Thursday, June 30, 2016

So Mrs Epa and I went to the Donald Trump Rally in Bgr

The Cross Insurance Center was nearly full as we arrived and Howie Carr was speaking. Capacity 8,500, population of Bangor ~26,000

Empty seats were only below, behind and in the corners of the TV/Press stand which totally obscured views

Protestors - 8 in 3 groups who stood up, yelled (frankly in a good natured way), and were quickly escorted out to Trump stating we had the nicest protestors in the nation. We saw ONE group of 3-5 people outside with Hillary t shirts, laughing and pointing at themselves. TV showed some group (5-10) with the Trump/Racist/HATER meme.

Trump’s Stump - 90% of what he talked about was jobs and the economy, and trade. He was VERY effective rebutting the criticism of the Chamber of Commerce, ‘what,… are they against better trade deals for the US?’

He had a list of what he would do or trade which was relatively specific, INCLUDING the promise that if Mexico and Canada rejected renegotiating NAFTA, he would being the withdrawal process.
He had a list of acts on how to end Chinese currency manipulation, cyber thefts of intellectual property etc, and INSISTED that China was NOT engaged in free trade.

He stated over and over he had NOTHING against the Mexican or Chinese govt, but against OURS for being incompetent, corrupt or both.

He mentioned the WALL, ONCE about 85% of the way thru the talk.

He mentioned military power was there to be a deterrent/respected not to PUSH THE BUTTON.
He outined the commonality in his observations and Bernie’s

Other than that, his talk was about the American economy recovering through industries MAKING THINGS here. He returned to this over and over and over.

The crowd was WAAAAAAY younger than we expected.

A gentle warning to ‘conservatives’ about perception

If you are perceived to have conducted yourselves so as to guarantee a Trump loss to HRC, and then think you will be able to conduct a campaign in 2020 to get rid of her, please consider this:
  • You will have DESTROYED what you conceive of as the Republican party
  • You will die with the label ‘DISCONNECTED ELITIST’ on your foreheads
  • You will be speaking among your erudite colleagues by the end of 2017, AND REALIZE the rest of the auditorium is dark because NO ONE IS THERE.
  • You will earn the PERMANENT exile of the American working middle class from ANY kind of conservatism
  • HRC will earn 2 terms against a totally and PERMANENTLY divided set of vestigial stump organizations all of whom despise each other MORE than the democrats.
  • A ‘Bernie’ will replace a disgusted and resigning John Roberts as Chief Justice of the USA and will be happy as he swears in an ‘Elizabeth Warren’ in 2025 after the Dems get 61 Senators in the 2024 elections.
  • PS, you will all be appearing at roundtables on the new web only FOXSTREAM-C channel, on Sunday morning at 2-3 AM, beginning in 2022
  • Once a month

13-year old girl stabbed to death by Islamofascist while asleep

A terrorist infiltrated Kiryat Arba, and fatally stabbed a young dance student:
A Palestinian terrorist stabbed a 13-year old to death in her bedroom on Thursday morning after he infiltrated the West Bank settlement of Kiryat Arba, which is located next to Hebron.

“My daughter was sleeping calmly when he [the terrorist] came into her bedroom,” Hallal’s mother Rina told Army Radio. “She was happy,’ she added.

A Magen David Adom paramedic said that when he arrived at the scene the teenage girl, Hallel Yaffa Ariel, was unconscious and was not breathing. They were able to resuscitate her at the scene, but it was touch-and-go during the whole journey to Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem, as they continuously fought to keep her alive.

She was pronounced dead shortly after her arrival, without ever regaining consciousness.

After the attack, the IDF and one of the Prime Minister Office’s spokesman tweeted a photograph of her blood-stained bedroom.

Hallel had been a member of a dance troop and had performed in Jerusalem the night before. Her step-father, Amihai, is a cousin of Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel, and runs a boutique winery. She will be buried in old Jewish cemetery in Hebron. The funeral procession will leave from Kiryat Arba at 6 p.m. The terrorist, Mohammad Tarairah, 17, breached the settlement’s fence and then entered the Ariel home that was located on a security road, near a yeshiva high school for boys.

The settlement’s security team responded to the incident. According to the IDF, the terrorist stabbed a member of that security team, before another member of the team shot and killed Tarairah.
Another absolutely repulsive incident. It's fortunate that the terrorist himself was gunned down, and contrary to what the Muslims are taught, he'll just go to hell and not find any virgins.

One of the monsters responsible for this incitement is MK Hanin Zoabi, who just recently incited against the IDF:
Incitement by MK Haneen Zoabi (Joint List) is to blame for the death of 13-year-old Hallel Yaffa Ariel, MKs on the Right posited Thursday.

“The blood of the 13-year-old girl murdered today is on Zoabi’s hands,” MK Nava Boker (Likud), a Deputy Knesset Speaker, said. “This is the result of the incitement she speaks from the Knesset’s stage.”

On Wednesday, Zoabi called IDF soldiers “murderers” during a speech in the Knesset, leading to a near-brawl in the plenum when several MKs from the coalition and opposition shouted at her and tried to rush the stage. Following the melee, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked Attorney-General Avihai Mandelblit to look into legal ways of removing Zoabi from the Knesset.

Boker said Zoabi “encourages terrorist attacks against Jews and the murder of children in their beds.

“Until we put an end to it and get rid of her in the Knesset once and for all, we will continue to see terrorist attacks like the one today,” the Likud MK added.
I'm afraid they'll continue until they show the courage to abolish Islam once and for all.

This Week On The Gathering Storm: Open Mic!

Listen to The Gathering Storm Radio Show, hosted by WC and Always On Watch.

The show broadcasts live for 30 minutes every Friday beginning at noon, Pacific Time.

The call-in number is 646-915-9870. Callers welcome!

Listen to the July 1, 2016 edition of The Gathering Storm Radio Show, live or later, by CLICKING HERE.


Boris Johnson On Preserving British Identity

DHS Whistleblower Testifies Before Senate Judiciary Committee

"Moderate Muslim" Organization Spokesperson Grilled By Ted Cruz On The Question of Whether It is Wrong to Label Jihad "Jihad"

Rassmussen: TRUMP TAKES LEAD, Trump 43%, Clinton 39%

From Rassmussen:
Thursday, June 30, 2016 
The tables have turned in this week’s White House Watch. After trailing Hillary Clinton by five points for the prior two weeks, 
Donald Trump has now taken a four-point lead. 
The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey of Likely U.S. Voters finds Trump with 43% of the vote, while Clinton earns 39%. 
Twelve percent (12%) still like another candidate, and five percent (5%) are undecided. (To see survey question wording, click here.) 
Last week at this time, it was Clinton 44%, Trump 39%.

The House Benghazi report makes it completely clear that no one peddling the “spontaneous video protest” theory of the attack ever believed it, not for a single hour

The House Benghazi report makes it completely clear that no one peddling the “spontaneous video protest” theory of the attack ever believed it, not for a single hour
It was a piece of deliberate disinformation concocted in Washington...
Anyone else recall thinking how ODD the POTUS' denial to the UN sounded back in 2012?...
ff 0:48 @ Youtube clip of Obama addressing the UN General Assembly 9/25/2012 

"Now I have made it clear that the United States government had nothing to do with this video"
Hillary provided the same ODD denial on 9/14/2012 :
Youtube clip, ff:0:17
We've seen rage and violence directed at American embassies over an awful internet video THAT WE HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH..."
Walid Shoebat also provided some additional curious details about the film-maker, Sam Bacile (aka Nakoula Basseley Nakoula)
- in an Arabic radio interview Nakoula was fixated on defending the Feds.
“Why do you defend the U.S. government continually?” The interviewer asked. “The U.S. has no link to this movie whatsoever,” Nakoula responded.
It was all part of the deal he made to cooperate with the Feds who arrested Nakoula on 9/27/2012 & ordered him to jail without bail....subsequently sentenced him to a year in federal prison and four years of supervised release.
(how convenient to coincide with the change of presidential administration)...but he's now reportedly residing in an LA homeless shelter & working PT @ pizza parlor. (wiki)
Adding salt to the wound of dead Americans in Benghazi.. Obama apologized to the Islamists after the attack on the embassy.

BREAKING: ISIS Terrorists Used Obama’s Fast and Furious Gun During Paris Attack?!!??!!!?!?!!!?!??

One of the guns used in the November 13, 2015 Paris terrorist attacks came from Phoenix, Arizona where the Obama administration allowed criminals to buy thousands of weapons illegally in a deadly and futile “gun-walking” operation known as “Fast and Furious.” 
A Report of Investigation (ROI) filed by a case agent in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (ATF) tracked the gun used in the Paris attacks to a Phoenix gun owner who sold it illegally, “off book,” Judicial Watch’s law enforcement sources confirm. 
Federal agents tracing the firearm also found the Phoenix gun owner to be in possession of an unregistered fully automatic weapon, according to law enforcement officials with firsthand knowledge of the investigation. 
The investigative follow up of the Paris weapon consisted of tracking a paper trail using a 4473 form, which documents a gun’s ownership history by, among other things, using serial numbers. 
The Phoenix gun owner that the weapon was traced back to was found to have at least two federal firearms violations—for selling one weapon illegally and possessing an unregistered automatic—but no enforcement or prosecutorial action was taken against the individual. 
Instead, ATF leaders went out of their way to keep the information under the radar and ensure that the gun owner’s identity was “kept quiet,” according to law enforcement sources involved with the case. 
“Agents were told, in the process of taking the fully auto, not to anger the seller to prevent him from going public,” a veteran law enforcement official told Judicial Watch. 
It’s not clear if the agency, which is responsible for cracking down on the illegal use and trafficking of firearms, did this because the individual was involved in the Fast and Furious gun-running scheme. 
An ATF spokesman, Corey Ray, at the agency’s Washington D.C. headquarters told Judicial Watch that “no firearms used in the Paris attacks have been traced” by the agency. When asked about the ROI report linking the weapon used in Paris to Phoenix, Ray said “I’m not familiar with the report you’re referencing.” 
Judicial Watch also tried contacting the Phoenix ATF office, but multiple calls were not returned.


ISIS issued a KILL LIST.

The FBI is not WARNING those who are on the list.





Republican Senators Vote to Funnel $500 Million to UN’s Green Climate Slush Fund

Republican Senators Vote to Funnel $500 Million to UN’s Green Climate Slush Fund

THIS is why Donald Trump must become President.


Breitbart: Obama Defends Globalization, Vows Commitment to ‘International Order’

Humpday Blues

Sleepy John Estes
Mailman Blues

Sonny Boy Williamson
Cool Disposition

Lightnin' Hopkins
Where Did you Stay Last Night

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Mexican President Compares Trump to Hitler and Mussolini at #3AmigosSummit (VIDEO)

The Mexican't President compares Trump to Hitler.

Keep talking, buddy. Every time you say some stupid shit like this, you drum up another half million votes for Trump.

The Mexican't President's primary initiative is EXPORTING HIS OWN PEOPLE.

“Most of what some people say is very similar than in the past… In the past some leaders addressed their societies in those terms. Hitler and Mussolini did that. And the outcome is clear to everyone. it resulted in devastation. It turned out to be a tragedy for mankind.


Finally making good on long-harbored anger at conservative media, Democrats on the Federal Election Commission voted in secret to punish Fox News' sponsorship of a Republican presidential debate, using an obscure law to charge the network with helping those on stage. 
It is the first time in history that members of the FEC voted to punish a media outlet's debate sponsorship, and it follows several years of Democratic threats against conservative media and websites like the Drudge Report. 
The punishment, however, was blocked by all three Republicans on the commission, resulting in a 3-3 tie vote and no action.

Kerry: Terror attacks FL, Turkey, CA,France because ISIS ‘losing’


plural noun:
  1. an idiosyncratic belief or impression that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality or rational argument, typically a symptom of mental disorder.“the delusion of being watched"synonyms:misapprehension, misconception, misunderstanding, mistake, error, misinterpretation,misconstruction, misbelief; More

Al Qaeda Advisory to Terrorists: Make Sure You Attack Straight White People Or Obama Will Call It a "Hate" Crime and Deny Us the Credit

You think the title is a joke, don't you? It's not.
ZZ Top
Live at Bonnaroo 2013

0:00:00 Intro
0:01:22 Got Me Under Pressure
0:05:30 Waitin' for the Bus
0:08:27 Jesus Just Left Chicago
0:13:00 Gimme All Your Lovin'
0:17:23 Pincushion
0:21:45 I Gotsta Get Paid
0:25:41 Flyin' High
0:30:04 Heartache in Blue
0:33:54 My Head's in Mississippi
0:37:55 Nasty Dogs and Funky Kings
0:41:30 Chartreuse
0:44:45 Sharp Dressed Man
0:50:04 I Thank You
0:53:18 Tube Snake Boogie
0:56:26 La Grange / Sloppy Drunk / Bar-B-Q
1:03:56 Tush

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

BREAKING...Two Suicide Bombers Strike Istanbul Airport (updates and bumped)

Istanbul Ataturk Airport.

10 dead, 20+ injured.

Two suicide bombers wearing suicide vests.

CNN has coverage here. Already, CNN is saying that this likely an ISIS attack.

(well of course they are because it is overseas. if it were here in the U.S. they'd be calling it gun

updates via Drudge:

Istanbul International Terminal Rocked By Blasts, Gunfire...
Explosive devices thrown...

Armed men seen fleeing terminal after blasts...
Recent bombings in Istanbul targeted tourists...

Future Darwin Award winner

How dumb can one be? This dumb:
A majority of Muslims around the world think that homosexuality is utterly immoral. About a dozen Islamic countries punish homosexuals with death. Ahmed should be logically consistent and simply leave Islam. Instead, he turns around to the very barbarians who would slaughter him and distances himself from the people of the West for their mere critique of Islam and Muslims.

Anyway, Ahmed got a barrage of tweets from his Muslim brothers and sisters. They were quite predictable:

(Originally posted at Isaac Schrödinger.)

Nigel Farage Addresses EU Assembly: ‘You’re Not Laughing Now Are You?’

It's extraordinary how rude these little quim-farts are to a men of Farage's historical immensity.

EU meet the dustbin. And fuck you again on the way out the door.

“How things have changed… Isn’t it funny. When I came here 17 years ago and I said I wanted to lead a campaign to leave the European Union, you all laughed at me. Well I have to say you’re not laughing now are you?

Muslims Attack a Busload of Danes Celebrating Graduation With Rocks and ACID

Maybe the Muslims were just having a bad day:

Muslim Migrants Were “Having a Bad Day” So Raped Woman at Botanical Garden

Oh, and whatever you do, don't say anything negative about Muslims who do this kind of stuff:

Idaho rape: Obama prosecutor 'silencing Americans with threats of arrest'...


Hijra upscales, churches in Malmo and Lebanon attacked, more cals for Genocide of the Jews, a greatest hits of Islam day

Why Britain Left

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Don't Know Whether to Believe This One or Not

RTVideo: Leaked document Germany and France to replace Brussels in charge of EU sets up a European Superstate which will deal with migrant crisis offering NO UNILATERAL Option to refuse migrants. This system will force countries like Poland, Czech republic, Slovakia and Hungary to accept whatever number of migrants this superstate tell them to take. 

ANONYMOUS COMMENT: Sounds like threat to a declaration of war to me.


Humble Pie
Rolling Stone

Black Coffee

Prager University: Why Don't Feminists Fight for Muslim Women?

Featuring Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Monday, June 27, 2016

BREXIT: The Most Important Development Out of Europe Since The Fall of the Berlin Wall

A comment from Zombie:
Seriously, the Brexit vote is probably the most important news to come out of Europe since 1989 (the collapse of the Warsaw Pact, a.k.a. "the Berlin Wall coming down"). And that was the most important news since 1945. 
Until this moment, "the progress of history" was depicted as moving ever-forward toward transnational global government. 
Now we realize -- hang on just a darn minute, why is this terrible thing inevitably depicted as humanity's final state of perfection? 
This is a waking-up of ultra-epic proportions. It could be even more important than the death of the Warsaw pact and the Soviet Union. 
1989 saw the end of "self-defined overt communism." 
2016 now sees the end of the even-more-sinister "crypto-communism," e.g. transnational undemocratic government.

Fast and Furious: Ramadan rules

A waitress is struck in the face by a Muslim in France.
Her crime? Serving alcohol to customers.

A Christian salesman is assaulted by a gang of Muslims in Pakistan.
His crime? Selling "unclean" ice cream.

Fifty men are arrested by the police in Saudi Arabia.
Their crime? Sporting strange haircuts and necklaces.

A diabetic person was beaten up by a mob of people in Morocco.
His crime? Drinking water.

All these cases of justice were brought to you by the "moderate" Muslims.
The hardcore guys don't mess around.

A man kills his own brother in Kuwait.
His crime? Not praying.

(Originally posted at Isaac Schrödinger.)

The Destruction of Our Aesthetic Environment

The Left over the last few decades has been very successful in destroying our aesthetic environment. What Rhett Buttler said parting ways with Scarlett is how I feel today:

"I want to see if somewhere there isn't something left in life of charm and grace."

Women with tattoos and nose rings, graffiti on walls as an excuse for free expression, and the crassness and shameless statements from celebrities and politicians has given new meaning to Karl Marx's wish that we have a 'classless' society.

We do. Just not the one he envisioned.

Dennis Prager on his website sums up why the Left loathes civilization - their lack of standards.

So, the Big Question is, why? Why is the left hostile toward Western civilization? 
After decades of considering this question, I have concluded the answer is this: standards. 
The left hates standards — moral standards, artistic standards, cultural standards. The West is built on all three, and it has excelled in all three. 
Why does the left hate standards? It hates standards because when there are standards, there is judgment. And leftists don’t want to be judged. 
They don't like to be shamed either. But it must be done. 
Thus, Michelangelo is no better than any contemporary artist, and Rembrandt is no greater than any non-Western artist. So, too, street graffiti — which is essentially the defacing of public and private property, and thus serves to undermine civilization — is “art.” 
Melody-free, harmony-free, atonal sounds are just as good as Beethoven’s music. And Western classical music is no better than the music of any non-Western civilization. Guatemalan poets are every bit as worthy of study as Shakespeare. 
When the Nobel Prize-winning American novelist Saul Bellow asked an interviewer, “Who is the Tolstoy of the Zulus? The Proust of the Papuans?” all hell broke loose on the cultural left. Bellow had implied that the greatest writers of fiction were Western. 
Why such antagonism? Because if some art is really better than other art, your art may be judged inferior. The narcissism of left-wing thought does not allow for anyone to be better than you artistically or in any other way. Therefore, all art and artists must be equal. 
In the moral realm, the same rejection of standards exists. Thus, the left loathed President Ronald Reagan for labeling the Soviet Union an “evil empire,” because that would mean America was morally superior to the Soviet Union. And such a judgment was unacceptable. The whole left-wing moral vocabulary is a rejection of Western moral standards: “tolerance,” “inclusion,” “anti-discrimination” (by definition, standards discriminate), “non-judgmental,” and even “income inequality,” which deems some peoples’ work more valuable than others. 
Every civilization had slavery. But only thanks to Judeo-Christian civilization was slavery abolished there, and eventually elsewhere. Nevertheless, to speak about any moral superiority of Western or Judeo-Christian civilization is completely unacceptable, thanks to the left’s stranglehold on education and most media. 
In this regard, the protection of Islam by the left is so thorough that one cannot even say such obvious truths such as that the status of women has been far superior in the Judeo-Christian West than in the Islamic world. The veil women wear, for example, is dehumanizing. Yet, in a speech at the annual convention of the Islamic Society of North America, a rabbi who, at the time, was the president of the Union for Reform Judaism, said that a woman’s voluntary choice to wear a head scarf “deserves our respect. 
And a women wearing enough tattoos looking like a Longshoremen does not earn mine. Nether foul mouthed celebrities.
And finally, we come to the left’s loathing of the religions of Western civilization — the Judeo-Christian religions, which have clear standards of right and wrong.
Bible-based religions affirm a morally judging God. For the left, that is anathema. For the left, the only judging allowed is leftists’ judging of others. No one judges the left — neither man nor God.
Let the knives fly.

Former CAIR director now NYPD NYU Muslim Chaplain who led Orlando jihadist trip to Mecca

Former CAIR director now NYPD NYU Muslim Chaplain who led Orlando jihadist trip to Mecca

An Islamic center in New York has determined that in 2012, Omar Mateen traveled to Saudi Arabia during a trip which was organized by the Islamic Center at New York University. There was approximately 80 people who went on the trip with Mateen for an annual pilgrimage.
New York University spokesman John Beckman told the Wall Street Journal in a statement that people from Columbia and Yale universities also attended the trip with some members of the NYPD.
NYU claims that they learned about Mateen through the Wall Street Journal, and will work with authorities and will help assist with the investigation.
California’s Congressman Adam Schiff, top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, is demanding answers to the mass shooting. Schiff wants to know who sponsored Mateen’s trips to Saudi Arabia in which one visit Mateen stayed in a four star hotel, according to BREITBART News.
Republican Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin wants to learn more about Omar Mateen’s job. Johnson also wants to know more about the security company that employed Mateen. He is also interested in what responsibilities Mateen had with the company that he worked for, according to TUCSON News.
Imam Khalid Latif, executive director of the NYU Islamic center and an NYPD chaplain, led the pilgrimage to Mecca to perform an umrah in Mecca. An umrah is considered the lesser pilgrimage compared the Hajj. Latif was appointed the first Muslim chaplain at NYU in 2005, and was selected as one of 60 NYC leaders to serve on Mayor Bill De Blasio’s Transition Team.
“Based on his blatant extremism and ties to a convicted Orlando imam known for facilitating international jihadists traveling, the strong likelihood is that these trips were not benign,” said Ryan Mauro, national security analyst for Clarion Project, a New York-based research institute that tracks global terrorism, according to FOX News.

Canadian Libertarian Lauren Souther Attacked By Fascists In London

German President Responds to Brexit Vote: The Elites are Not the Problem, the People Are the Problem


EIGHT COUNTRIES Now Threaten to Leave EU Following Britain’s Lead


Merkel Wants to Block Countries from Following Britain Out the Door

Muhammed Said, "I Have Been Made Victorious Through Terror" - AFDI Bus Ads To Roll Out in London TOMORROW

We all owe Pamela Geller a big thank you for putting this together, and for having the balls to see it through:

From Pamela Geller:
After the Muslim mayor banned advertisements on buses and subways of bikini-clad women, what could be more appropriate (or needed) then our new ad campaign? We are running on taxis because the sharia-compliant London transit authority refused to run them on buses, even though they are running an Allah is Greater ad campaign...

Obama's "Strong Cities" Initiative Is Global In Scale, Dedicated to Countering "Violent Extremism"

First-Ever Global Summit Of Cities Reinforces Powerful Message For Countering Extremism at the Local Level
More than 200 representatives from 50 global cities met in Antalya, Turkey last week for the premiere Strong Cities Network Global Summit to explore the role of municipalities in countering violent extremism. The Strong Cities Network (SCN), run by the London-based Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), brought together key stakeholders for two days of training and capacity-building sessions, fostering collaboration and sharing valuable lessons and practice from around the world.

Cities and local authorities around the world need to be at the forefront of preventative and safeguarding measures to counter violent extremism in all its forms. Now more than ever, mayors, governors, frontline practitioners and local communities must play a key role in building social cohesion and resilience, promoting inclusion, and mitigating vulnerability to extremism and radicalisation. This is the rationale behind the unprecedented efforts of the SCN – with a goal of connecting local partners on a global scale.

Recall also this 30 second video clip of 

Then consider:

Why is the FBI suddenly bringing up Terry Nichols and OKC as examples of the sovereign citizen movement? It goes along with their right wing extremist as the biggest terror threat narrative but it’s odd. I also hate the way they called the beards Duck Dynasty beards. I’ve never heard them refer to a Muslim’s beard as an Osama Bin Laden beard.
Obama Administration and UN Announce Global Police Force to Fight ‘Extremism’ In U.S
Photos of UN Tactical Vehicles seen on Virginia Interstate

Perhaps just passing through for military transport through Andrews AFB or some other military location ...or not?

Italian Saint’s Statue in Bologna Defaced with “Allahu Akbar”

From Gateway Pundit:
The Archdiocese of Bologna “strongly condemns the act of those who have smeared with a provocative inscription on the pedestal of the statue of San Petronio, the civil and religious symbol of the city. Use the name of God to offend others is blasphemy.” “At the appropriate authorities – underline the Archdiocese sources – the task of identifying those responsible. All citizens ask you not to give in to the logic of conflict and to prevail rather than the reasons for the collaboration of all people to peaceful coexistence.”
What will Pope Francis say?

The Fatal Consquences Of Islamophilia

From Blood-smeared floors where Swedish social worker was stabbed to death in ‘frenzied attack':
BLOOD smeared across floors and splattered up walls, these shocking pictures reveal the horrifying last moments of a Swedish social worker murdered in a “frenzied attack” in a CHILD asylum centre.

Alexandra Mezher, 22, left a trail of blood as she desperately tried to pull herself to safety and begged for her life.

The graduate bled to death from a severed artery in her thigh after she was stabbed repeatedly in the vicious attack.

Asylum seeker Youssaf Khaliif Nuur, who claimed to be a minor in order to stay in the children’s centre, has been charged with Miss Mezher’s murder.

The Ethiopian, who is at least 21 years old, claims he can’t remember the incident which took place on January 25.

The gruesome pictures reveal how Miss Mezher desperately fought for her life after being stabbed as she tried to break up a fight before two young migrants she was caring for....
More at the above link.

How well informed about the barbarism of Islam was social worker Mezher? Poorly informed. And for this reason: the halls of academia are devoted to indoctrinating students with the lie that Islam is a religion of peace.

The EU's Potemkin Democratic Structure

Claude Juncker - "President" of Europe

From PJM:
Jean-Claude Juncker has been the president of the European Commission for the last couple of years. He presides over a population of nearly 500 million -- well, 500 million minus 64 million as of today. 
Do you know how he was elected? 
He wasn't. 
His fellow commissioners, all baker's dozen of them, went into a room, closed the door, and appointed him. 
As with all European commissioners, the people didn't hire him, nor can the people fire him. Like all commissioners, he lives tax-free at public expense and enjoys an essentially unlimited expense account. 
The EU has never presented the world with a certified budget, because it is so rife with corruption that the accountants cannot get (or are told not to get) to the bottom of it.

EU Leaders Order Britain to leave 'As Soon as Possible' as Commission Chief Juncker Warns Split 'Won't be an Amicable Divorce'


The EU Government Complex Is a Gated Community For a Permanent Aristocracy of White Leftist Bureaucrats

The move away from Nationalism and pride in one's culture, to a European Superstate serves two purposes to which the Bureaucrats at the EU do not want to admit.

1) It takes the power out of the hands of the people, and allows the Bureaucrats to wield unlimited power from behind an Oz-like curtain,


2) It allows the Bureaucrats to set themselves up as a permanent White neo-Aristocratic government, even as they import millions of pre-disenfranchised non-White citizens into Europe to replace the native Europeans.

You see, without Democracy, they can do what they want. And what they want to do is import citizens who have not been acculturated in the reality of Democracy, much less educated that they have God-given inalienable Rights.

Then the EU Bureaurats can become a permanent body of white Dukes and Earls and Princes who will rule eternally over the ignorant immigrants they have imported.

Immigration is a Scam set up which replaces the native population in order to steal all the power and wealth which belonged to the European peoples.

And these slimy pseudo-royalty are succeeding at this scam.

Entering the mind of Muslim spree killers: Combat Ribbons II

From the Last English Prince:
In the Western military tradition the theater of operation creates the folklore. 
Islam is different. In the Islamic tradition the folklore creates the battlespace. There is no greater psychological lethality than that attached to the folklore of Islamic combat ribbons. Do you know this name and do you know the nature of his service medal? 
Sa’d bin Abi Waqqas. The man received his service medal for beating a polytheist to death. His act is the first recorded instance of bloodshed in the name of Islam. (Ibn Hisham 1/263) 
The concept of polytheism finds ample play in the Qur’an. Here is one reference: “There proclaim openly that which you are commanded (Monotheism), and turn away from Al-Mushrikun (polytheists) Qur’an 15:94 
Polytheists can also be noted in the folklore of Nakhlah, where one “polytheist” was killed and two were captured. This incident, changed the patterns of caravan trade forever when Muhammad declared there was no longer a “safe time zone” for safe travel. (Qur’an 2:217) 
Polytheism is the word used by the common man. Scholars will make reference to “Trinitarians” when speaking against Christians. Al-Qaeda loves the coin “Cross Worshippers”. 
Islam takes a direct stab against Christianity by declaring “Far be it from Allah to have begotten a son….” 

Nigel Farage's Life's Work Comes to Fruition as the UK Votes for Brexit

For over 25 years he's been relentlessly making the case that Britain should leave the EU, a position long considered so extremist and out there that it was simply unthinkable. But last week a majority of Britons agreed with him and voted for Brexit. 
Few men have endured the sheer amount of official scorn, mockery, revilement, and unhinged criticism over the years that Farage has. But he persevered on anyway. 
His entire life has been one giant unsafe place and stands in rebuke to all the university snowflakes who get the vapors at even a hint of disagreement. 
Ironically without a seat in parliament to fall back to his very success in getting Britain to leave the EU could mean the end of his political career at least for a while.

Bill Maher on Brexit ‘Xenophobia’: ‘Is It Really a Phobia If There’s Something to Be Afraid Of?’

Bill Maher Warns Audience: Brexit is ‘Harbinger’ of President Trump

Religious muslim woman making terrorist threats at LAX

Hefty sak at LAX caught on tape first being interrogated at entrance to airport....then (ff 7:00) making verbal threats....

Religious muslim woman making terrorist threats at LAX

Interesting Coincidence ...Orlando Jihadist, Omar.Mateen's Father Ran for President of Afghanistan. Clockmed's Father Ran For President of The Sudan

Interesting coincidences ...Orlando shooter, Omar.Mateen's father had political aspirations to run for president of Afghanistan. 

Recall Clockmed's dad also had political aspirations and traveled freely....
Clockmed visited the "Butcher of Darfur" 
Quote: "...the elder Mr. Mohamed [clockmed's dad] — who from his home in Dallas, Texas has launched two unsuccessful presidential bids against Bashir — did not think it in any way unseemly to have his family pal around with a mass murderer. 

Orlando shooter's father is running for president of Afghanistan, has backed the Taliban, hosts talk show in California and visits the corridors of power in DC

WSJ: Why does the IRS need guns?

WSJ: Why does the IRS need guns?

Read their training requirements, it is not about collecting past due taxes, this is combat training, aimed at citizens.
Special agents at the IRS equipped with AR-15 military-style rifles? Health and Human Services "Special Office of Inspector General Agents" being trained by the Army’s Special Forces contractors? The Department of Veterans Affairs arming 3,700 employees? 
The number of non-Defense Department federal officers authorized to make arrests and carry firearms (200,000) now exceeds the number of U.S. Marines (182,000). 
In its escalating arms and ammo stockpiling, this federal arms race is unlike anything in history. Over the last 20 years, the number of these federal officers with arrest-and-firearm authority has nearly tripled to over 200,000 today, from 74,500 in 1996. 
What exactly is the Obama administration up to? 
On Friday, June 17, our organization, American Transparency, is releasing its oversight report on the militarization of America. The report catalogs federal purchases of guns, ammunition and military-style equipment by seemingly bureaucratic federal agencies. 
During a nine-year period through 2014, we found, 67 agencies unaffiliated with the Department of Defense spent $1.48 billion on guns and ammo. Of that total, $335.1 million was spent by agencies traditionally viewed as regulatory or administrative, such as the Smithsonian Institution and the U.S. Mint. 
Electric Light Orchestra
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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Killing the Canine

It's normal to see a few owners with their dogs walking outside every day here in Canada. A couple of the dogs are happy to see me because they love the free attention. This wasn't always normal. I lived in Saudi Arabia for almost fifteen years and I never saw a single dog there.

Why? Just read Bare Naked Islam:
Dog lovers in central Iran are in an uproar after authorities began confiscating their pet dogs in an apparent crackdown on the “vulgar Western culture” of canine ownership, Iranian media reported. Iran’s government considers keeping pet dogs un-Islamic, because per the prophet Muhammad’s orders, most dogs were to be killed and all dogs of a specific color (black) had to be killed.
What happens to the dogs when they're caught:
Stray dogs are shot to death in residential streets by city workers, while others are buried alive after being thrown into deeply dug grave-pits. Then government worker randomly shoots at helpless dogs, which leave many injured. Howling and whimpering the dogs are buried alive.
Islamic savagery:
In many instances, Iranian officials inject acid into stray dogs causing a slow, agonizing death. The dogs and puppies scream in excruciating pain as their internal organs and tissues are chemically burned with the acid.
This is how the Muslim government of Iran treats innocent dogs:

These barbarians will burn.

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Interesting Coincidence: Orlando Jihadi, Omar Mateen's Father Ran For President of Afghanistan and Clockmed's Father Ran for President of Sudan

Coincidence. The truth is out there.

Recall Clockmed's dad also had political aspirations and traveled freely....
Clockmed visited the "Butcher of Darfur" 
Quote: "...the elder Mr. Mohamed [clockmed's dad] — who from his home in Dallas, Texas has launched two unsuccessful presidential bids against Bashir — did not think it in any way unseemly to have his family pal around with a mass murderer. 
Orlando shooter's father is running for president of Afghanistan, has backed the Taliban, hosts talk show in California and visits the corridors of power in DC


MAYBOLE, Scotland (AP) — At the heart of the campaign that led Britain to vote to leave the European Union was a desire to regain independence lost amid a globalized world. It's the same kind of feeling that Donald Trump rode to become the presumptive Republican nominee in the U.S., where he campaigns to put "America first" and "make America great again." 
"I love to see people take their country back. And that's really what's happening in the United States," Trump told reporters this weekend during a visit to his golf resort in western Scotland. 
The anxiety that drove the stunning "Brexit" decision has been brewing for at least a decade in the United Kingdom, as waves of immigrants from Southern and Eastern Europe arrived as the global economy plunged into recession. 
In the years since, right-leaning leaders have stoked populist concerns about their impact on wages, as well as fears about the loss of ethnic identity, which runs deep in parts of largely white rural England and Wales. 
"There's a real feeling things have changed and they've changed too fast," said Muriel MacGregor, filling up her car at a BP station on her way to work as a clerk at a hotel in Aberdeen, Scotland. MacGregor, 52, said that, unlike many of her friends, she proudly voted for "leave." ' 
'This isn't the country I remember from growing up. I don't know exactly what happens next. I don't think anybody does. But I really feel like we needed something different, because this isn't working," she said.
Trump has his finger on the pulse.

The media is actively trying to spin Trump's trip to Scotland as a disaster. But, I'm quite sure the people of Europe hear Trump's message and understand the fact that it's the same as theirs.

"Hey Globalists, get the fuck out of our faces. Your time is through."

The problem is it will not be that easy. This NWO deceit has been planned and implemented for decades while we were pleasantly unaware, busy in our daily lives. Now that people here and in Europe are getting the idea of what's going on, it will be ugly, because the "masters" will refuse to go back into the bottle. That's why here in the US all federal agencies are armed to the teeth to repress civilians, there are towers of plastic coffins and barbed wired camps, all courtesy of FEMA. We were asking what all the weapons, camps, coffins, ammunition, etc. were for? Now we know. They always knew ... I don't think July through January will be a very peaceful period...