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Play it LOUD while handing out the treats. We do, around that neighborhood Halloween fire...

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The Setlist That Never Comes 1:16 The Ecstacy Of Gold 3:15 The Call of Ktulu 12:45 Master of Puppets 22:06 Of Wolfgang and Man 26:41 The Thing That Should Not Be 34:21 Fuel 39:31 The Memory Remains 44:06 No Leaf Clover 50:17 Hero Of The Day 54:54 Devil's Dance 1:00:51 Bleeding Me 1:12:45 Nothing Else Matters 1:19:11 Until It Sleeps 1:23:29 For Whom The Bell Tolls 1:28:31 Minus Human 1:33:32 Wherever I May Roam 1:40:43 The Outlaw Torn 1:51:02 Sad But True 1:57:00 One 2:05:19 Enter Sandman Encore: 2:18:31 Battery

The Deep State Vs The Deep Right

Under any stable regime in any time or place, from 19th-century Petersburg to 21st-century D.C., it will be found that the general population has no effective procedure, legal or illegal, by which to either control or replace the central organs of the state. 
This is normal and not weird. Autocracy is a human universal. Apparent exceptions to universals suggest sensor malfunction. 
The 19th-century Russian intelligentsia could at least dream of hurling bombs at the Czar. The modern administrative state, no less autocratic, is quite czarless. It is an oligarchy, not a monarchy. It has no one who can be effectively bombed. Final decision-making authority must exist somewhere within its Borgesian labyrinth of process. 
But for all practical revolutionary purposes, the “deep state” is as decentralized as Bitcoin, and as invulnerable—to ballots and bullets alike. It does not always get its way immediately. Politics can still frustrate it. Violence can make it angry. No force that can objectively capture, damage, even sustainably resist it exists. 
Again: this is historically normal, not historically weird. In a healthy regime, military resistance is insane and political resistance is useless. And anyone who thinks early 21st-century Washington is an unstable or dying regime should pray on their knees to never experience such a thing for real. 
Yet there is a third dimension of revolution: art. Art is the domain of the deep right—or art–right. You may not have noticed this kraken. It has noticed you. 
Alas, populists have been here before us, and soiled the place. “Politics is downstream from culture.” If culture involves wooing the masses with ham-handed propaganda—the ’30s “proletarian novel” of the Daily Worker, repeated as farce—we must quietly excuse ourselves. 
Art, if it’s art at all, aims at supreme aesthetic excellence. It does not even deign to notice its audience. If the whole world is inferior to art, art doesn’t give a rat’s ass. Art is not competing with anything but itself, the past, and the future. If it is not sub specie aeternitatis, it is not art. 
Art as Weapon 
But how can art become a weapon? Oh, art is extremely dangerous. Anything dangerous is a weapon. Let’s look at how, in the last century, one aesthetic killed hundreds of millions of people.

The Bell Is About to Toll: The real malefactors of election interference are soon to be exposed

Late last week we learned that what had been a Justice Department administrative review had suddenly become much more serious. It has become a criminal inquiry. That means the Justice Department believes there is sufficient evidence that a crime has been committed. 
Now the prosecutor in charge, John H. Durham, will have the power to subpoena witnesses’ testimony and documents. He can convene a grand jury and file criminal charges. My guess is that he has already convened a grand jury. Mr. Durham and Attorney General William Barr have been looking into the origins of the Obama administration’s spying on Trump. Just how did it begin? And who exactly started it? They are clearly unsettled by the answers they have found so far. 
My colleague George Neumayr and I have been studying the Obama administration’s spying on Trump for over three years. While most of the mainstream media searched desperately for a smoking gun carried by one of President Trump’s people or even by the president himself, we looked elsewhere. We looked at the politicized atmosphere within the FBI and the CIA. We even looked at British intelligence. 
No one else seemed interested, but we found evidence of criminal misbehavior by the former head of CIA, John Brennan, the former head of national intelligence James Clapper, and former head of the FBI, James B. Comey. On March 23, 2018, we published the following lines, “While Brennan’s recklessness is obviously of no interest to the media, it is provoking increasing concern among government investigators, who are looking at a range of his abuses — from leaks to perjury to the outsourcing of spying on Trump to foreigners under the guise of ‘intelligence-sharing.’ ” 
And we went on, “A member of the intelligence community tells [us] that he was approached by FBI investigators inquiring about Brennan’s improprieties at the CIA. He was startled to hear them venting aloud about Brennan’s practice of using British intelligence officials to spy on the Trump campaign, including American contractors hired by the British who were working from the 12th floor of a building in Crystal City, Virginia, and an NSA building in San Antonio, Texas. Brennan, they fumed, was using British intelligence agents so that he could deny, if asked, that he had spied on the Trump campaign.” Now if you will remember, President Trump claimed that the Obama administration had bugged Trump Tower. 
The chattering class raged about this claim for months. But we now know that Trump was right. Comey had sitting on his desk FISA warrants on Carter Page, Paul Manafort, and Michael Flynn that gave him the power to reach into Trump Tower and intercept their communications. Seized with Trump Derangement Syndrome, the three stooges — Brennan, Clapper, and Comey — had convinced themselves that Trump, a sui generis American businessman known for his patriotism, was a plant for the Russians.


Humpday Blues

Mississippi Fred MacDowell
Good Morning Little School Girl

Freight Train Blues

HUGE! CIA “Whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella Worked with DNC Operative Alexandra Chalupa in Creation of Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax

HUGE! CIA “Whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella Worked with DNC Operative Alexandra Chalupa in Creation of Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax

LOL - My God these people think we're stupid:
The Mueller special counsel was created based on a bogus dossier with connections back to the Ukraine. 
As we reported in December 2018, Ukrainian official Andrii Telizhenko was approached by DNC operative Alexandra Chalupa in early 2016. Chalupa wanted dirt on candidate Trump and his campaign manager Paul Manafort. 
The Ukrainian embassy in Washington DC worked CLOSELY with the DNC operative Chalupa.  
And now we know that the CIA “whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella worked with Chalupa in the creation of the Trump-Russia hoax. Ciaramella worked closely with corrupt DNC operative Alexandra Chalupa back in 2015. 
Via Paul Sperry at Real Clear Investigations. 
And Ciaramella worked with a Democratic National Committee operative who dug up dirt on the Trump campaign during the 2016 election, inviting her into the White House for meetings, former White House colleagues said. 
The operative, Alexandra Chalupa, a Ukrainian-American who supported Hillary Clinton, led an effort to link the Republican campaign to the Russian government. 
“He knows her. He had her in the White House,” said one former co-worker, who requested anonymity to discuss the sensitive matter.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Schiff’s Star Tuesday Witness, Alexander Vindman, Is Connected to Obama’s Russian Ambassador and Fusion GPS’s Glenn Simpson

Seriously, Does This Guy 
Look Like A General To You?
He Looks Like A God Damned Hall Monitor
Last night, Obama’s former Russian Ambassador Michael McFaul jumped in with Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney on anyone who called Vindman out for spying on President Trump in the White House. 
NBC reported – Michael McFaul, a former ambassador to Russia in the Obama administration, praised Vindman in a tweet Monday night and called the attacks on the witness “shameful.” 
“I served with Lt. Colonel Vindman in Moscow,” McFaul wrote. “Vindman is a patriot, who has served his country with honor and distinction, both on and off the battlefield. He was an absolutely first-rate military attache at the embassy, one of the best on the team.” 
The fact that Vindman is connected to McFaul is alarming. McFaul was one of the first to attack President Trump’s attorney and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani for investigating Ukrainian corruption involved in the Russia collusion scam. 
During his work, Rudy identified the crimes committed by the Bidens in their pay-for-play scam in the Ukraine.

Former Scania CEO Warns of Upcoming Civil War in Sweden

Former Scania CEO Warns of Upcoming Civil War in Sweden
According to Leif Östling, former CEO of one of the world’s leading truck manufacturers, immigration has spiralled out of control and has placed Sweden on the brink of “internal wars”, where military force may be needed to quell unrest in migrant areas. 
In a lengthy interview with SwebbTV, the former Scania CEO has claimed that the arrival of new migrants poses severe integration problems and may have drastic repercussions for the Swedish economy and society as a whole. 
“Now this is a simple question there, and it’s because we’ve taken in far too many people from outside. And we did. Those who come from the Middle East and Africa live in a society that we left almost a hundred years ago”, Östling said

France: Poll Shows 61% of French People Say Islam "Incompatible With Society"

Poll: 61 Per Cent of French Say Islam ‘Incompatible’ with Society 
An Ifop survey has discovered that nearly two-thirds of French people, or 61 per cent, believe that Islam is “incompatible with the values of French society”. 
The results are an eight per cent increase compared to a previous study released in February of last year and reflect growing concerns of the impact of religion in public life against France’s traditional secularist stance, according to the study, Le Journal du Dimanche reports. 
Between the left and right of the political spectrum, there is disagreement on the subject of Islam. More than half — 54 per cent — of the supporters of the far-left France Insoumise (Unbowed France) party saying that Muslim worship had a place in France, compared to 85 per cent of the supporters of Marine Le Pen’s National Rally who argued the opposite. 
Frédéric Dabi, deputy director-general of Ifop, said that “the definition of secularism seems to be changing” noting an increase for the support of separation of religion and politics as the main issue compared to a 2005 poll in which equality of religion was the main topic of which Frenchmen were concerned.

Steve Scalise and Jim Jordan On the "Soviet Style Impeachment Inquiry"

Leftists Don't Value Tolerance

Kanye West: "This Is a Free Man Talking"

Everyone has an opinion about Kanye West’s opinions, and if there is one thing he is free of it’s self-censorship. “This is a free man talking,” he stated emphatically in a recent interview about his latest album, “Jesus is King.” 
His bravado is cut with a near compulsion to be earnest — about everything. 
This compulsion has brought him trouble in the past, and rightfully so. But this compulsion has also made him not only an independent thinker, but someone able to look inward with startling introspection. 
In another long-form interview, he speaks candidly and critically, peppered with characteristic bombast, about his past and present. 
After mental and physical health crises, a reckoning with his lack of restraint in action and speech, and experiences with mortality and social condemnation, he is a man acutely aware of his need. 
Only a person who is aware of his need searches for a savior. Most of the time we lie to ourselves. We look outward. We dull our ache. Kanye sees his need plainly, and in “Jesus Is King,” he unapologetically tethers himself to the savior. 
With this album, he has managed to do what so many modern creatives before him have tried and failed to do: make Christian art that is not beset by schlock. The album has the fervid sincerity and vehemence of someone who has nothing to lose. 
All my idols, let ’em go All the demons, let ’em know 
This a mission, not a show This is my eternal soul 
This my kids, this the crib 
This my wife, this my life 
This my God-given right 
Thank you, Jesus, won the fight — 
“God Is”
Tal Wilkenfeld

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Trump on ISIS Leader's Death: "These Savage Monsters Will Not Escape Their Fate... And They Will Not Escape the Final Judgment of G-d"

I missed this the other day when it came out.

Trump on ISIS Leader's Death: "These Savage Monsters Will Not Escape Their Fate... And They Will Not Escape the Final Judgment of G-d"
Baghdadi’s demise demonstrates America’s relentless pursuit of terrorist leaders and our commitment to the enduring and total defeat of ISIS and other terrorist organizations. 
Our reach is very long. As you know, last month, we announced that we recently killed Hamza bin Laden, the very violent son of Osama bin Laden, who was saying very bad things about people, about our country, about the world. He was the heir apparent to al Qaeda. 
Terrorists who oppress and murder innocent people should never sleep soundly, knowing that we will completely destroy them. These savage monsters will not escape their fate, and they will not escape the final judgment of God.

Fired FBI Director Comey Likely Doctored His Memos In Effort to Take Down President Trump and the US Senate May Have the Evidence!

BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Fired FBI Director Comey Likely Doctored His Memos In Effort to Take Down President Trump and the US Senate May Have the Evidence!

We reported in early August that Representative Devin Nunes in an interview on FOX News said the following: 
"What we really need to know [from Mueller] is when did he know about collusion, you know, whether or not it was true. I say it had to have been right when he walked in that door. He may have wanted to check a few things. But I think a larger question is on obstruction of justice. The obstruction of justice charge was about Comey’s memo’s, that he had fired Comey. What I’ve been trying to say, I said on your podcast last week, I think what the American people need to understand is this investigation is not about collusion, even though they say it was. It wasn’t about obstruction of justice because that was about the firing of Comey. I believe what it was was that they set an obstruction of justice trap that lasted for the better part of two years!" 
As we reported on August 3rd, in less than a month after the Mueller Special Counsel was created, the Mueller gang was already working on their obstruction efforts against the President. 
Our further review indicated that the Comey memos were the key to the Mueller obstruction trap per Representative Nunes and they likely were edited by Comey. 
Also, the trigger for the Trump obstruction ‘trap’ investigation was the infamous meeting at Trump Tower in early 2017.

Barcelona, Spain: 30 Pakistanis Set Up Altar On Metro Train, Make Sacrifices To Their God Moloch?

When I look at this, the description in the headline is the only way I can make sense of this behavior. Other than that, this seems absolutely senseless.


Keiko Necesario

UPDATED - Washington Post Headline On Death of ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi







Global Warming ‘Not Possible’: CO2 Retains Heat For Only 0.0001 Seconds

Mainstream climate science claims CO2 molecules “slow down the rate of heat loss from the surface” as a blanket does.And yet the rate at which a CO2 molecule retains or slows down heat loss is, at most, a negligible 0.0001 of a second. 
A CO2 concentration of 300 ppm versus 400 ppm will, therefore, have no detectable impact.SkepticalScience, a blog spearheaded by climate science “consensus” advocate John Cook, is widely considered the explanatory guidebook for the anthropogenic global warming movement. 
The blog claims CO2 molecules, with a representation of four parts in 10,000 in the atmosphere (or 400 parts per million, or ppm), collectively function as a blanket does in slowing down the rate at which the human body cools. 
The rate or time-lapse involved in this “slowing” of heat loss is problematic to the paradigm that says CO2 drives global warming, however. 
Professor Nasif Nahle has mathematically assessed the rate at which heat is retained by CO2 molecules; his work was endorsed by the Faculty of Physics of the University of Nuevo Leon (Mexico). 
Nahle found the “mean free path” for a quantum wave to pass through the atmosphere before colliding with a CO2 molecule is about 33 meters (Nahle, 2011a). 
Such a wide chasm between molecular collisions would appear to undermine a visualization of CO2 functioning like a blanket does. 
Even more saliently, Nahle determined that the rate at which CO2 molecules can retain heat at the surface may only last about 0.0001 of a second (Nahle, 2011b).If heat-loss is slowed down at a rate of 0.0001 of a second by CO2 molecules, the atmospheric CO2 concentration – whether it’s 300 PPM or 400 PPM – effectively doesn’t matter. The time-lapse differential would be immaterial for either concentration. 
Consequently, Nahle concludes “carbon dioxide has not an effect on climate changes or warming periods on the Earth.”
Al Stewart
The Year Of The Cat

On The Border

Monday, October 28, 2019

Canadian Professor Lost Her Job for Telling the Truth About ‘Endangered’ Polar Bears

A Canadian university has frozen a zoologist out of her adjunct professor post as punishment for saying the unsayable about polar bears: that populations are thriving; that they are not endangered; that stories about how they are being caused to starve by melting summer sea ice are junk science #FakeNews. 
Dr Susan Crockford is one of the world’s leading experts on polar bears and had held her post as Adjunct Professor at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada for 15 years. 
But by speaking the truth about polar bears she fell foul of environmental activists who have long treated Ursus maritimus as one of the poster children for their “the Earth is doomed and it’s all our fault” narrative. 
As a result, without explanation, Crockford was ousted from her position at the university. 
In an interview with Crockford this week for Breitbart News, I ask: ‘Do you think you’ve been blacklisted for telling inconvenient truths?’

ICE Is Coming!

Video Shows Little Boy Who’s To Be Transitioned To ‘Luna’ Explaining To His Father What Mom Does To Him

Brainwashing a child to believe their sex is something other than their DNA says it is, and mutilating their bodies to make this so, is horrific child abuse.
Liza Ferschtman, Julien Quentin
Beethoven - Kreutzer Sonata No. 9 in A major

January, 2003: Trump Doesn't Sound Like He Supports the Iraq War, If You Ask Me

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Bill Barr Has Pulled the Trigger and Altered the Landscape – The Deep State Does Not Truly Understand the Peril They Now Face

Bill Barr Preparing To Godzilla Heave 
Across The Entire Deep State
I do not believe in coincidence. I do not believe that it is a mere coincidence that these three events occurred late last night: 
1. The investigation of the roots of the plot to destroy Donald Trump and his Presidency is now a criminal matter. 
2. A letter from Inspector General Horowitz announcing that his report on the FISA fraud would be out shortly with no major redactions. 
3. The Government caved to Honey Badger Sidney Powell and allowed her to fully expose criminal conduct by Michael Flynn’s prosecutors. 
What is going on? Two words. Bill Barr. 
The Attorney General has pulled the trigger and altered the landscape in the Russiagate saga. Having been granted full authority by the President to declassify information, including intel from the CIA and the NSA, he has now acted in a powerful, but low key way. 
The announcement that this is now a criminal investigation means that anyone, including FBI agents and CIA officers, who try to hold back information or hide information will be vulnerable to obstruction of justice charges. 
Criminal penalties attach.

NYC secretly exports homeless to Hawaii and other states without telling receiving pols

"From the tropical shores of Honolulu and Puerto Rico, to the badlands of Utah and backwaters of Louisiana, the Big Apple has sent local homeless families to 373 cities across the country with a full year of rent in their pockets as part of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s “Special One-Time Assistance Program.” 
Usually, the receiving city knows nothing about it. 
City taxpayers have spent $89 million on rent alone since the program’s August 2017 inception to export 5,074 homeless families — 12,482 individuals — to places as close as Newark and as far as the South Pacific, according to Department of Homeless Services data obtained by The Post. Families, who once lived in city shelters, decamped to 32 states and Puerto Rico."

Adam Schiff Tries Buffalo Wings For The First Time


FEDS Investigating Adam Schiff's Disturbing Behavior at Ed Buck's Meth and Sex House

US Military TRUMPS Baghdadi - The Little Bitch Pulls The Cord On His Suicidal Pussy Vest As We Corner Him



WOW! Talk About Poor Timing!… SNL Has to Hack Bit Where ISIS Terrorists Thank Trump ‘For Bringing Back Jobs to ISIS’ in SNL Cold Open Skit… As Trump Sends Al-Baghdadi to Hell


President Trump: “Abu Bakr Baghdadi Is Dead – He Died After Running into a Dead End Tunnel Whimpering and Crying All the Way” (VIDEO)

President Trump: Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is dead… He died after running into a dead end tunnel whimpering and crying all the wal… He had dragged three of his young children with him. They faced certain death.


The Clash


When they kick at your front door 
How you gonna come? 
With your hands on your head 
Or on the trigger of your gun? 
When the law break in 
How you gonna go? 
Shot down on the pavement 
Or waiting in death row?
Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac
Black Magic Woman

Saturday, October 26, 2019

HORROR! Tunisian Piece-of-Shit Hacks His Estranged Wife to Death with an Axe in Broad Daylight in Limburg, Germany – Police Threaten Internet Users who Shared Video

HORROR! Tunisian Piece-of-Shit Hacks His Estranged Wife to Death with an Axe in Broad Daylight in Limburg, Germany – Police Threaten Internet Users who Shared Video

WhistleBlower: Ciaramella?


Former FBI General Counsel James Baker "Flipped"?

DANISH PARLIAMET: How Can You Stand Here and Seriously Argue For The Return of ISIS Soldiers?

Whole Areas of France Where Women Are Not Acceptable In Public Places


What They Don't Want You To Know

“You Will See Things No One Will Believe!” – President Trump Warns Deep State on Ongoing Durham and Barr Criminal Probe

During the questioning President Trump was asked about the now criminal investigation by Attorney John Durham. 
President Trump responded: It looks like it’s becoming very serious from what I see. Investigate the investigators. Whether it’s Strzok and Page. Whether it’s Clapper and Comey and all of these people. Because terrible things went on for our country. And we have a great Attorney General, highly prestigious man, a very honorable man. And they’ve been looking at it for a long time. I can’t tell you what’s happening. I will tell you this. I think you’re going to see a lot of really bad things. And a lot of people think that, and they know they have problems, because they were very dishonest. And again I leave it all up to the Attorney General. And I leave it all up to the people who are working with the Attorney General who I don’t know. But I will say this, I think you will see things that no one will believe. This was the worst hoax in the history of our country.

The Snide, Smug Assholes Who Have Spent Three Years Denigrating and Insulting Trump Voters Have No Right to Complain About Being Called "Human Scum"

I actually think Trump c**ked out by acknowledging they were "human," but that's just me. 
After acknowledging that he wouldn't have called them "human scum" himself (I imagine he shares my own revulsion at the "human" allowance), streiff notes: 
On the other hand, there is an immense amount of rank hypocrisy and lack of self-awareness in all of this mewling and sniveling. If you were involved in the 2016 election and, at any point, decided that Hillary Clinton was very bad for the nation and that Evan McMullin was f***ing bug-eating tool and that Donald Trump was not Beelzebub incarnate, then you became the target of abuse. 
In my personal experience, there are people who I'd considered friends for several years who I would no longer pee on if they were on fire today because of the abuse and scorn the heaped upon people who disagreed with them and the cheap bullying that they engaged in. 
Trumpkin Trumptard. Trumpaloo. Trumphumper. And all manner of other cute names. 
In fact, one of the biggest whiners about Trump’s tweet is one of the guys who has been most responsible for baking personal insults into any political discussion concerning Trump. That would be itinerant newsletter peddler Jonah Goldberg: Indeed, the only childishness I see are the masses of beer-muscled goons and sycophants stomping their feet over the object of their man-crushes. 
Let's try Kevin Williamson, the guy we were told we were supposed to support and to feel sorry for when The Atlantic defenestrated him: Spend any time around the Trumpkins -- the intellectually and morally stunted Oompa Loompas who have rallied to the candidacy of this grotesque charlatan.

Reps. Schiff, Nadler Condemn Turning Durham Russia Probe Into Criminal Investigation

Reps. Schiff, Nadler Condemn Turning Durham Russia Probe Into Criminal Investigation

“Note that the congressmen are not talking about what Durham is investigating, only how he's doing it.”

Friday, October 25, 2019

Fool For The City

Slow Ride

I Just Want To Make Love To You

Bronze Age Pervert: America's Delusional Elite Is Done

What is going on now is a widespread rejection of the ruling authorities and their beliefs, on the part primarily, but not only, of the American youth at large. This is similar to the rejection of communism by dissidents and youth in the Soviet bloc in the 1970’s and 80’s, and driven by similar causes. 
Since 2013 at least, an entire social biome of communication has emerged online outside the control and view of authorities—a space where youth developed a highly individual form of visual communication in images and memes that evolve upon each other, and that present rather high barriers of entry to outsiders. 
Readers of Claremont must understand: my book is only one part of this “biome” that has surfaced to public view. The reach of this online counterculture is far beyond any one political or ethnic group, but has spread into youth pop culture at large by now. 
Insofar as my book is representative of this phenomenon, it is only in the sense that unvarnished, unedited Nietzscheanism, “right wing nihilism,” has been one of the opinions absolutely forbidden by the postwar liberal world order. 
It has resurfaced in the space of freedom provided recently by the internet, and has spread there with some speed, the way it always will when it is not repressed. But it is hardly the only view present in this world, or even the dominant view. 
Nor, as I keep repeating, is this phenomenon—I lack a better word to call it—reducible to any view or set of views, but it represents rather a youth counterculture that has rejected the controlled, staged, edited and therefore mendacious form of public discourse that dominates America and the West right now. 
Those among you who chose Trump because at least here was a man who wasn’t a marionette stuffed full of consultant-approved public relations talking points should be able to sympathize. It is the same, but on a much bigger scale.

"Angelea Merkel Has Done A Lot For Illegal Migration, She Is The Mother of Africans"

Poll: 67% of Americans Think America Is on the Edge of a Civil War, or, in other words ... SOME OF MY BEST FRIENDS ARE PEOPLE WHO WOULD KILL ME

Partisan political division and the resulting incivility has reached a low in America, with 67% believing that the nation is nearing civil war, according to a new national survey. 
"The majority of Americans believe that we are two-thirds of the way to being on the edge of civil war. That to me is a very pessimistic place," said Mo Elleithee, the executive director of Georgetown University’s Institute of Politics and Public Service.

John Durham Has Reclassified Russian Hoax Inquiry as an Official DOJ Criminal Investigation


BREAKING: Flynn Lawyers Reveal FBI Attorney Lisa Page Edited Flynn FBI 302 Report – Then Lied to DOJ About Edits!


HUGE!!….. FLYNN DOCS DROP — James Clapper Connected to Felony Leaks of General Flynn’s Discussions with Russian in Early 2017!

DEVELOPING: DOJ IG Horowitz Sends Letter to Capitol Hill: FISA Abuse Report ‘Nearing Completion’ …Possible November Release

DEVELOPING: DOJ IG Horowitz Sends Letter to Capitol Hill: FISA Abuse Report ‘Nearing Completion’ …Possible November Release

Hair of the Dog

Love Hurts


Thursday, October 24, 2019

Pennsylvania school district set to demolish boys, girls locker rooms, will spend $2.4 million on new gender-neutral facilities

A Pennsylvania school district is set to drop a hefty sum on a brand-new gender-neutral changing facility for students, according WTXF-TV. 
The station reported that Garden Spot High School in New Holland will eliminate traditional boys and girls locker rooms with the $2.4 million project. 
Renovations are expected to be completed by December 2020. What are the details? 
Board members unanimously voted yes on the project Monday night. The renovation project will include four "zones" that will make up a total of 48 private changing rooms and 76 private showers, according to Lancaster Online. 
The showers will also double as changing rooms when not in use. District Superintendent Bob Hollister told the outlet that the four zones will not be designated by gender, but pointed out that he believes there will be a "natural selection." 
In a statement, the board addressed the newly approved measure. 
“This District policy states that multi-user locker rooms and restrooms will be separated based on biological sex. But the idea behind the policy is much deeper," the board at Eastern Lancaster County School District wrote in a statement on the matter. 
“We've worked hard to arrive at a solution that balances varied interests — which is why we're systematically converting multi-user facilities into a series of single-user facilities."

"THE MUSEUM WILL BECOME HELL", Scribbled in Arabic: "Man" Holed Up In French Archaeological Museum

Police intervention has been underway since the morning of 23 October in Saint-Raphael, in Var, southern France, Le Parisien reported citing the national police. 
At least one man is holed up in an archaeological museum in Saint-Raphael, according to a tweet posted by the National Police. 
France Bleu reported, referring to a source close to the police that “worrisome” inscriptions in Arabic have been found on the scene, evoking “the museum and hell”. 
BFMTV, meanwhile, has reported that one of the messages on the walls of Saint Raphael’s archaeological museum allegedly says “the museum will become hell”. 
French police reportedly said they’ve detained the man who was holed up in the museum. 
According to France Bleu, it could’ve been a cleaning lady who sounded the alarm after she could not open a door that was blocked from the inside.

Feral "Human" Pulls Knife and Threatens People at The Vatican


The Lab Rat Who Knew Too Much

Vice President Pence's Older Brother Is a Congressman, Sitting In On the Closed-Door Impeachment Depositions

Humpday Blues

Muddy Waters
Copenhagen Jazz Festival 1968

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Arabic convert to Judaism tortured by PLO

An Arab who converted to Judaism ran afoul of the antisemitism of the PLO's minions:
A 50-year old Palestinian resident of the West Bank was severely beaten by Palestinian Authority security forces after he converted to the Jewish faith, Ynet reported on Tuesday.

The man was arrested two weeks ago and kept in custody after he was asked by his sons to meet them somewhere in the West Bank.

The man completed the long process of Jewish conversion on Rosh Hashana in a Haredi court led by Rabbi Nissim Karelitz, who was passed away this week.

The man was in the process of having his new identity approved by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, which would have technically enabled him to apply for Israeli citizenship under the law of return.

Instead, he was called to the West Bank to meet his family and was arrested by the PA security forces and delivered to the PA police station in Hebron.

The man spoke over the phone with Haim Perg, who is a leader of the Jewish community in Hebron, and told him he was badly beaten and his hands were burned.

Perg claimed the man is the grandson of an Arab man who rescued the lives of 26 Jewish people during the 1929 Hebron riots. In his in-depth study of the riots, Professor Hillel Cohen pointed out how alongside cases of Arab brutality against Jewish neighbors there were cases of Arabs saving Jews in his 2015 book 1929: Year Zero of the Arab-Israeli Conflict.

Saying that the man is like his own son to him, Perg vowed to “shake the world” to have him released.
This is a most obvious outrage that the man was arrested and tortured, and everything must be done to get him out of that horrible predicament immediately.

The Multicultural Lie & The Myth of the Golden Age of Tolerance in Muslim Spain

Here is an interview with the author of the important new book.

Mayor Buttplug: America’s Unelected High School Class President

Mayor of America’s 306th largest city, Buttigieg brings the hauteur of Harvard to the heartland. He brings his passive-aggressive style to South Bend and French Lick, misrepresenting the goodness of Indiana by attacking the state of mind of his fellow Hoosier, Vice President Mike Pence. 
He brings this attitude to the campaign trail, where he looks like a fired contestant from “The Apprentice” and sounds like a book on tape. 
He sounds like what he is: the narrator of the audiobook of his memoir, Shortest Way Home: One Mayor’s Challenge and a Model for America’s Future. 
His challenge is to repeat his adolescence by leaving his hometown, going from Leverett House to the White House, going from living with a future tyrant of the digital world to dealing with real-life tyrants who seek to conquer their respective parts of the world. 
To go from the Midwest to the West Wing of the White House, Buttigieg has to do what he dislikes on behalf of whom he seems to disdain. He has to ask people for what his former housemate requisitions without request: power. 
He has to do what Mark Zuckerberg cannot do without sweating and overheating, causing technicians to press the “Abort” key until the button stops flashing. He has to pretend that he likes listening to people. 
He has to emote when he prefers to expound. He has to tolerate the complaints of voters who trust in divine providence but distrust the divinations of a politician whose faith in himself is absolute. 
He has to learn what he does not know, which is a lot.

Trump Admin. Calls Out Pro-Islamic Bias, Corruption in Middle East Studies


For those unaware, a Senate resolution requires unanimous consent as it is proposed by a single senator.
As a consequence any single democrat senator can block it, easy peasy.
This "strongly worded resolution" is a familiar Decepticon trick from Lindsey Graham.

Clapper And Brennan To Be Interviewed As Part Of Investigation Into Origins Of Russia Probe

Report: Brennan And Clapper To Be Interviewed As Part Of Investigation Into Russia Probe Origins U.S. Attorney John Durham intends to interview former CIA Director John Brennan as part of his investigation into U.S. intelligence agencies’ activities in the Trump-Russia probe, according to NBC News. 
Brennan told NBC News, where he is an analyst, that both he and James Clapper, the former director of national intelligence, are sought for interviews with Durham’s investigators. 
The interviews, should they occur, would signal that Durham is expanding his investigation. Attorney General William Barr appointed Durham to oversee an inquiry into U.S. agencies’ Trump-related intelligence-gathering activities earlier this year. 
Barr said he was not satisfied with official explanations about the origins of the investigation into possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russian government. 
The FBI opened an investigation on July 31, 2016 into whether Trump associates were colluding with the Russian government to influence the 2016 election. 
The special counsel’s investigation found no evidence of a conspiracy or that any Trump associates acted as agents of Russia.
Guthrie Govan
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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Daily Reminder: Lindsey Graham Could Call in Former US Ambassador Kurt Volker to Testify and Blow Up Dem Impeachment Narrative – But He Refuses to Act… Why? (VIDEO)

On Monday Senator Rand Paul joined Tucker Carlson to discuss Lindsey Graham’s empty promises and multiple lies to the American public. 
Lindsey promised to investigate the origins of the Russia hoax, the Ukrainian investigation and the Roger Stone raid. These were ALL LIES. 
And Tucker Carlson noted that Lindsey Graham will not call in former Ambassador Kurt Volker to the Judiciary Committee even though his testimony undermines the current Democratic Party Ukrainian narrative! 
Tucker Carlson: Now his inaction extends to the Ukraine saga as well. State Department official Kurt Volker has given closed door testimony that undermines the current impeachment narrative. Two weeks ago Graham said that if Democrats didn’t release a transcript of Volker’s remarks he would summon Volker before the Senate to testify. We’re still waiting for that to happen too. 
Lindsey Graham could destroy the Democrats’ entire Ukrainian narrative with one public hearing! 
What is Lindsey Graham waiting for? 
Who is he protecting?