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Even if it's not a great plan, that's no excuse for the revolting way it's being protested

An earthquake erupts over plans for relocating Beduin communities:
Beduin Israelis and their supporters throughout the country staged protest demonstrations on Saturday against the controversial Prawer resettlement plan, according to Israel Radio.

Police arrested ten people on Saturday evening in the southern Beduin village of Hura after demonstrations against the plan turned violent.

Protesters hurled stones amid clashes with authorities injuring ten police officers, Police Spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said.

There were a reported 1,500 demonstrators gathered at Hura Junction in the Negev, some of whom were seen waving PLO flags. Similar demonstrations were being planned for Haifa as well as a number of European and Arab countries to mark the so-called international "Day of Rage" against the legislation.

The Prawer Plan is a five-year economic development initiative that offers what the state believes to be a compromise solution for tens of thousands of Beduin currently scattered in unrecognized villages throughout the south. According to the proposal, up to 70,000 Beduins are likely to be relocated in newly built towns while a number of Beduin villages that are currently unrecognized will be legalized.

The bill is currently being deliberated in the Knesset’s Internal Affairs and Environment Committee. It is expected to come before the parliament for its second and third readings. The plan costs NIS 7 billion, NIS 2 billion of which will be earmarked for compensation to those whose land claims were not addressed, Israel Radio reported.

Last week, The Post learned that the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem is taking the international campaign against the Israeli government very seriously in light of increasing interest in the issue from international organizations and world governments, particularly in the US and in the European Union, where objections and protests against the plan are garnering widespread publicity.

On Friday, the British daily Guardian published a letter signed by 50 high-profile figures from the world of arts and entertainment condemning what they termed as “the forced displacement of Palestinians from their homes and land, and systematic discrimination and separation.”
It's just like them to exploit this for typical anti-semitic rhetoric that nobody needs, that lumps Beduin with so-called "palestinians". And, as expected, there's PLO supporters among the retards. It may not be the best idea, but the demonstrators are not people who deserve sympathy because of the ideologies they uphold.

Video - Dr.Andy Bostom on Iran and Shiite-Sunni end time theology and Islamic inspired antisemitism

From Will at THE OTHER NEWS:

Obama Embraces Cruz?

From the New York Post:
Before the government shut down, the Texas senator and his Republican allies in the House were denounced as extremists for wanting ObamaCare repealed in exchange for keeping the government going. 
Yet now it’s the president and his Democratic allies who want to delay, indefinitely, key parts of this law. If the Democrats get their way, we have to wonder: What’s the difference between repealing the law and not implementing it? 
In July, the administration put off the employer mandate for a year. A few weeks ago, the president said insurance companies could hold off canceling their old policies. And now he’s pushed back next year’s enrollment period so that it will run from November 15, 2014, to January 15, 2015. 
Not only does this extend the time on the back end, it conveniently moves the start date until after the mid-term elections. These are the latest of various deadline extenders and policy waivers on the part of Team Obama. 
And we can expect even more postponements, given the administration’s estimate that 78 million more Americans could lose their existing, employer-based health coverage because of ObamaCare. 
At least with regard to the law taking force, these White House moves now leave the president in largely the same place as Sen. Cruz. 
The big difference seems to be that while Cruz wants to get rid of ObamaCare altogether and all at once, the president seems to want piecemeal measures to delay it from taking effect.
Thing is, implementing the law in a piecemeal fashion does not do away with it's destructive elements.

Obamacare will still reap as much destruction as ever. But, it will reveal itself like a time-released multi-bomb, instead of one whole bomb all at once.

Or another way to put it is this:

Obama wants to poison America in bite-sized pieces, instead of making us eat the whole shit sandwich in one sitting.

What's the fucking difference?

The difference is, maybe he can continue inflicting damage a little bit longer if his Senators and Congressmen get elected again in 2014.

That would give him a real power to inflict more damage, throughout 2016, and into early 2017.

Japan Times:Obama will formally present a new national security strategy early next year

Okay …good job American Media, but I know you are busy demonizing the cruel overlords of Hobby Lobby right now,and their tyranny in forcing women employees to have sex and and have children by not paying for their birth control or abortions, and also spending all that time researching Obamacare success stories.
The new policy document will be the second of Obama’s administration and will likely update the previous one, released in May 2010, in several important areas. Those include policies for fighting the next phase of the war against al-Qaida, the shift of national security resources to Asia and a plan to manage declining defense budgets amid fiscal strain.
The administration will present another strategy paper on how it intends to achieve the policy ambitions to be outlined in the new national security doctrine sometime in the spring, Obama told Congress in a letter made public Friday.
The new strategy is being drafted at a time when Obama continues to face questions over his counterterrorism policy, particularly the use of drones in Afghanistan and Pakistan as the U.S. military withdraws from that region.
Meanwhile at RCD:

Would the U.S. Still Lose the Naval War of 2015?

The article creates a fictional scenario whereChina ”sinks” a U.S. carrier. The scenario itself is rather, well, interesting:
"Americans woke up to a different world the day after the attack. The war was over almost as soon as it had started. Outmaneuvered tactically and strategically, the United States suffered its greatest defeat at sea since Pearl Harbor. The incident—could it really be called a ‘war’?—had been preceded by a shallow diplomatic crisis between the two great powers. No one in the West expected the dispute to spiral out of control. George Washington was conducting routine patrols off the coast of China to send a signal of U.S. resolve. China responded with a signal of its own—sinking the massive ship. The ship broke in two and sank in twenty minutes. The Chinese medium-range ballistic missile had a penetrator warhead that drilled through all fourteen decks of the ship and punched a cavernous hole measuring twenty-feet wide from the flat-top landing deck through to the bottom of the hull. Ammunition stores ignited secondary explosions. Two million gallons of JP-5 jet fuel poured into the sea. The attack was calamitous and damage control was pointless."
The next paragraph then crafts a rather clever Chinese response:
"While the Pentagon was reeling to determine exactly what happened, a well-orchestrated and pre-planned ‘rescue’ effort was already underway by a flotilla of first responders from China. The Chinese media reported on the bravery of Chinese naval forces, fisheries enforcement police and common fishermen who happened to be in the vicinity of the disaster and were able to save numerous lives. The massive warship had a crew of 3,200 sailors, and there were nearly 1,800 additional sailors and airmen embarked with the wing of aircraft on board the ship. Among this floating city, thousands of souls either incinerated or drowned. In the end, China saved hundreds of desperate survivors floating in the water. Chinese state television filmed distraught young U.S. navy personnel, weeping, grateful to be alive as they were plucked from the oily water. Family members back in the States rushed to Beijing to reunite with their sons and daughters, hosted by the Chinese government and state media."
Original article is here and is well worth the read if you are cutting down on your coffee. You won’t need any after you read it.
And then …

U.S., Iran to Create Joint Chamber of Commerce, Resume Civilian Flights

The U.S. and Iran are planning to create a joint chamber of commerce within a month and resume direct civilian flights between the two countries, an Iranian official told the Iran Daily on Wednesday,AFP reported.
An “Iran-U.S. chamber of commerce will be launched in less than one month,” Abolfazl Hejazi, a member of Iran’s Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture, said in the newspaper, adding that the work underpinning the project had already been registered in the U.S.
Hejazi said the Iranian government has already authorized the private sector to work with American companies, while direct flights connecting Kish Island, in southwest Iran, with New York City were also in the works, AFP reported. Kish Island was chosen because it “is a free trade zone and Iranian passengers who have U.S. citizenship will not need to obtain visas to enter it,” he said.
Hejazi said direct flights would “enable us to export domestic products to the U.S. and import high-tech products and raw materials from the country.”
Barack Obama is NOT on Israel’s ‘side’ and now CLEARLY feels that this american ally and the USA have very different goals. Fine. Say so. It happens. Every act, every word, every attitude now adopted makes it clear.
So, then that ally will pursue IT’S own interest, sort of like Turkey buying China’s air defense system, or then Israel selling Phalcon AEW systems to a China that will use them over the Senkakus?
That the plan?
Just askin’.
These people are delusional.
Is that the way to go about US strategic interests?
Is that our new national security strategy?

Burqa Day Care in Canada

Imagine these Muslim bitches are walking your kids across the street with no fucking peripheral vision whatsoever.

This is Child Endangerment, if not outright Child Abuse.

Fuck Islam.

Go get the story at Vlad Tepes.

IRS Coming Up With New Method To Harass Conservative Groups, To Restrict Influence In 2014

Every Once In A While: Kurt Nilsen

Hallelujah - 4 Norwegian singers

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Little Drummer Boy - Pentatonix

The unofficial start of the Christmas season is upon us. If you aren't already in the holiday spirit, this catchy cover of "Little Drummer Boy" -- as performed by Pentatonix -- will get you there in a hurry. 

The Black Crowes
She Talks To Angels

Hard To Handle

Culturists Versus Racists

Yes, culturists versus racists: we who fight to save Western Civilization have to choose.   And, I think, those leaning towards racism are taking the West towards doom.  Feel free to argue – it is important that we are clear as to whether we are culturist or racist
Culturism says western nations have traditional majority cultures, and a right to guide, protect, and promote them.   Racism says the western nations are defined by being made of racially white people or groups of national races: The British race: the French race, etc.
Racists would like to make Britain white again.  The only way to do this is to deport non-whites.  But London, for example, is less than 50% white. As such racists will never win an election on the ‘deport non-whites’ platform.  As racists cannot push this policy democratically, their reasoning only leaves us the policy option of extra-legal violence that would devastate Britain: race war.   
Culturists would simply look to end Islamic immigration.  Hindus, a significant non-white minority population in Britain, have their own horrible history with Islam: as such they might vote to halt Islamic immigration.  Other minority victims of terrorism might also vote to limit Islamic immigration.  
Getting such votes would rely on proper education. Culturist curriculum would teach Hindus to love the Britain for modernizing India and Caribbean peoples to love Britain for stopping slavery.   Other minorities could get excited about belonging the nation that invented rights!    This could unite us, with pride, as we were before.  But we need culturist curriculum to reach this goal.  
Racists have no reason to promote this pro-western, educational assimilation agenda: After all, racists believe only whites make good Europeans and neither education, nor any other measure, can change peoples’ race.  No workable education policy stems from racism. 
Culturism is the opposite of multiculturalism.  As such, culturism can win rhetorical arguments because it stands on the truth of cultural diversity.   People believe cultural diversity is real and culturists can use statistics to logically prove it.  While they really don’t think it is real or important, multiculturalists do hype cultural diversity.  Given honor killings, we can beat them on their own turf when forcing them to discuss the reality of cultural diversity. 
Using the reality of cultural diversity, we can argue for reasonable culturist profiling.  A majority of Brits (even some Muslims) could understand and support the need for culturist profiling at airports.  When multiculturalists say, “It’s racist,” we can say, ‘No, it’s culturist; (note the word) and cultural diversity is real, is it not?” This will bring us back to our strong suit: cultural diversity.  Racism offers no comparable logical profiling position or rhetoric.
If multiculturalists say, “culturism is just racism,” note that culturist thought critiques white social pathologies as well.  For example, in Victorian times, whites’ out-of-wedlock birth rate went as low as 4%. It is now over 47.3% in the UK.  Such historical precedents give us hope.  It goes beyond racists’ stupid argument: ‘whites are good; non-whites, bad.’  Culturism isn’t just about minorities. Is this discussion racist?
Racists might reply, “But, look at minority pathology!  It is about race!!”  Yes, in the U.S., blacks’ out of wedlock birth rate is 72.3%.  But, from the 1930s to the 1950s it was around 12%.[i]  Yes, racists, that is higher than it was for whites then; but it is much lower than it is for whites now.  We can all do better. But, our genes have not radically mutated since the 1960s: it is not about race.  It is about culture.  Racism offers no solutions or hope; culturism does.
In place of divisive multiculturalism, culturism provides a purely positive angle that can unite us: celebrating British culture.  When we praise British culture, politicians must agree or make statements that will alienate voters.  When we celebrate western culture with WW II film screenings, art exhibits, historical parades, and such, politicians must attend or go on the defensive.  Racist events only justify politicians’ PC censorship and sanctimonious treason.  
Culturism offers hope of democratically stopping Islamic immigration; education reform; rhetoric with which to win debates with multiculturalists; reasonable policies such as culturist profiling; a way to discuss lowering social pathologies across all races; and fun events - and this is only a partial list!  Racism offers zero positive policy solutions.  As people cannot change their race, racism only offers disunity and race wars.  
We who defend Western Civilization should be clear that we are culturists, not racists. We culturists agree that racism is stupid and dangerous.   We get angry when called racists!  We offer culturism in place of multiculturalism because we love Western Civilization and diversity is real.  As such, we politely demand reasonable public policy debates on Islamic immigration and other topics. 
If you think the culturist policies futile, I look forward to hearing your potentially workable policy suggestions.  If you don’t have any, get to work!  Denounce racists!  Get the words ‘culturist’ and ‘culturism’ in the media, politicians’ mouths and popular conversation: Spread the words today!   

[i] Marriage and Poverty in the U.S.: By the Numbers, The Heritage Foundation:

Rowhani maintains HARD LINERS from Achmadinejad in Defense and Justice

 Congress has determined that Iran’s new president who has been widely labeled a “moderate” in news reports, has kept hardliners in key positions, including defense and internal security.
The research arm of Congress has concluded that President Hassan Rowhani, who took office in August 2013, maintained the influence of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in defense and internal security. The Congressional Research Service cited Rowhani’s choice for defense minister and justice minister.
Iran Defense Minister Hosein Dehgan, left, and Justice Minister Mostafa Pour-Mohammadi.

"His nominees appeared to reflect an intent to implement his platform, and the Majles, even though dominated by hardliners, approved all but three of his choices," the report said.
Author Kenneth Katzman concluded that Rowhani’s most important appointments included that of defense minister and justice minister. Hosein Dehgan, the new defense minister, was described as an IRGC “stalwart” and organizer of the Hizbullah militia.
"He later was IRGC air force commander and deputy defense minister," the report said.
Rowhani’s choice of justice minister was also said to have been significant. Mostafa Pour-Mohammadi was linked to the torture of Iranian dissidents during his term as interior minister from 2005 through 2008.
"Perhaps Rowhani’s most controversial choice because of Pour-Mohammadi’s alleged abuses of political dissidents in previous positions, including as interior minister," the report said.
Rowhani also appointed former Defense Minister Ali Shamkhani as head of the Supreme National Security Council. Shamkhani, a former IRGC commander and head of Iran’s missile development program, was said to have “adopted relatively moderate positions relative to his IRGC peers.”
Other significant appointments by Rowhani included Mohammed Javad Zarif as foreign minister, who spent years lobbying Congress and the White House. CRS said Zarif, a former ambassador to the United Nations, forged a “wide range of contacts with U.S. policymakers.”
"During his tour, Zarif periodically visited Washington, DC, to meet with members of Congress and congressional staff, including the author," the report said. 


End Presidential Term Limits?

Get a load of THIS!

Final paragraph:
It’s time to put that power back where it belongs. When Ronald Reagan was serving his second term, some Republicans briefly floated the idea of removing term limits so he could run again. The effort went nowhere, but it was right on principle. Barack Obama should be allowed to stand for re election just as citizens should be allowed to vote for — or against — him. Anything less diminishes our leaders and ourselves.


Whenever you think you are being paranoid, you are not paranoid enuf.

I don’t even have the words… but I do have the CHILLS.
As James Taranto said this AM, we would be so much better off if the IRS could steal another one for Obama…

The delusions of Obamacare supporters: one ‘realist’ Josh Marshall

Why Josh Marshall believes TODAY that Obamacare will be a success (italics are my response).
  1. No way to repeal until Jan 2017 i.e. Obama can override any veto of a repub senate and congress..PROBABLY
  2. Insurance companies are locked in. Insurance companies will do whatever they can to maximize profit in a nearly amoral manner. If a small company in Oregon can suddenly get customers in Georgia, how much more attractive to them is that compared to the current ‘situation’
  3. Medicaid will have increased tremendously. Yes and when the federal govt removes it’s financial support in 12-24 months the 26 states which accepted the expanded program will suddenly have that burden which some to all will not be able to AFFORD. Then what? I submit it will HASTEN the destruction of the bill, and work arounds.
  4. Obamacare is good policy.
I have a much simpler view.
  1. The proportion of people who will discover they have to pay more, are young and have never been sick, is going to be too large and the they will REJECT the program as a market decision.
  2. Worse, a significant proportion of young people with employer provided insurance and have to pay more will not do so and DROP it
  3. A significant proportion of large businesses which provide insurance will dump their people one way or another onto the exchanges and pay the cheaper fines, and a great number of such people will then either refuse to purchase the health care, or will not be able to afford it.
  4. The inability of 34 states to pay for the expanded medicaid programs past the day of federal abandonment of it will demonstrate the basis of the so called ‘good policy’ must be free care if it is to succeed in any way. BTW, who will pay for this 'free care'?
Obama promised the AVERAGE family would see a drop of about $2500/year in their health insurance costs, but instead not only are the payments higher, but the copays, Rx’s., max out of pocket and deductibles are worse.
The SCOTUS named TAX rather than purchase of a vastly inferior product ..UNLESS YOU ARE STRICKEN WITH CHRONIC DISEASE AND NEED THIS PRODUCT, will be the choice of so many individuals and families, because they do not want to pay, or cannot pay will doom this project.
The FACT that for so many it IS more expensive makes it IPSO FACTO, horrendous policy. Pretending that a fixed web site, or that thousands are now getting health care for the first time (free on medicaid) makes this a success is a tragicomedy.
The main problem is cost.
Philosophy, disappearing family doctors, independent professionals all becoming salaried employees of hospitals and huge conglomerates, idiotic navigators, agents and brokers who don’t know the answers to important questions because THEY CAN’T, programs which are incomplete .. all this is the smell around the rotting flesh.
This program will fail or succeed on its cost.

China 1-ups Obama’s B-52 flights across their Senkaku ‘air-defense’ zone

Last night the Chinese announced, after overflight of their recently announced air defense zone by a pair of American B-52’s, that this zone, over the Senkaku Islands, would now therefore be PATROLLED by fighter and other aircraft.
Other aircraft being airborne early warning and control radar craft.
China’s is second from the top.
Are we happy now that Israel did NOT sell their Phalcon AEW systems to China?
The appearance of such craft, in fact, is a message that the approach on any other nation’s planes will be detectable from far enough away to be opposed. They also declare the aircraft will be on ‘high alert’
If the Chinese are serious, there is real trouble. 
We SHOULD challenge by opposed,protected overflights, controlled from our own AWACS. That is international airspace. 
Would China do this if they had NOT decided that at some point Obama WOULD back away? Would they have formed that opinion without the Libyan nonintervention intervention lead from behind, Benghazi, Syria’s red line no red line, the deal with Iran, their success penetrating NATO with their own air defense sales? Why would they not think this might be the moment to make clear the tiger is, if not paper, tired of it all, and would rather cede geography than be next to allies of long standing?
Should we stand with Japan? Do we need them? Should we fight, if not a war, then a series of potentially MAJOR ENGAGEMENTS OF THE OLD SCHOOL for and with them? The Chinese have decided we will not, and therefore Obama will find a way to back down with discussions while they maintain their grip via, ‘harmless’ but firm ‘defensive’ patrols of their ‘own airspace’.
If Obama will NOT back down, then THIS is how wars start.
Miscalculation at civilizational level. And let me tell you, with all the problems Obama has right now, the Chinese may be handing him an issue he will NOT back down from.
I wonder if they have a clue?

Obamacare Shopping 11/28-29 Accesses 2.6 users/minute, trending added

This is a national program. Someone, somewhere must be buying something someplace. It just CAN'T be this bad, can it?

A Thanksgiving Tradition


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thoughts on finishing off the stuffing prep

First of all, have a peaceful, healthy happy and contented Thanksgiving!
I hope your family reaches the moments we have.
Here in America the unstated primary right, Amendment A1A is to BITCH. But the ability to do so properly occurs only when things are not getting better, every generation. Today we see they are not. Maybe they really ARE getting worse for our children and theirs.
But despite that yesterday while shopping for the foods for the vegetable and stuffing we were at a place called Whole Foods.
If you don’t have one near you, basically it is mostly organic, but all 100% beyond premium, EVERYTHING at a premium price. If you buy THEIR raisins there, they cost you, but they are better than any other raisins.
How it is. 
Seafood and meat FUGGEDABOUTIT.
Anyway, I was looking around for something I have only been able to get there (in New England) fresh.
Fresh Chanterelle mushrooms (maybe at Christmas time), were not around.
THAT, my friends, is tough times in America.
Or as Mrs. Epa always says, SHUT UP and DON’T COMPLAIN.
Happy Thanksgivukah!
For those who don’t know, it’s Hanukkah and for the next 79,000 years it won’t happen again on the same days!

Happy Thanksgivukkah To All My Fellow Infidels

Watch live updates on comet ISON - There are only 4 hours, 30 minutes left until perihelion of Comet ISON

From Will at THE OTHER NEWS:

Watch live updates on comet ISON - There are only 4 hours, 30 minutes left until perihelion of Comet ISON.HT: WattsUpWiththat.

Accurate Data: As today is the day of ISON's perihelion, we've updated and narrowed the data resolution down to just 10-minute intervals! This means that all throughout today, you can be assured to see the most accurate speed and distance data of Comet ISON (both before and after perihelion at 18:37 UTC).

Live updates HERE.

This Week On The Gathering Storm: Warren!

Listen to The Gathering Storm Radio Show, hosted by WC and Always On Watch.

The show broadcasts live for 30 minutes every Friday beginning at noon, Pacific Time.

The call-in number is 646-915-9870. Callers welcome!

Our scheduled guest is IBA's web site consultant Warren.

Listen to the November 29, 2013 edition of The Gathering Storm Radio Show, live or later, by CLICKING HERE.


Anyone ready to buy a car for a rough estimate of your monthly payment?

The new mechanism, EZ App, would permit people who are eligible for financial help from the government to enroll for coverage without calculating an exact subsidy amount, which has been a major stumbling block, according to government and insurance industry officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity in order to be frank. It would allow call centers, and eventually insurance companies and brokers, to help people enroll based on estimates of what their federal subsidies would be.
But insurers are uncomfortable with the add-on because they do not want to shoulder the financial liability for customers signing up for plans with a rough estimate of their final premiums, rather than a precise figure verified through the site.
The workaround, aimed at diverting consumers from the Web site, is the latest indication that significant uncertainty remains about how the government will handle the large number of people who are likely to want to sign up for health plans soon.
Are these people serious?

BTW, define 'rough'.
$50/month? $100/month? Checked by IRS? HHS? Subject to change?
Is it just me?
Maybe it’s just me?
It must be some kind of Aspberger’s?

Obamacare Shopping…. Thanksgiving Day , 3 users a MINUTE? - UPDATE FROM PASTORIUS - That's Approximately the Same Users Per Day as IBA


We now have at least 4 different web services accessing data for premiums, 3 are completely outside the federal site.

Actual rates can be EASILY calculated by establishing the ratio between the posted shopping rate estimates at ages 27 or 50, and the actual ages and plan factors as posted on ANY STATE'S INSURANCE SITE (you all have state insurance commissioners and the the states PUBLISH this. Here is Maine's

Therefore you write a page with SIMPLE code to access the FREELY available data embedded in THIS POST below.
Powered by Socrata

The site ITSELF will provide the filtering language FOR YOU to display any age, family situation, county etc any user can provide, and you enter those variables to display the answer to the user.

BASIC STUFF outside of security.


But for the data itself, ANY SERVICE which whacks that site, increases the access count, and there are still a paltry amount of accesses. Since 34 of 50 states use this, it means if the same proportion of people nationwide are shopping their respective state exchange sites, about 5800 people nationwide are shopping all sites everywhere.

I can't get around the assumption that IF this shopping data is representative, this is a catastrophe for the admin. Maybe there is another hidden away site that reflects the true patterns, The traffic data is REMOVED now, from public access for the actual site proper. I think we can all imagine a  few reasons why.

Maybe people are going right to the purchasing data and buying there, BUT THEY ARE NOT SHOPPING USING THE FEDERAL SITE FOR SHOPPING, and AFAIK, every outside service providing info USES (although they could download a copy and use it themselves, but IT DOES GET UPDATED).

Perhaps these are HIGHLY motivated shoppers. People who are sick and have immediate unresolved needs and would truly benefit from Obamacare, IF THEY CAN AFFORD IT, and therefore the majority are signing up. But if 5800 or so people are shopping they are still orders of magnitude short of the 39k per day they need and the balance of patients is obviously going to be a disaster speaking strictly economically.
In the last few days Ms Sebelius has stated they will be able t handle 50k users simultaneously. Based on the UNDENIABLE numbers at, we can STATE, that the site is now averaging 3 users a minute.



I can only approach this based on the hard, objective numbers I can find, the news (self filtered) and what I see around me, And that is this, you all know my story .. rates DOUBLED in to 4 figures for an individual and what was affordable before is now  total farce. I am COUNTED as a sign up, but in fact am a legal opt out based on cost.

One child is a high level employee at an development and IT firm. They have less than 50 employees. Their employer provided insurance provider recently informed them of the changes required by Obamacare.

Previously what amount to a 1 from column A 2 from column B, health care insurance choice, was satisfactory to EVERY employee. They have 1 exec, 1 admin and all the rest are IT or developers. PROFESSIONALS. YOUNG PROFESSIONALS. The changes required increased the participation costs of the employees by 50-70%.

That's a 100% hit to disposable income and savings.



This is the Volstead Act.


3 User a minute is 4320 a day.

To put that in perspective, Infidel Bloggers Alliance averages about 3900 Users a day, according to Google Stats.

Obama Administration Is Holding Talks With Hezbollah, Despite The Fact The Group Is Officially Recognized As a Terrorist Organization

US is willing to hear the views of the party and “warm up to a direct relationship in the future.”

Obama negotiates with Nazis:
The US and Hezbollah are in secret indirect talks managed by London dealing with the fight against Al-Qaida, regional stability and other Lebanese political issues. 
Senior British diplomatic sources, quoted in a report in Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai on Wednesday, said British diplomats are holding discussions with leaders of the Lebanese organization and transferring the information to the Americans. 
The discussions “are aimed at keeping tabs on the changes in the region and the world, and prepare for the upcoming return of Iran to the international community,” according to diplomatic sources in Washington. 
Because the US, unlike the UK, recognizes both the political and military wings of Hezbollah as a terrorist organization and refuses to distinguish between them, US officials cannot legally meet with any member of the party. 
But according to the sources, the US is willing to hear the views of the party and “warm up to a direct relationship in the future.”

80th Time Is A Charm - IRS Chief Counsel Testifies To House Oversight Committee, Answers "I Don't Recall" 80 Times

From the National Review:
Behind the scenes and nearly six months after the scandal first made headlines, the House Oversight Committee is quietly continuing its investigation of the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of tea-party groups. 
Since May, congressional investigators have interviewed over 30 witnesses and examined thousands of pages of documents. The latest official called to testify before committee investigators is an important one: IRS chief counsel William Wilkins. 
Wilkins is one of just two political appointees at the IRS, a generous donor to Democratic candidates and causes, and once represented Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ. 
Evidence of his involvement in the targeting would spell trouble for the White House and bring renewed focus to a scandal that has largely receded from public consciousness. 
The Oversight Committee has furnished none, to date, but it is expressing gross dissatisfaction with Wilkins’s testimony and, in a letter sent to him on Wednesday, offering him the opportunity to amend it. 
“In your testimony, you stated ‘I don’t recall’ a staggering 80 times in full or partial response to the Committee’s questions,” committee chairman Darrell Issa and Ohio representative Jim Jordan wrote. 
“Your failure to recollect important aspects of the Committee’s investigation suggests either a deliberate attempt to obfuscate your involvement in this matter or gross incompetence on your part.”

Imam Says, White Women Only In Paradise, No Black Women or Asians Wanted

Incredible. What a religion, huh?

Nigeria: Muslims Slaughter At Least 71 Christians

When the story first came out, it was reported that there were 37 Christians murdered. Now the count is at least 71.

From Morning Star News:
Suspected Muslim herdsmen slaughtered 37 Christians in coordinated attacks on four Plateau state villages early this morning after Boko Haram terrorists killed at least 34 Christians in Borno state earlier this month, sources said. 
In attacks on the four predominantly Christian villages that started at 1 a.m. in the Barkin Ladi Local Government Area in Plateau State in central Nigeria, ethnic Fulani herdsmen killed 37 people, injured many others and destroyed homes, the military’s Special Task Force spokesman, Salisu Mustapha, said in a press statement. 
“The attackers killed 13 persons in Katu Kapang, eight in Daron, nine in Tul and seven others in Rawuru,” he said. Mustapha told Morning Star News by phone that the heavily-armed assailants were believed to be Muslim Fulani herdsmen. 
Soldiers were still trying to repel the attackers as he spoke. 
The Miyetti Allah cattle-rearing association reportedly denied that Fulani herdsmen were responsible for attacking the villages. 
Most mainstream media mentioned vague accusations of cattle theft or unsupported statements of political and land disputes as possible motivations for the attacks, although in recent months Muslim Fulani herdsmen have increased the unprovoked slaughter of unarmed Christians in their homes that has taken place for several years in Plateau state. 
Christian leaders otherwise at a loss to explain the increase in attacks believe Islamic extremist groups are inciting Fulani Muslims to attack them in Plateau state as well as in Kaduna, Bauchi, Nasarawa and Benue states. 
They fear that the herdsmen, with backing from Islamic extremist groups, want to take over the predominantly Christian areas in order to acquire land for grazing, stockpile arms and expand Islamic territory. 
Hit-and-run, guerrilla-style attacks on Christian villages in which children are shot to death as they sleep support their suspicion that the assaults are motivated by desire to eliminate Christianity.

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Forgive Me & Death Letter

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

DNC Sends Out Email: "Your Republican Uncle" Advising Their Zombie Followers On How To Talk To Their Family at Thanksgiving

Hey Uncle Pastorius, 
Could You Pass Me The Cranberry Sauce?

Totalitarianism. Even family holidays must be taken into the fold of the state.

This time of year, the only thing more annoying than holiday traffic is an awkward conversation with family about politics. 
Don’t get me wrong — I love the Republicans in my life. But nothing ruins a slice of pecan pie faster than talking through immigration reform with a cousin who spends too much time listening to Rush Limbaugh. 
That’s why we’re launching And if you want to make sure that the political debates around your dinner table this Thanksgiving stay tethered to reality, you should check it out. 
We can’t do anything about highway congestion, but we can make sure you have the information you need to answer a bonkers question about President Obama’s record on jobs or the perfect fact to respond to a ridiculous argument about the Affordable Care Act. 
And to make sure you get that information whenever you need it, we designed so that it looks great and loads quickly on your phone — no getting ambushed when you go back for seconds on stuffing. 
This holiday season, don’t stress about the political debates. 
We’ve got your back:
Happy Thanksgiving!
Matt Compton
Digital Director
Democratic National Committee

Obama Calls Conservatives “Tea Baggers” In Letter To Texas Teacher