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Gavin Newsom PANICKING Over His Kids Being Fans of Joe Rogan, Jordan Petersen, And Andrew Tate



Long-Tenured Referee Ken Mauer Sues NBA After Being Forced Out for Objecting to COVID Vaccine- League Freezes His Pension 

Seriously, if you're a man, and you will watch their gay-ass game, after they shit all over the Constitution, and the Nuremberg Code, like this, then you love taking it up the ass.


Governor Greg Abbott announced an hour ago that he officially declared an invasion at the southern border today and he's going to begin repelling it. 
He sent a letter to Joe Biden and declared that he's sending troops to the border and they are building a wall, deploying razor wire and marine barriers to protect his state from the Mexican drug cartels since Biden won't do it: He wrote: 
"The federal government's failure has forced me to invoke Article I, § 10, Clause 3 of the U.S. Constitution, thereby enabling the State of Texas to protect its own territory against invasion by the Mexican drug cartels."

Also from The Right Scoop, leftwing thug Mayor Eric Adams followed Joe Biden's lead in pushing illegal aliens out of areas controlled by leftwingers and into Republican-leaning areas -- namely, Staten Island.

Staten Islanders blocked the buses transporting the illegals, though cops arrived to break up the blockade of the street and arrest the protesters.

Weird, the cops routinely allow BLM to take over the streets and block all traffic. I wonder what accounts for this Illegal Disparate Treatment of Political Protesters.



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Thursday, September 21, 2023

In France, anybody who protests against Muslim violence and calls for self-defense can be arrested

We have another example of how, in a way, France is tragically under a totalitarian grip doing favors for the Religion of Peace, and authorities arrest opponents over an Orwellian Thoughtcrime (via Jihad Watch):
After a migrant allegedly raped a French woman so brutally with a broomstick that she was forced into a month-long coma, two dozen right-wing protestors marched outside his home in Cherbourg, France. However, at least half of them are now facing criminal prosecution and up to five years in prison for an “unauthorized gathering” and for “promoting self-defense” despite the French government’s glaring inability to protect its own citizens.

The demonstration, which took place on Sept. 9, 2023, in the Provinces district, was on behalf of 29-year-old MĂ©gane, who awoke from her coma but remains between life and death. The French government may have special reason to pursue Argos, the right-wing group that organized the protest, as the group is the direct heir to the French group GĂ©nĂ©ration identitaire, which was banned by the government in 2021. GĂ©nĂ©ration identitaire became a thorn in the government’s side after it ran a series of civil disobedience protests against the state of demographic transformation in France and the government’s failures to control illegal immigration.

[...] The prosecutor in the case is apparently taking issue with the group’s calls for self-defense, despite the state being increasingly unable to defend its citizens.

“You are appearing for having, through speeches made at an undeclared demonstration, incited willful harm to a person’s integrity by calling for self-defense,” stated Pierre-Yves Marot, the public prosecutor. He announced that five members of Argos were first arrested by the police and another seven were taken into custody inside a vehicle shortly afterwards.
The prosecutor should be utterly ashamed of himself, as should all police officials who arrested these brave opposition activists. All authorities who went against the protestors, including Generation Identitaire, instead of the jihadists who've poisoned France, should resign from the jobs they don't deserve.

But I also think even Israeli delegates concerned about what goes on in foreign countries should consider speaking out in favor of the opposition to Islamofascism in said foreign lands, because there's Europeans who need all the help they can get, and if Israeli representatives were to speak in their defense, it could be very important.

About The Governor of Hawaii

Humpday Blues

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"If We Allow Politicians To Disregard Fundamental Rights In Emergency Situations, They Will Create Emergency Situations In Order To Sidestep The Law"

Tom Morazzo: A Message To All Teachers and Other Union Members

Dr. Janci Lindsay: "Typically, You Would Only Get No More Than 200 Deaths In a Year For All of The Vaccines Combined ... We're At Over 35,000 Deaths"


Epidemiologist Says The Reason The US is Recommending Shots for All - EVEN INFANTS - Is Because The Healthcare System Itself Just Isn't Good Enough to Take Care of the People ...


American epidemiologists are feeling defensive.

They’re embarrassed that people have figured out the new American push for mRNA Covid jabs doesn’t match what the rest of the world is doing.

As you may know, most countries are not recommending Covid boosters for most healthy adults under 65 this fall. Meanwhile, the United States is pushing shots on six-month-old infants as well as healthy teenagers (!) and adults.

So why is the United States so far out of step?

This morning, Dr. Katelyn Jetelina, who writes the “Your Local Epidemiologist” Substack, and Dr. Gavin Yamey, a first-order mRNA fanatic, decided to answer that question – an unleashed one of the great self-owns of all time.

Yes, the reason that the United States needs mRNA shots this fall when other countries do not is … wait for it…

The American health-care system is so terrible.

Follow the logic here, please.

Drs. Jetelina and Yamey want Americans to ignore the advice other countries are giving and take expensive mRNA shots – because those countries deliver far better (and cheaper) health-care than the United States does.


Have you noticed that they're (quietly, and slowly) taking everything away?

From Mark Crispin Miller:

Homelessness is on the rise. The cost of housing keeps climbing. The WSJ describes some of what is going on:

“The fact that we are seeing elderly homelessness is something that we have not seen since the Great Depression,” said Dennis Culhane, a University of Pennsylvania social policy professor and researcher with expertise in homelessness and housing issues.

Ah, the answer might lie in buying a tiny house. You won’t be so happy and you won’t own much, but at least you will have a roof over your head. Be grateful, practice mindfulness and smoke some weed. You’ll be fine.

It’s a funny thing, but in addition to the war on cars (more about this in a future post), COVID-1984 ushered in an enhanced (“stay safe”) crisis of public transportation. Despite the fact that we are told everyone should ride public transport for the good of the planet, people are afraid to do it even as the reliability and stability of the entire system is under unprecedented stress. In addition to crime, people smoking pot and playing loud music and screaming on El trains, we now have ghost buses. Rent a bike or an electric scooter, contribute to the developing chaos on the streets, but that way you pay your own way and help us build 15-minute cities, smart cities, C40 Cities, or whatever you want to call them.

* * * * * * *

Driving on Argyle Street in Chicago yesterday, I happened on a CARE USA, food distribution point and stopped to film the astonishing mix of people waiting to get something to eat. They were quiet, polite, patiently waiting their turn.

So, where does this gradual diminution end? 

As businesses cut costs by having AI take over people's jobs, and, at the same time, prices go up up up, I wonder what they plan to do with us all.

Does anyone else ever wonder that?

Are 15 Minute Cities anything like the Jewish Ghettoes of the 1930's?



COVID-19 vaccine-associated mortality in the Southern Hemisphere

COVID-19 vaccine-associated mortality in the Southern Hemisphere

This is a must read. This document goes into the statistics of increased mortality after covid vaccines were deployed. If you want to look at graphs only and not have to read through it, scroll down to page 18. It breaks everything down very well. Great graphs, legends, etc.

Most won’t be surprised, but you can tell who the heaviest vaccinated countries were without a doubt. It is sad and devastating data.

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Monday, September 18, 2023

The Covid Protesters — Where Are They Now?


Remember when they were arresting people for the "crime" of shopping while maskless? 

Remember when they were arresting pregnant women in their pajamas for the "crime" of posting information about public protest events on Facebook? 

Remember when police were violently arresting teenagers for the "crime" of skating at an outdoor rink during lockdown? 

Remember when they were debanking truckers and their supporters in Canada for the "crime" of assembling in Ottawa? 

Remember when they were arresting pastors in front of their crying children for the "crime" of holding Sunday services during lockdown? 

Remember when they were firing teachers for refusing to take the genetic slurry clot shot jabs? 

Of course you do. But why do you remember all this so vividly? Because the establishment media was happy to air these scenes of trauma and abuse, that's why. The message of such images is clear: if you resist, you will be arrested, constitutional rights be damned. After all, this is an emergency. 

This is The Big Lie of the biosecurity state. And, like every other aspect of the biosecurity state, it is all kabuki theatre. The reason the same establishment media that plastered these dramatic arrests all over the evening news never told you about the follow-up to these stories is because, time and again, these unconstitutional mandates and the violent arrests of the mandate resisters were found to have been illegal and the cases were thrown out of court. In fact, in many instances, the charges were dropped before the case even made it to court. 

The people who are looking to traumatize and scare you, to keep you compliant and complacent, will never tell you what ended up happening to these people. So, allow me to do exactly that. 

Here's the story of what happened after the cameras stopped rolling on these COVID resisters. ...



“Everyone Will Have to Prove Their Identity Before They Vote” – Robert Kennedy Jr. Proposes Plan to Prevent ID Fraud at Voting Booths and More

“Everyone Will Have to Prove Their Identity Before They Vote” – Robert Kennedy Jr. Proposes Plan to Prevent ID Fraud at Voting Booths and More (VIDEO)

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: One of the things that I’ve tried to do in this campaign is to identify innovative, common sense solutions to some of these apparently intractable problems that keep the political parties at each other’s throats. So tonight I want to describe a winwin win policy that could solve two of the principal issues that are keeping the political parties apart. 
One of those issues is the wave of illegal immigration that is currently coming across the border. The other issue has to do with the integrity of our electoral process and the guarantee that every American should have a right to vote. So what could be a solution that would solve both of those problems? 
The answer to that question is to make passport cards free. A passport card is a picture identification that is issued by the federal government that can be used as a substitute for a passport. It’s an accredited federal ID. They are issued by every one of the 33,000 federal post offices in our country. Almost every American has a post office within easy driving or walking distance of their homes. Currently, those passports cost $65. And for many Americans, and especially poor Americans, that price tag puts passport cards out of reach. 
Making passport cards free will solve another important problem. And that problem is that millions of Americans today are living as second class citizens because they do not have a government issued photo ID. Without a passport or driver’s license, you can’t open a bank account, you can’t board an airplane, you can’t check into a hotel, and you can’t visit your child at school.

Stunning Videos From Mexico of Open Train Cars Taking Hordes of Migrants to Biden’s Open US Border


Vitamin D TREATMENT for Hospitalized COVID-19 patients works! NEW Sep.2023 Japanese Study shows 67% lower death, 78% lower disease progression, 75% lower O2 – 10 recent studies reviewed

Vitamin D TREATMENT for Hospitalized COVID-19 patients works! NEW Sep.2023 Japanese Study shows 67% lower death, 78% lower disease progression, 75% lower O2 – 10 recent studies reviewed

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Sunday, September 17, 2023

When Rachel Ehrenfeld learned about the platforms of George Soros

Ehrenfeld, who once wrote about Islamic finance of terrorism, was one of the first people to be aware of the bad platforms advocated by millionaire George Soros in the 1990s, one of which was to get drugs legalized in the USA, if anywhere:
Ehrenfeld first became aware of Soros’s plans in the 1990s due to her research on drug addiction and drug trafficking (Soros’s first foray into American public policy was drug legalization). “I knew that drug legalization would cause a massive increase in the number of drug addicts,” writes Ehrenfeld.

“Moreover, I recalled that enabling easy access to narcotics was mentioned in the ‘Soviet Military Encyclopedia’ as an important weapon during so-called peacetime. It was recommended because when easily accessible, narcotic use spreads like fire, undermining the targeted country’s society, economy, and political integrity,” she continues.

In February 1995, as result of her expertise on drug issues, Ehrenfeld found herself invited to a dinner at Soros’s home in New York City. He posed as open-minded and prepared to debate the drug issue, so she decided to correct him when he praised the Swiss. (Ehrenfeld had just returned from Switzerland, where she met with experts involved in a government-sponsored project to supply addicts with heroin, morphine and free needles—an experiment which proved a disaster.)

“[P]olitely, I interrupted Soros, pointing out he was ill-informed. He seemed stunned that I dared contradict him and forcefully repeated his praise of the Swiss. When I insisted he was wrong, the angry Soros turned around and left the big living room. The other guests, who until then stood around us, listening, moved very fast away from me. The scene reminded me of something Woody Allen would have created,” she writes.
Well those other guests were clearly as much a disgrace as Soros himself was being. But if you think that was bad:
Ehrenfeld recognized that Soros was determined to change America’s drug policy. In a Feb. 7, 1996 Wall Street Journal op-ed, she cautioned that Soros’s “sponsorship unified the movement to legalize drugs and gave it the respectability and credibility it lacked.” She also warned that if Soros went unchallenged, he would alter the political landscape in America. She even visited senators and Republican mega-donors to tell them Soros must be countered. Nobody took action, she said.
Not even Newt Gingrich, who if memory serves, once met with Yasir Arafat? Again, we have an example of how RINOs impeccably managed to lead to a most dire situation via ignorance. And, in case you're wondering, yes, Soros bankrolled Israel's enemies:
Q: Do you agree with comments by people like attorney Alan Dershowitz, who has said that George Soros has done more than anyone to turn Americans against Israel?

A: [Former U.S. Ambassador to Israel] David Friedman also has said that nobody has done more damage to Israel than George Soros. He’s funded the New Israel Fund, the Palestinians, Birzeit University, anti-Israel organizations in Israel. I quote Soros saying tribalism is not for him. So he doesn’t live in Israel. But he did everything in order to destabilize the place.

Q: Soros always cries antisemitism when he’s attacked. What’s the best way to undermine such a defense?

A: When people like Benjamin Netanyahu, David Friedman, Dershowitz and myself keep telling people this is not antisemitism. Unless you say that he’s Jewish and this is why he’s doing it. The religion he was born into has nothing to do with it. Soros says he’s agnostic.

Since the book came out, several Jewish publications have refused to publish either excerpts from the book or review the book. I’ve received hate mail following interviews, many from Jews. It’s worrisome.
The situation she describes is very much like how ultra-Orthodox clans rallied round abusive figures like Nechemya Weberman and Malka Leifer. So the leftists who're bound to be those ostracizing anything to do with her book better not claim they're any better than the Haredi extremists.
Q: Are you worried for Israel given that his son, Alexander, who’s slated to take over, has expressed more interest in Israel and Judaism than his father?

A: Alex is a big supporter of Jewish causes if by Jewish causes you mean anti-Israeli organizations.

It was interesting to see in the Wall Street Journal announcement with Alex Soros in June—I wouldn’t call it an interview, it was more a glorified PR ad—it showed a picture of Alex with his father at his bar mitzvah. I saw that as really a threat: “You criticize what I do, you will be accused of antisemitism.”

Alex has been trying to increase the division between the observant Orthodox and the … secular in Israel. He’s said that Jews in America are still conveying their support to Israel no matter what, and they don’t understand when they are supporting Israel, they are supporting apartheid. Soros, his father, was the first one to support the apartheid conference in South Africa.

Why they are so bent on hating Israel and trying to destabilize the Jewish state is beyond me. They are not the first self-hating Jews. Unfortunately, they have a lot of influence.
That's what makes them such a bad lot. If Soros Sr. was bad, we can only guess just how much Soros Jr. will be, especially now that he's using the antisemitism card just as much. This is practically why I'm furious at Haredi extremists, since they've used similar tactics, and it's only undermined the ability to combat self-haters properly.

It's good Ehrenfeld's shed light on what's wrong with Soros and company. But bad there's so many far-left Jewish Americans who're turning their back on her research.

Democrats MOCKED For Creepy Video Showing Them Worship BLM Like Cultists

Dr. Judith Curry: "Relax, there is no climate emergency!"

Watch Dr. David Martin to the European Parliament at the 30:00 Minute Mark

Former NBA Player Brandon Hunter Passes Away at 42 After Collapsing at Yoga Class

Brandon Hunter, a former NBA player who played two NBA seasons and gained prominence during his college years at Ohio University, has passed away at the age of 42, NBA reported.

Hunter, who had stints with the NBA’s Boston Celtics and Orlando Magic in the mid-2000s, collapsed at a hot yoga class in Orlando, Florida. The news was confirmed by his mother-in-law, Carolyn Cliett.

“It was hot yoga, and he did it regularly,” Cliett told NBC. “He was in good shape as far as we know. We’re just shocked.”

Details regarding the cause of death have not yet been released.


Armed Man Who Tried to Enter RFK Event Identified – 44-Year-Old Adrian Paul Aispuro


Just In: Armed Man Who Tried to Enter RFK Event Identified – 44-Year-Old Adrian Paul Aispuro

Update: Armed Man Arrested at Robert F. Kennedy’s Rally – Adrian Paul Aispuro Was Dropped Off by His Brother – But Their Story Does Not Add Up!

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Saturday, September 16, 2023

NM Governor's 2nd Amendment Ban by Health Emergency Declaration Is Logically Insane

Dr. McCullough's Speech at the European Parliament

Armed Man With US Marshal’s Badge and Federal ID Arrested at Robert F. Kennedy Jr Appearance in Los Angeles After Trying to Infiltrate Security


An armed man who was wearing a U.S. Marshal’s badge and carrying federal ID who claimed to be part of the security detail for Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was arrested Friday afternoon at an appearance in Los Angeles by Kennedy. No shots were fired in the incident. 
The arrest was first reported by Breitbart News and later confirmed on X-Twitter by Kennedy who noted he is still being denied Secret Service protection by Joe Biden. 
Kennedy’s father Sen. Robert F. Kennedy (D-NY) and uncle President John F. Kennedy were both shot and killed by assassins in Los Angeles in 1968 and in Dallas in 1963, respectively. Kennedy has voiced concerns this year that his father and uncle were killed by elements of the U.S. government. 
Kennedy posted a photo of the man who was arrested:
“I’m very grateful that alert and fast-acting protectors from Gavin de Becker and Associates (GDBA) spotted and detained an armed man who attempted to approach me at my Hispanic Heritage speech at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles tonight. The man, wearing two shoulder holsters with loaded pistols and spare ammunition magazines was carrying a U.S. Marshal badge on a lanyard and beltclip federal ID. He identified himself as a member of my security detail. Armed GDBA team members moved quickly to isolate and detain the man until LAPD arrived to make the arrest. I’m also grateful to LAPD for its rapid response.

What do you think the chance is that we ever learn anything about this man?

Friday, September 15, 2023

FDA Refuses to Provide COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Data to US Senator


FDA Refuses to Provide COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Data to US Senator

U.S. officials are refusing to provide a U.S. senator with COVID-19 vaccine safety data.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) asked the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the results of analyses on data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) in January, after the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stated that none of the safety signals it identified for the COVID-19 vaccines were “unexpected.”

The two agencies have run different types of analyses on the system’s reports, which are primarily made by health care professionals. […]

“FDA’s EB data mining analyses of adverse events contained in VAERS reports for COVID-19 vaccines are currently the subject of pending FOIA [Freedom of Information Act] litigation. FDA is unable to comment on pending litigation or provide information or data that is currently being considered in pending litigation,” the agency told the senator.

Mr. Johnson, in a new letter, told FDA Commissioner Dr. Robert Califf that the claim was wrong. 

“As you are well aware, Congress has a right to information contained at U.S. federal agencies as it conducts its constitutional oversight responsibilities,” Mr. Johnson said.

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