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Census Bureau abruptly ends just-announced partnership with Hamas-linked Muslim "advocacy" group CAIR

Bill Barr Had Better Do Something, Or He WILL Get Cancer and Die an Extremely Painful Death

Devin Nunes: “We Have Briefed DOJ on Eight Criminal Referrals – Two for Criminal Conspiracy”

Here is a, perhaps, worthy comment from over at The Conservative Treehouse:
Nunes did say that the referrals ARE being investigated within the context of the much larger investigation being conducted by USA Durham. And he also said that Horowitz should be allowed to finish and issue his FISA investigation report, which touches on he conspiracy referrals (obviously). I totally understand the impatience and the desire to extract a pound of flesh (and much more) from the likes of Comey, Brennan, McCabe, Mueller and their odious ilk. There are things that have to happen first, like the due process these disgusting, arrogant people never afforded President Trump, Carter Page, General Flynn, George Papdopoulos and many others known and unknown. Due process is in progress, strange as that may seem.
“There are things that have to happen first”? 
One of the first things that happened was Horowitz had to release his long, long awaited report. Barr’s DOJ stamped the report “Let him walk”. Comey rec’d the same level of repercussion as he gave Hillary. The requisite comments about how wrong decisions were made but overall, let’s be satisfied his own conscience will provide punishment. 
Yes, there is impatience because if any other American had done what Comey did we would be indicted on every single count. The entire DOJ would not be carefully cherry picking which crimes deserve punishment and which ones aren’t severe enough to prosecute. In the real world, average Americans face the music. 
Now we’re told to hold on because while they let him off on this piece of the investigation, just wait till they get to the part about the FISA warrants and the lying to Congress thing. That’s when he’s gonna really get the book thrown at him. 
Please. When is the last time we’ve ever seen somebody hauled off to jail for lying to a Congressional committee?

Diana West: Barr 'will keep a lid on questions about this Special Counsel investigation'

Hannity Claims the Inspector General FISA Report Will REALLY Get Comey - NONE OF THIS MATTERS WITHOUT PROSECUTION

What Hannity says may be true. But it doesn't matter for shit if Trump does not prosecute.

What Comey, and the others, did was an attempt to bring down our government by subverting the Democratic election of our Executive leader.

This is Treason.

If Trump does not prosecute, the Net Effect is to ENCOURAGE TREASON!

UK: Muslim Women Not Required to Remove Burqa For Security, Nor To Submit Fingerprints - EVERYONE ELSE MUST

Paul Cauthen

Friday, August 30, 2019

Jimi Hendrix
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Today Was The End, And Few People Seem To Realize

I'm too angry to write anything. And why bother since, as I say, it's the End?

But, it looks like J.J. Sefton agrees, and he does bother to write:

And that brings us to yesterday's revolting display in which the Department of Justice released a damning report about the criminal behavior of former FBI director, and current Druid priest/tree surgeon James Comey that all but lays out a case of treason or acts that can be defined as treasonous behavior. But, as Lloyd Billingsley writes in FrontPage Mag...
… But the OIG did not recommend prosecution.That might be expected from an OIG who accused FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe of "lacking candor," and violating FBI policy. The OIG released the report just before the Labor Day weekend, when it was least likely to command attention. In similar style in 2016, FBI boss Comey released documents on Hillary Clinton's emails on the afternoon of September 2, just before the holiday weekend. Comey took the August 29 OIG report as confirmation that, as he said of Hillary Clinton, no reasonable prosecutor would charge him with anything.
The former FBI boss went into his end-zone dance, tweeting that "a quick message with a 'sorry we lied about you' would be nice." That celebration may be premature. OIG Michael Horowitz is also investigating abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, and Comey signed off on three of the four FISA applications for Carter Page. In addition, Attorney General William Barr and US Attorney John Durham are investigating the origins of the Russia collusion probe...
... Contrary to what Brennan, Comey, Wray and Mueller seem to think, the CIA, FBI and ODNI are not branches of government. They are government agencies in the service of the executive branch. As this week’s OIG report confirms, government agencies can’t be trusted to investigate themselves.
As James Comey knows, the deep state is not like football, where the game does not continue until the penalty has been marked off. If nobody from the Hillary Clinton fix and coup attempt against President Trump winds up doing prison time, the deep state will have won.
Bingo. For a long time now, I've thought of IG Horowitz as at best a joke and worst in on the cover-up. I still have hopes for AG Barr but those are fading rapidly. If he truly, as some pundits argue, wants to restore the integrity of the DoJ and the other aforementioned Ivy League skull and bones sewers, the only way to do it is to prosecute James Comey, and as Billingsley rightly argues in his article, John Brennan. And I don't mean 30 months in Club Fed and out in 6 with a book deal and a slot on MSNBC. I mean 30 years in prison-prison where, upon completing their entire sentence, they'll make Steve McQueen at the end of Papillon look like Charles Atlas by comparison. That is, if they walk out and aren't carried out under a sheet.
If we allow these individuals not only to walk freely, steal our money in the form of government pensions, and worst of all, take to the airwaves to rub it in our faces, then that really is the bitter end for the republic.

Some Jim Croce. Just because.

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Thursday, August 29, 2019

DOJ declines to prosecute Comey despite finding that he leaked memo

WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!? Barr may as well have recused himself the same as Sessions did if he is not going to pursue criminal conduct. And if he did it with Comey what is he going to do when people higher up are shown to have engaged in crimes in the attempted coup of an American President? People like Clapper and Brennan and Lynch and Yates and *gasp!* Clinton.

I've come to believe no one involved in this entire Russian Fantasia will ever be brought to justice.

And further believe Trump doesn't want them prosecuted, despite his big talk & tweets, because he doesn't want to be perceived as prosecuting/persecuting political rivals during a Presidential campaign.

Never mind what those rivals have put America through these last 3-4 yrs.

Which makes me feel none to supportive of our President right now.

Republican Democrat Independent Populist they are all cut from the same cloth and dyed different colors

(ok, maybe Bernie and The Squad are actually tie dyed...)

WASHINGTON, Aug 29 (Reuters) - The U.S. Justice Department has decided not to prosecute former FBI Director James Comey despite an internal investigation that found he improperly leaked information to the news media, the department's Office of Inspector General said on Thursday.
The inspector general's office, which serves as the agency's internal watchdog, said Comey shared a handwritten memo with a friend who described it to the New York Times, in an effort by Comey to pressure the Justice Department to launch an independent investigation into his conversations with President Trump.
The memo described a private conversation in which Trump allegedly asked Comey to drop the FBI's investigation into his then-national security adviser, Michael Flynn. Flynn has since pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his conversations with Russian officials.
Comey decided to share the contents of the memo after Trump fired him in May 2017.
The Inspector General's report said that while that memo did not contain classified material, Comey set a dangerous example when he shared sensitive information to create public pressure for official action.
"Were current or former FBI employees to follow the former Director's example and disclose sensitive information in service of their own strongly held personal convictions, the FBI would be unable to dispatch its law enforcement duties properly," the report said.

DOJ Inspector General Releases James Comey Report!!

Read it here.

From Conservative Treehouse:
This is NOT the IG report on DOJ and FBI conduct about IG FISA abuses. This is a carve-out report, specific to James Comey and his leaked memos. 
As part of the process, the inspector general report is previewed to James Comey in advance. According to John Solomon’s earlier reporting, Comey lawyers Patrick Fitzgerald and Daniel Richman, along with spokesperson Keith Urbahn all participated in his review of the report content. This is called the “Principal Review Phase”.

Comey Violated Department and FBI Policies Pertaining to the Retention, Handling, and Dissemination of FBI Records and Information

Ben Carson placed on Southern Poverty Law Center's ‘Extremist Watch List’

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a nonprofit legal advocacy group, has placed potential 2016 presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson on its “Extremist Watch List” for his views against same-sex marriage. 
The group cites comments from Dr. Carson’s book in labeling him a potential extremist. The group singled out this line from his book, “America the Beautiful”: 
“[I]f we can redefine marriage as between two men or two women or any other way based on social pressures as opposed to between a man and a woman, we will continue to redefine it in any way that we wish, which is a slippery slope with a disastrous ending, as witnessed in the dramatic fall of the Roman Empire.” 
The SPLC also takes issue with a statement Dr. Carson made in March 2013 on Fox News’ “Hannity.” “Marriage is between a man and a woman. It’s a well-established pillar of society and no group, be they gays, be they NAMBLA [North American Man/Boy Association, a group advocating pedophilia], be they people who believe in bestiality — it doesn’t matter what they are, they don’t get to change the definition,” the retired neurosurgeon said at the time. 
According to the SPLC, “Extremists in the U.S. come in many different forms – white nationalists, anti-gay zealots, black separatists, racist skinheads, neo-Confederates and more.” 
Dr. Carson is on the same list as former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, and Infowars founder Alex Jones. Groups on the extremist list include the Aryan Brotherhood, Westboro Baptist Church, and New Black Panther Party.

Nearly One Of Every Three Dollars Spent On Ilhan Omar’s Campaign Has Gone To Her Alleged Lover’s Firm

"Some People Did Something"
The New York Post reported Tuesday on a high-profile divorce. To be specific, a woman has claimed in court papers that her husband has been cheating on her, carrying on with married Rep. Ilhan Omar. Omar’s alleged paramour, Tim Mynett, has been a fundraising consultant for Omar’s 2018 and 2020 campaigns. 
Omar hasn’t commented on the accusations, but there’s a possible second scandal involving the more than $200,000 that her campaign has spent with Mynett’s firm. 
Of the $145,406 reported earnings by the E Street Group during the 2018 campaign cycle, $62,674 came from Omar’s campaign. 
Not counting payroll taxes and transfers to Minnesota’s Democratic Party, E Street Group was Omar’s second-largest vendor, according to FEC data. 
From Labor Day through the end of the year, E Street Group ate up more than 10% of her campaign’s spending (not counting transfers to other campaigns).
Joseph Alcoff: On Monday, the 37-year-old has a court date in connection with charges he’s facing in Philadelphia that include aggravated assault and ethnic intimidation for allegedly being part of an Antifa mob in November that attacked two Marines, Alejandro Godinez and Luis Torres, both Hispanic. Alcoff and two others charged in the attack have pleaded not guilty. 
But while Democratic officials are distancing themselves from Alcoff now, until recently he was a well-connected, aspiring political player in Washington who may have even had a hand in key policy proposals. 
His endorsement apparently mattered when several congressional Democrats in February 2018 issued press releases with his quote backing their bill on regulating payday lenders. 
As the payday campaign manager for the liberal group Americans for Financial Reform, Alcoff participated in congressional Democratic press conferences, was a guest on a House Democratic podcast and met with senior officials at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau from 2016 through 2018. 
He was also pictured with now-House Financial Services Committee Chairwoman Maxine Waters, D-Calif., and ranking Democrat on the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio. Both committees oversee financial regulatory policies Alcoff was advocating. 
Alcoff met with then CFPB Director Richard Cordray and other senior CFPB officials on April 2016, again in March 2017 and a third time in May 2017, as first reported by the Washington Free Beacon. During this time, he reportedly was an Antifa leader in Washington.

Italy: Uncle of Italian Girl Murdered by Migrants Threatens to Show Photos of Her Dismembered Body if Immigration Laws Loosened

The Uncle of an Italian girl who was raped and murdered by a Nigerian migrant has threatened to show photos of her dismembered body to the Italian parliament if the country’s new government repeals Matteo Salvini’s strict immigration laws. 
Following the collapse of Italy’s coalition government, led by populist firebrand Salvini, the 5 star movement is set to form a new coalition with the left of center Partito Democratico (PD). 
This prospect led the Uncle of 18-year-old Pamela Mastropietro, who was raped, murdered and dismembered by a Nigerian “cannibal mafia” in the Italian town of Macerata, to threaten to display photos of his niece’s remains to the public. 
Marco Valerio Verni has threatened to display blown-up images of the victim, which left her unrecognizable, “To remind those in power of the catastrophic effects of illegal immigration.”

Dave Chappelle Nukes SJW's

Queen Elizabeth Approves Boris Johnson's Plan To Suspend Parliament to Block Their Sabotage of BREXIT

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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

ANALYSIS: How Donald Trump Physically Dominated the G7 Summit

President Donald J. Trump asserted an imposing physical dominance over his fellow world leaders at the G7 Summit in France, a Free Beacon analysis has found. 
Using a number of advanced techniques deployed by elite negotiators, President Trump successfully demonstrated physical supremacy over his so-called peers. 
According to the analysis, Trump's unapologetic display of American dominance stands in marked contrast to the supine deference of his predecessor, Barack Obama. 
 Here's a sampling of what our analysts found:

4TH AMENDMENT VIOLATION: Police gain access to private surveillance video from AMAZON doorbell cams Across Hundreds of cities...

Insane. We're such a compliant population. We are watching a war upon our Constitution by our own government:
The doorbell-camera company Ring has quietly forged video-sharing partnerships with more than 400 police forces across the United States, granting them access to homeowners' camera footage and a powerful role in what the company calls America's "new neighborhood watch." 
The partnerships let police automatically request the video recorded by homeowners' cameras within a specific time and area, helping officers see footage from the company's millions of Internet-connected cameras installed nationwide, the company said. 
Officers don't receive ongoing or live-video access, and homeowners can decline the requests, which are sent via emails that thank them for "making your neighborhood a safer place." 
The number of police deals, which has not previously been reported, will likely fuel broader questions about privacy, surveillance and the expanding reach of tech giants and local police. The rapid growth of the program, which launched last spring, surprised some civil-liberties advocates, who believed fewer than 300 agencies had signed on. 
Ring is owned by Amazon, which bought the firm last year for more than $800 million, financial filings show. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos also owns The Washington Post. Ring officials and law-enforcement partners portray the vast camera network as an irrepressible shield for American neighborhoods, saying it can assist police investigators and protect homes from criminals, intruders and thieves.
Many Conservatives would say, "Well, they are a business and they have the right to do what they want. And besides they send out emails letting people know." Conservatives need to stop making excuses for Fascism in the name of business.

All the government needs to do now is invent the fascist tool of their dreams and outsource it to a business and everyone will agree.


OPIUM WARS IN REVERSE? Mexican Navy seizes 25 tons of fentanyl from China in single raid

The most recent seizure comes just days after the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration announced a cumulative seizure of over a million illicitly created fentanyl pills, by the DEA’s Phoenix Field Office and various Arizona law enforcement agencies over the course of the 2019 fiscal year. 
The 1,138,288 pills are nearly triple the 380,000 fentanyl pill seizures estimated in fiscal year 2018. The high yield of captured fentanyl is an even further increase over just 20,000 fentanyl pills seized within the state of Arizona in the 2016 fiscal year. Breitbart News’ Texas news bureau reported the dismantling of a Sinoloa Cartel lab fentanyl pill lab in Northwest Culiac├ín, Sinaloa last week. 
Some 2,500 fentanyl pills were discovered at the lab and authorities seized a pill press used to make “M-30s” or “Mexican Oxy” derived from the powdered fentanyl. Investigators also determined the lab to be a training site for other cartel drug manufacturers. 
Breitbart reports that fentanyl has become a favored drug of production, lucrative to the Sinoloa Cartel due to its easy production and accessible trafficking routes across the Mexican border into the U.S.

Cuban Who Windsurfed for 90 Miles to Escape Socialism Warns America

Fire Destroys Beautiful Old Church In Philadelphia

Mexican police fight with Africans demanding they be allowed to cross Mexico into the USA

Divorce Filing: That Terrorist Whore Ilhan Omar Flew an Adultery Jet Into My Marriage

Thank Ace of Spades for the BRILLIANT TITLE!
A Washington, DC, mom says her political-consultant husband left her for Rep. Ilhan Omar, according to a bombshell divorce filing obtained by The Post. 
Dr. Beth Jordan Mynett says her cheating spouse, Tim Mynett, told her in April that he was having an affair with the Somali-born US representative and that he even made a "shocking declaration of love" for the Minnesota congresswoman before he ditched his wife, alleges the filing, submitted in DC Superior Court on Tuesday. 
The physician, 55, and her 38-year-old husband -- who has worked for left-wing Democrats such as Omar and her Minnesota predecessor, Keith Ellison --have a 13-year-old son together. 
"The parties physically separated on or about April 7, 2019, when Defendant told Plaintiff that he was romantically involved with and in love with another woman, Ilhan Omar," the court papers say.

So, will Tim Mynett convert to Islam?


How Awful. Ilhan Omar Was Hanging Out in Public with Her Lover and His 13-Year-Old Son Before he Announced his Affair to His Wife

Do you think, maybe, perhaps, Nancy Pelosi is responsible for the avalanche of revelations about Ilhan Omar recently?
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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

UNREAL: Google Buried True Meaning of Covfefe [I Will Stand Up] Once President Trump Tweeted It!!!

Wow! I honestly never knew this. I figured he had just made a mistake.
President Trump tweeted “Covfefe” and nobody knew what he meant. If you googled the word you couldn’t find it. Now we know that the reason you couldn’t find it is because Google had it erased from its social platform! 
Internet sleuth Tiffany FitzHenry reported some bombshells in the Google leaks that were recently released. A few of her tweets related to President Trump’s use of the word “Covfefe” –


Melanie Phillips on President Trump’s highly accurate and even important statement about Jewish people who vote Democrat

The Pew Research center has shown that while 79 percent of Republicans say they back Israel against the Palestinians, only 27 percent of Democrats share that view. 
And now the party is embracing outright anti-Zionists and Jew-bashers such as congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, whose proposed visit to Israel this month was aborted after the Israeli government decided that their itinerary was designed solely to incite hatred and do Israel harm. So the very last party that any supposedly “Israel-first” Jew would vote for would be the Democrats. 
The full context of what President Trump said made it abundantly clear that this “dual loyalty” interpretation of his words simply didn’t stack up. Commenting on Omar’s call to cut aid to Israel, Trump said: 
“Five years, the concept of even talking about this, even three years ago, of cutting off aid to Israel because of two people that hate Israel and hate Jewish people, I can’t believe we’re even having this conversation. Where has the Democratic Party gone? Where have they gone where they are defending these two people over the State of Israel? I think any Jewish people that vote for a Democrat, I think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty.” 
Trump was thus criticizing Democrat-voting Jews not for their overriding loyalty to Israel but, on the contrary, for supporting a party that has become an enemy of Israel.

Forbes: Why Everything They Say About The Amazon, Including That It’s The “Lungs Of The World,” Is Wrong

The increase in fires burning in Brazil set off a storm of international outrage last week. Celebrities, environmentalists, and political leaders blame Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, for destroying the world’s largest rainforest, the Amazon, which they say is the “lungs of the world.” Singers and actors including Madonna and Jaden Smith shared photos on social media that were seen by tens of millions of people. 
“The lungs of the Earth are in flames,” said actor Leonardo DiCaprio. 
“The Amazon Rainforest produces more than 20% of the world’s oxygen,” tweeted soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo. 
“The Amazon rain forest — the lungs which produce 20% of our planet’s oxygen — is on fire,” tweeted French President Emanuel Macron. 
And yet the photos weren’t actually of the fires and many weren’t even of the Amazon. The photo Ronaldo shared was taken in southern Brazil, far from the Amazon, in 2013. The photo that DiCaprio and Macron shared is over 20 years old. The photo Madonna and Smith shared is over 30. 
Some celebrities shared photos from Montana, India, and Sweden. To their credit, CNN and New York Times debunked the photos and other misinformation about the fires. 
“Deforestation is neither new nor limited to one nation,” explained CNN. “These fires were not caused by climate change,” noted The Times. 
But both publications repeated the claim that the Amazon is the “lungs” of the world. “The Amazon remains a net source of oxygen today,” said CNN. “The Amazon is often referred to as Earth’s ‘lungs,’ because its vast forests release oxygen and store carbon dioxide, a heat-trapping gas that is a major cause of global warming,” claimed The New York Times. 
I was curious to hear what one of the world’s leading Amazon forest experts, Dan Nepstad, had to say about the “lungs” claim. 
“It’s bullshit,” he said. “There’s no science behind that. The Amazon produces a lot of oxygen but it uses the same amount of oxygen through respiration so it’s a wash.” 
Plants use respiration to convert nutrients from the soil into energy. They use photosynthesis to convert light into chemical energy, which can later be used in respiration. 
What about The New York Times claim that “If enough rain forest is lost and can’t be restored, the area will become savanna, which doesn’t store as much carbon, meaning a reduction in the planet’s ‘lung capacity’”? 
Also not true, said Nepstad, who was a lead author of the most recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report. “The Amazon produces a lot of oxygen, but so do soy farms and [cattle] pastures.”

OF COURSE: Camera Footage Outside of Epstein’s Prison Cell Deemed Unusable

At least one camera in the hallway outside the cell where authorities say registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein hanged himself earlier this month had footage that is unusable, although other, clearer footage was captured in the area, according to three people briefed on the evidence gathered earlier this month. 
It was not immediately clear why some video footage outside Epstein’s cell is too flawed for investigators to use or what is visible in the other, usable footage. 
The incident is being investigated by the FBI and the Justice Department’s inspector general’s office, which are attempting to determine what happened and how to assess whether any policies were violated or crimes committed. 
It’s unclear whether the flaw in the taping affected a limited duration of the footage or whether it was a chronic problem in the beleaguered facility.

Trump In Asia

WINNING! China Says It Wants An End To "Trade War"
China signaled on Monday it was now seeking a “calm” end to its ongoing trade war with the U.S., as Asian markets crumbled and China’s currency plummeted to an 11-year low following the latest tariffs on $550 billion in Chinese goods announced last Friday by the Trump administration. 
Trump said Monday that officials from China called U.S. officials and expressed interest to “get back to the table,” The Wall Street Journal reported. 
He called the discussions a “very positive development.” “They want to make a deal. That’s a great thing,” he said.

BIG NEWS! President Trump Reaches Historic Trade Deal with Japan (Video)


Blood Sweat and Tears
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Monday, August 26, 2019

Court declares Obama’s EPA “Waters of the United States Rule” unlawful

U.S. District Judge Lisa Godbey Wood has handed a victory to the state of Georgia and nine other states that sued the federal government (and to the rest of the nation) by declaring that the WOTUS Rule is unlawful. 
Wood stated that the rule, which was intended to provide better protection of the nation’s water, violated the Clean Water Act and the Administrative Procedure Act, and she remanded it back to the Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers for further work. 
She wrote that while the agencies have authority to interpret the phrase “waters of the United States,” that authority isn’t limitless, and therefore their decisions in doing so do not fall under what’s called Chevron deference, a matter of case law in which — for lack of a better phrase — the tie goes to the agency. 
Legal Insurrection readers may recall that implementation of the rule led to a Wyoming farmer being fined $37,500 a day for constructing a stock pond on his own property.

Thanks to AOW.

Silicon Valley Building Chinese-Style Social Credit System: Scores affect insurance, where can eat, travel, more

In China, scoring citizens’ behavior is official government policy. U.S. companies are increasingly doing something similar, outside the law. 
Have you heard about China’s social credit system? It’s a technology-enabled, surveillance-based nationwide program designed to nudge citizens toward better behavior. The ultimate goal is to “allow the trustworthy to roam everywhere under heaven while making it hard for the discredited to take a single step,” according to the Chinese government. 
In place since 2014, the social credit system is a work in progress that could evolve by next year into a single, nationwide point system for all Chinese citizens, akin to a financial credit score. 
It aims to punish for transgressions that can include membership in or support for the Falun Gong or Tibetan Buddhism, failure to pay debts, excessive video gaming, criticizing the government, late payments, failing to sweep the sidewalk in front of your store or house, smoking or playing loud music on trains, jaywalking, and other actions deemed illegal or unacceptable by the Chinese government. 
The New York State Department of Financial Services announced earlier this year that life insurance companies can base premiums on what they find in your social media posts. That Instagram pic showing you teasing a grizzly bear at Yellowstone with a martini in one hand, a bucket of cheese fries in the other, and a cigarette in your mouth, could cost you. 
On the other hand, a Facebook post showing you doing yoga might save you money. (Insurance companies have to demonstrate that social media evidence points to risk, and not be based on discrimination of any kind—they can’t use social posts to alter premiums based on race or disability, for example.) 
The use of social media is an extension of the lifestyle questions typically asked when applying for life insurance, such as questions about whether you engage in rock climbing or other adventure sports. Saying “no,” but then posting pictures of yourself free-soloing El Capitan, could count as a “yes.” P 
ATRONSCAN A company called PatronScan sells three products—kiosk, desktop, and handheld systems—designed to help bar and restaurant owners manage customers. PatronScan is a subsidiary of the Canadian software company Servall Biometrics, and its products are now on sale in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom. 
PatronScan helps spot fake IDs—and troublemakers. When customers arrive at a PatronScan-using bar, their ID is scanned. The company maintains a list of objectionable customers designed to protect venues from people previously removed for “fighting, sexual assault, drugs, theft, and other bad behavior,” according to its website. 
A “public” list is shared among all PatronScan customers. So someone who’s banned by one bar in the U.S. is potentially banned by all the bars in the U.S., the U.K., and Canada that use the PatronScan system for up to a year. (PatronScan Australia keeps a separate system.)
That all sounds reasonable, doesn't it?


Jewish Rabbis and Disloyalty

From Ilya Feoktistov:
Like the boy in the tale of the emperor’s new clothes, President Trump has once again spoken a taboo truth: Some American Jews seem to be more loyal to an increasingly anti-Jewish and far-left Democratic Party than they are to the Jewish people. That’s not necessarily an immoral position for most American Jews to take: 
As individuals, they have no concrete duty of loyalty to the Jewish people, and it is their absolute right to seek stronger allegiances through political, rather than through religious or ethnic affinity. But American Jewish leaders, picked and paid as such by the Jewish community, are in a different position. 
Those Jewish leaders whose fiduciary duty of loyalty is to the Jewish missions of their organizations, but whose primary loyalty is to the Tlaibanized progressive movement and the party that champions it, are betraying that duty in some truly indecent ways. 
Consider Reconstructionist Rabbi Toba Spitzer. As president of the Massachusetts Board of Rabbis (MBR), and as the long-time rabbi of the cultish Congregation Dorshei Tzedek, Spitzer has aggressively promoted extreme left-wing causes. Many are direct threats to the Jewish community: embracing anti-Semitic Islamist extremists like Linda Sarsour, hostility toward the U.S. government, hostility toward the Israeli government, support for the anti-Semitic Occupy Wall Street movement, support for the anti-Semitic Black Lives Matter movement, and open border refugee policies are some examples. 
Yet Rabbi Spitzer and the MBR insist that these causes are Jewish religious imperatives, even as they proclaim Jew-haters like the Hamas front group, CAIR, and the terror-affiliated Islamic Society of Boston to be their friends and allies. At the same time, Spitzer and the MBR demonize in vicious terms those fellow Jews who don’t agree with their political viewpoints. 
Last year, Spitzer wrote that, when it comes to Israel, American Jews should ask themselves: “Do we believe that the physical continuity of the Jewish people supersedes other Jewish values?” 
In other words: Should the Israelis choose to die en masse instead of committing what Rabbi Spitzer feels is the unforgivable sin of perpetuating the fight with the Palestinians?  
Implicitly answering in the affirmative, Spitzer challenged the “existential narrative” of Israel, arguing that Jewish sovereignty -- and the Jewish lives protected by its existence -- should not supersede the Jewish values of “lovingkindness” (chesed) and “mercy” (rachamim) toward “supporters of Hamas” -- her words, not mine.

UK: Police Arrest Man For Walking Away From Argument With Antifa?

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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Trump Off Camera

Google Is a Mind Control Threat to The Masses, Uses "Ephemeral Experience" To Affect People's Thoughts

Michael Mann, creator of the infamous global warming ‘hockey stick,’ loses lawsuit against climate skeptic, ordered to pay defendant’s costs

Michael Mann, a climatologist at Penn State University, is the creator of the “hockey stick graph” that appears to show global temperatures taking a noticeable swing upward in the era when humanity has been burning fossil fuels and dumping CO2 into the atmosphere. 
The graph was first published in 1998,prominently featured in the 2001 UN Climate Report, and formed part of Al Gore’s 2006 movie, An Inconvenient Truth.The graph’s methodology and accuracy have been and continue to be hotly contested, but Mann has taken the tack of suing two of his most prominent critics for defamation or libel. 
One case, against Mark Steyn, is  likely to end up in the Supreme Court. But another case, against Dr. Tim Ball was decided by the Supreme Court of British Columbia, with Mann’s case thrown out, and him ordered to pay the defendant’s legal costs, no doubt a tidy sum of money.

Israel hits Iranian force in Syria to stop 'killer drones' - military

JERUSALEM/DAMASCUS, Aug 24 (Reuters) - Israeli aircraft on Saturday struck Iranian forces near Damascus that had been planning to launch "killer drones" at targets in Israel, an Israeli military spokesman said. 
"The strike targeted Iranian Quds Force operatives and Shiite militias which were preparing to advance attack plans targeting sites in Israel from within Syria over the last number of days," the military said in a statement. The elite Quds Force is the overseas arm of Iran's Revolutionary Guards (IRGC). 
Israeli military spokesman Jonathan Conricus told reporters the forces on Thursday had been preparing to launch "killer drones" armed with explosives at northern Israel. 
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the military had thwarted the planned Iranian attack. 
"Iran has no immunity anywhere. Our forces operate in every sector against the Iranian aggression," he said on Twitter. Syrian state media said Syrian air defences intercepted "hostile targets" over Damascus, the capital, Saturday night. 
Witnesses in Damascus said they heard and saw explosions in the sky.
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Saturday, August 24, 2019

Democrat Debbie Mucarsel-Powell: Illegal Immigration Is “Really Not Affecting American People”

Crazed Democrat Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (D-FL) went on with CNN on Friday to argue that illegal immigration is “really not affecting the American people.”

This comes the same week the Department of Justice reported that 64% of federal arrests are non-citizens. And federal arrests of non-citizens jumped over 200% in the last 20 years.


Trump Dealing China A Lethal Blow?

Is Trump dealing China a lethal blow?

Liar, Liar! Pants On Fire!

Today's Democrat Party, blaming President Trump for everything....

Former Trump Photographer, Gene Ho, Talks About Donald Trump

Trump presses U.S. companies to close China operations, make products in the United States

What a nut, huh? The U.S. should make it's own products?!!? That's crazy kid's stuff!
WASHINGTON, Aug 23 (Reuters) - President Donald Trump said on Friday he was ordering U.S. companies to look at ways to close their operations in China and make more of their products in the United States instead, a rhetorical strike at Beijing as trade tensions mounted. 
Trump cannot legally compel U.S. companies to abandon China immediately and he gave no detail on how he might proceed with any such order, although he said he would be offering a response later on Friday to tariffs on American products announced by China earlier in the day. 
The U.S. dollar rose sharply against the Chinese yuan, U.S. stock markets fell and oil prices dropped on Trump's latest salvo against China. 
"Our great American companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to China, including bringing your companies HOME and making your products in the USA," Trump wrote on Twitter. "We don't need China and, frankly, would be far better off without them." 
Experts said tax policy changes and sanctions could be used to restrict or reduce U.S. business activity in China, but it would take years to disentangle the world's two largest economies. 
The consequences of a complete break to the world economy would be severe, they said. China, for instance, holds $1.11 trillion in U.S. Treasury securities. For many products sold in the United States, there are few alternatives to Chinese production, and shifting production for major goods produced there could take years and be expensive. 
American companies could also sue the U.S. government in response to any order to shutter plants in China. 
The most effective option for Trump would be to restrict federal procurement from any companies that do business in China.

Kirkwood Community College Teacher: I Affirm I Am Antifa…

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) — Complaints against Kirkwood professor Jeff Klinzman, who professes support for a militant leftist group called “Antifa”, is opening a debate over free speech on college campuses. Antifa is a group that has been behind several violent protests nationwide. 
Their name is short for Anti-Fascist and is a movement focused on physically fighting far-right and white supremacist groups. The FBI has monitored the group and President Donald Trump is threatening to designate it as a domestic terrorist organization. 
Klinzman, who has worked as an adjunct English professor at Kirkwood since January 2010, tells the I9 investigative team, “I affirm that I am ‘antifa'”. Klinzman declined to take part in an interview with I9 citing safety concerns but said in an email he makes no apology for what he has posted online. 
Klinzman says what he has posted on social media drew complaints at Kirkwood Community College. 
On the Facebook page for “Iowa Antifa”, one can find a litany of far-left statements and conversations. 
One of them features a tweet from President Donald Trump where he calls the group, “Radical Left Wack Jobs who go around hitting… people over the heads with baseball bats”. Professor Klinzman wrote in response, “Yeah, I know who I’d clock with a bat…” 
The Secret Service tells I9 they are aware of Klinzman's post but would not confirm if they are investigating it as a threat to the President. 
Cedar Rapids attorney Sara Riley says while what Klinzman posted may suggest an act of violence against the president, she does not expect him to be charged. 
"It's so ambiguous that there is just no way that he'd ever be considered a true threat," said Riley.

Rasmussen: Majority of Likely Voters Don't Trust Political News, Also Say the Media Is Primarily Engaged in Political Operations to Block Trump's/the GOP's Agenda

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that just 32% of Likely U.S. Voters trust the political news they are getting. Most (54%) do not. Fourteen percent (14%) are not sure.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Ten Years After
I'm Going Home

The Real Reason Behind Trump's Desire to Buy Greenland?

Was Greenland “for sale” when the Chinese were shopping in 2017? 
"In 2017, Greenland’s prime minister flew to China and asked, as the Journal reported in February of this year, “Chinese state-run banks to finance the new commercial airports, including a big one for one of the smallest capitals on earth, Nuuk, which can now be served only by propeller planes. The bankers were interested, people at the meetings said, so long as a Chinese company constructed the airports.” 
Reports indicate this action was triggered by Denmark refusing to help. Then-Secretary of Defense James N. Mattis was not happy and convinced Danish officials to fund the infrastructure, sidelining China. 
This was an effort by China starting in 2018 and only ending when they officially withdrew in June of this year. 
For those who look past their shallow view of the United States and the administration, one would know it’s no coincidence that the president’s remarks on Greenland became public just two months after we successfully fought off China in their latest swing at the North American island."

North Korea nuclear leak fears as satellite images show rivers turned BLACK near uranium mines

Oh boy:
NORTH Korea’s nuclear programme is feared to be leaking toxic waste which could be contaminating 400,000 people — risking cancer and horrible birth defects. 
Disturbing photos appear to reveal how a uranium plant in the north of the country is spilling huge amounts of toxic waste into a river which provides water to drink and for crops. 
The potential radioactive leak was discovered by eagle-eyed US-based researcher Jacob Bogle. 
By examining satellite images of the Pyongsan uranium site, Mr Bogle believes a horror has been unfolding which has been covered up by the highly secretive and insular state. 
But he thinks the catastrophe may soon be hard to hide because the toxic leak is now flowing into the Yellow Sea the country shares with neighbouring South Korea and China. 
This could ultimately affect an estimated 600million people and end up being the world’s worst man-made disaster.

Steven Crowder: Rashida Tlaib Supports Terrorism

Trump On The Trade War With China

DEBUNKING HOWARD ZINN: Exposing The Fake History That Turned a Generation Against America

Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States has sold more than 2.5 million copies. It is pushed by Hollywood celebrities, defended by university professors who know better, and assigned in high school and college classrooms to teach students that American history is nothing more than a litany of oppression, slavery, and exploitation. 
Zinn’s history is popular, but it is also massively wrong. Scholar Mary Grabar exposes just how wrong in her stunning new book Debunking Howard Zinn, which demolishes Zinn’s Marxist talking points that now dominate American education. In Debunking Howard Zinn, you’ll learn, contra Zinn: 
How Columbus was not a genocidal maniac, and was, in fact, a defender of Indians 
Why the American Indians were not feminist-communist sexual revolutionaries ahead of their time How the United States was founded to protect liberty, not white males’ ill-gotten wealth 
Why Americans of the “Greatest Generation” were not the equivalent of Nazi war criminals 
How the Viet Cong were not well-meaning community leaders advocating for local self-rule 
Why the Black Panthers were not civil rights leaders 
Grabar also reveals Zinn’s bag of dishonest rhetorical tricks: his slavish reliance on partisan history, explicit rejection of historical balance, and selective quotation of sources to make them say the exact opposite of what their authors intended. If you care about America’s past—and our future—you need this book.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Italian Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini

Remember this little video where it was revealed that Merkel was conspiring with Italy’s president Conti in order to defeat the people’s will and fly in migrants wholesale to bypass Salvini’s closing of the ports?

Well Salvini had something to say about that:
Joe Cocker
Let's Go Get Stoned

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Not Sick Of Winning Yet, Mr. President, BUT THIS IS NOT EXACTLY WINNING


New York Times Editor "Apologizes" For His Disgusting Anti-Semitic Tweets

Tom Wright-Piersanti, who has been a Senior Staff Editor at the New York Times for more than five years according to his LinkedIn page and according to his Twitter page oversees the newspaper’s political coverage, has made a series of antisemitic and racist tweets over the years. Many of them are still public on his Twitter page as of the publication of this article, but some have since been deleted. 
The revelation of these tweets come in the wake of the executive editor of the Times stating that the newspaper intends to target the president on racial issues over the next couple years, after the newspaper’s efforts on the Russia hoax scandal failed.  
One tweet that is still public is from the early morning of New Years Day in 2010, when he admits he is antisemitic but announced that his New Years resolution was to be less antisemitic—even though the tweet’s content mocks Jewish people.

Trump May Issue Exec Order Ending Birthright Citizenship For Babies Of Illegal Immigrants: Calls It ‘Frankly Ridiculous’

On Wednesday, President Trump stated that he is thinking of issuing an executive order that would prevent the children born on American soil to illegal immigrants from gaining automatic American citizenship, calling so-called “birthright citizenship” “frankly ridiculous.” 
Trump told reporters, “Birthright citizenship — where you have a baby in our land, walk over the border, have a baby, congratulations — the baby is now a U.S. citizen. We’re looking at it very, very seriously.” 
When he was apprised that one reporter knew of Trump’s intent to go forward with an executive order, which he had mentioned in 2018, he responded, ‘‘I don’t know how you found that out, but that’s very good. We’re looking at birthright citizenship very seriously. It’s frankly ridiculous.”

Hasan Piker of The Young Turks Declares That ‘America Deserved 9-11,’ Praises ‘Brave Soldier’ Who Took Rep. Crenshaw’s Eye

Stupid Fucking Piece of Shit
Hasan Piker of The Young Turks, Cenk Uygur’s nephew, shockingly declared that “America deserved 9-11” during a recent livestream where he was commenting on Rep. Dan Crenshaw’s appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience. 
Piker also referred to the man who took Rep. Crenshaw’s eye as a “brave f-cking soldier.” 
In his crass rant, Piker asked, “didn’t he go to war and literally lose his eye because some mujahadeen, a brave f-cking soldier, f-cked his eye hole with their d-ck? Isn’t that how he lost his f-cking dumb-ss eye?” 
Rep. Crenshaw lost his eye during his third deployment when he was hit by an improvised explosive device.
Cenk's nephew.

You think Cenk doesn't know this guy's fucking opinions? Fuck Cenk Uygur. These people are infiltraitors.

NEVER SICK OF WINNING, MR. PRESIDENT: Migrants Fail to Scale New Border Wall Section, Head Back to Mexico