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Toy Caldwell & Marhsall Tucker
Can't You See

Whistleblower nurses come forward with how hospitals were killing patients during covid


The video is 10 minutes long, and is just a brief portion of a longer video.  This is a must watch 10 minutes.

The link for the entire video is here 

A few highlights from the 10 minute version: 

A nurse is very upset and distraught that she had been caring for a covid patient and she thought he was going to be the only one she had taken care of that “made it”.  One day, they pulled her from taking care of him, shipped her to cover in the Emergency Department, and 20 minutes later, her patient died.  She knew then that one of her colleagues killed him. 

A traveling nurse went to NYC during the early days of the pandemic and she knew quickly that something was not right.  She contacted an attorney to discuss what she was seeing in the hospital, and he had her wear a pair of glasses with a camera in them.  She talks about patients coding and the staff doing nothing to help them, just letting them die.  Families were told “we did everything we could”, but this nurse knew that was a lie.  She went undercover and there is a conversation with another nurse about non-covid patients being in the same room with covid patients.  One of them was a post stroke patient who was put onto the covid unit and of course, he got covid and intubated. 

“My bigger problem with this whole scenario is when they intubate people, that don’t need it (the ventilator), and it’s very clear to me they are just pushing it (the ventilator), the day before he was fine on a non-rebreather mask, then they intubated him, he got a pneumo (collapsed lung), then a chest tube (for the pneumo), and it turned to shit, and now he’s a 37 year old who is dead”. 

The nurse who went undercover discusses the oath to do no harm, that nurses advocate for their patients and are mandated reporters.  That the ICU’s were being ran by residents, not attending physicians.  There were ophthalmology and dentists running the units.  A few respiratory therapists running the entire hospital.  People who did not know how to use the ventilators were blowing out peoples lungs, they would die, and another one would take their place. 

Another conversation in the video: 

Nurse 2 (to a resident) : this is important.  I just asked them if we could put in a DNR order and they said, no, that is up to the attending (physician).

Nurse 3: okay, so were gonna code him if he goes code blue? 

Nurse 2: that’s what I said!  And they said no, we’re not going to code them.

Nurse 3: WHAT?!?! 

Nurse 2: I said, yes we are 

Undercover nurse: We are obligated to (resuscitate if there is no DNR in place) 

Nurse 2: so then I said…. 

Nurse 3: we gotta say something though, like, its our license, unfortunately you guys (provider) gotta put in an order, just something. 

Nurse 2: but thats what I said, I said I am obligated. 

Undercover nurse: what did she say? 

Nurse 2: so then she’s like, the higher ups said. Well I said I don’t care what they say. 

Undercover nurse: what higher up? God? We don’t have a God here making decisions. 

Nurse 2: I said, I don’t care what they say. 

I have no words for this.  This makes me absolutely ill. 

They go on to discuss how patients who came into the ER were given no options.  They were told if they left, they would die.  Fear drove them to agree to being admitted, which led to intubation and a ventilator, and eventually death.  They trusted the healthcare employees.  

They packed people into hospitals, it led to more admissions and more money for every admission that ended up getting covid.  Financial incentive.  They earned $13k for admitting them, $39k for putting them on a ventilator, and another $10k per death.  There was ZERO liability for the hospital or staff for doing this.  

They were paying nurses upwards of $10k per week, and providers $50-60k per week while this was going on.  Hush money.  Do what we tell you to do.  Everyone was on a gag order.  If you spoke out, you were fired.



From The Last English Prince:

“Cleanskin” with actor Sean Bean is one of my favorite movies. It opens with a scene of prostitution. When the woman is stiffed out of her agreed-upon fee and physically ejected from the hotel room by the private bodyguard, a classic line goes something like this: “You don’t pay a whore for sex, you pay her to go away.”

Regarding a mistress, prostitute, or for that matter an indiscretion which one wishes to make go away – “hush money” is the currency which protects the privacy of the risk-seeking individual. And if “hush money” is a crime, my best guess is that a decent percentage of those who serve us in Washington are also deserving of lock-up. Not many up for sainthood amongst that group. 

My belief? Marital indiscretion is best handled by the parties involved. It is not the duty of the state to prosecute such offenses. These activities remain in the domain of what can (unfortunately) be seen as normative behavior for certain married adults. And when marital boundaries are crossed, the consequences are borne by both the guilty and innocent party. But these transgressions belong in the realm of the governance of the home for a potentially healthy resolution. Keep it under the roof and away from public view. If unresolved, divorce will suffice.

How many men have paid “hush money” to a woman?


EU Pushing the ‘Criminalisation’ of Physical Cash with New Anti-Money Laundering Law

EU Pushing the ‘Criminalisation’ of Physical Cash with New Anti-Money Laundering Law

The European Union is in danger of “criminalising” the use of physical cash with its new anti-money laundering laws, an MEP has warned.

Dr Gunnar Beck, a representative for the populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, has warned that the EU appears to be pushing for the “criminalisation” of the use of physical cash with its new anti-money laundering (AML) laws.

Politicians in Brussels have long been pondering an upper legal limit on the value of cash transactions within the bloc, with lawmakers detailing plans to ban Europeans from spending over €10,000 in physical tender as part of a single transaction.

“I Am Hardcore MAGA Tonight! I Have Observed Trump, I Have (Always) Been Somewhat Supportive of Trump, But (Now) I Am HARDCORE MAGA!" – Jason Whitlock on Tucker Carlson




The 21st Century will be spiritual or it will not be

From Lateral Futurist (this was written in 2015):

But, to the difference of the humanists, this ‘rediscovery’ won’t be caused by the fall of an Empire (in that case the Byzantine Empire). The emergence of intelligent technology(i.e. artificial intelligence combined with robotics) will challenge human intelligence and naturally push us to redefine what makes us human by opposition to machines. At this point we will rely on spirituality to help us tackle those fundamental subjects that make us different from animals or non-living things like: emotions, consciousness and, most of all, our quest for happiness.

We already notice today that this spiritual dimension is increasingly powerful in our societies and seems to be the common factor in the emergence of new social, economic and business models. That paradigm shift has been observed over the past years:

  • In the public sphere: we see the emergence of alternative economic models, challenging our existing financial capitalism model. Models such as the collaborative economy or functional economy, in which people enjoy a service without having to own an asset. These models seriously challenge materialism and emphasize collaboration and mutual help. There is a plethora of examples, like: Uber, AirBnB, Spotify, bike or car sharing services, etc. These companies are in the ‘avant-garde‘ of new economic models.
  • In the private sphere: we can testify to the increasing interest of people for meditation, as an example, or other sources of spirituality (e.g. yoga, Buddhist philosophy, etc.). Sociologists have also detected a significant trend in people’s needs and life aspirations, with individuals less and less interested in money or success and more in meaningful life experiences. They call them the ‘Free Lifers’ (Rene Duringer’s article on ‘Free Lifers’, December 2010, Observatoire des Tendances).
  • I remember that quote from the French novelist Andre Malraux who said that: “the 21st century will be religious or won’t be”. I think that, instead of being a “religious” century as Malraux said, the 21st century will be a spiritual century.

    Over the past 70 years or so, we have been living in what has been defined as a ‘post-modern world’, in which all the traditional cultural and moral standards have been progressively swept away. I still remember my philosophy teacher at university explaining us how mankind had consecutively ‘killed’ its absolute faith in God (philosophically speaking, with the 15th century Renaissance humanists and the 18th century Lumière philosophers putting an end to religious obscurantism) and in human progress (WWII and the Shoah horrors proved us that salvation would not only come from scientific and technological progress).

    So now, can men live by themselves, in the emptiness of their existence, without any form of spirituality? The answer is simply no. And I firmly believe that we are about to experience a ‘new Renaissance’ in the sense that we will rediscover ancient concepts of philosophy or spirituality, like the Renaissance humanists did 6 centuries ago with Ancient Greek philosophy.

Soul On Fire

Thursday, March 30, 2023

"Our Creator Wants Us to Create": Mark Zuckerberg Leaves Atheists SPEECHLESS

Matt Gaetz Questions Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin on Vaccines Mandates and Drag Queen Story Hour

Georgetown Law School Student Forced to Undergo Psych Evaluation Because He Questioned COVID Policy

The last segment of Tucker Carlson last night had one of the most clear examples of the Sovietization of American institutions. In this case, law schools. The guest was a law school student, William Spruance, who had been put into a psych evaluation program for questioning covid policies. Questioning them in exactly the way a lawyer should question them and the way we all should have. Below is the segment from last night’s show. But here are two articles, one, and another he wrote for Brownstone on the matter. Tucker references a speech he gave about this apparently and says its on social media. So far, no luck finding it whatsoever. If anyone finds it, please post a link to the comments with it and it shall be added to this post.

And Then She Did ...


I went to see your pictures,
I spread them across the floor
So, this is where they are shown
They're probably saying to you
If you keep this up
You'll be born ...

Merrick Garland Lies Under Oath – Exposed for Telling US Marshals NOT to Arrest Leftist Protesters Outside SCOTUS Justices’ Homes – But Calls for 1,000 More Arrests of Trump Supporters Standing Outside US Capitol on Jan. 6

Matt Gaetz Grills Military Brass on Drag Shows and Racism – General Milley Commits to End Drag Queen Story Hour on US Military Bases


Matt Gaetz Grills Military Brass on Drag Shows and Racism – General Milley Commits to End Drag Queen Story Hour on US Military Bases

Dr. Fauci Now Says His Draconian Lockdowns based on the Communist Chinese Policies Lasted Too Long – After Destroying Businesses, the Economy, and American Lives


Humpday Blues

Fenton Robinson
Checking On My Woman

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Who Is Behind The Trans Agenda?

DARPA and The CDC Knew Ivermectin Worked On SARS-COV Virus' As Early as 2015

Flight from Romania to Egypt diverted: 30 year old pilot had chest pain and collapsed – 7th pilot incident this month

TAROM Flight RO-7673 TSR-HRG service from Timisoara (Romania) to Hurghada (Egypt) diverted: 30 year old pilot had chest pain and collapsed in-flight on March 25th, 2023 – 7th pilot incident this month

A TAROM Boeing 737-800, registration YR-BGK performing flight RO-7673 from Timisoara (Romania) to Hurghada (Egypt) with 184 passengers on board, was enroute at FL370 about 150nm south of Bucharest in Bulgarian Airspace when the first officer reported the captain had become incapacitated and they needed to turn around and divert to Bucharest. The aircraft landed safely on Bucharest’s runway 26R about 80 minutes after departure. (click here)

The aircraft remained on the ground for about 90 minutes, then departed again.

The airline reported the “medical emergency of one of the members of the command crew” prompted the crew to divert to Bucharest.

According to media reports in Bulgaria the captain (30 years of age) complained about chest pain and increased heart rate, then fell unconscious. The captain is on his way to recovery.



I had never heard this piece. 
This is a transcription of a demo recording of a composition "Microcosm" by Jaco Pastorius. This recording was made in 1975 as a part of the demo for Jaco's eponymous release, but sadly didn't make it into the album. For some reason the recording circulating on the internet is almost a wholetone sharp (likely an artifact of the original tape?), so I pitch-shifted it into the original key, which I determined by listening for the open strings of Jaco's bass. The correct tuning is further proven by the other existing recordings of this song, both featuring pianist Alex Darqui (who is likely to be playing on this version as well UPDATE: could also be Herbie - he was on some other '75 JP demo sessions).

The Irresistible Force Met The Unmovable Object


ZZ Top
Tube Snake Boogie

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

IRS Targets Twitter Files Journalist Matt Taibbi! IRS Agent Showed Up Unannounced to Taibbi’s Home on Same Day He Testified Before Congress

An IRS agent showed up at the home of ‘Twitter Files’ journalist Matt Taibbi on the same day he testified before Jim Jordan’s Committee on Weaponization of the Federal Government.

How convenient.

On March 9, Matt Taibbi dropped a Twitter Files ahead of his testimony to Congress: THE CENSORSHIP-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX

Journalists Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger appeared before Congress later that day.

The FTC had already been harassing Elon Musk and demanding he “identify all journalists” granted access to the Twitter files.

The weaponized IRS also showed up to Matt Taibbi’s home on March 9 in an effort to intimidate him.

Taibbi told Jim Jordan that an IRS agent showed up unannounced to his Jersey home and left a note for him to call the tax agency.


Dr. Drew and Ed Dowd On Sudden Deaths



Jordan Peterson On Islam Vs. Christianity: Submission vs. Covenental Relationship

28 Year Old Transgender Woman ("Man") Shoots Up Christian School In Nashville, Tennessee, 6 Dead, Including 3 Children

Mass Shooting at Nashville’s Covenant School – MULTIPLE INJURIES – 6 DEAD… Shooter Is Dead

28-Year-Old Deceased Nashville Shooter Identified- ‘Audrey Hale” an Illustrator, Identifies as Transgender – Included Manifesto (PHOTOS)

Hale is a biological female who identifies as male and uses he/him pronouns. 
Please note the media is not using "His" pronouns correctly.

So, apparently, when a transgender "Her/Him" shoots up a school, they are identified by their sex not their gender?

The More Doses You Have Had, The Bigger The Increase In Mortality

Ed Dowd Predicts More Banks Will Collapse: "When You Buy a Bond at 1%, And It Goes To 5%, You've Lost a Lot of Money ... These Bonds on The Banks Balance Sheets Have Lost a Lot of Money"

Molly Hatchet
Flirtin' With Disaster

Monday, March 27, 2023

Muslim Humza Yousaf, Who Previously Complained About Too Many Whites in Scottish Government, Wins Election to be Scotland’s Next Leader


Muslim Humza Yousaf, Who Previously Complained About Too Many Whites in Scottish Government, Wins Election to be Scotland’s Next Leader

New Video PROVES Police Incited January 6th, Even NYT Says TONS OF FBI Involved, Democrats LYING

Lord Monckton DESTROYS Climate Alarmism as Communist Scheme

Ralph Baric's Description of the "Perfect Bioweapon" Sounds Awfully Similar to COVID


Ralph Steven Baric (born 1954) is William R. Kenan Jr. Distinguished Professor in the Department of Epidemiology, and professor in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Baric's work involves coronaviruses, including gain of function research aimed at devising effective vaccines against coronaviruses.[1] Baric has warned of emerging coronaviruses presenting as a significant threat to global health, due to zoonosis.[2][3] Baric's work has drawn criticism from some scientists and members of the public related to chimeric virus experiments conducted at UNC-Chapel Hill.[4]

In 2015, with Shi Zhengli of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, he published an article titled "A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence," which describes their work in generating and characterizing a chimeric virus which added the spike of a bat coronavirus (SHC014) onto the backbone of a mouse-adapted SARS-CoV (rMA15).[12] The research related to this article drew criticism from other scientists due to fears that the SHC014-rMA15 chimeric virus could have pandemic potential.[13] This concern was renewed and echoed by members of the public during the COVID-19 pandemic.

SUMMARY: The Sars-Cov-2 virus that causes COVID-19 contains genetic fragments of HIV. This post will show that numerous scientific studies created recombinant viruses containing genes from HIV. Thus, it should not surprise anyone that a lab-engineered pathogen such as Sars-Cov-2 is a recombinant carrier of HIV genes and expresses HIV peptides such as Gp120 or Gag. 

I also explain that Sars-Cov-2 matches Ralph Baric’s description of his “perfect bioweapon” - a medium pathogenicity designer recombinant virus whose purpose is to create fear.

You may have heard that Sars-Cov-2 contains certain genes from HIV, which causes AIDS. Those genes encode proteins that go into Covid-19’s “spike protein.” Thus, anyone who had Covid or received the Covid vaccine containing the same spike protein was exposed to the HIV peptides on the spike. 

Fact Checks Describe this as a Baseless Conspiracy Theory

The press made significant efforts to discredit the “HIV genes in Sars-CoV-2” theory.

NIH Funded Similar Coronavirus Recombinations

Scientists experimented with putting HIV and SIV (Simian Immunodeficiency Virus) bits into coronaviruses in the past, and the NIH supported such work.

In this 2008 grant, Amy Sims, who worked with Ralph Baric at UNC, describes her idea to put bits of Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV, a precursor of HIV) into a human common cold virus OC43. (you probably had a few colds caused by OC43, which causes one-third of common colds). Amy then experimented with infecting monkeys with it. 

There were numerous other attempts to add HIV genes to measlespoxviruses, and coronaviruses, specifically:

As all HIV vaccines failed, and most made their recipients paradoxically more susceptible to becoming infected with HIV, the above-described 2008 work did not lead to a working HIV vaccine. In addition, Amy’s discussion of “mucosal immunity” against HIV seems to be at odds with the fact that HIV is blood-borne and is passed through contaminated drug needles, razors, or sexual acts where blood is exchanged (such as unprotected anal sex). 

Adding bits and parts of HIV to viruses was the bread and butter of virology.Thus, the fact-checks that deny the possibility that HIV inserts in SARS-Cov-2 were engineered are less than truthful.

Here’s Luc Montagnier, a pioneer in the field of HIV, who coincidentally died soon after giving this interview, explaining that Sars-Cov-2 was engineered:

And lastly, here’s a brand-new Mar 24 interview with Robert Redfield, former director of the CDC who also worked on HIV and HIV vaccines with Anthony Fauci and Debora Birx, explaining that Sars-Cov-2 is a product of mostly US-based research:

Ralph Baric Described His Perfect Bioweapon

Ralph Baric has devoted a lot of thinking to biological weapons.

Ralph shows that recombinant pathogens combining genes from several pathogens will likely be the future bioweapon. He then explains that high pathogenicity is NOT necessary for a perfect bioweapon: instead, what is important is that the bioweapon creates fear...