal reasons. I don’t agree with the religion and what it stands for – but I am not prepared to go into the reasons why.
‘We have now been told our children are going to be excluded from RE lessons as a result, which is a big concern.
‘We tried to go through the right channels but the school handled it very badly.’

Clinton Foundation Staffer, and Muslim Brotherhood Leader, Sentenced to Life in Egypt

An Islamic terrorist leader who jumped straight from his job at the Clinton Foundation to a post with Egypt’s jihadist Muslim Brotherhood has received a life sentence back home for seditious activities. 
It provides yet more damning proof of the ties of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to totalitarian Muslims while throwing more light on the shady goings-on of the terrorist-friendly international cash-for-favors clearinghouse known as the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation

Humpday Blues

Joe Bonamassa
from Muddy Wolf at Red Rocks
Tiger In Your Tank

You Shook Me

Shake For Me

I Can't Be Satisfied

Killing Floor

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Top Charlie Hebdo Cartoonist Says He Will No Longer Draw Pics Of Mohammed

Muslims can be happy now. Another victory for Allah, the Gayest of all Gay gods.

ISIS Using Baltimore Riots to Recruit Muslim Operatives

From WND:
ISIS is taking advantage of racial tensions in the U.S. by attempting to recruit dissatisfied Muslims among the American black population. This according to Abu Saqer, leader of Jihadiya Salafiya, an Islamist militant group in the Gaza Strip. 
Jihadiya Salafiya represents al-Qaida in Gaza and has made statements in support of ISIS. Saqer, speaking to WND from Gaza, would not provide further details other than to confirm ISIS is taking advantage of what he described as the “growing movement within the black community toward Islam and the racist policies of the U.S. government.” 
Saqer said he was not aware of whether ISIS actually recruited any dissatisfied black Muslims within the U.S. or whether any such cells have been established. 
He said Arabic Internet forums supportive of ISIS were “encouraged” by what he claimed was a pro-ISIS T-shirt worn by Ferguson protesters that became popular on social media. 
It appears, however, that ISIS supporters may have misunderstood the intent of the message written on that grammatically incorrect shirt, which reads: “I rather get stopped by ISIS terrorist than Ferguson PD.” 
The shirt clearly was not meant as a sign of support ISIS. It’s not the first report of ISIS viewing the racial protests in America as possible fertile recruiting grounds. The protests in recent days have spread to Baltimore, where some protesters have turned violent.

Does This Look Like England To You?

ISIS Fighters Take Control of Syrian Border Town – Fire Missiles Into Israel

From Israel National News:
The two mortar rounds fired on Israel’s Golan Heights from Syria on Tuesday in estimated “spillover” were launched by the brutal Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist organization, which is the closest it’s ever been to the Israeli border with Syria. 
The ISIS-linked Jaish al-Jihad has captured the border town of Qahtaniya in southern Quneitra province on the Syrian Golan, thereby taking up its closest position to Israel yet at a distance of just 2.5 to 3 kilometers (1.5-1.8 miles), according to Walla!. 
Qahtaniya had been in the hands of the Free Syrian Army and the Al Qaeda affiliate Nusra Front which had kept the status quo vis-a-vis Israel, concentrating their efforts against the Syrian regime of President Bashar al-Assad. Now that the town has fallen to ISIS, it may turn into a base of attacks against the Jewish state. 
On Tuesday morning Nusra Front launched an operation to try and recapture the town, with clashes between it and ISIS including machine gun fire, anti-tank missiles and mortar rounds. During the clash two mortar shells slammed into Israel near Kibbutz Ein Zivan.

Obama’s Lawyer To Supreme Court: Religious Institutions May Lose Their Tax-Exempt Status If They Don’t Back Gay Marriage

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ...

Shall make NO LAW ...

That means the government should stay out of religious affairs ABSOLUTELY.

There is an absolute wall between Church and State.

That does not simply mean that we do not have a religious government. It also means the government should stay our of religion.

Good luck to Obama and his minions if they want to choose such a battle.

This is a line in the sand. This far and no further. First Amendment is backed up by the Second Amendment.

From National Review:
Religious institutions could be at risk of losing their tax-exempt status due to their beliefs about marriage if the Supreme Court holds that gay couples have a constitutional right to wed, President Obama’s attorney acknowledged to the Supreme Court today. 
“It’s certainly going to be an issue,” Solicitor General Donald Verrilli replied when Justice Samuel Alito asked if schools that support the traditional definition of marriage would have to be treated like schools that once opposed interracial marriage. “I don’t deny that.” 
Alito was continuing a line of questioning started by Chief Justice John Roberts. 
“Would a religious school that has married housing be required to afford such housing to same­-sex couples?” Roberts had asked. 
Verrilli tried to defer to the states on that point, but Roberts pressed him about the significance of the court’s ruling as it might pertain to federal law. 
“There is no federal law now generally banning discrimination based on sexual orientation, and that’s where those issues are going to have to be worked out,” he said.
Herbie Hancock
Rock It

Actual Proof

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

LA Public School Teaching Kids "Allah is the One True God", Forcing Them To Pray Toward Mecca

Video of Rioters Cutting Firehose Being Used To Put Out Fires They Set, Justifying Their Actions

My White Privilege – or NOT!

One of the most inane concepts of Leftist semantics right up there with ‘micro-aggressions’ is ‘White Privilege’. An irrational nutty concept that sickens me to no end.

We own two luxury cars, live in a gated community near a golf course and own a house there (mortgaged) and own a small condo (mortgaged). We have saved enough money for a modest retirement and are collecting Social Security and Medicare that we’ve paid into in taxes all these years.  We worked at middle class wages during our lives. But my wife and I were entrepreneurial. I started took a risk and started businesses with no help from my color.  A customer at the other end of a phone or on the Net can’t tell. Like they say, on the Internet no one knows you're a dog. My wife is a nurse professional and her patients don't care what color she is as long as she has a license to practice and any ethnic group can get one if they go to school.

I am a pure blooded Italian-American born into a very middle class family in every sense of the word. I grew up in apartments. My parents, like theirs on my father’s side before them, were not home owners. They owned cars until they fell apart. My grandfather came over on the boat and through Ellis Island as a very young boy. His father was a stone smith. My grandfather made his living as a simple barber. My father went to trade school and became a draftsman working for the US Naval Yard.

My mother was a part-time housewife. She needed to work to pay my tuition to Catholic high school, but still was able to put a nutritious meal on the table for my father, sister and I every night. We rarely ate out. I didn’t do well in high school and had to attend CCNY night school as a non-matriculated student. No Harvard or Yale for me. After a while, I joined the US Army, was discharged and finished my BA degree later in Liberal Arts. That and a few bucks would get you a latte.

My wife is a WASP. Her family literally came over on the Mayflower. Unlike the Rockefellers and such, that fact didn’t add to their financial status much since their entire family, like mine, lived a modest middle class life squirreling away what they could. My wife’s parents were able to buy a modest home in the 1950s and lived there to almost the day they died. It was almost collapsing around them. Both worked to maintain their middle class lifestyle and put my wife through school.

Did I mention we were white?

So lets look at the privileges we had that were not open to any other ethnic group that gave us a leg up on those poor trodden souls.

My wife went to public schools open to any ethnic group. I went to Catholic schools – free if you went to that Church and open to any ethnic group. High school was private but costly but opened to any ethnic group and my mom had to work hard to pay the tuition. She worked as a piece worker in a factory.  My dad went to a trade school – open to any ethic group.

After the war, my wife’s dad worked for an insurance company – open to any ethnic group. His wife worked in a public school as a secretary – open to any ethnic group. Neither families belonged to any ‘clubs’ and were pretty much invisible along with the common herd they inhabited.

So – where’s my white privilege?  Did my white family have any better opportunity than any other ethnic group? Or perhaps we used the same resources any other ethnic group had and decided to use the opportunities available to anyone by using a little sweat and taking on some responsibiliy for our lives.  

I bet my 'white privilege' is no different from many others.

Today, with racial quotas, government laws and resources, there is more opportunity and ‘privilege’ available to all ethnic groups if they choose to take advantage of them.

But I guess it’s easier to accuse white America that you are a victim of some amorphous prejudice and sit back on your ass and complain and say, “The 1% has our money!” Really? Then where was my families? Who do I see to get my ‘fair share’.

50 Social Media Accounts Agitating In #Ferguson Also Active In Baltimore


I Pity the Fools Who Live in a Democrat Controlled City

Let’s take a city with forty years of poor race relations. Convince the Black citizens that any type of white rule is a detriment to them so elect a Black Mayor, a Black majority of the City Council and create an ethically diverse – 41% Black, 46% White – police force.

Problems solved.

EXCEPT: The results of the current Black Democrat leadership – you know who - in this country has produced an unemployment rate of twice that of whites and with an over 15% black teenage rate.

And speaking of Democrat leadership in times of crisis, what did the potential Democratic candidate for President, former governor of Maryland, Martin O'Malley, do to relieve the situation? In 2014, he signed into law legislation that will raise the minimum wage over time from the level of $7.25, at the time of signing, to $10.10 an hour.

Yup, poorly trained black youth, who aren't productive enough to find jobs at $7.25, will eventually not be allowed to work unless they can find jobs paying them $10.10 per hour.

Yep. Democrat leadership.

More Democrat leadership.  The Black Mayor states publically before the protests turned to riot, "While we tried to make sure that (protestors) were protected from the cars and the other things that were going on, we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well."

Yep. Democrat leadership.

More Democrat leadership. Schools in Baltimore were closed today. Hey! Lets allow the rioting kids to roam the streets!

Then we have real leadership.

One Vietnam War vet said, “The young rioters need to "have their butts home" and be "studying."

Now THAT’S leadership.

UPDATED - Iran Captures U.S. Owned Cargo Ship - Take 34 U.S. Sailors Prisoner

From Reuters:
Saudi-owned Al Arabiya television said an Iranian "force" seized a U.S. cargo ship in the Gulf on Tuesday and directed it to the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas. 
The channel said the force had "opened fire" on the U.S. ship, which had 34 U.S. sailors aboard. It gave no further details. 
The U.S. Fifth Fleet in the Gulf Arab kingdom of Bahrain had no immediate comment on the report.
BBC Breaking News: ran captures US cargo ship and escorts it to Iranian port 

UPDATE - Now, Fox News is reporting this ship flies the flag of Marshall Islands".  It is not an American ship, and the New York Times is saying the ship is Danish and there are no American sailors aboard.

Ace of Spades points out:

1. Iran Boards Marshall Islands-Flagged Ship
2. The Marshall Islands are In Free Association With the US; The US is Treaty-Bound to Protect Them
3. Obama Administration & Media Start Shouting "The Ship Wasn't US-Flagged!"

The Daily Obamanation

Baltimore Mayor Spoke With Obama in Afternoon – Then Waited Hours to Call in the National Guard

Report: Officers Saying #Baltimore Mayor Told Police To Stand Down

Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam, and the Baltimore Riots

From Salon:
Farrakhan is back. He’s fostered relationships with a number of premier rappers, and seeing something of a power vacuum in black leadership, the controversial cleric is moving in to align a more radical approach to racism. He’s rallying black Americans to be ready for an eventual eruption in the face of police violence in communities of color.  
“You’ve got to prepare your people for what is coming down!” he screams as he recounts the uprising in Ferguson, Missouri, and what he sees as the failure of black leaders to appropriately respond–to actually change a system under which virtually every black man feels threatened. He indicts Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder, as well as inveterate civil rights activist Jesse Jackson. Black preachers are called out for being “pacifiers for the white man’s tyranny.” 
Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam was credited by protesters on the ground in Baltimore withestablishing a gang truce in the city to unify black Baltimore against the police. The NOI and its well-dressed Fruit of Islam were on the ground in Ferguson, as well, in aleadership role
“This is a new generation and they don’t want to hear your compromising talk!” he screams. What they do want to hear, though, is rap music. Rappers are listened to. Kanye West and Jay Z are listened to. Killer Mike is listened to — he even attended the 2015 White House Correspondents Dinner and was ushered about by none other than Arianna Huffington. Jeezy speaks to a different audience than Mike, even, and so on through the growing list of rappers Farrakhan has met with in recent months. 
Speaking at an Atlanta banquet for music and media figures, Farrakhan and Killer Mikeshared an emotional exchange in which Farrakhan implored Mike and other rappers to speak truth to power and to use the mic for dissent. “It’s getting to the point that it’s throw-down time,” he warns, “and you are the one to wake your people up and unite them.” 
A particularly contentious period of disagreement coincides with the twilight of President Obama’s tenure and the recent emergence of a robust national discourse about police violence against black Americans, structural racism in general, and white privilege.  
The recent high-profile beef between professors Michael Eric Dyson and Cornel West exposed a rift in the black academy. Dr. West, Tavis Smiley and others parted ways with President Obama fairly early and now criticize the first black president in no uncertain terms. Killer Mike is similarly skeptical of Obama. (Jay Z, on the other hand,  remains in support of the president.) 
A radical contingent is emerging, and it appears that Minister Farrakhan is looking to lead a youthful rebellion against what he sees as a dangerously conservative footing. 

The Obama Intifada *** - Treason Manifest In Baltimore

My opinion:

These riots in Baltimore are organized by the same people who organized the riots in Florida, and in Ferguson, Missouri, and the same people who organized the Occupy Wall Street riots as well.

These are not protests. They are organized incursions by people who want to overthrow the Constitution (and the government under that Constitution) of the United States of America.

Their purpose is, through repeated onslaught, to degrade and destroy the will of the people of the U.S.

Their purpose is to break off pieces of the mountain of faith and fortitude that it takes to keep this nation going.

These people are organized in pursuit of Treasonous activity.

The activity of protesting police is not Treason. The activity of rioting, while illegal, is not treason.

But the activity of organizing a group of people to repeatedly riot in response to any given offense, no matter how disparate in nature; THAT IS TREASON.

These people should be rounded up, placed under arrest, tried, convicted, and hanged until dead.

*** Credit to Reliapundit at Astute Bloggers.

UPDATE - Let us not forget that many of these treasonous acts are being performed in concert with the very people who are supposed to be maintaining order:

Grateful Dead High and Tight, 1973

One of the best performances I have ever heard from the Dead.

Horowitz on the Muslim Students Association and the Epidemic of Jew-Hatred on Campuses

Members of the Freedom of the Press advocacy group, PEN cancel their attendance at a fund raiser because PEN chose to honour the victims of the Charlie Hebdo massacre

Six prominent novelists are boycotting a New York literary gala next week to protest against French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo being honored with a freedom of expression award.
Australia’s Peter Carey, Canada’s Michael Ondaatje, British-born Taiye Selasi, and Americans Teju Cole, Rachel Kushner and Francine Prose have withdrawn from the May 5 PEN American Center gala.
They informed PEN over the weekend of their decision not to attend the glittering annual event, which is also a key fund-raiser, a month after the Charlie Hebdo award was first announced.
“They’ve all been in touch with us to say they didn’t feel comfortable attending,” PEN executive director Suzanne Nossel said.

Is It Time For America To Divorce?

Ace of Spades Tweets the following:

there is a pragmatic value to liberalism-- liberalism permits strongly-disagreeing peoples to live among each other peacefully.

if we no longer have this sort of liberalism--if the left is determined to simply "win"--then we shall no longer live together peacefully

that's not a threat, that's just an obvious observation.

I think it's pretty clear the left no longer wishes to live peacefully among us, and, for my part: The sentiment is shared.

we should probably being discussing the inevitable division of the country. And remember: *We* did not press this.

his doesn't have to be an acrimonious thing. The left does not want to be among us; we do not wish to be among them.

There is a time when divorce is not to be dreaded, but looked forward to as a liberation.

The good thing about a divorce is: you get to stop thinking about hating another party. You get to just *be* without interference.

The thing is, this shouldn't be talked about angrily or threatened as "vengeance." Divorce from an unhappy marriage is not "vengeance."

Divorce from an unhappy marriage is freedom for both parties, and a starting anew.

I don't wish to hate the left any longer. Hate is an unhealthy emotion. I want them to be free to pursue their socialism as they like.

And i want the rest of America freed from them.


Schlafly warns America 'may be at a breaking point already'

From WND:
Only eight short years from now, immigrants will make up a record-high 14.8 percent of the total U.S. population, and longtime conservative leader Phyllis Schlafly views the rising tide of newcomers as a purposeful attack on the country. “It’s deliberate,” Schlafly told WND in an interview. 
“It’s not any accident. It’s because Obama and his friends are letting all these people in who don’t want to be Americans, who don’t want to speak English.”   
The Census Bureau projected last month that the U.S. immigrant population, legal and illegal, will total a record 51 million in 2023. At that point, one in seven U.S. residents will be an immigrant. By 2060, nearly one in five U.S. residents will be an immigrant, and the total U.S. population will be 417 million – 108 million more than in 2010. 
Conservative activist Richard Viguerie, author of “Takeover: The 100-Year War For The Soul of the GOP and How Conservatives Can Finally Win It,” noted that most of today’s immigrants come from nations more politically and culturally liberal than the United States. Therefore, he expects the growing immigrant population to make the entire country more liberal. 
“It’s going to pull America to the left, for sure,” Viguerie told WND in an interview. “America will become closer to the European model of state control of our country.” Of course, if America moves to the left, it will naturally gravitate toward the Democratic Party, the party of big government. Schlafly, author of “Who Killed the American Family?” worries about the future of the GOP. 
“I think one of the reasons Obama and his friends are so eager to open the gates to more and more immigrants is they think it’s going to defeat the conservative movement and the Republican Party,” Schlafly said. 
“Of course, they all come from countries that are not used to the idea of limited government. They’re used to countries where the government makes all the decisions, and they don’t know anything different. “They don’t understand what Americans mean when we talk about limited government, so I think one of their motives clearly is death to the conservative movement and the Republican Party.” 
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Monday, April 27, 2015

Culturist Policy Article # 4 – Repatriation

Culturism (cǔl-chər-ǐz-əm) n. The philosophy, art, and science that values, promotes and protects majority cultures.

Culturist (cǔl-chər-ǐst) n. 1. An advocate of culturism. 2. One who engages in the arts or sciences of managing and protecting majority cultures. 3. Adj. Of or pertaining to culturism, culturists or culturist policy.

--   --    -    --    --    --    --    -
There are three approaches to repatriation: racist; ‘absolute culturist,’ and ‘pragmatic culturist.’  This article will completely reject the racist model; explain the problems with the absolute culturist model and promote the pragmatic culturist model.

---     --    --    --    --    --   -- 
Racist repatriation policy:
Racist policy gets mentioned only to highlight its stupidity and vast difference from both forms of culturist repatriation. 

Racists repatriation would remove all non-white people from Western areas.  Such a policy would never be approved via election. And, in a multiethnic nation like the United States, especially given the fact that much of our military and police force are not white, attempts to implement this policy would lead to society collapsing into violence. 

Absolute culturist repatriation policy:
Absolute culturists want the immediate repatriation of all Muslims back to their country of origin.  Note how much subtler this is than racist repatriation.  It does not cast Hindus, Asians, and all Africans into the same net.  It makes subtle distinctions based on history and belief systems: it is culturist, not racist.

The culturist profiling of Muslims is advocated on the basis the belief that Islam is fundamentally incompatible with and even hostile to, western civilization.  From a culturist perspective, this makes sense. However, it suffers from the same potential for civil unrest that the racist position does. 

Furthermore, and importantly, the rule of law is central to the West.  If we violate the rights of citizens, we set a precedent and take actions that intrinsically erode our sense of due process. 

Thus the absolute culturist policy, it seems to me, a road to civil disorder and, on a more philosophical level, immediately undermines the West’s view of itself by violating our laws and due process.

Pragmatic Culturist repatriation policy:
The pragmatic culturist policy relies on several measures aimed at stopping the Islamification of the West, while preserving the rule of law.

First of all, in terms of immigration, both absolute and pragmatic culturists would immediately stop all Islamic immigration to the West.  And, to the extent legally possible, both would deny all pending residence permissions.  Neither of these measures compromises our system of law or rights.  Our Constitution protects our citizens.  If you are a foreigner, we have not compromised any rights to which you were entitled. 

This next measure is tailored to the United States, but pragmatic culturist would hope that a legal version pertains in your western nation. In our naturalization proceedings, the potential new citizen swears, “that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” Furthermore, they “absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty.”


The Glory of Service to Allah: Taliban Commanders Gang Rape Suicide Bomber Before Sending Him On His Mission

From Khaama:
National Directorate of Security (NDS) – Afghanistan’s intelligence agency – has arrested a would-be suicide bomber who says he was gang-raped by Taliban commanders before sending him out for a suicide attack. 
A statement issued Sunday by NDS states that the victim of the gang-rape planned to carry out a suicide attack on the police headquarters of Bagrami District of Kabul but he was arrested before he could reach to his target. 
According to NDS statement rape cases are not unusual within the ranks of Taliban and Haqani network. Bilal, the rape victim-turned suicide bomber has told NDS that he was gang-raped by Taliban commanders Muzamil, Hijrat alias Abuzar, Tahir and Hanzila in Bati Kot District of eastern Nangarhar province and then sent for a suicide attack. 
Bilal narrates his rape story in a video released by NDS. He says he was raped by a Taliban commander which was followed by another rape. “Abuzar raped me. 
He closed my mouth, opened my trouser and raped me”, Abduzar said. Bilal said after this he went home but when returned he faced the same again. This time it was not by a Taliban commander but another fellow suicide bomber.
This reminds me of an old Sam Kinison joke (starts at the 1:45 mark):