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Trump SLAMS Biased FBI Agent Who Was Forced Out Over Political Bias

IT'S A CULT: Project Veritas EXPOSES School ILLEGALLY Barring Conservatives To Indoctrinate Kids

Young doctors in Canada are dying at a rate 23X normal after the second booster


We now have all the CMA Canadian doctor death data in a spreadsheet. It shows that doctors 50 and younger are being killed after the second booster a rate that is 23X normal. 

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) data for 2020 shows doctors in Canada aged 50 and under die at a rate of about 6 per year.

After the latest booster, 6 Canadian doctors, 50 and under, died within a 15 day period.

Something is very wrong here, but nobody wants to talk about it or look into it. They’d rather look the other way.


By the way, the results Steve Kirsch reported here could also be looked at as a conincidental cluster.

I don't think it is merely that. But this is not exactly hard science.

Same Day Government-Endorsed Euthanasia for Mentally Ill People in Canada

In fact, they have Drive-Thru service ... 

Just kidding. Just kidding.

United Kingdom makes DRAMATIC about-face on mRNA shots for pregnant and lactating women


From the Vlad Tepes Blog:

In the context of supply under Regulation 174, it is considered that sufficient reassurance of safe use of the vaccine in pregnant women cannot be provided at the present time


Women who are breastfeeding should also not be vaccinated.

Katy also notes now that people are pointing out that the document has not in fact been recently updated; apparently the wayback machine shows no changes since March 2021. However, this would make things even worse as it means that the Government officials and the NHS have been recommending pregnant women get the vaccine against the official Government document advice. Also, Katy’s pinned tweet dated 6 May 2022 links to an archived version of a similar but different document. That document DOES NOT HAVE THE SECTION titled ‘Toxicity conclusions’ in it, although it does contain the following statement in Section 4.6:

Administration of the COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 in pregnancy should only be considered when the potential benefits outweigh any potential risks for the mother and foetus.

Now compare what we know from above with what Sajid Javid (and many other Government and NHS officials) have been saying:

Yes let’s have a look at what officials have been saying. There are a lot of videos of top medical people in the world pushing the vaxx on pregnant women, despite modelled and real world evidence that it was an atrocious idea.

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Confirmed: New Study Reveals Disposable Face Masks Contain Four Times the Acceptable Carcinogen Exposure Levels


Confirmed: New Study Reveals Disposable Face Masks Contain Four Times the Acceptable Carcinogen Exposure Levels

Who is Really Using Covid and Climate As WEAPONS In the Great Reset Agenda?

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Spike Protein Drives Explosive Heart Inflammation in Teenagers


As the months and years wear on in the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, it is becoming increasingly evident that both the respiratory infection caused by SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and with repeated and frequent systemic administrations of COVID-19 vaccines that the human body is being loaded with coronavirus Spike protein.

In the medical literature, terms such as “Spike protein disease,” “Spikopathy,” and “Spike prion-like illness” are appearing. This week in the Report, we feature an interview Dr. McCullough had with investigative journalist Ms. Kim Iversen as they do a deep dive on a high-quality prospective cohort study of COVID-19 vaccine-induced myocarditis with the Pfizer/BNT vaccine in children ages 13-18.1 The results are astonishing!

With a size of 180–200 kDa, the Spike protein has been found in the human heart and is believed to be the causative agent for the burgeoning epidemic of heart inflammation that has a 90% male predominance, peak incidence at ages 18-24 but can extend down to toddlers and up to men over age 65 years. The long-term population ramifications of cardiac Spike protein “superantigen” that is produced from mRNA and adenoviral DNA vaccines are unknown.

However, we could infer that someone who has not taken the systemic exposure of Spike protein from the vaccines will be healthier and free of cardiac concerns as compared to their vaccinated counterpart.

In this weeks ReportDr Jean-François Lesgards, Laboratoire Sondes Moléculaires en Biologie et Stress Oxydant, Institut de Chimie Radicalaire, Aix Marseille Université, Marseille, France, does a deep dive on this protein that is now apart of so many lives in this post-COVID-19 vaccine world.2

So let’s get real, let’s get loud; on America Out Loud Talk Radio, this is The McCullough Report!

The McCullough Report: Sat/Sun 2 PM ET Encore 7 PM – Internationally recognized Dr. Peter A. McCullough, known for his iconic views on the state of medical truth in America and around the globe, pierces through the thin veil of mainstream media stories that skirt the significant issues and provide no tractable basis for durable insight. Listen on iHeart Radio, our world-class media player, or our free apps on AppleAndroid, or AlexaEach episode goes to major podcast networks early in the week and can be heard on-demand anywhere in the world.

JORDAN PETERSON: Trudeau, Travel, and “The Science”

If These Three Things Are Not Related, Then WHAT ARE THE ODDS?


Double-Vaccinated Italian Man Dubbed as the World’s First Man to be Diagnosed with COVID-19, Monkeypox, and HIV at the Same Time

German Food & Ag Minister: Some Of You Will Have To Starve, And That Is A Sacrifice I’m Willing To Make

German Food & Ag Minister: Some Of You Will Have To Starve, And That Is A Sacrifice I’m Willing To Make

The zealots of the Sustainable Organic Church Of The Carbon Apocalypse are no longer hiding the fact that they expect many of you to die in order for them to achieve their green utopia. (Isn’t it weird how left-wing utopias always have such an awful body count?)

The German Food and Agriculture Minister, Cem Özdemir, recently stated that "Hunger is no argument against bio diversity and protection of the climate.”

In other words, the Food Minister has assented to starving the German public in order to achieve political ends desired by Germany’s ruling class.

The enviro-ghouls trying to impose their agenda on us have truly reached the “Some of you will have to die, and that is a sacrifice we’re willing to make” stage of their revolution.


Partisan FBI Agent Who Opened Trump Investigation Seen Being Escorted Out of FBI Building By "Headquarters-Looking" Types


Did the highly partisan Democrat operator Thibault just get fired?

Was it Thibault who told Facebook to censor the "treasure trove of documents" about to come out about Hunter Biden?

That would square with the timing.

Former Washington Field Office Special Agent in Charge Tim Thibault was reportedly escorted out of the Bureau's headquarters on Friday, amid whistleblower allegations that he showed political bias in his handling of politically sensitive investigations.

The Washington Times reported eyewitness accounts that "Mr. Thibault was seen exiting the bureau's elevator last Friday escorted by two or three 'headquarters-looking types.'"

Whistleblowers alleged that Thibault concealed the partisan nature of evidence from FBI Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland to secure their approval to open an investigation into former President Donald Trump. That investigation culminated in the FBI's raid on Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate earlier this month.

Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley confirmed to Just the News prior to the raid that Thibault had been removed from his post and reassigned to an unspecified position.


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South African Court: Singing “Kill the Boer!” is Not Hate Speech


South African Court: Singing “Kill the Boer!” is Not Hate Speech

What is a Boer?

How about Merriam Wester's dictionary definition?

Ok, so it is white people in South Africa. 


Yamamoto Virology Journal: “COVID-19 vaccination is a major risk factor for infections in critically ill patients”

Recently, The Lancet published a study on the efectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines and the waning of immunity with time. 
The study showed that immune function among vaccinated individuals 8 months after the administration of two doses of COVID-19 vaccine was lower than that among the unvaccinated individuals. According to European Medicines Agency recommendations, frequent COVID-19 booster shots could adversely affect the immune response and may not be feasible. 
The decrease in immunity can be caused by several factors such as N1-methylpseudouridine, the spike protein, lipid nanoparticles, antibody-dependent enhancement, and the original antigenic stimulus. These clinical alterations may explain the association reported between COVID-19 vaccination and shingles. 
As a safety measure, further booster vaccinations should be discontinued. In addition, the date of vaccination should be recorded in the medical record of patients. 
Several practical measures to prevent a decrease in immunity have been reported. These include limiting the use of non-steroidal anti-infammatory drugs, including acetaminophen to maintain deep body temperature, appropriate use of antibiotics, smoking cessation, stress control, and limiting the use of lipid emulsions, including propofol, which may cause perioperative immunosuppression. 
In conclusion, COVID-19 vaccination is a major risk factor for infections in critically ill patients. 
The decrease in immunity is caused by several factors. First, N1-methylpseudouridine is used as a substitute for uracil in the genetic code. The modifed protein may induce the activation of regulatory T cells, resulting in decreased cellular immunity [4]. Thereby, the spike proteins do not immediately decay following the administration of mRNA vaccines. The spike proteins present on exosomes circulate throughout the body for more than 4 months [5]. 
In addition, in vivo studies have shown that lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) accumulate in the liver, spleen, adrenal glands, and ovaries [6], and that LNP-encapsulated mRNA is highly infammatory [7]. Newly generated antibodies of the spike protein damage the cells and tissues that are primed to produce spike proteins [8], and vascular endothelial cells are damaged by spike proteins in the bloodstream [9]; this may damage the immune system organs such as the adrenal gland. 
Additionally, antibody-dependent enhancement may occur, wherein infection-enhancing antibodies attenuate the effect of neutralizing antibodies in preventing infection [10]. The original antigenic sin [11], that is, the residual immune memory of the Wuhan-type vaccine may prevent the vaccine from being sufciently efective against variant strains. These mechanisms may also be involved in the exacerbation of COVID-19. 


We Were Right, They Were Wrong

Dr. Lawrence Sellin Makes The Case: COVID Was Created In A Laboratory As Part of China's Bio-Warfare Program

Media Fact Check That Did Not Age Well

THE GREAT UNRAVELLING OF THE LOCKDOWN: Rishi Sunak, PM Candidate in UK, Goes On Record About The Lack of Science, The Lack of Cost-Benefit Analysis


For some time, I’ve been trying to persuade Rishi Sunak to go on the record about what really happened in lockdown. Only a handful of people really know what took place then, because most ministers – including members of the Cabinet – were kept in the dark. 
Government was often reduced to a “quad” of ministers deciding on Britain’s future and the then chancellor of the exchequer was one of them. 
I’d heard rumours that Sunak was horrified at much of what he saw, but was keeping quiet. In which case, lessons would never be learnt. 
His speaking out now confirms much of what many suspected. That the culture of fear, seen in the Orwellian advertising campaign that sought to terrify the country, applied inside Government. 
Questioning lockdown, even in ministerial meetings, was seen as an attack on the Prime Minister’s authority. To ask even basic questions – about how many extra cancer deaths there might be, for example – was to risk being portrayed as one the crackpots, the “Cov-idiots”, people who wanted to “let the virus rip”. 
Hysteria had taken hold in the heart of Whitehall. Lockdown, Sunak says, was always a political decision but No 10 wanted to dress it up as “following the science”. 
Sunak now stands almost no chance: the race is nearly over with most votes cast. Polls show Liz Truss ahead on a two-to-one ratio. Nor is it about score-settling: Sunak spoke to me on the condition that this was not about naming “the guilty men”. 
He agreed to speak about the process (or lack thereof) because he thinks that candour will help correct mistakes for next time. Importantly, I suspect Sunak will be the first of many to speak out. As one Cabinet minister told me yesterday: “It wasn’t just Rishi. I needed my own network of spies to find out what was happening in lockdown, because we were never told.” 
If this is what was going on, if there was no proper Cabinet scrutiny, if it’s true that no overall cost-benefit analysis of lockdown was ever seriously attempted, it points to a collapse in basic standards of government. 
 What did the scientists advise about the now-infamous March 2020 Cheltenham races: were ministers told to cancel? Or did scientists say: Covid schmovid, go ahead? This matters because this point shows how “the science” was, in fact, no such thing. 
Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance began by advising ministers not to lock down, saying public events were fine, and that face masks were pointless. They were talking about herd immunity as the way out. 
Then they flipped entirely. 
But this reveals something crucial: lockdown never was backed by science. It was about models and suppositions, educated guesswork. It was driven by moods, emotion, fear – and, worst of all, politics masquerading as science. 
This is part of Sunak’s point. He doesn’t say locking down was wrong. Just that it somehow went from being a daft idea, rubbished by scientists, to a national imperative whose necessity was unquestionable scientific truth. 
So we need to ask: Why was Sunak made to feel, as he told me, that he was being seen – even inside government – as a callous money-grabber when he raised even basic concerns? 
The disclosures should start a great unravelling of the lockdown myth, its pseudo-scientific sheen stripped away and the shocking political malfeasance left to stand exposed. This isn’t just about a virus. An autocratic streak took hold of the Government and overpowered a weak Prime Minister – and did so because our democratic safeguards failed. 
It should have been impossible for policies of such huge consequence to be passed without the most rigorous scrutiny. So many lives were at risk that every single lockdown assumption should have been pulled apart to see if it was correct. It should have been impossible for government to suspend such scrutiny for more than a few weeks. 
I suspect that this authoritarian reflex lies embedded in our system, ready to twitch again. Life, after all, is easier without opposition so if tools exist to suspend it, we can expect them to be grabbed. If a flu virus comes over from Australia, or a new Covid variant emerges, there will be calls to close the country down. But in the next crisis, we need to protect transparency, debate, Cabinet government and red-team (ie, oppositional) analysis of whatever science is presented to the government. 
Sunak doesn’t speak like a man expecting to end up in No 10. He said earlier this week that he would rather lose having been honest with people than win by telling half-truths. Opening up on lockdown may not save, or even help, his campaign. But his candour has offered important insights into one of the most important stories of our times – and one that is only beginning to be told. 


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Silenced healthcare workers speak out publicly for the first time


created a form to ask healthcare workers to speak anonymously about what they are seeing.

Here’s what they said in their own words.

Here is a quick summary of some of the things they said:

  1. They are afraid to come out publicly due to intimidation tactics such as loss of job and/or license to practice medicine.

  2. Unvaccinated healthcare workers are extremely upset with the medical community. They feel they have been treated unfairly.

  3. It is the vaccinated workers who are getting sick with COVID, but it is the unvaccinated who are punished with constant testing, restrictions, and threats of losing their jobs.

  4. The COVID shots are a disaster. Even for the elderly which is supposed to be the most compelling use case, death rates in elderly homes went up by a factor of 5 after the shots rolled out. Each time the shots are given, the deaths spike. Nobody is talking publicly about this. It’s not allowed.

  5. “I have a patient who owns an adult care home that gave vaccinations to their six adult clients. They all died within a week.”

  6. Doctors are seeing rates of injury and death increase dramatically in all ages of people. The injuries are only happening to the vaccinated. There is no doubt that this is happening but many doctors have so much cognitive dissonance that they don’t see it.

  7. One nurse with 23 years of experience says she’s never heard of anyone under 20 dying from cardiac issues until the vaccines rolled out. Now she knows of around 30 deaths.

  8. “I have been a nurse for 36 years. I have NEVER witnessed people in their 20s and 30s having strokes, atrial fibrillation, or cardiomyopathies until the Covid vaccines. I work in cardiology. When I mention that someone should look at the vaccines as a possible reason, I am immediately silenced and told, “It is NOT from the vaccine.””

  9. Doctors aren’t recording vaccination status in the medical records so that all the deaths are attributed to the unvaccinated.

  10. Doctors are deliberately ignoring the possibility that the vaccines could be the cause of all the elevated events. The events are simply all unexplained.

  11. Many doctors have either quit or will quit.

  12. Some doctors and nurses at top institutions such as Mass General Hospital have falsified vaccine cards. They publicly toe the line and encourage their patients to take the shot knowing full well it is deadly. They value their job more than the lives of their patients. The important thing is they are risking 10 years in jail for doing this. These highly respected medical workers are telling the world that these COVID shots are so dangerous that they are willing to risk 10 years in prison to avoid taking the shot. That’s the message America needs to hear. And if Biden were an honest President, he would call for full amnesty and protection from retaliation for all these cases if people admitted publicly they did this. He’d be amazed at the number of responses he’d get. But he won’t do that because it would be too embarrassing for his administration.

  13. Things don’t seem to be getting any better.

  14. The medical examiners all over the world are not doing the proper tests during an autopsy to detect a vaccine-related death. Without doing the necessary tests, it is very hard to make an association. There isn’t a single “guidance” document from any medical authority anywhere in the world to do these tests on people who die within 3 months of their last COVID vaccination. This is why no associations are found: they aren’t looking and it is deliberate. The mainstream press doesn’t call them out on this either.

  15. Doctors are being forced to take other vaccines so the hospital can meet their quota. This was admitted to them.

  16. “I'm sorry I don't have more definite data. I am a dermatology physician assistant. In the past year, I have seen more new onset cancers (brain, kidney, ureter, leukemia) than I have in the past 12 years of seeing patients.”

Well-Known Camping Youtuber Jessica Audrey Wallis Dies in Her Sleep, at 40 Years of Age, Apparent Victim of "Unexpectedly"


Jessica Audrey Wallis passed away on Saturday in her sleep. She was the wife of Canadian YouTuber Steve Wallis who runs the channel “Camping with Steve.” Steve recently shared a video announcing the “devastating” loss of her wife. 
Steve Wallis used to be a homeless man and met a lady named Jessica Audrey. Jess then helped him get out of the streets, start a business, and become successful. Steve recently lost Jess and is immensely heartbroken over the tragic incident. He also requested people to donate to a local food bank or shelter in her late wife’s honor. 
Fans and friends have been posting the same request on Twitter and other social media platforms while also paying tribute to Jess. Steve Wallis recently published a video on YouTube on August 25, 2022, where he announced the tragic passing of his wife, Jessica Audrey Wallis. 
The “Camping with Steve” channel owner revealed that he had just returned from a camping trip in the woods and the two of them went to bed on Saturday night. However, when he woke up from sleep on Sunday, her wife, Jessica Audrey Wallis, had already passed away. She died in her sleep. 
Steve is a really genuine guy who could be seen deeply saddened in the video. He stated that her wife was the source of all the brightness in his life and it is devastating to lose her so abruptly. 
What was the cause of Jessica Audrey Wallis’ death? 
Jessica Audrey Wallis passed away in his sleep last Saturday. Steve didn’t reveal the exact cause of the death of his wife. Social media users are speculating that she may have been suffering from health issues previously or may have had a cardiac arrest while sleeping. Some users also wondered if she died of a Brain Aneurysm or a condition called AVM (Arteriovenous malformations). We’ll update this section once more information is released.

They had over 1 million subscribers:

Comedian Takes The Piss Out of Masked Audience Members

It's about fucking time.

"China Will Collapse In 3 Days"

Children Who Are Vaccinated Are 52 Times More Likely To Die Than Unvaxxed Children?

Trump-Appointed Judge Announces ‘Preliminary Intent to Appoint a Special Master’ – Describes Mar-a-Lago Raid as a Political Attack

A federal judge on Saturday announced its “preliminary intent to appoint a special master” to review records seized by the FBI during its unprecedented raid of his Mar-a-Lago home earlier this month, at the request of former President Trump and his legal team, citing the “exceptional circumstances.” 
Trump and his legal team filed a motion Monday evening seeking an independent review of the records seized by the FBI during its raid of Mar-a-Lago earlier this month, saying the decision to search his private residence just months before the 2022 midterm elections “involved political calculations aimed at diminishing the leading voice in the Republican Party, President Trump.” 
U.S. District Judge from the Southern District of Florida Judge Aileen M. Cannon on Saturday afternoon said that the decision was made upon the review of Trump’s submissions and “the exceptional circumstances presented.” 
“Pursuant to Rule 53(b) (1) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the Court’s inherent authority, and without prejudice to the parties’ objections, the Court hereby provides notice of its preliminary intent to appoint a special master in this case,” Cannon wrote in a filing Saturday. 
A hearing is set for Sept. 1 at 1:00 p.m. in West Palm Beach, Fla. Cannon also ordered the Justice Department to file a response by Aug. 30 and provide, “under seal,” a “more detailed Receipt for Property specifying all property seized pursuant to the search warrant executed on August 8, 2022.”

Are COVID gene injections causing the excess mortality we are seeing?


This remains the key question now for we are seeing excess deaths across the world and while some say it can be linked to the lockdowns and loss of treatment, some (we and I) argue that a large portion can be explained by the COVID injection directly. The Daily Sceptic’s Will Jones makes the case too.

SOURCE ‘The high number of U.K. excess deaths since April has finally made it into the mainstream media, courtesy of the Telegraph and Professor Carl Heneghan. According to the ONS, as of August 5th 2022 there have been 13,398 excess non-Covid deaths registered in England and Wales since April 23rd. The Telegraph reports that the Government is now looking into what is behind this alarming wave of unexplained deaths, which is about time, having previously said it would not. Does it only matter when the Telegraph says it?

However, nowhere are the vaccines mentioned by mainstream outlets as a possible factor. Instead, the impact of lockdowns (especially denial of healthcare access) and the lingering effects of Covid are put forward as likely causes. 

I don’t doubt that these will be contributing. But with the main causes of the excess deaths being related to the heart and circulatory system, and the Covid vaccines being known to injure the heart and cause clotting, it is frankly bizarre and irresponsible not to include the vaccines in a list of possible causes of a rise in heart deaths and strokes. 

A plausible scenario, for instance, would see vaccines and Covid combining to injure the heart and circulatory system. A signal for this would be a higher rate of cardiovascular deaths in the vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated. Data on deaths by vaccination status are hard to come by (and the ONS data on this are missing thousands of deaths and apparently misclassifying them, according to Professor Norman Fenton). But data on hospitalisations by vaccination status for non-Covid reasons appear to show that the vaccinated are being hospitalised at a much higher rate than the unvaccinated.