Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I'm OK With This, Anyone Take Issue?

The Los Angeles Times reports...

U.S. Military Covertly Pays to Run Stories in Iraqi Press

  • Troops write articles presented as news reports. Some officers object to the practice.

  • By Mark Mazzetti and Borzou Daragahi, Times Staff Writers

    WASHINGTON As part of an information offensive in Iraq, the U.S. military is secretly paying Iraqi newspapers to publish stories written by American troops in an effort to burnish the image of the U.S. mission in Iraq.

    The articles, written by U.S. military "information operations" troops, are translated into Arabic and placed in Baghdad newspapers with the help of a defense contractor, according to U.S. military officials and documents obtained by the Los Angeles Times.

    Many of the articles are presented in the Iraqi press as unbiased news accounts written and reported by independent journalists. The stories trumpet the work of U.S. and Iraqi troops, denounce insurgents and tout U.S.-led efforts to rebuild the country.

    Though the articles are basically factual, they present only one side of events and omit information that might reflect poorly on the U.S. or Iraqi governments, officials said. Records and interviews indicate that the U.S. has paid Iraqi newspapers to run dozens of such articles, with headlines such as "Iraqis Insist on Living Despite Terrorism," since the effort began this year.

    I don't know, Al-Jazeera does the same thing, I've never read anything in the LA Times about the positive happenings in Iraq...

    And...the articles are basically factual, (The LA Times defines basically factual as We don't agree, but those are the facts).

    So what's the problem?

    France Acts On Islamic Immigration

    France is taking the lead in toughening immigration laws! After the Islamic uprising through out France, in November, the French government seeks to limit immigrants who refuse to assimilate. In the past, France welcomed immigration from its former French colonies such as Algeria and French-Indochina. One of these groups despises French culture, demands separate rule, and shows it contempt by engaging in violence and rioting. Guess which one?

    Bat Ye’or and now Tony Blankley have warned of the growing problem with Islamic supremacists in Europe. Given the demographics, the threat of Islam is greatest in Europe. The Islamic attack on 9/11 brought the jihadist threat to everyone’s attention but left some believing that it was America’s problem. The Left tried to capitalize on this ignorance and blame America for “blowback.” Most didn’t know that Islamists had previously tried to fly planes into the Eiffel Tower (which still remains a target) but unable get the pilots to co-operate, they realized they had to learn to fly the planes themselves. In the meantime, France toughened its anti-terror laws (unlike the Clinton administration after the ’93 WTC attack) and jihadists found a softer target elsewhere.

    Recently, President Bush has addressed the issue of illegal immigration and border control. While it is a welcomed step forward, we need much more. Many of us might remember that the State Department allowed Saudi entry into our country under the Visa Express program and continued that program 10 months after 9/11. Even today, students from Saudi Arabia are allowed – indeed, welcomed – to study at American universities.

    We have a long way to go before our government can identify and talk about the problem. Fortunately, we will not be alone. France has long been on the frontline of the clash with Islamic barbarians. While we may be distracted by its virulent Anti-Americanism, it will slowly wake-up and fight the real threat in the world today: Islam. Europe, having the greatest challenge, will take the toughest measures and face the critics – long before some of our fellow citizen’s wake-up. While we may have valid reservations about Europe, they need to fight our common enemy. Let’s cheer them on and let’s exploit their forceful response as an argument for similar action here at home.

    Tuesday, November 29, 2005

    Allies, Please Read

    If you'd like to post on the Ibloga, please leave your e-mail address on the comments section (which I will remove as soon as I take note of).

    Let Me Be The First To Introduce Myself

    I should stand up...

    Hello, I am The Fu2rman, AKA, The Future Man...


    I am an Infidel.

    I have been an Infidel all my life.

    And I'm damn proud of it!

    Anyway, from the U.S. media we have heard plenty about Iyad Allawi making claims that Iraq is no different today than it was under Saddam Hussein.

    Is that true?

    Check this out.

    I guess someone should inquire into what Allawi is up to today.

    I think he could have a very successful career in California politics, we seem to elect a bunch of nut-jobs.

    Sunday, November 27, 2005

    The Jihad Against Gays

    We are getting submissions from various bloggers, for whom we have not yet set up an account. Someguy, from Mystery Achievement, sent in a link and some subject matter:

    During World War II, the Arab world cooperated with the Nazis. The Grand Mufti, Haj al-Husseini spent time in Germany, studying their military. He then came home and taught his troops in the German style.

    Islamic Nazism exists to this day, within Hizballah, and Fatah, among others.

    Nowadays, the Islamic Nazis express their Nazism through hatred of Israel so virulent, that nothing less than the total destruction of the Jewish state will satisfy them.

    But, that is not the only way they express their Hitlerian tendencies. Like the Nazis before them, they also hate gay people. In the United Arab Emirates, gay people face prison time, and medical experimentation.

    In England, at the behest of the Islamofascists in his party, George Galloway removed pro-Gay rights language from the Respect Party platform.

    Of course, many Christians would like to accomplish the same goals. For one, I'm not down with them. And, for two, how is it that Islamofascists are able to convince a liberal man like George Galloway to do someting willingly, that he would call Christians "Nazis" for doing?

    Jonz points us to more info on the subject.

    [J Update 8:00pm] - (Some trivia on one of the groups listed above, from JVL) - "Fatah" is a reverse acronym of the Arabic, Harekat at-Tahrir al-Wataniyyeh al-Falastiniyyeh. The word "Fatah" means "conquest by means of jihad [Islamic holy war]".

    Sunday Summary

    An Islamic "missionary" group which FBI officials claim was a breeding ground for Al-Qaeda recruits and had links to at least one of the July 7th bombers are in talks with the British authorities to build Europes largest mosque next to the site of the 2012 Olympic complex.
    Bahrain warns Europeans not to link Islam to the actions of Islamic terrorists, even though all Islamic terrorists claim to be carrying out the message of the Quran, namely Jihad.
    Anti-Infidel hatred is rife in childrens text books around the Islamic world, such as the 11th grade "Palestinian" Islamic culture books where one extract reads ''The Islamic nation needs to spread the spirit of jihad and the love of self-sacrifice [martyrdom] among its sons,''.
    The PA are still using their funds to support terrorists and murderers, but what else is new.
    Still not all is bad, Bruce Willis has announced a film depicting US troops in a way the MSM despises the most, as heros, and Sacha Baron Cohen shows his sense of humour by joining the Kazahk call to sue 'Borat's' creator, himself.

    ‘Europe’s biggest mosque’ planned for London Olympics - [via CAGE] - A MASSIVE mosque that will hold 40,000 worshippers is being proposed beside the Olympic complex in London to be opened in time for the 2012 Games...The complex is designed to become the “Muslim quarter” for the Games, acting as a hub for Islamic competitors and spectators. J0nz Update: Group responsible have links to Al-Qaeda.

    Bahrain Warns : Linking Islam to terror 'will divide civilisations' - [via Jihad Watch] - Bahrain yesterday warned that associating Islam with terrorism would be a devastating blow to humanity and would deepen the abyss between civilisations.

    Reformers work to rid 'diet of hate' from Muslim textbooks - [Sun Times] - "Children are sometimes being force-fed a diet of hate, anger and intolerance"...Much of the concern among reformers is how students learn about jihad, or holy war -- a concept that encompasses all acts on behalf of Islam. It's clear some textbooks pay homage -- directly or indirectly -- to violence.

    PA: Pensions for Terrorists, Salaries for ´Missing´ Police - [via CAGE] - An internal Palestinian Authority (PA) probe has confirmed U.S. charges that salaries are being paid to non-existent police officers. Jailed terrorists are on the payroll and will receive pensions.

    G-d Bless Bruce Willis - [Via Cuanas] - ANGERED by negative portrayals of the conflict in Iraq, Bruce Willis, the Hollywood star, is to make a pro-war film in which American soldiers will be depicted as brave fighters for freedom and democracy.

    Borat 'supports' Kazakh attack against him - [Ireland On-Line] - Sacha Baron Cohen's TV alter ego Borat Sagdiyev has jokingly responded to a legal threat from the Kazakhstan government accusing him of portraying the nation as a country of drunken Stalinists...Cohen's spoof reporter has previously slammed the country for mock past-times including gypsy catching, goat punching and the joys of drinking horse urine.

    J0nz Update: 9.22 pm

    BBC Name Briton who was nabbed in Iraq - [Via BBC] - Has been named him Norman Kember.

    Saturday, November 26, 2005

    In Defense of Western Civilization

    The purpose of this blog is the defense of Western Civilization against the encroaching Jihad, Sharia, and anti-Semitism of the extremists Muslims, often called Islamists, or Islamofascists. This is the most important battle of our time. All else pales in comparison. Yet, the mainstream media refuses to explicitly tell us the truth of what is happening under our very noses.

    Want an example?

    Yesterday, a guy who calls himself "Hitler" was elected to the Palestinian Parliament. In addition, a man named Marwan Baghouti, who is a convicted mass-murderer, was also elected. These facts are mentioned in passing in the Associated Press articles, but they ought to have the headline.

    Arab culture is so sick, and rife with anti-Semitism that men like David Duke are revered, and broadcast on National television as heroes.

    The BBC publishes glowing, emotional eulogies about men like Yasser Arafat, who in his Palestinian National Charter, calls for the destruction of the entire state of Israel. Oh, by the way, that Charter is on the official United Nations website, so the UN is in on this blitzkrieg against knowledge.

    Soldiers re-up because they believe in the war they are fighting, but the mainstream media does not report it. Instead, they broadcast on the national news about anti-war protests which only attract 12 people.

    Our enemy is so evil, they rig children's toys with bombs, and yet it doesn't make the national news.

    Did you know things like this were happening? No, because the media downplays this stuff. There is a sense in which we are live in an Orwellian reality. It seems possible that the media is made up of people who are anti-war by nature, and thus oppose America's war in Iraq because of Pacifism, not because it is an unjust war.

    Pacifism is an illegitimate political philosophy. It is a beautiful personal philsophy. One ought to try to live peacefully. But, when whole nations of people are threatened, only people who are totally lacking in compassion would say that we shouldn't fight to defend them.

    Should the Jews have sat back and let Hitler do what he did? Gandhi thought so. Here's a quote:

    "I would like you to lay down the arms you have as being useless for saving you or humanity. You will invite Herr Hitler and Signor Mussolini to take what they want of the countries you call your possessions...If these gentlemen choose to occupy your homes you will vacate them. If they do not give you free passage out, you will allow yourselves, man, woman and child to be slaughtered, but you will refuse to owe allegiance to them."

    "I am as certain...that the stoniest German heart will melt [if only the Jews] adopt active non-violence. Human nature...unfailingly responds to the advances of love. I do not despair of his [Hitler's] responding to human suffering even though caused by him."

    That's right, Gandhi advocated that the Jews turn themselves over to Hitler. One must ask oneself, what would have been the difference in result if one follows the philosophy of Hitler or the philosophy of Gandhi?

    The answer is nothing. Millions of people dead, either way. Gandhi's philosophy was irresponsible, and yet, he is held up as a hero in our culture. Once again, this is largely the fault of the media. Hollywood produced a glowing biopic starring Ben Kingsley, which depicted Gandhi as a devotee of peace. But, his peace would leave millions dead.


    Here's a couple more important posts:

    A Muslim Member of Parliament has attacked the “Muslim reluctance to tackle the contradictions in Islam. The problem lies in the Quran itself”, he said. “There are contradictions in Quran; we have to stop avoiding them. If you find the Hadith literally, you can kill and maim as many people you can."

    The Fu2rman has some very important questions for Muslims about the 72 Virgins they get for being martyrs. Read it, you will laugh. I guarantee it.

    Friday, November 25, 2005

    Today's Blogs - 25/11/05

    3 Sought In PC Murder - [via Justify This!] - "Police on Friday released photos of three men they were seeking over the murder of Bradford policewoman Sharon Beshenivsky, gunned down as she answered an emergency call about an armed robbery...Beshenivsky, 38, a mother of three children and two step-children, was killed after she and fellow officer Teresa Milburn responded to an armed robbery at a travel agency in the centre of Bradford."

    Saddam Says The Democrats Do "The Work Of Allah" - [via Cuanas] - "...I can only get a fair trial in the United States where liberal Democrats run the court system. They’re the ones doing the great work, the work of Allah…"

    Islamic Leader Arrested In Ohio - [via LGF] - "Imam Fawaz Damra, the spiritual leader of Ohio’s largest mosque, was convicted in June 2004 of concealing ties to three groups that the U.S. government classifies as terrorist organizations when he applied for U.S. citizenship in 1994..."

    Iraq: Interior Ministry Official Among Terrorist Arrests - [via Jihad Watch] - "The Iraqi authorities say that they have arrested the leaders of three terror networks operating around Baghdad, two of which were headed by an interior ministry official. General Bassem al-Gharawy told the German newsagency DPA that the third network was headed by the manager of a private investment company."

    Thursday, November 24, 2005

    Today's Blogs - 24/11/05

    Terror Groups In Iraq Seek To Lay Down Arms - [via Cuanas] - "Several insurgents groups have contacted President Jalal Talabani's office in the past few days, with some saying they are ready to lay down their arms and join the political process, the presidential security adviser said Thursday..."

    UN blames Hizballah for attacks on Israel - [via Jihad Watch] - [the UN security council] said the Monday clashes "were initiated by Hezbollah from the Lebanese side, and which quickly spread along the entire Blue Line"