Tuesday, October 31, 2023

World War III? Lebanon and Yemen Both Attack Israel

I told my daughter World War III won't happen. Maybe I was wrong.

More likely, though, is, the war will escalate, until we come to the brink of disaster. Then, some amazing new leader will come up with a plan to divide Israel (and Jerusalem), which will be mediated by the UN. So, there will peace for a time, times, and half a time.

And then all hell will break loose.

Call it a hunch.

Half a Million Illegals Expected Each Month – Another 6 Million Invaders by Election Day?


Half a Million Illegals Expected Each Month – Another 6 Million Invaders by Election Day – Steve Bannon Responds in Epic Rant

World War III Watch: Yemen Officially Declares War on Israel, Launches Large-Scale Ballistic and Drone Strikes

World War III Watch: Yemen Officially Declares War on Israel, Launches Large-Scale Ballistic and Drone Strikes

In an alarming development, the Yemeni Armed Forces have officially declared war on Israel.

Brigadier General Yahya Saree, the spokesperson for the Yemeni Armed Forces and also the spokesperson for Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen, announced that they have launched massive military strikes against Israeli targets in the “occupied territories.”

In response to the missile strikes, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have been on high alert. They reported the successful interception of a surface-to-surface missile in the vicinity of the Red Sea.

“The [Israeli Air Force] intercepted a surface-to-surface missile in the area of the Red Sea. This is the first operational interception by the Arrow Aerial Defense System since the beginning of the war. An additional aerial threat was successfully intercepted by IAF fighter jets in the area this morning. No infiltrations into Israeli territory were identified.”


UFC Fighter Just OWNED Bud Light, Sean Strickland Issues Statement FORCING Bud Light To Reject Woke

Hamas Official Mousa Abu Marzouk: The Tunnels in Gaza Were Built to Protect Hamas Fighters, Not Civilians; Protecting Gaza Civilians Is the Responsibility of the U.N. and Israel

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EXPLOSIVE CLAIMS: Ex-Director of the DIA Gen. Mike Flynn Alleges Some U.S. Legislators Compromised by Globalists Due to their Trips Overseas Where They “Sleep with Children”

General Flynn: “We have the House of Representatives right now is totally, completely broken. And they’re totally owned by the corporate lobbyists and frankly, by the globalists who own many of these people because they’ve been compromised on some of these what they call CODEL trips overseas, where these members of both the House and the Senate get compromised by sleeping with children. And they compromise. And these are real things. These are very real things, or they get them caught up in the world of big bucks, big money.”

Nuremberg Code trials is codified in California

Nuremberg Code trials is codified in California

Warner Mendenhall is a very serious lawyer with a track record of winning Covid and vaxx related cases however. Here is a link to our interview with him from around May 2023.

For Californians, “experiment” includes investigational new drugs (INDs) and the Nuremburg principles should apply. All initial COVID19 “vaccines” were INDs so this vast experiment should have provided strong protection for the people of California. It is astounding that this statute has been so completely overlooked in that state:

California Code, Health and Safety Code – HSC § 24171: The Legislature hereby finds and declares that medical experimentation on human subjects is vital for the benefit of mankind, however such experimentation shall be undertaken with due respect to the preciousness of human life and the right of individuals to determine what is done to their own bodies. The Legislature further finds and declares that: (a) The Nuremberg Code of Ethics in Medical Research was developed after the trial of Nazi war criminals for unethical use of persons in medical experiments; subsequently, the Declaration of Helsinki additionally established recommendations guiding doctors in experimentation involving human subjects.

(b) Neither the Nuremberg Code nor the Declaration of Helsinki are codified under law and are, therefore, unenforceable.

(c) It is necessary that medical experimentation be done in such a way as to protect the rights of the human subjects involved.

(d) There is, and will continue to be, a growing need for protection for citizens of the state from unauthorized, needless, hazardous, or negligently performed medical experiments on human beings. 

Iranian Dr. Sheila Nazarian responds to the epiphany of Mayim Bialik, former star of The Big Bang Theory and Blossom, on Islamic and leftist antisemitism

TUCKER CARLSON: Start another war, send millions more anti-Western refugees to the West



She was beheaded. Her skull was found. Not her body

Israel’s President Yitzchak Herzog has confirmed that the German-Israeli citizen Shani Louk has been found beheaded.

We all watched in horror as Shani Louk’s body was paraded on the streets of Gaza after Hamas brutally raped, tortured and kidnapped her.  

Louk was captured and paraded by Hamas in her underwear with her legs broken, has been confirmed dead. 

This news contradicts earlier reports from her mother. 

Today, IDF soldiers in Gaza found her skull and returned her to Israel. 

He tells BILD: “Her skull was found. That means those barbaric, sadistic animals simply chopped off her head.”

‘Gender-Affirming Care Is Dangerous. I Know Because I Helped Pioneer It.’

My country, and others, found there is no solid evidence supporting the medical transitioning of young people. Why aren’t American clinicians paying attention?

Dr. Riittakerttu Kaltiala, 58, is a Finnish-born and trained adolescent psychiatrist, the chief psychiatrist in the department of adolescent psychiatry at Finland’s Tampere University Hospital. She treats patients, teaches medical students, and conducts research in her field—publishing more than 230 scientific articles.  

In 2011, Dr. Kaltiala was assigned a new responsibility. She was to oversee the establishment of a gender identity service for minors, making her among the first physicians in the world to head a clinic devoted to the treatment of gender-distressed young people. Since then, she has personally participated in the assessments of more than 500 such adolescents. 

Earlier this year, The Free Press ran a whistleblower account by Jamie Reed, a former case manager at The Washington University Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. She recounted her growing alarm at the effects of treatments that sought to transition minors to the opposite sex, and her escalating conviction that patients were being harmed by their treatment. 

Although a recent New York Times investigation largely corroborated Reed’s account, many activists and members of the media continue to dismiss Reed’s claims because she is not a physician.  

Dr. Kaltiala is. And her concerns are likely to get more attention in the U.S. now that a young woman who medically transitioned as a teenager has just sued the doctors who supervised her treatment, along with the American Academy of Pediatrics. According to the suit, the AAP, in advocating for youth transition, has made “outright fraudulent statements” about evidence for “the radical new treatment model, and the known dangers and potential side effects of the medical interventions it advocates.”  

Here, Dr. Kaltiala tells her own story, describing her increasing worries about the treatment she approved for vulnerable patients, and her decision to speak out. 


Danse Macabre

Monday, October 30, 2023

WOW — Pascal Najadi, the son of WEF co-founder Hussain Najadi, is calling for the arrests of Bill Gates, WHO leadership, the WEF, Klaus Schwab, Big Tech and Pfizer

Muslims Gather In The Streets of London To Chant: "Slaughter The Jews"


Imam of Greenwich Islamic Center: “Curse the infidels. Destroy their homes, scatter them. Purify and protect al-Aqsa from the usurper Jews.”

German Police Arrest Islamist Plotting Truck Attack on Jewish Event

German Police Arrest Islamist Plotting Truck Attack on Jewish Event

Police in the German city of Duisburg have arrested a known Islamist with a criminal record who was allegedly planning to drive a truck through a pro-Israel demonstration. 

German police were tipped off to the alleged plans of Tarik S. by a foreign intelligence service, Die Weltreports. Tarik S. is a well-known German-born Islamist who fought with the Islamic State in Syria under the name “Osama the German.”

The 29-year-old is said to have also been somewhat of a poster child for the terrorist group, having appeared in multiple propaganda videos, including one in which he posed next to a person whom the group had beheaded.

After spending three years fighting for the Islamic State, Tarik S. returned to Germany in 2016 where he was arrested upon his return and charged by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office for his activities in the Middle East. He was sentenced to five years in prison in 2017. 

It remains unclear to what extent the former Islamic State fighter’s plan had advanced, but German media reports suggest he had recently searched for both pro-Israel events and content relating to radical Islamic extremism on the internet. 

TERRIFYING VIDEOS: Muslim Lynch Mob Searches for Jews at Russian Airport in Dagestan; Storms Concourse and Tarmac, Tries to Search Planes After Rumor of Flight From Israel

TERRIFYING VIDEOS: Muslim Lynch Mob Searches for Jews at Russian Airport in Dagestan; Storms Concourse and Tarmac, Tries to Search Planes After Rumor of Flight From Israel

99-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Receives 1,000 Anti-Semitic Messages On Daily Basis Since Hamas Attack

99-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor Receives 1,000 Anti-Semitic Messages On Daily Basis Since Hamas Attack

An Auschwitz survivor is ‘worried and frightened’ after receiving a barrage of anti-Semitic abuse online in the wake of the October 7 terror attack in Israel. 
Holocaust survivor Lily Ebert, 99, receives around 1,000 anti-Semitic messages every day, since Hamas terrorists massacred 1,400 people in Israel and kidnapped 200. 
Some of the comments she has received include ‘dirty Zionist’, ‘go die’, ‘you guys… prove why Hitler did what he did’ and ‘holohoax’. She has also been told to ‘get bombed’ and been sent devil and middle finger emojis on her widely followed social media accounts. 
London-based Lily and her great-grandson Dov Forman, 19, run a TikTok account with 2.1 million followers, which educates people about the Holocaust.

Russian Philharmonic - Moscow City Symphony
Dukas: The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Sunday, October 29, 2023

Israel Makes its War Goals Clear as the UN and Red Cross Condemn The War


CNN is now advising that giving covid and flu shots at the same time “could increase risk of stroke”

CNN is now advising that giving covid and flu shots at the same time “could increase risk of stroke”


Thank God I Got The COVID Vaccine

From Dr. Jennifer Brown:

“The MELODY research, conducted by a team of doctors and researchers from Imperial College London, The Universities of Southampton, Nottingham, and Cambridge, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, and NHS Blood and Transplant among others, involved more than 23,000 people, with suppressed immune systems and those who had received at least 3 COVID-19 vaccine doses.” 

“Lead researcher Dr Michelle Willicombe from the Department of Immunology and Inflammation, said, “We know from previous research that people who have a weakened immune system were more likely to catch COVID-19. They were also more likely to need to go into hospital for treatment or die from COVID-19.” 

Well well. Color me shocked. 

“Vaccines trigger the immune system to make antibodies. But if your immune system is weak, you may not produce enough antibodies needed to fight infection and prevent serious illness. Clinically vulnerable patients who are at increased risk are encouraged to attend if they are invited for a booster vaccine, in order to get the best protection against COVID-19," she added.  

So why are their immune systems compromised? Were they compromised prior to the 1-6 arm darts they received? WHY DID WE FORCE THE IMMUNE SUPPRESSED TO GET A VACCINE?!?!?!? By this logic in this article, they never needed a vaccine, as it wouldn’t do any good anyways. 

Why did we bother to inject this into anyone who is on chemo, a biological med like Humira or Remicade, or on immune suppressants such as Cell Cept after an organ transplant?!?!? Because by their own admission, it doesn’t work anyways. 

They go on to say at the end of the article that those that had more vaccines (more than 3) have “better antibody response” (bullshit). This is nothing more than a scapegoat for the beloved vaccines failure, and more encouragement to get more vaccines. Oh sorry the jab didn’t work, you just didn’t get ENOUGH of them, because you have immune compromise and you need 6 of them. Sometimes. Sometimes even 6 of them won’t work to give you immunity.

Clown world.

‘Kill men, capture women’: Interrogation Video of 6 Hamas terrorists who invaded Israel on Oct 7

Jane Burgermeister Discusses The Takeover of World Government By The WHO and UN in 2009: "What is technically a biological weapon is being sold to us as a prophylactic, and if we don't take it voluntarily… we are finally forced to take it"

Bill Maher Interviews Three Total Pieces of Shit About Their Destructive COVID Policies, and Desires, and, Surprise, All Three of Them Turn Upside Down And Shit All Over Their Own Faces

Steve Bailey & Victor Wooten
A Chick from Corea

Saturday, October 28, 2023

This is DEVASTATING Covid Vaccine News for Big Pharma

Rabid Promoter of COVID Vaccines Peter Hotez Notices Too Many Sudden Deaths Among His Friends, "Champions of Global Health"


Many COVID vaccine skeptics reported an unusual number of “sudden deaths” happening lately.

Such reports are always dismissed as “biased.” And, perhaps, they are biased. I have to admit that I am biased, too, and that keeps me from blaming Covid vaccines for various isolated incidents that I know of. 

However, we now have Peter Hotez, one of the most rabid Covid vaccine promoters, unwittingly join the “reporting unusual sudden deaths” club. 

Professor Hotez’s today’s tweet laments the sudden passing of his “close colleagues and friends.” Peter mentions that they were “still active when they passed,” so he means sudden deaths.


VIDEO: Brawl Breaks Out After Hamas Sympathizer Viciously Assaults Pro-Israel Protester Trying to Stop Another Scumbag from Burning Israel’s Flag During Pro-Hamas Rally at Tulane University

The official entry begins, and could last a considerable amount of time

The IDF's official entry into Gaza has begun, and will obviously not end within a fortnight:
They’re heading into Gaza. Israeli forces, which have been amassing along the border for days, finally went into the Hamas-controlled area to wipe out the terror group. This operation goes beyond past ground assaults—Israel seems poised for the long haul, occupying the area until every Hamas terrorist is eliminated.

The IDF announced today that the next phase has begun and that ground troops are now operating in Gaza.

Make no mistake, this will be a long war. It could last years, as there are reportedly 40,000 Hamas terrorists waiting in terror tunnels to attack IDF forces
. Israeli military units had conducted raids into Northern Gaza ahead of the main assault, taking out terrorists, defensive structures, and anti-tank positions. The latest incursions involved tanks and heavy equipment that laid the groundwork for the larger invasion force. This massive operation comes in the wake of Hamas' brutal invasion earlier this month.

With Iran's assistance, the invasion comes after Hamas launched a devastating and barbaric terror attack from Gaza on October 7. Over 1,000 Israelis were murdered. Torture, rape, and kidnapping were also inflicted upon the civilian population, where we saw whole families slaughtered by these radical Islamic animals. Babies were beheaded and set on fire
It's firmly clear this operation will last a considerable length of time. But the end result will hopefully be one we can be relieved and proud of, and the tunnel network is one of the biggest problems other than the troglodytes dwelling there that must be eliminated. And we must avenge the sadistic murders that occurred on October 7.

Israel INVADES Gaza, Says Hamas Will FEEL THEIR WRATH



Bataclan, yes, when the islamists cut out the eyes of 130 people, it was 'peace', when they stabbed the women in their vaginas repeatedly, it was 'peace', when they disemboweled the 130 alive, that

was via religion of 'peace', when they cut off men balls, stuffed them in their mouths as they disembowled them, that was 'peace', I am sorry, my bad, it was ALWAYS 'peace', we just did not understand

'Death Comes for the Pastor; A 44-year-old star minister in Dallas dies suddenly

I was saddened to hear the news that Rev. Bryan Dunagan, who served as Highland Park Presbyterian Church’s senior pastor for nine years, has died at 44. Reverend Dunagan was a brilliant, graceful, luminous young man. By numerous accounts he was exceptionally fit and a dedicated practitioner of clean living in body and soul. I therefore found the official press announcement that he “passed away in his sleep due to natural causes" rather puzzling. Prior to the year 2021, the sudden and unexpected death of a fit young man was an extreme rarity. Since then, it has become a shockingly common occurrence.

One of my closest friends in Dallas is a prominent cardiologist who has questioned official orthodoxy about medical matters since 2020. I cannot mention his name on Facebook because doing so would result in the automatic shadow banning of this post. In my friend's practice, he now regularly sees young, athletic men who have been afflicted with myocarditis, or inflammation of the heart, after receiving a product that was widely introduced to mankind in 2021.

He also frequently receives reports of adolescents and young men and women suddenly and expectedly dying in their sleep. Though autopsy is rarely performed in these cases -- apparently because medical examiners don't want to know the cause -- when autopsies are performed, they often reveal inflammation and or scarring from previous inflammation. At around 3:00 a.m., rising adrenaline sets in motion a fatal arrhythmia.

Obviously, I do NOT know if this was the case with Reverend Dunagan, and nor do I even know if he received the novel product in question. My suspicion that this could be the case can only be confirmed or ruled out by means of a thorough postmortem examination by a pathologist who has been trained to recognize the syndrome that is sometimes induced by this product. New histological stains are now available that enable the pathologist to detect the foreign protein that causes this inflammation in cardiovascular tissue.

My cardiologist friend, who attended service at HPPC for many years, is probably now the world's foremost authority on this syndrome. He would be happy to discuss this syndrome with members of the congregation who would like to learn more about it and consider measures that COULD help to prevent more young men and women from dying.

Last night I woke up at 3:00 a.m. with an Emily Dickinson poem running through my head.

Silence is all we dread.
There's Ransom in a Voice --

But Silence is Infinity.
Himself have not a face.

The poet conceived silence as not only death, but also an absent God who never speaks to us.

Surely the time has come for communities and medical examiners to stop being silent about the sudden and unexpected deaths of young people, but to speak openly about the need to INVESTIGATE them. Perhaps deaths such as Pastor Dunagan’s—over thirty years shy of life expectancy for an American man—are statistical anomalies and have nothing to do with the new product that was introduced in 2021. The only way to find out is to investigate them.’


Chisholm Trail High School community holds memorial for student who died after collapsing during track meet

Thanks to The Last English Prince for sending this over to me.

FORT WORTH, Texas — More than 100 people filled Chisholm Trail High School's Hardy Performing Arts Center Thursday night. 
The school community organized a memorial for 16-year-old Angel Hernandez, a sophomore student who collapsed during a 5k race at a meet on Oct. 13. 
He later died in a hospital. Hernandez collapsed shortly after crossing the finish line in one of his best races. 

To Shed 'Gay Beer' Image, Bud Light Partners With Sport Where Sweaty Men In Underwear Hug For 25 Minutes

Dana White: "What Do You Mean? There's Nothing Gay About It!"

From The Babylon Bee:

SAINT LOUIS, MO — In an effort to repair the damage done to its image that resulted in it being relegated to "gay beer," beverage titan Bud Light has entered into a partnership with a sports organization where sweaty men in underwear hug and wrestle each other for extended periods of time. 
"This will totally fix things," said Bud Light marketing executive John Tenta. "We want to regain the market share we had when we were known as the go-to beverage for rugged, masculine consumers. That's why we're slapping our name and logo on a sport where men wear tiny shorts and roll around on the ground with each other and get in positions like 'full mount.'" 
The brand had spent years as the unquestioned top beer in the country before suffering a devastating fall in the wake of using trans TikTok personality Dylan Mulvaney as a spokesman. 
The beer company now hopes this new sponsorship deal will turn things around. 
"Partnering with Dylan Mulvaney was clearly a mistake," Tenta said. "Now, to rebuild our image, we're going to really lean in and grab hold of guys. These sweaty, tensed-up guys wearing very little clothing and rubbing up against each other in various positions are the perfect ambassadors for our beer."


Of course, the Babylon Bee is a satire news website, but they really nail it here.

But anyway, you know, I used to be a desperate alcoholic. That means, I basically had to drink. I was addicted to alcohol, the way a drug addict is addicted to drugs. But if I went to a party, and the only alcohol being served was Budweiser, I wouldn't drink it. I always thought it tasted like swill

So instead, of drinking it, I would simply leave the party, and go buy my own alcohol.

So, the whole gay beer thing notwithstanding, it's the worst beer in the world, imo.