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G.K. Chesterton Predicted The Culture of Death With Eery Accuracy

The Culture of Death subject kicks in at about the 19 minute mark.

Norwegian Justice Minister Says Quran Burning Part of Freedom of Speech

Norwegian Justice Minister Says Quran Burning Part of Freedom of Speech
Norway’s Justice Minister Jøran Kallmyr has said that the recent controversial Quran-burning by an anti-Islamisation group should be covered under the nation’s commitment to free speech. 
The Stop Islamisation of Norway (SIAN) group attempted to burn a copy of the Islamic holy book this month at a protest in Kristiansand, leading to controversy over whether or not the act was covered under freedom of speech or was illegal, Verdens Gangreports. 
“Even if we refrain from burning the Quran, we have to endure it in our society because we have freedom of speech, and burning the Quran is part of that freedom of speech,” Justice Minister Kallmyr said. 
Before the protest, Police Director Benedicte Bjørnland had instructed officers to stop anyone attempting to burn the Quran. 
“The police were in dialogue with them from early on to inform them that fire in public places in connection with the demonstration is not acceptable and to say that given the context, one would probably be in violation of section 185 of the Criminal Code,” Bjørnland said.

Globalist Angela Merkel to German Parliament: We Have to Take Away your Freedom of Speech or We Won’t Be Free

Is Child Drag Queen "Desmond Is Amazing" Being Abused?

No Quarter

The Main Squeeze

Islamic Terror Attack On London Bridge

How many more Christmas' will England enjoy?

Several Reported Wounded in Knife Attack on London Bridge; Video Shows Police Shoot Suspect After Struggle

“Terror Attack”: Police Confirm London Bridge Knifeman Shot Dead by Cops Was Wearing ‘Hoax’ Suicide Bomb Vest

UPDATE: London Islamist Stabber USman Khan Was Previously Convicted for “Islamic Terrorism”, Was a Guest Lecturer at Cambridge U on “Prisoner Rehabilitation”

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Jewel Kilcher
Someday Soon


The CIA, Homeland Security, the NSC, and the FBI got sick of being accused of violating the 4th Amendment Rights of US Citizens.

So they outsourced the work to Google, Facebook, and other "Social Media" corporations.

From The Verge:
Since September 11th, 2001, the United States government has dramatically increased the ability of its intelligence agencies to collect and investigate information on both foreign subjects and US citizens. 
Some of these surveillance programs, including a secret program called PRISM, capture the private data of citizens who are not suspected of any connection to terrorism or any wrongdoing. 
In June, a private contractor working for Booz Allen Hamilton leaked classified presentation slides that detailed the existence and the operations of PRISM: a mechanism that allows the government to collect user data from companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple, Yahoo, and others. 
While much of the program — and the rest of the NSA’s surveillance efforts — are still shrouded in secrecy, more details are coming to light as the public, as well as its advocates and representatives, pressure the government to come clean about domestic spying. 
What the hell is PRISM? 
PRISM is a tool used by the US National Security Agency (NSA) to collect private electronic data belonging to users of major internet services like Gmail, Facebook, Outlook, and others. 
It’s the latest evolution of the US government’s post-9/11 electronic surveillance efforts, which began under President Bush with the Patriot Act, and expanded to include the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) enacted in 2006 and 2007. 
There’s a lot we still don’t know about how PRISM works, but the basic idea is that it allows the NSA to request data on specific people from major technology companies like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, and others. 
The US government insists that it is only allowed to collect data when given permission by the secretive Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. 
Why is PRISM a big deal? 
Classified presentation slides detailing aspects of PRISM were leaked by a former NSA contractor. On June 6th, The Guardian and The Washington Post published reports based on the leaked slides, which state that the NSA has "direct access" to the servers of Google, Facebook, and others. 
In the days since the leak, the implicated companies have vehemently denied knowledge of and participation in PRISM, and have rejected allegations that the US government is able to directly tap into their users' data. Both the companies and the government insist that data is only collected with court approval and for specific targets. 
As The Washington Post reported, PRISM is said to merely be a streamlined system — varying between companies — that allows them to expedite court-approved data collection requests. Because there are few technical details about how PRISM operates, and because of the fact that the FISA court operates in secret, critics are concerned about the extent of the program and whether it violates the constitutional rights of US citizens.
Google’s true origin partly lies in CIA and NSA research grants for mass surveillance
Two decades ago, the US intelligence community worked closely with Silicon Valley in an effort to track citizens in cyberspace. And Google is at the heart of that origin story. S 
ome of the research that led to Google’s ambitious creation was funded and coordinated by a research group established by the intelligence community to find ways to track individuals and groups online. 
The intelligence community hoped that the nation’s leading computer scientists could take non-classified information and user data, combine it with what would become known as the internet, and begin to create for-profit, commercial enterprises to suit the needs of both the intelligence community and the public. 
They hoped to direct the supercomputing revolution from the start in order to make sense of what millions of human beings did inside this digital information network. That collaboration has made a comprehensive public-private mass surveillance state possible today. 
The story of the deliberate creation of the modern mass-surveillance state includes elements of Google’s surprising, and largely unknown, origin. It is a somewhat different creation story than the one the public has heard, and explains what Google cofounders Sergey Brin and Larry Page set out to build, and why. 
But this isn’t just the origin story of Google: It’s the origin story of the mass-surveillance state, and the government money that funded it ...

Globalist Angela Merkel to German Parliament: We Have to Take Away your Freedom of Speech or We Won’t Be Free

Globalist Angela Merkel to German Parliament: We Have to Take Away your Freedom of Speech or We Won’t Be Free

Thought I'd give you a break from that Thanksgiving song this year

Arlo Guthrie
City of New Orleans

just kidding

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I hope you all have a Fantastic Thanksgiving

Sissel Kyrkjebø

Mark O'Connor and Kelly Hall-Tompkins
Ashokan Farewell


Something To Be Thankful For: The Entire Democratic Party Having a Nuclear Meltdown

NY Times Openly Lies and Buries IG Report’s Revelation of Obama FBI Spy TARGETING and MEETING WITH Trump Campaign Official

One thing we all learned in the last three years — NEVER, EVER trust The New York Times with the truth.

The New York Times published its latest leaks from the upcoming IG Report on the Obama Administration FISA abuse during the 2016 election.

The New York Times headline on Wednesday stated the “Review is Expected to Undercut Trump Claim of FBI Spying“

The New York Times then goes on to discuss what was found in the investigation of FISA abuse during the 2016 presidential election.

And it’s not until you get to the 14th paragraph where The New York Times admits the FBI had a spy targeting and meeting with Trump campaign official George Papadopoulos.


Things To Be Thankful For: President Trump Signs Two Bills and Stands with Hong Kong Freedom Fighters!

U.S. President Donald Trump signed into law here congressional bills that back protesters in Hong Kong and threaten China with possible sanctions on human rights, prompting China’s Foreign Ministry on Thursday to warn of “firm counter measures”. 
Mass protests for more democracy and autonomy have rocked the former British colony and more than 5,800 people have been arrested since June, with the escalating violence raising fears that China will ratchet up its response to end the unrest. 
The “Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act,” which the Senate and House passed last week, puts the special treatment Hong Kong enjoys under U.S. law under tighter scrutiny linked to the extent of the territory’s autonomy from Beijing. 
A second bill, which Trump also signed, bans the export to the Hong Kong police of crowd-control munitions, such as teargas, pepper spray, rubber bullets and stun guns.

Trump Declares Mexican Cartels Terrorist Organizations

The Mexican government has responded to President Donald Trump’s decision to label Mexican cartels as terrorist organizations, saying that they want to discuss weapons and drugs that enter Mexico from the United States. 
The government said in the statement that Mexico’s Secretary of Foreign Relations Marcelo Ebrard intends to call Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to set up a “high-level meeting” between officials from both nations. 
“By virtue of the good relations that exist between the two countries, the Government of Mexico will seek to have a high-level meeting as soon as possible to present Mexico’s position and know the views of the United States authorities. As in other issues on the bilateral agenda, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will promote dialogue and a roadmap that allows us to move forward to reduce the flow of weapons and money to organized crime from the United States to Mexico, as well as chemical and drug precursors that cross our territory to the north country,” the statement, which was published in Spanish, read. 
Trump announced his plan during an interview with Bill O’Reilly on Tuesday, where he was asked specifically if he intended to do so. 
“One of the things that you’ve said to me … is that if another country murdered 100,000 Americans with guns we would go to war with that country. Yet, the Mexican drug cartels kill more than 100,000 Americans every year by the importation of dangerous narcotics,” O’Reilly began. 
“Are you going to designate those cartels in Mexico as terror groups and start hitting them with drones and things like that?” 
Trump responded that he didn’t want to say what he was going to do, but that they would be designated. “So you are going to designate the Mexican cartels as terror groups?” O’Reilly asked again. 
“Yeah, I will be. I have been working on that for the last 90 days. You know, designation is not that easy, you have to go through a process, and we are well into that process,” Trump said.

Humpday Blues

Tommy Castro & the Painkillers
Montreux Jazz Festival 2015

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ADL Downplays Muslim Anti-Semitism In Report


Ilhan Omar Accused of Funneling State Secrets To Iran

“I Have Initiated the Destruction of the Republic!” – BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Adulterous Attorney Kevin Clinesmith After First Carter Page FISA App Originated

Now a second set of lovers is in the news, Kevin Clinesmith and Sally Moyer. The Washington Post reported over the weekend that a former FBI attorney altered information that supported a FISA warrant that was used to spy on candidate and President Trump. 
Now Deep State actors are trying to minimize the actions of this new set of Mueller gang lovers who attempted a coup on President Trump’s Administration. 
Clinesmith was caught texting anti-Trump emails while working on the Hillary and Trump investigations – Clinesmith sent a number of pro-Clinton, anti-Trump political messages over the FBI’s computer system, which the report said “raised concerns about potential bias” that may have impacted the investigation. 
On page 445 of the DOJ’s IG report on Hillary Clinton’s emails, there is a discussion of what Attorney 2 (Clinesmith) from the FBI texted on October 28, 2016 – 
Among the general discussion of political issues by FBI Attorney 2, we identified three instant message exchanges that raised concerns of potential bias. 
The first of these exchanges was on October 28, 2016, shortly after Comey’s October 28 letter to Congress that effectively announced the reopening of the Midyear investigation. FBI Attorney 2 sent similar messages to four different FBI employees. 
The timestamps of these messages are included below. 
The messages stated: 
13:44:42, to FBI Employee 1: “I mean, I never really liked the Republic anyway.” 
13:44:52, to FBI Employee 2: “I mean, I never really liked the Republic anyway.” 
14:01:52, to FBI Employee 3: “As I have initiated the destruction of the republic…. Would you be so kind as to have a coffee with me this afternoon?” 
15:28:50, to FBI Employee 4: “I’m clinging to small pockets of happiness in the dark time of the Republic’s destruction” 
Notice that the IG’s report notes that this is the same time Comey initiated the second review of Hillary’s emails after finding them on pervert Anthony Weiner’s laptop. 
But what the IG does not say (perhaps because they did not know it at the time) is that this was right after the initial FISA application to spy on Carter Page and then candidate Trump was initiated! 
On November 9th, the day after the 2016 election, Clinesmith texted a fellow FBI associate – “… my god damned name is all over the legal documents investigating his [Trump’s] staff.” 
According to Jeff Carlson at TheMarketsWork, we know what the actual dates of the FISA applications were from a February 28, 2018 Grassley letter to Inspector General Horowitz: 
October 21, 2016 – Initial FISA Application 
January 12, 2017 – First FISA Renewal. 84 days later – counting the end date. 
April 7, 2017 – Second FISA Renewal. 85 days later – counting end date. 
June 29, 2017 – Third FISA Renewal. 83 days later – counting end date. 
It was a week after the first fraudulent FISA warrant was issued in an effort to legitimize spying on candidate Trump and the future 45th President of the United States, that creepy Clinesmith texted – “I never really liked the Republic anyways”!
Samantha Fish
Bitch On The Run

Chinese Companies Are Behaving As If Their Futures Are Very Bleak

In the 1990s, I represented a number of international fishing and timber and mining companies that did business with Russia. This was not so long after the fall of the Soviet Union and there were a bunch of large Russian companies — many of them formerly state-owned — looking to do deals with my clients, mostly American and Western European companies. My clients would set up long term deals with these Russian companies which nearly always went bad quickly because the Russian company would grab whatever money there was and walk away.
This would leave my clients dumbfounded at how the Russian company would so “irrationally” sacrifice so much money in the long term to grab a relatively small amount of money in the short term. I would find myself explaining the following to them:
You have to understand that for most Russian companies there is no long term. They are used to the Soviet Union where the rules and the laws constantly and unpredictably changed to their detriment. They do not believe they will be able to operate freely five years or even one year from now. So though you see them as having irrationally sacrificed massive long term gains for much smaller short term rewards, they see themselves as having quite rationally grabbed what they could while it was still there.
I am writing about this now because China today is feeling a lot like Russia in the 1990s. I am getting the sense that many Chinese companies are pessimistic about their futures and they are acting accordingly. Our China lawyers are seeing evidence of this everywhere.
China’s economy is hurting right now. On the one hand, food prices are soaring. See China’s consumer prices rise at fastest clip in nearly 8 years, as pork prices continue to soar. On the other hand, exports are plunging. See China’s exports decline for third successive month in October. Reliable economic indicaters (as opposed to official government statistics) paint an economy in trouble.  See China’s economy is in more trouble than markets think. See also China’s car sales drop for 16th consecutive month as October falls 4 per cent. The tariffs are not helping nor is the Chinese government’s crackdown on private businesses.  On top of the economic issues, many Chinese companies have become both wary of and angry at the West, particularly the United States. This too makes things riskier for foreign companies.
We are seeing the results of all this in many ways.
Practically every week one of our China lawyers will get an email or a phone call from someone who bought product from China and received nothing in return or nothing even approaching what they actually ordered. This sending of “junk” instead of real product has spread to pretty much every industry in China and ordering your products from allegedly reputable online sites provides little to no protection.
The below email (modified so as not to reveal anything) is par for the course:
I worked with a company in China to manufacture doggy beds [I made this up] on which I have a U.S. patent pending and also have trademarked.  I received samples from them and all was good. I placed an order for 50,000 pieces and they are of the wrong material and falling apart. They told me they would send me the right product but now they are ghosting me. I cannot sell the product they sent me. I’m still trying to get my new product to market but that is proving really difficult because I have been hurt so badly financially. Can you help?

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How Have 25 ISIS Brides, and Their 60 Kids, Become The Responsibility of the British Taxpayer?

Andy Ngo Suspended From Twitter for Hate Facts

New Evidence From Brave Whistleblowers

ZZ Top
Brown Sugar

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Ilhan Omar Accused of Being a Paid Agent of Qatar and Accessing Sensitive Info for Iran: Court Testimony

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) has been accused of being a paid agent of the government of Qatar and using her position in Congress to access sensitive information for the benefit of Iran, according to testimony in a civil suit in Florida.

Alan Bender, a Kuwaiti-born Canadian businessman, made the accusations in video-conference testimony on October 23 from Toronto for a civil case filed in Florida against the brother of the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad al-Thani, over allegations the Sheikh ordered his American bodyguard to murder two people and that he held his American paramedic hostage.

Bender’s deposition was reported Monday by Al Arabiya
…In explosive testimony made by video link from Toronto, Canada to a Florida District Court on October 23, Kuwaiti-born Alan Bender claims to have deep ties with governments and royal officials across the Middle East including Qatar. In his statement, he says he met Qatar’s Secretary to the Emir for Security Affairs Mohammad bin Ahmed bin Abdullah al-Masnad and two other senior Qatari officials.
The three allegedly claimed credit for the meteoric rise of Omar, saying: “If it wasn’t for our cash, Ilhan Omar would be just another black Somali refugee in America collecting welfare and serving tables on weekends,” according to Bender’s sworn deposition. The deposition was obtained by Al Arabiya English and authenticated by the attorney for the plaintiffs.
…In the testimony, Bender claims to have been asked to recruit American politicians and journalists to be Qatari assets. He says he objected and the Qatari officials responded by saying that several American politicians and journalists were already on the payroll—most prominently Omar, who was allegedly described as the “jewel of the crown”, according to the deposition.
…Bender’s accusations go much further. According to his testimony, Al-Masnad said that Qatar “recruited Ilhan Omar from even way before she thought about becoming a government official.… They groomed her and arranged the foundation, the grounds, for her to get into politics way before she even showed interest. They convinced her.” For her part, Omar cooperated with the Qataris and received cash payments, he alleges in the deposition.
…Bender claims that once Omar took office, she used her position in the House of Representatives to access sensitive information which she relayed to Qatar, and through them to Iran.

read it all here

UK Man Told by Police “I Need to Check Your Thinking”

Yasmine Mohammed: The American Left Is Supporting Fundamentalist Islam

Ben Shapiro Interviews John MacArthur


I met an African-American man recently. The man had an American accent. He obviously grew up here. He had the strong tone, and pronunciation of a American black man.

And when he introduced himself to me, he told me his name is "Abeed."

The poor guy had obviously converted to Islam, and as is customary, when a man converts, the man is given a new Muslim name; usually a name of honor, or of honoring Allah.

But the name Abeed, or Abd, is not a nice name.

Here, from Wikipedia:
Abeed (Arabic: عبد‎, plural Abīd عبيد or al-Abīd العبيد), is a derogatory term in Arabic meaning "slave". The name has been explained as an allusion to the submission that Muslims owe to God (Allah). Meyer dismisses this as "efforts by propagandists [to] explain the term away [that are] at the least, disingenuous".[1] 
There have been instances of Northern Sudanese using the terms "Abid" or "Abeed" to refer to Southern Sudanese (mostly Dinka and Nuer). In Sudan they're considered the "Slave tribe" because of the Trans-Saharan slave trade. This usage is considered derogatory and has fallen into relative disuse over the years. 
Southern Sudanese in turn refer to Northerners as "Mundukuru" and "Minga".[further explanation needed][2][3] According to Professor Mahmoud Mamdani however, conflicts in Sudan are not compatible with western pre-conceptions of "race".[4] 
Francis Deng described the north-south division imposed by the British on Anglo-Egyptian Sudan as the British saying to the Northerners: "You Northerners are slave traders and you treat the Southerners like Abeed. Don't call them Abeed! They are slaves no longer."[5] 
Jok Madut Jok argued that the Sudanese slave trade persists in the 21st century. He claimed that Southern Sudanese who work in Northern Sudan at marginal and petty jobs are regarded as Abeed because of the social standing that is concomitant with such occupations. Dinka[further explanation needed] labourers earning just enough to buy food are treated as the property of landowners and merchants. 
"Displaced Southerners," Jok states, "are at the bottom of the racial hierarchy in Northern Sudan." He explains that they depend upon patronage and exploitative relationships with power brokers, with relations ranging from servitude through bonded work to serving as attractants for resources from foreign aid agencies. "The lines dividing slavery and cheap labor", he states, "are blurred."
Anne-Sophie Mutter
Brahms : Double Concerto

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Black Support for President Donald Trump HITS 34% in BOTH Emerson and Rasmussen Polls!

Black Support for President Donald Trump HITS 34% in BOTH Emerson and Rasmussen Polls!

“These People are Sick!” Rep. Devin Nunes: I Will Sue CNN and Daily Beast

On Sunday Nunes told Maria Bartiromo that he intends to file charges after Thanksgiving in federal court. 
Rep. Nunes: I’m the last guy who wants to go to into the court. But the media has become totally corrupt that now they’re willing to actually engage and help with criminals, indicted criminals. These people are sick and the only way they’re going to be held accountable is through the courts. Thank God for Devin Nunes.

This is how Hong Kong protests turn violent so quickly

Voices Within

Laurie Spiegel

Laurie Spiegel (born September 20, 1945)[1] is an American composer. She has worked at Bell Laboratories, in computer graphics, and is known primarily for her electronic-music compositions and her algorithmic composition software Music Mouse. She also plays the guitar and lute.[2] 
Spiegel was seen by some as a pioneer of the New York new-music scene. She withdrew from this scene in the early 1980s, believing that its focus had shifted from artistic process to product. 
While she continues to support herself through software development, Spiegel aims to use technology in music as a means of furthering her art rather than as an end in itself. 
In her words, "I automate whatever can be automated to be freer to focus on those aspects of music that can't be automated. The challenge is to figure out which is which."[3] 
Spiegel's realization of Johannes Kepler's "Harmonices Mundi" was chosen for the opening track on the "Sounds of Earth" section of the golden record placed on board the Voyager spacecraft in 1977.[4] 
Another work, titled "Sediment", was included in the 2012 film The Hunger Games.
The Allman Brothers Band
Midnight Rider

Hong Kong ablaze as protests intensify: 'We might as well go down fighting'

The protests in Hong Kong continue to intensify, as hope wanes among natives, some of whom say they are afraid but might as well go down fighting. Recent reports indicate that children as young as 11 are now fueling the protests and violence between protesters and police is growing. 
According to The Wall Street Journal Friday, the protests of late have been some of the most bloody to date and schools have been driving Hong Kong's uprising against China's ruling party. 
Demonstrations that involved millions of people against a contested extradition law and police brutality have been roiling the Asian city-state since June. 
Since the British left Hong Kong in 1997 the southeastern autonomous region of China has been governed by the constitutional principle known as "one country, two systems," a principle now thrown into question in light of massive pressures from Beijing to adhere to its demands. 
The conflict escalated last week as protesters at Hong Kong Polytechnic University shot arrows at the police who responded with tear gas. Universities have become particularly potent battle zones where clashes have caused Chinese students from the mainland to flee. High school students are also participating in the protests. 
"High schools serve as natural points of contact for protesters to find like-minded supporters, organize and plan. They have also become venues for dispute between student protesters and students who support mainland China’s rule. 
Teachers say that even as they try to mediate arguments on playgrounds and classrooms, they are under scrutiny, too, and fear losing their careers if they are seen as advocating protests," 
The Journal reported. Meanwhile, the U.S. Senate unanimously passed a bill Tuesday — called The Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act — aimed at supporting the Hong Kong protesters in a rebuke of sorts to Chinese suppression of the demonstrations. 
China, in turn, subsequently rebuked the Senate resolution, referring to it as U.S. interference in its domestic affairs. Among the popular chants the protesters use is "Five demands, not one less," the Atlantic reported Nov. 12. 
Those demands include the complete withdrawal of an anti-extradition bill, an independent commission to investigate police misconduct, a retraction of riot charges against protesters, amnesty for protesters that have been arrested, and universal suffrage. 
The contested extradition law would send suspected criminals to be extradited to mainland China for prosecution. 
“But we cannot give up,” one protester told the Atlantic, “because if we do, there will be no future for us anyway. We might as well go down fighting.”

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Muslim Trashes Booze Shelf In Supermarket, Authorities Ignore Tenets of Islam, and Call HIs Behavior, "Mental Illness"

Read about it.

Berklee College of Music Does Zappa

Awesome stuff!

Joe Biden Threatens Lindsey Graham For Proposing a Senate Inquiry Into Ukraine; Promises That Graham Will "Regret His Whole Life"

If you don't think our "Elites" - the people who believe they run this country, who, if we had any sense, we would round up and imprison - don't extort each other into silence by leveraging past sins against them, then read this:
"Lindsey is about to go down in a way that I think he’s going to regret his whole life," Biden told CNN host Don Lemon in a Friday interview in South Carolina. "I say Lindsey, I just -- I'm just embarrassed by what you’re doing, for you. I mean, my Lord."

Friday, November 22, 2019

Joe Bonamassa
No Good Place For The Lonely

The Christian Post Responds to Franklin Graham: Chick-fil-A is now funding pro-LGBT group

Franklin, you have done a huge disservice by not doing more investigation into Chick-fil-A’s betrayal and capitulation to the LGBT agenda. While Dan Cathy may say the company has the same values, the company’s statements and actions tell a different story.   
In 2012, Chick-fil-A decided to stop funding the Paul Anderson Youth Home because it was accused of being “anti-LGBT.” But it still had funding commitments with the Salvation Army and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, both of which are also falsely accused of being “anti-LGBT” because they have biblical policies on marriage and sex outside of marriage. 
Now that the funding commitment has expired, Chick-fil-A says it will no longer fund the Salvation Army and FCA, even though the Salvation Army fits within its giving priority of funding organizations that provide housing and food banks, and FCA provides education. 
Instead, Tassopoulos states Chick-fil-A will now fund Covenant House International, which is much smaller than the Salvation Army (in only 31 cities) and an LGBTQ activist. 
Tassopoulos, speaking of funding Covenant House, states: “This provides more focus and more clarity.” At least he is correct, and this clarity reveals the betrayal. The founder of Covenant House, a Catholic priest pedophile, was sued for allegedly sexually abusing the youth who were seeking shelter and food. 
Covenant House proudly promotes LGBTQ on its website, referring to “LGBTQ Inclusion Initiatives,” and even doing an “inclusion assessment” at every one of its facilities.

Anyone who has read this site for a long time would know that I have always been pro-gay rights. I won't go into the specifics, but Gay people played a HUGE part in my life when I was young, as my parents were not very present a good deal of the time.

I did not step off the gay rights bandwagon, but as the Gay Rights crowd aligned itself with the "Transgender" crowd, I find I can no longer support their agenda.

Transgenderism - and it's attempt to have boys pull out their penises in girl's bathrooms at schools across the country, as well as to instill Transgender education in classes - is an attempt to sexualize children.

It is a disgusting agenda.

The Salvation Army helps thousands of addicts and alcoholics get clean and sober. I can't tell you how many people I have met whose lives have been forever changed by the work the Salvation Army does.

That Chick Fil-A would abandon The Salvation Army over the LGBTQ agenda is hypocrisy to the extreme.

It is also sick that they took those of us who supported them out onto a battlefield and then surrendered, while we stand there holding our weapons.

That is a vile betrayal of our good will.

AG Barr’s US Attorney John Durham Reportedly Took a Third Trip to Italy and Is Now Investigating Pentagon in His Russia Collusion Probe

Justice Department prosecutor U.S. Attorney John Durham is questioning personnel connected to the Pentagon’s Office of Net Assessment, which awarded multiple contracts to FBI informant Stephan Halper. 
Halper, who was informing the bureau on Trump campaign advisors, is a central figure in the FBI’s original investigation into President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, has learned. 
These latest developments reveal the expansive nature of what is now a Justice Department criminal probe into the FBI’s investigation into the Trump campaign. 
The revelation also comes on the heels of DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report regarding the bureau’s investigation into the Trump campaign and Russia. 
Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-SC, announced to Fox News’ Sean Hannity Wednesday night the lengthy investigative report will be released to the public on Dec., 9. 
The Washington Examiner reported that Iowa Senator Grassley requested information from the Pentagon and received an inadequate reply – 
Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley wrote to then-acting Defense Secretary Mark Esper earlier this month seeking details about contracts the Defense Department’s Office of Net Assessment had with Stefan Halper, a former Republican operative and White House aide who became a foreign policy academic with close ties to both American and British intelligence. 
During the 2016 presidential campaign, Halper had discussions with at least three Trump campaign members: foreign policy aides George Papadopoulos and Carter Page as well as Trump campaign co-chairman Sam Clovis. 
The New York Times reported in April that the Justice Department inspector general was looking into his actions to see if he exceeded the scope of his assignment. 
Grassley’s letter, which cited concerns about whether the defense contracts “were used to support potential partisan political or other improper or wasteful activities,” set a July 25 deadline. And while the Defense Department responded to the Iowa Republican’s demand, Grassley’s office said the department’s response was inadequate.

Member of The House of Lords, Lord Pearson, Discusses Muslim Population Growth With Sargon of Akkad

Ladies and Gentlemen, Kelly Craft, the New United States Ambassador to the UN

Infidel Babe of the Week


Hungary blocks EU effort to condemn American stance on Israel claiming parts of Israel as Israel

Syrian Refugee Arrested in Germany With Explosives and ISIS Links

Demonstrators March To Keep Ann Coulter From Speaking At UC Berkeley

Vlad Tepes Blog notes that President Trump passed an executive order that university funding would be tied to freedom of speech. This would be a good time to make sure that is applied. Cut public funding to Berkeley and watch how fast they invite Coulter back.

Muslims Physically Attack Jews at York University of Toronto

... and Trudeau's only prescription is MORE MUSLIMS!

Back In Black

Sexy Bitch Doing an AC/DC cover.

These people don't really rock. But they are talented. And she needs to be treated like the bad girl she is.

Did I ever mention I like stupid chicks?

‘How Dare You’ – John Solomon BLOWS UP Fiona Hill’s Testimony Suggesting His Reporting on Ukraine is ‘Russian Propaganda’

Adam Schiff’s closing witness Thursday in the Democrat impeachment show trials was Fiona Hill, a former National Security Council official specializing in Soviet, Russian and European affairs. 
Fiona Hill is a Deep State-Soros hack who admitted she was shown the phony, Hillary-funded Steele dossier one day before BuzzFeed published it in January of 2017. 
Fiona Hill attacked award-winning investigative journalist John Solomon during her testimony, questioned his patriotism and suggested his impeccable reporting on Ukrainian matters was ‘Russian propaganda.’ 
John Solomon’s investigative reports on Ukraine span from exposing DNC operative Alexandra Chalupa’s meetings at the Ukrainian embassy to get dirt on Manafort, to the ‘black ledger’ that was used to raid Manafort’s home, to Burisma Holdings and the Biden crime family, to CrowdStrike — and the Democrats are attacking John Solomon’s work because Trump’s July 25 phone call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky referenced Solomon’s reporting. 
John Solomon always uses government documents, emails and other verified records to back up his reporting. He also interviews high-level officials to add layers to his reporting. 
But Democrat hacks like Adam Schiff and other impeachment witnesses have been attacking John Solomon’s reporting as “debunked conspiracy theories.” 
Mr. Solomon unleashed on Fiona Hill in a pair of tweets Thursday evening.

BREAKING: FBI Official Under Criminal Investigation for Altering Surveillance Document of Carter Page – Allowing Agency to Spy on Trump Campaign

BREAKING: FBI Official Under Criminal Investigation for Altering Surveillance Document of Carter Page – Allowing Agency to Spy on Trump Campaign

Well, what do you know?

Hunter Biden-Linked Company Received $130 Million in Special Federal Loans While Joe Biden Was VP – Routed Profits Through Cayman Islands

Rosemont Capital, an investment firm tied to Hunter Biden received over $130 million in special federal bailout money while Joe Biden was Vice President. The profits were then routed through a subsidiary in the Cayman Islands, according to documents obtained by the Washington Examiner. 
Recall, Rosemont Capital was run by Hunter Biden’s business partners Chris Heinz and Devon Archer...
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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Nunes Skewers Schiff, Fiona Hill, and Mysterious Alexandra Chalupa in Show Trial Opening Statement

Meanwhile, In The Federal Courts System...

...While you were watching Gordon Sondland, Trump flipped the 11th Circuit (from Legal Insurrection):
Even as the House Intelligence Committee on Wednesday heard crucial testimony from pivotal witness Gordon Sondland, the Senate voted to confirm Trump’s latest appointee to the Atlanta-based 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, a regional appeals court handling cases from Georgia, Alabama and Florida.

The action represented a new milestone in Trump’s dramatic reshaping of the federal judiciary, with Republican-appointed judges now in the majority in the 11th Circuit, whose majority before Trump took office in January 2017 had been Democratic appointees. Republican-appointed justices tend to be conservative, while Democratic-named judges tend to be liberal.

This marks the third time that Trump has been able to engineer the ideological “flip” of one of the nation’s 13 federal appeals courts, which exert considerable power one level below the U.S. Supreme Court.
The other two to “flip” were the Manhattan-based 2nd Circuit and the Philadelphia-based 3th Circuit, both of which also had Democratic-appointed majorities when Trump became president.
From Reuters:


Ted Cruz Believes Epstein Was Murdered

Royal Family Biographer Defends Prince Andrew: "Soliciting Sex From Minors Is Not Pedophilia"

Biographer for the Royal Family, Lady Colin Campbell, recently appeared on ITV’s Good Morning Britain where she defended Prince Andrew against claims of pedophilia. 
In her defense of the disgraced prince, Campbell pointed to the “prostitution” charge that Jeffrey Epstein was convicted of in 2008, and attempted to downplay the fact that the girls were underage by suggesting that he was simply hiring sex workers. 
You all seem to have forgotten that Jeffrey Epstein, the offense for which he was charged and for which he was imprisoned, was for soliciting prostitution from minors. That is not the same thing as pedophilia,” Campbell told a shocked panel Monday morning. 
Host Piers Morgan immediately challenged her claims, saying: 
“If you solicited a 14-year-old for prostitution, you’re a pedophile. You’re procuring an underage girl for sex. That’s what he was convicted of. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, with respect, that is nonsense.” 
Campbell then immediately attempted to backpedal, claiming that a distinction must be made between a minor and a child. 
“Was he? 14? Well, I’m not justifying Jeffrey Epstein. Pedophilia, I suspect there’s a difference between a minor and a child,” she said. 
“A 14-year-old is a child. Legally, she’s a child,” Morgan replied.

Impeachment 2019: The Reality TV Show

Head of Burisma Holdings Linked to Hunter Biden Is Indicted in Ukraine – THEN GOES MISSING

SAYS IT ALL: Eric Ciaramella in Oval Office with Barack Obama

In the photograph, a smiling Ciaramella, then Ukraine director on the National Security Council at the White House, is shown shaking Obama’s hand. They are standing in front of a portrait of Abraham Lincoln by George Henry Story. 
A Republican close to the White House said the photo was evidence Ciaramella supported Obama and its selection for the wedding website indicated he considered the Oval Office image a “glamour shot.” 
“This photo confirms that career intelligence and foreign service officials serving at the highest ranks of the Trump White House have their own agenda and their own policy viewpoints,” the Republican source said. 
The website for the September 2018 wedding of Mat Calabro, a Connecticut high school friend of Ciaramella, is now defunct. The two friends traveled through Central and Eastern Europe together in the summer of 2005, and Ciaramella was a best man at Calabro’s wedding in Newport, Rhode Island. 
“This picture raises serious questions about how this sham impeachment process started,” a senior Trump administration official said. “It’s no surprise that [House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam] Schiff has now changed his story about letting the falsely labeled whistleblower testify.” 
Eric Ciaramella is a 33-year-old CIA officer who was planted inside the White House by ex-CIA chief John Brennan to spy on Trump and thwart the Spygate investigation being conducted by US Attorney from Connecticut John Durham.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

EPIC! Devin Nunes Reads Off List of Democrat Wacko Conspiracies and Lies in Russian-Ukrainian Coup

The Impeachment Show: "And That Pretty Much Dismantles Their Whole Case"

Star witness, the puffy Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman (in service of whose army he wears the uniform for still a topic for debate). I'll get to the particulars in a second but really, the most important thing to keep in mind that makes any and all of this utterly irrelevant is the transcript of the phone call between Presidents Trump and Zelensky was released about two weeks ago and there is nothing that was said that could even be remotely construed as an impeachable offense. 
Unlike the REO-Speedwagon-heard-it-from-a-friend-who-heard-it-from-a-friend mid level bureaucrats, traitors and flunkies who are just out and out liars with axes to grind, Lt. General Keith Kellog, who is Mike Pence's national security advisor was actually on the call and has confirmed zero impropriety. Period. Full stop. 
But, for those still keen on fabulists, Majorette Bearclaw's testimony included admitting, much that it pained him to say so, that the President makes policy and it is not incumbent upon him to do what the State Dept. or others want, this after going to the NSC to bitch and moan about disagreeing with the President's Ukraine policy. 
Can you say "insubordination?" 
He claimed that he advised the Ukrainian President not to trust the Russians, despite later admitting that he never had a private one-on-one with him. In any case it would be funny if he did say something so moronic considering Russia had already annexed Crimea, and who the hell is this fat sack of lipids to give advice to anyone? 
He also claimed he heard the word "Burisma" mentioned on the call despite not being on the transcript but that that was not a significant omission (pfft!) and conceded that Hunter Biden had zero qualifications for the alleged position he held at that company and most crucially that despite not knowing who the alleged "whistleblower" is gave a very distinct impression that he, Vindman, was a key source of information in the actual whistleblower complaint. 
And that's when Schiff-for-Brains started banging the gavel like a crack-addicted chimpanzee playing drums for the Evolution Revolution. 
Later on, it was the turn of former diplomat Kurt Volker to look like a jackass courtesy of Rep. Mike Turner: ... 
"So I get to ask you. You had a meeting with the President of the United States, and you believe that the policy issues he raised concerning Ukraine were valid, correct?" 
"Yes," Volker said. 
"Did the President of the United States ever say to you that he was not going to allow aid from the United States to go to the Ukraine unless there were investigations into Burisma, the Bidens, or the 2016 elections?" Turner asked. 
"No, he did not," Volker said. 
Turner then asked, "Did the Ukrainians ever tell you that they understood that they would not get a meeting with the President of the United States, a phone call with the President of the United States, military aid, or foreign aid from the United States unless they undertook investigations of Burisma, the Bidens, or the 2016 elections?" 
"No, they did not," Volker said. 
Turner noted that Volker's answers essentially dismantled the Democrats' entire case for impeaching Trump. 
"Pretty much, Ambassador Volker, you just, like, took apart their entire case," Turner said.