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Muslim Humza Yousaf, Who Previously Complained About Too Many Whites in Scottish Government, Wins Election to be Scotland’s Next Leader


Muslim Humza Yousaf, Who Previously Complained About Too Many Whites in Scottish Government, Wins Election to be Scotland’s Next Leader

New Video PROVES Police Incited January 6th, Even NYT Says TONS OF FBI Involved, Democrats LYING

Lord Monckton DESTROYS Climate Alarmism as Communist Scheme

Ralph Baric's Description of the "Perfect Bioweapon" Sounds Awfully Similar to COVID


Ralph Steven Baric (born 1954) is William R. Kenan Jr. Distinguished Professor in the Department of Epidemiology, and professor in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Baric's work involves coronaviruses, including gain of function research aimed at devising effective vaccines against coronaviruses.[1] Baric has warned of emerging coronaviruses presenting as a significant threat to global health, due to zoonosis.[2][3] Baric's work has drawn criticism from some scientists and members of the public related to chimeric virus experiments conducted at UNC-Chapel Hill.[4]

In 2015, with Shi Zhengli of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, he published an article titled "A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence," which describes their work in generating and characterizing a chimeric virus which added the spike of a bat coronavirus (SHC014) onto the backbone of a mouse-adapted SARS-CoV (rMA15).[12] The research related to this article drew criticism from other scientists due to fears that the SHC014-rMA15 chimeric virus could have pandemic potential.[13] This concern was renewed and echoed by members of the public during the COVID-19 pandemic.

SUMMARY: The Sars-Cov-2 virus that causes COVID-19 contains genetic fragments of HIV. This post will show that numerous scientific studies created recombinant viruses containing genes from HIV. Thus, it should not surprise anyone that a lab-engineered pathogen such as Sars-Cov-2 is a recombinant carrier of HIV genes and expresses HIV peptides such as Gp120 or Gag. 

I also explain that Sars-Cov-2 matches Ralph Baric’s description of his “perfect bioweapon” - a medium pathogenicity designer recombinant virus whose purpose is to create fear.

You may have heard that Sars-Cov-2 contains certain genes from HIV, which causes AIDS. Those genes encode proteins that go into Covid-19’s “spike protein.” Thus, anyone who had Covid or received the Covid vaccine containing the same spike protein was exposed to the HIV peptides on the spike. 

Fact Checks Describe this as a Baseless Conspiracy Theory

The press made significant efforts to discredit the “HIV genes in Sars-CoV-2” theory.

NIH Funded Similar Coronavirus Recombinations

Scientists experimented with putting HIV and SIV (Simian Immunodeficiency Virus) bits into coronaviruses in the past, and the NIH supported such work.

In this 2008 grant, Amy Sims, who worked with Ralph Baric at UNC, describes her idea to put bits of Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV, a precursor of HIV) into a human common cold virus OC43. (you probably had a few colds caused by OC43, which causes one-third of common colds). Amy then experimented with infecting monkeys with it. 

There were numerous other attempts to add HIV genes to measlespoxviruses, and coronaviruses, specifically:

As all HIV vaccines failed, and most made their recipients paradoxically more susceptible to becoming infected with HIV, the above-described 2008 work did not lead to a working HIV vaccine. In addition, Amy’s discussion of “mucosal immunity” against HIV seems to be at odds with the fact that HIV is blood-borne and is passed through contaminated drug needles, razors, or sexual acts where blood is exchanged (such as unprotected anal sex). 

Adding bits and parts of HIV to viruses was the bread and butter of virology.Thus, the fact-checks that deny the possibility that HIV inserts in SARS-Cov-2 were engineered are less than truthful.

Here’s Luc Montagnier, a pioneer in the field of HIV, who coincidentally died soon after giving this interview, explaining that Sars-Cov-2 was engineered:

And lastly, here’s a brand-new Mar 24 interview with Robert Redfield, former director of the CDC who also worked on HIV and HIV vaccines with Anthony Fauci and Debora Birx, explaining that Sars-Cov-2 is a product of mostly US-based research:

Ralph Baric Described His Perfect Bioweapon

Ralph Baric has devoted a lot of thinking to biological weapons.

Ralph shows that recombinant pathogens combining genes from several pathogens will likely be the future bioweapon. He then explains that high pathogenicity is NOT necessary for a perfect bioweapon: instead, what is important is that the bioweapon creates fear...


Explaining Marxism Methodology

Vlad Tepes shares three videos, and some thoughts on the strategies of Communists in their never-ending revolution:

Several years ago now, in what was truly a labour of love and desperation to try and point out what was taking place around the Western world, three videos were transalted from a Polish academic on the nature of communism and communist methodology, in such a way that we may recognize it as it plays out around us and in policy. 
This is dense. It is not something you can watch while sipping a Mojito. But it is absolutely worth the effort. Each video covers an important aspect of the things being done to us in every institution as the Communist revolution that has overtaken free and democratic societies entrenches itself. Grab a coffee and check these out please.


Far left wing extremist Ottawa doctor, famed for wearing a mask while alone in her office, Nil Kaplan Myrth, shut off the microphone of a concerned parent who was objecting to the state insisting that a male claiming to be a female can use women’s bathroom facilities in the name of “trans-rights”. Just in case anyone still thinks Canada is not a communist polity where only state imposed, pseudo-realities will be accepted. The state has the right to literally turn your children into monsters and if you object, Discourse Theory kicks in and you will be treated as a thought criminal.

The school board here actually removed the video of the meeting from YouTube in what can only be called a full Winston Smith move. Again, if anyone is keeping a list of proofs that Canada is a communist polity, here you have two items. Shutting the mic off when a parent of children raises very real concerns, and then blocking the video from public view of their communist and authoritarian behaviour.

Young Men Dead

The Black Angels


Tatyana's (Ryzhkova) Guitar Quartet

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Banking Collapse GETS WORSE, Finance Guy Bets Major Collapse In 90 Days

NEW REPORT: mRNA Vaccine Trials Showed Little To No Benefit In Animal Control Studies, Pharma Companies Didn't Bother To Compare Anti-Body Response Between Vaccinated and Unvaccinated

John Campbell Ph.D. interviews Australian Senator Rennick. The document being discussed can be downloaded and read here.

In many cases, when trying to determine the criminality of events, it boils down to who knew what and when. The interview below goes a long way to answering that question in terms of the Australian government. Which likely means all governments.


Doctor Richard Fleming Explains, Multiple Injections of mRNA Vaccines Causes The Human Body To Recognize the Vaccine As Part of the Human Body, Causing More Genetic Code To Be Sequenced And Injected Into People


I still remember a time when we would protect pregnant women and their baby. This journal article only reinforces that the covid vaccine should have NEVER been given to any pregnant woman. Ever. (It shouldn’t have been given to anyone, ever.) 

As we discussed many times, birth rates have dropped globally since the introduction of mRNA injections.  We know that the vaccine accumulates in many areas of the body where it is not supposed to, the “it stays in the arm” theory has long since sailed into misinformation of epic proportion. 

“Synthetic nanoparticles (NP’s) are specifically designed or unintentionally produced by different human activities. Owing to their nano size and special properties, the engineered NPs can enter the human body through different routes such as dermal penetration, intravenous injection and inhalation. NPs may accumulate in various tissues and organs including the brain. Indiscriminate use of NP is a matter concern due to the dangers of NP exposure to living organisms. It is possible for NPs to cross the placental barrier, and adversely affect the developing fetus, posing a health hazard in them by causing neurodevelopmental toxicity. Thus, NP-induced neurotoxicity is a topic that demands attention at the maternal-fetal interface. This chapter summarizes the routes by which NPs circumvent the blood-brain barrier, including recent investigations about NPs’ neurotoxicity as well as possible mechanisms involved in neural fetotoxicity.

Types of synthetic nanoparticles: Organic and inorganic nanoparticles include liposomes, dendrimers, micelles, gold, iron, silver, aluminum, titanium oxide , and zinc oxide. Nanomaterials can also be classified based on their size for example zero-dimension, one dimension, two dimension, and three dimensions. Silver, gold, copper, and platinum are some of the most commonly used metals NP. Metal-based NPs can be easily conjugated with various functional groups, like polylysine, polyethylene glycol (PEG) or bovine serum albumin. 

(Notice the PEG?  That is what is in mRNA injections).  Extensive use of engineered NP poses risk to human health. The health hazards are cause of concern in pregnant women and their unborn children. Therefore, it is important to study the toxic effect of NP on developing fetuses. In this chapter, we summarize the developmental toxicity of NP on the nervous system.

How nanoparticles become toxic: Smaller NPs have been shown to induce more pronounced blood brain barrier (BBB) breakdown, brain edema and neuronal injuries, glial fibrillary acidic protein upregulation, and myelin vesiculation in young animals ...

Greek Rapper Suffers Cardiac Seizure On Stage, Dies ... 21 Videos of Famous People Collapsing Live On Air Since Vaccine Rollout

This is the shocking video of Greek South African rapper Costa Titch (Constantinos Tsobanoglou) collapsing at the Ultra Music Festival at the Nasrec Expo Centre in Johannesburg, on March 11, 2023. 
He died later in the hospital. He was 27 years old. 
"Death has tragically knocked at our door. Robbing us of our beloved son, brother, and grandson. Constantinos Tsobanoglou (27), whom South Africa had come to love and idolize under his stage name "Costa Titch," the family wrote on the rapper's Instagram page.  
Was he COVID-19 vaccinated? YES. He traveled extensively, performing recently in UAE and Ethiopia in January 2023 and in Australia in Dec. 2022.


ELECTRIC CARS SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUSTING: Hyundai, Kia recall 570,000 vehicles for fire risk, tell owners to park outside

ELECTRIC CARS SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUSTING: Hyundai, Kia recall 570,000 vehicles for fire risk, tell owners to park outside

Pro Euro Soccer Game Halts When Player Suffers Cardiac Arrest


A Spanish third-division match between Cordoba and Racing de Ferrol was suspended on Saturday after Serbian defender Dragisa Gudelj suffered a cardiac arrest and collapsed on the pitch. 
Dragisa Gudelj, the brother of Serbia midfielder Nemanja Gudelj who plays for Sevilla, suffered a cardiac arrest during the 11th minute of the first half. 
An ambulance immediately responded and drove onto the field to assist Gudelj, and then transported him to a nearby hospital once his condition had stabilized. 
Doctors performed CPR on the field and successfully revived Gudelj. They treated him for seven minutes, including cardiac massage, until the ambulance arrived, according to Marca. 
The stars of Cordoba broke down in tears as they witnessed one of their own get medical attention.

Football Star Zé Carlos Collapses on Field During Match, Then Collapses Again On the Sideline

On Wednesday, left-back Zé Carlos, from Ferroviário, became unconscious in the second half due to a shock, returned to the game, and then collapsed again on the bench after being substituted. 
Carlos suddenly became ill and was taken away in an ambulance from the Aflitos field while he was still unconscious during their 3-2 loss to Náutico in the Northeast Cup match, Globo reported. 
An ambulance immediately responded and drove onto the field to assist Carlos.


"Balls Hurt So Bad": Transgender Woman Left in Tears After TSA Agent Hits ‘Her’ Testicles at JFK Airport

A transgender woman who claimed he was punched in the testicles by a TSA agent who then reportedly yelled at ‘her’ for having a penis has demanded the removal of airport TSA screenings, the Daily Mail reported. 
After the incident, the trans woman shared a now-deleted selfie of himself crying in a bathroom stall and saying ‘her’ “balls still hurt so bad.”


The Black Crowes
Twice as Hard

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Ashley Kertes, Wife of Westmoreland County Commissioner, Dies ‘Unexpectedly’ at 36

These Things Happen

Kertes worked as the associate administrator to the superintendent and community outreach in the Greensburg Salem School District. She previously worked for four years as the executive director of the Greensburg Community Development Corporation and at the courthouse in Westmoreland County’s fiscal department and Controller’s Office.

Kertes is the daughter of North Huntingdon District Judge Wayne Gongaware. Her mother works at the courthouse as a court assistant.

Greensburg Salem Superintendent Ken Bissell said the school district is grieving her loss.

“Ashley is a beautiful, kind and caring person who did so much in such a short time with Greensburg Salem. We are deeply saddened,” Bissell said.

While working for the city’s nonprofit development agency, Kertes headed the creation of several initiatives including the covid-19 Relief Main Street Jump-Start Program, which aimed to help small businesses in the city struggling because of the pandemic. She also spearheaded Greensburg Restaurant Week events and the Hometown Hero Banner and Celebration programs.

In an interview last year with the Tribune-Review, Kertes said the jump-start program was among her proudest accomplishments.

“It not only helped them bounce back from covid, but it helped them sustain their business for the future,” Kertes said.


Calvary Chapel San Jose Defied Santa Clara County's COVID Restrictions, and Became Targets of Unprecedented Surveillance

Santa Clara County, California, imposed some of the harshest Covid restrictions in America. A church and its members defied them — and became the targets of an unprecedented surveillance operation

Long famous as the core of Silicon Valley, Santa Clara County, California, also earned the distinction in the last three years as perhaps the most aggressive and punitive enforcer of pandemic restrictions in the country. On March 16, 2020, Santa Clara, along with a half-dozen other Bay Area counties, was the first in the nation to announce a shelter in place order, commanding all citizens to remain at home other than for specific activities that the county deemed essential, such as food shopping or medical care. It wasn’t until mid-October — seven months after the initial order — that Sara Cody, the head of the county’s public health department, began allowing indoor gatherings at churches, provided they were no more than 100 people or 25 percent of a facility’s capacity, whichever was fewer. At these limited gatherings face coverings and social distancing were required, and singing was banned.

San Jose’s Calvary Chapel, led by its pastor, Mike McClure, brazenly defied these orders. On May 24, 2020, McClure stated publicly that he would reopen the church the following week, regardless of the health department’s orders, and that he would never close the church again. After two months of isolation, many congregants were teetering toward despair. They were suffering greatly from loneliness, depression, and crippling anxiety — the church was their community, and returning to the normalcy of its rituals and in-person fellowship was vital for their mental, spiritual, and physical well-being.


Satanists must mask up and inject Synthetic mRNA to attend Satanfest

Satanists must mask up and inject Synthetic mRNA to attend Satanfest

'Please Note Some Of These Photos...': Wesley Hunt Points Out Antifa Threats, Pre-Jan. 6 Violence

The Intelligentsia and Nazism's Conquest

"The Collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, Signature Bank, and Silvergate, Was, In Fact, A Targeted Assassination on Crypto"

There are two kinds of power in the world: 

1) The power of Might,
2) The Power of Money. 

Crypto is to the power of money what weapons are to the power of might. 

The individual's right to bear money is just as important to the power of the individual, as is his right to bear arms.

The Federal Government wants to destroy Crypto for the exact same reason they want to do away with the 2nd Amendment. That is, for the diminution of the Individual. They want to make the Government more powerful, and the Individual smaller, less powerful.

I have made the argument here that money falls under the 4th Amendment, which reads, 
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.
The individual's right to be secure in his "papers, and effects" refers to personal property, both intellectual and physical.

The selection of the term “effects” is curious. No state constitution included the word, nor did any of the proposals from state-convention members. Indeed, the first and only source to use the word before its inclusion in the Federal Constitution was the anti-Federalist publication Federal Farmer, which included the phrase in a letter printed in 1787: 
The following, I think, will be allowed to be unalienable or fundamental rights in the United States: . . . No man is held to answer a crime charged upon him till it be substantially described to him; and he is subject to no unreasonable searches or seizures of his person, papers or effects . . . .173 
Apart from the Constitution itself, no other source before or after this letter used the word “effects” in this context. Indeed, a far greater number of anti-Federalist commentators used either “possessions” or “property” as parallels to “persons” and “papers” around the same time.174 
Though no record of the reason for the change from “property” to “effects” in the Committee of Eleven exists, later readers generally agree that the consequence was to narrow the Amendment’s coverage.175 
While “other property” could have encompassed other real property, dictionaries from the period indicate that “effects” was synonymous with personal property: possessions other than buildings and land. 
Each of the ordinary dictionaries cited by the modern Court as authority for the original meaning of the Constitution defines “effects” to mean chattels or possessions. Noah Webster’s 1828 dictionary defines “effects” as “goods; movables; personal estate”176 and provides the following example sentence: “The people escaped from the town with their effects.”177 Apart from ordinary dictionaries, early legal dictionaries also shed light on the meaning and types of effects.178 In some dictionaries, effects include money and other forms of commercial paper.179 
Though the term was most commonly associated with bankruptcy or inheritance, it was not exclusively a term of art for those contexts. Eighteenth-century sources discuss the duty of innkeepers to keep guests’ “goods and effects” safe and the rights of robbed persons to prove which “money, goods or effects” had been taken.180 These and other early sources indicate that the term “effects” meant “personal property” in common and colloquial usage.181
So, our rights to control our money, and intellectual property (Crypto may fall under both) are ALREADY COVERED BY THE 4TH AMENDMENT.

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Whiskey Myers
Ballad of a Southern Man

German Government and Media Admit 'Covid' Vaccine Damage, Victims Tell Their Horrific Stories

Why were the Covid “vaccine” risks clearly stated in the EU contract with the vaccine manufacturers in 2020, while the harmlessness was mostly communicated publicly?

Long-term symptoms can occur after a Covid infection but also after a Covid vaccination. Unfortunately, vaccine manufacturers are legally protected thanks to Germany’s government, and those affected feel deeply disappointed and betrayed. They fight for the correct diagnosis and treatment, the assumption of treatment costs, and the recognition of vaccination damage. 

German news station ZDF reporter Susana Santina spoke to Selin Islami, whose vaccination damage was recognized by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia after a year. And with Christian Pülz, who also successfully but gruelingly fought for it in Bavaria for a long time. 

Part One

The following segment describes the ordeal of Selin, a German high school girl who played vaccine roulette and lost. The chance that a healthy person in her age group might be made seriously ill by Covid was so low that it was, for all practical purposes, zero. Therefore, no responsible medical practitioner should have agreed to “vaccinate” her. And to make matters worse, she was pushed to get the second dose because she was training to be a dental assistant. What was done to her was nothing short of criminal.

Selin’ is far from the only person injured by the covid “vaccines” in Germany. A new survey reveals that over half of the Germans had side effects after the jabs. Young people, in particular, often state that they have/had serious side effects from vaccination.

Every second German has had side effects after the Covid vaccine. This emerges from a representative INSA survey with 1,700 participants. According to the survey, more than 52% of participants stated they had suffered side effects. More than 23% even report having suffered serious side effects.

This following video segment focuses on the plight of a lawyer who received the AstraZeneca “vaccine” and was subsequently afflicted with an autoimmune reaction that caused thromboses and a severe cerebral hemorrhage, leaving him with brain damage and permanent disabilities. The state of Bavaria recognized that the vax caused his illness, but AstraZeneca is exempt from any liability. Nevertheless, the lawyer has filed an unrealistic lawsuit against the vaccine manufacturer.