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The ‘Progressive’ dialectic compels that anything to THEIR right, which includes the center and left of center, is THE ENEMY

Lanny Davis is as close to a Hubert Humphrey/Henry Jackson as exists today in the Democratic Party.
WMAL EXCLUSIVE: Woodward’s Not Alone - Fmr. Clinton Aide Davis Says He Received White House Threat
WASHINGTON — Bob Woodward isn’t the only person who’s received threats for airing the Obama administration’s dirty laundry.  It seems anyone is a potential target of the White House these days - even former senior members of the Clinton administration. 
A day after Woodward’s claim that a senior White House official had told him he would “regret” writing a column criticizing President Obama’s stance on the sequester, Lanny Davis, a longtime close advisor to President Bill Clinton, told WMAL’s Mornings on the Mall Thursday he had received similar threats for newspaper columns he had written about Obama in the Washington Times.
Davis told WMAL that his editor, John Solomon, “received a phone call from a senior Obama White House official who didn’t like some of my columns, even though I’m a supporter of Obama. I couldn’t imagine why this call was made.”  Davis says the Obama aide told Solomon, “that if he continued to run my columns, he would lose, or his reporters would lose their White House credentials.”
Davis says he does not know if the White House official involved in his case is the same one who is alleged to have threatened Woodward, but he says the language used in both cases is very similar.  In any case, Davis says his editor, Solomon, was not worried by the threat.   
“He didn’t take it seriously, because he didn’t think that could ever happen.  He thought it was bluster,” Davis told WMAL. “I called three senior people at the White House, and I said, ‘I want this person to be told this can never happen again, and it’s inappropriate.’  I got a call back from someone who was in the White House saying it will never happen again.”
As we can all see, well,  …. er, …. They are all lying sacks of excrement right up to the top.
TO The States, or any one of them, or any city of The States,  

Resist much, obey little

Once unquestioning obedience, once fully enslaved; Once fully enslaved, no nation, state, city, of this earth, ever afterward resumes its liberty.

 --Walt Whitman--

Attention Must be Paid

The desire of the man is for the woman, but the desire of the woman is for the desire of the man.Madame de Stael
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The desire of the man is for the woman, but the desire of the woman is for the desire of the man.
Madame de Stael

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"Remember Mussolini?" - Italy's New Leader: Here is What He Says on Israel

From Will at THE OTHER NEWS:

"Remember Mussolini?" - Italy's New Leader: Here is What He Says on Israel.(INN).By Giulio Meotti.
In Italy, an inexperienced comedian-turned-politician has won an upset victory. Except that he is also a pro-Iran anti-Semite.

Beppe Grillo, the comedian turned politician, has just become the leader of Italy's largest party, the "Five Star Movement" in an upset victory.
This populist Europhobe got one fourth of the popular votes. He is the idol of Italy's youth. He is the anti-corruption crusader. He is the guru of the Internet.
But Beppe Grillo is also a demagogue with a virulent hatred for Israel and the United States. And his popularity, despite his despicable remarks, shows that the word "Jew" has become an accepted insult once again in Europe's public square.

Mr. Grillo does not hesitate to say that “talk of Israel is a taboo, as is talk of the euro. Just touch it, they will tell you that you are racist and anti-Zionist”.He declared that “all that in Europe we know about Israel and Palestine, is filtered by an international agency called Memri. And behind Memri, there is a former Mossad agent. I have the evidence: Ken Livingstone, the former Mayor of London, has used Arabic texts with independent translations and he discovered a completely different reality". Then he goes on, alluding specifically to a 'Jewish conspiracy' and the need to "check" all information on the Middle East.

Grillo also said that his Iranian father-in-law explained to him that “the translations were not accurate …”, referring to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s expressed desire to erase Israel from the map.

According to Grillo, Ahmadinejad’s regime is not like the one described by the Western media: "Those who escape, are opposed to it. But those who remained do not have the same concerns that we have abroad. The economy there is okay, people work. It’s like South America: before it was much worse. I have a cousin who builds highways in Iran".

On the executions ordered by Ahmadinejad: "One day I saw a person hanged on a square of Isfahan. I was there. I asked: what is this barbarity? But then I thought of the United States. They too have the death penalty: they put one on a diet, before killing him, because his head is not shrinking. And then: what is more cruel?".
During a show, Mr. Grillo declared: "There is a saying that 'where Attila has passed through, no grass will grow'. We can say 'where the Israelis have passed, no Palestinian will grow''".

The chairman of Milan's synagogue, Davide Romano, recently pronounced that "Grillo has a problem with the Jews".

Grillo's Facebook page and weblog, which is one of the few non-English language platforms that has become wildly popular worldwide, is full of anti-Jewish attacks from Grillo's readers, fans and supporters: "Israel is like Nazi Germany", "I hope that someone will use any means to stop this killer state", "The Jews are God's cursed people", "Zyklon B for you, peace and justice in Palestine", "the Israeli leaders are monsters", "Hamas is much better than all the Zionist governments"... 

During the 2009 Operation Cast Lead in Gaza, Mr. Grillo wrote of Israel: "The killer of children is an assassin that must be put on trial for crimes against humanity".

Mr. Grillo even defended Mel Gibson's rant on the Jews: "Israel is scary, her behavior is irresponsible", the politician said. "I said it. And I'm not drunk. I'm just scared for my children. Israel is behind the United States or the United States is behind Israel, which is the cause and which the effect?".

Mr. Grillo has attacked "the Holocaust industry". During a show in Rome, Grillo invited Iraq's Saddam Hussein to point his rockets on a precise point on the map which was then Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi's house near Milan.

Grillo has called George W. Bush "the greatest serial killer in US history". Last week, the politician tweeted: "Al Qaeda should bomb Rome". 

People laugh all the time at Grillo's shows and speeches. His obscene sneer, which conquered the most popular spot in Italy's elections, shows a primitive hatred for Israel and Western values.

Behind this orgy of Judeophobic vulgarities you find Europe's old anti-Semitic hatred resurrected by a clownish trifle.Hmmmm.....Just what the doctor ordered for 'ailing' Italy.Read the full story here.

The writer, an internationally known Italian journalist with Il Foglio, writes a twice-weekly column for Arutz Sheva. He is the author of the book "A New Shoah", that researched the personal stories of Israel's terror victims, published by Encounter. His writing has appeared in publications, such as the Wall Street Journal, Frontpage and Commentary. He is at work on a book about the Vatican and Israel.

Dissecting the Burqa

This Islamic garment is a symbol of oppression for a variety of mostly straightforward reasons, and as such is morally reprehensible. What I just said shouldn’t be controversial at all to uphold, were it not for the raging storm of political correctness that has swept through our culture lately. So I’m not going to go through the ideological reasons of how and why the burqa sucks, because to me it’s so trivial. Plus I don’t even invoke any of that when I see a woman in a burqa: the silent war of cultures, the sickening throwback to a savage era of female subjugation to men, etc…
burqa coffin
My immediate reaction whenever I spot a burqa-girl comes as an intimate shocking shudder down my spine. What an awkward and obtrusive image! It ironically generates the same kind of silent tension in common social settings as would the presence of a completely naked person sitting next to you in the bus, or nonchalantly walking into a bank or a restaurant. Whether one tries to mingle with people while naked or hermetically covered from head to toe, the absurd contrast to what everyone else is wearing screams out loud at the crucial subtleties we commonly take for granted in the spectrum of human relations.
Laura Bush next to the burqa babe
Our clothes keep us warm, seal off and protect our most delicate body parts from environmental damage, conceal our genitals and breasts so as to not rub in everyone’s faces our crude sexual attractiveness or lack there of, but also allow us to invent a public identity through a personalized combination of designs, accessories, and possibly symbols and slogans. So our clothes enhance our individuality but it’sour face that forms the epicenter of our public persona: we cognitively anchor the representation of anyone’s personality to that person’s unique facial features. We are prone to recognize faces out of random mixes of objects whenever possible, so our brains are primed for this. The face takes up a disproportionately large chunk of our mental representation of human beings as children’s drawings illustrate. Eye contact and facial expressions play an important role in how we relate to others during conversations and even in how we warm up to strangers.
The role of the face in children’s drawings
The burqa is a monstrous device because it effectively shaves off the most basic and accessible dimension of identity: the face. The woman hiding underneath it is dehumanized in the eyes of her beholders: she is reduced to an indeterminate object of unspecified form and features. A horse can hide under a burqa, or a clown, or a monkey, or a coffin, or a thief, or a ghost, or a mummy, or a giant noodle. Not only does the burqa erase the wearer’s most human and recognizable trait, her face, but it also razes to the ground all other external symbols of identity: the distinctive combinations of clothing items, styles, accessories, jewelry… How can I empathize with someone in a burqa if all I see is a monochromatic faceless shapeless bag? The wearer is practically interchangeable with anyone else wearing a burqa. There is zero potential for deep or subtle interpersonal relations through such a discomforting barrier. It’s alienating on a human level to be the one who is fully open and exposed while your interlocutor is hiding behind an opaque veil. This makes any kind of interaction with burqa-girls intrinsically awkward.
Laura Bush next to the burqa babes
The burqa has also a perverse X factor that elicits laser beams out of my eyes: in its underhanded way it’s so self-righteously slutty! The entire rationale for it is that you need to fully cover every square inch of your face and body lest any random male passerby spontaneously breaks down and starts to compulsively drool (or worse) all over you. You really think you’re such hot shit that it’s a big deal whether anyone can see your hair or face? Nobody cares! Nobody is aroused by your stupid hair! Get over it!
Not only does wearing the burqa imply an overly sexualized sense of self, but it also silently spells out a moral condemnation of all women who do not abide by such anal and self-demeaning standards of “modesty”. If your standards for socially proper attire are so far removed from the norm that you are practically living in your own moral planet, and that planet is collapsing into a black hole under its own warped field of ‘judgmentality’, there will be a point where the principle of general cultural relativity breaks down in an asymmetric fashion: As viewed from the PC planet, your style is kind of weird and no fun, but perfectly equivalent to whatever they’ve got over there, and while they might not go out of their way to bond with you for one politically correct excuse or another, you must surely be a great girl underneathand the PC crowd wishes you all the best in life. As viewed from your planet, however, the PC crowd is roaming with lustful immodest sluts who seduce every male in their path by flaunting their face and hair, and are so going to burn in hell for it.

burqa coffin
The burqa is eerie, alienating, judgmental, demeaning, dehumanizing, and is calling everyone else a whore.
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Impressions of wearing niqab (the muslim face-veil)

From I Eat Sacred Cows:

“Because you hang your bum out, it doesn’t mean you want someone to stick something in it. And it doesn’t mean you want anyone to touch it – I don’t mind people looking but don’t touch. It’s like saying every woman that wears a miniskirt is asking to be raped.” – Pete Burns
Monday, April 11, 2011, was the day France banned the burqa or niqab, the Muslim woman’s face-veil. I decided to try wearing it for myself. Here is what I discovered:
It’s like a steam bath. I cannot “get used” to breathing with it no matter how long I wear it, although georgette and chiffon are said to be “breathable” fabrics. The most favorite reply to the question<”But aren’t you hot wearing that?” by Muslimas is,”Hellfire is hotter.” but I really don’t see how unnecessary suffering and inconvenience is a virtue.
Obviously, its wear restricts the woman to a low level of outside activity, since she not only cannot breathe well nor feel comfortable in the heat, but cannot do things like exercise and swim as her hijabi sisters would with a sports hijab or burqini.
It is akin to peeking out of a hole but not really being “in” the world, and less able to connect to people. We communicate with body languages, gestures and facial expressions that are subtle but powerful nuances of emotions and emphasis, that give color and character to our communication. It is creepy to be with someone whose face you cannot see; a covered face is suspicious, and the natural reaction is to be alarmed.

Not Cheap Enough For A Man Set On Destroying America

Boeing touts Super hornet fighter jet to rival F-35 — at half the price

From Will at THE OTHER NEWS:

Boeing touts Super hornet fighter jet to rival F-35 — at half the price.(CBC).In a dogfight of defence contractors, the hunter can quickly become the hunted. It's happening now to the F-35.

The world's largest defence contractor, Lockheed Martin, is trying to convince wavering U.S. allies — including Canada — to stick with its high-tech, high-priced and unproven F-35 stealth fighter. But the F-35 is way behind schedule, way over budget and, now, it's grounded by a mysterious crack in a turbine fan.

After years of technical problems, it's a tempting target for Lockheed Martin's rivals.

It's no surprise, then, that the No. 2 defence contractor, Boeing, smells blood.

With Ottawa now reviewing its previous commitment to buy the F-35, Boeing is making an aggressive pitch to Canadian taxpayers, offering to save them billions of dollars if they buy Boeing's Super Hornets instead.

Boeing isn't pulling its punches. The Super Hornet, it says, is a proven fighter while the F-35 is just a concept — and an expensive one at that.

"We call it competing with a paper airplane," says Ricardo Traven, Boeing's chief test pilot for the Super Hornet. A Canadian who flew fighters for 15 years in the Canadian air force, Traven dismisses the F-35 as a "shiny brochure of promises," and contrasts it with "the real thing," which looms behind him in a top-secret hangar at Boeing's vast production line in St. Louis, Missouri. It has two engines to the F-35's one — and, unlike the F-35, it's ready now. Some 500 Super Hornets are already in service with the U.S. Navy. Dozens have already been sold to the Australian air force, which, like Canada, was once committed to the F-35 but gave up waiting for it to prove itself.Hmmmm.....Psst! Wanna save $23B?Read the full story here

BBC Tells Girls: Wear A Hijab For A Day

Jess Rhodes, with and without her hijab

The Hijab is a Starter Burqa, Ladies.

The Burqa is the Chains of Modern Slavery.

The Burqa is a Death Shroud Which Lays To Rest The Identity of a Woman.

The BBC is aiding and abetting the Islmization of the Western World.

From BBC:

Non-Muslims are being asked to try wearing a hijab, a type of headscarf, for a day to find out more about why women wear them.
World Hijab Day calls on non-Muslim women to try out life under the traditional head scarf.
Some people think women should not have to cover their hair or face and think it is unfair because men don't have to wear them.
But for many women around the world, it is an important show of their faith.
Organisers of this event reject the idea that women only wear hijabs if they are forced to by their family.
Jess Rhodes, who is giving the hijab a try for month, said she was surprised how positive the reaction to her wearing it has been.
Hijabs displayed on mannequinsHijabs on display at a market. The term comes from the Arabic word for 'veil' or 'screen'
The day has been organised to give people a better understanding of Islam and be more tolerant of people who wear the scarves.
It has attracted interest from Muslims and non-Muslims in more than 50 countries across the world.

Muslim headscarves

Woman wearing a Hijab
The word hijab comes from the Arabic for veil and is used to describe the headscarves worn by Muslim women. These scarves come in many styles and colours. The type most commonly worn in the West is a square scarf that covers the head and neck but leaves the face clear.
Woman wearing a Niqab
The niqab is a veil for the face that leaves the area around the eyes clear. However, it may be worn with a separate eye veil. It is worn with an accompanying headscarf.
Woman wearing a Burka
The burka is the most concealing of all Islamic veils. It covers the entire face and body, leaving just a mesh screen to see through.
Woman wearing an Al-Amira
The al-amira is a two-piece veil. It consists of a close fitting cap, usually made from cotton or polyester, and a tube-like scarf.
Woman wearing a Shayla
The shayla is a long, rectangular scarf popular in the Gulf region. It is wrapped around the head and tucked or pinned in place at the shoulders.
Woman wearing a Khimar
The khimar is a long, cape-like veil that hangs down to just above the waist. It covers the hair, neck and shoulders completely, but leaves the face clear.
Woman wearing a Chador
The chador, worn by many Iranian women when outside the house, is a full-body cloak. It is often accompanied by a smaller headscarf underneath.

Not Cynical Enough Still, Mr. Woodward

This blog and several others have noted at the very least that the current occupant at 1600 PA Ave seems a very self arrogating, self lauding and ‘entitled’ individual whose every dog ate my homework statement  (the latest being the DHS/ICE brushing away of the hand) exudes both arrogance and a lack of responsibility.
The first part of that, arrogance, makes compulsory the denigration NOT of criticism, but of the critic, and finally when that is not available, COERCION.
Bob Woodward, who has already eviscerated several administrations, and did bring down an admin which had captured 97% of the electoral vote, and 61% of the popular vote in 1972, has proven that if he does have a political leaning, it doesn’t influence him much compared to the pursuit of finding some level of objective reality.
This pursuit has now found the Obama administration for what it is. What this blog and many others have been saying is OBVIOUS.
Woodward had correctly placed the responsibility for the sequestration CHARADE where it belongs, and then expressed his disgust that this clear strategy aimed at 2014 as a priority, would result in something such as a single aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf.
Sere HERE, and HERE.
Yet Mr. Woodward STILL exhibits naivety of this man Obama.
Digging into one of his famous folders, Woodward said the tirade was followed by a page-long email from the aide, one of the four or five administration officials most closely involved in the fiscal negotiations with the Hill. “I apologize for raising my voice in our conversation today,” the official typed. “You’re focusing on a few specific trees that give a very wrong impression of the forest. But perhaps we will just not see eye to eye here. … I think you will regret staking out that claim.”

Woodward repeated the last sentence, making clear he saw it as a veiled threat. “ ‘You’ll regret.’ Come on,” he said. “I think if Obama himself saw the way they’re dealing with some of this, he would say, ‘Whoa, we don’t tell any reporter ‘you’re going to regret challenging us.’ ”

Read more:
That IS Barack Obama telling you.
This administration is bent on 2014 being one major step towards the permanent dismemberment of Conservative opposition as a challenging political force. ONE MAJOR STEP. The sequestration and those associated details like the aircraft carrier are just that, DETAILS to be ignored next to the clear BOLSHEVIK PRIORITY.
2014 being one major step towards the permanent dismemberment of Conservative opposition as a challenging political force.
These people are not communists in the way we have conceived of them, but they are undoubtedly Bolshevik in their strategy to dominate.
Place the template of that theory on every administration action, Mr. Woodward, and you will see WHO is making a really NOT SO VEILED threat. Your access will be ZERO. Plan on it. And I would make sure your accountant is really sharp.
Those people in the White House and at the newly named OFA are sure they have the MESSAGE and the WAY, and you Mr. Woodward have become one of the Kerenskyite fools.
History is replete with many revisionist theories about bad men really being simply ignorant of the evil done in their name.
I’m not sure Obama is a bad guy, but bad is being done in his name, and I believe by his indication.
So Mr. Woodward, while you have correctly identified the evil being done, the threats being made, and evinced the disgust which becomes compulsory, it’s time to  pin the tail on the, errrrr…… DONKEY.
The threat is Mr. Obama’s.
Even after he says the dog ate his homework.

American Student Punished For Refusing To Recite Mexican Pledge Of Allegiance

A Texas high school student has filed a federal lawsuit against her school and her teachers after she was punished for refusing to salute and recite the Mexican pledge of allegiance. 
The Thomas More Law Center filed the suit on behalf of Brenda Brinsdon alleging the McAllen Independent School District violated the 15-year-old girl’s constitutional rights when she was forced to recite the Mexican pledge and sing the Mexican national anthem. 
Brinsdon, who is the daughter of a Mexican immigrant and an American father, refused. She believed it was un-American to pledge a loyalty oath to another country. 
Ironically, the school district has a policy that prohibits a school from compelling students to recite the American Pledge of Allegiance.
Keep reading…

Break Stuff

Live at Woodstock (one of the greatest performances in rock n' roll history)

Humpday Blues

Howlin' Wolf
Smokestack Lightning

Little Walter
Mean Old World

Walter "Shakey" Horton
Shakey's Blues

Big Mama Thornton
Ball and Chain

Epic Rush Limbaugh: Why Totalitarians Release Prisoners 

From Gateway Pundit: 
rush totalitarians
Just like Barack Obama, Nicolae Ceausescu, Saddam Hussein, and Fidel Castro also released criminal prisoners.
Here’s the audio.
Rush Limbaugh slammed Barack Obama today for “opening up the jails” and releasing the criminals like fellow totalitarians.
From the Rush Limbaugh website:
RUSH: I tell you, I’m finding myself in a difficult situation here, because I know that certain words and phrases happen to turn people off in this country. For example — it’s been this way a long time — in this country and in the media today, if you say to somebody, “That person over there’s a communist,” you lose ‘em. That doesn’t work. So you say, “Okay, socialist.” Well, okay, that may make more impact. Call ‘em a totalitarian or a statist, they still don’t want to hear it.
But it’s challenging because that’s exactly what’s happening. Barack Obama is employing tactics that have been used by people like Nicolae Ceausescu, Saddam Hussein, and Fidel Castro. Fidel Castro released hundreds of thousands of just the most horrible characters from his prisons and they infested south Florida in the Mariel Boatlift — and the same thing with Ceausescu and releasing his prisoners. Not all of them are political. Some of them were hardened criminals.
I mean, Ceausescu was trying to pollute Western Europe. He wasn’t sending a bunch of freedom fighters to Western Europe. He was polluting it. Castro was trying to pollute south Florida. He was trying to corrupt it, and the United States in general. Saddam Hussein was trying to corrupt Iraq and Baghdad by letting his most hardened criminals go. It was a punishment, a punishment to the citizens of Iraq for not supporting him, for being complicit in the forthcoming US invasion.
So what happens is, Ceausescu… Well, use the Mariel Boatlift. What happened in this country was the Mariel Boatlift — and, of course, the nice, compassionate people of America welcomed them in at first. “They’re escaping the dungeons of Fidel Castro! These are people seeking freedom, and we are people of freedom.” The same with Ceausescu’s release, and the same thing with Castro’s and Saddam’s. They end up corrupting the places that they go, and that’s the purpose of it.

RIP Van Cliburn,

Van Cliburn, American classical pianist, dies

FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) — Van Cliburn, the internationally celebrated pianist whose triumph at a 1958 Moscow competition helped thaw the Cold War and launched a spectacular career that made him the ... more »

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Donna Brazille Tweets: Why Did My Health Care Premiums Go Up?

From Ace of Spades: 

Angry, and mystified. And culpable.

"No good answer." Extraordinary.

Is not understanding economics a prerequisite of Liberalism, or the result of Liberalism?

If you are not responsible for anything, then you are not responsible at all

How many times can the dog eat your homework before SOMEONE asks why you leave in the dogbowl at dinnertime

White House was not involved in ICE’s decision to release detainees

The White House and the Department of Homeland Security were unaware of Immigration Customs and Enforcement’s decisionto release detainees until the agency announced it, administration officials said Wednesday.
“This was a decision made by a career officials at ICE without any input from the White House, as a result of fiscal uncertainty over the continuing resolution, as well as possible sequestration,” White House press secretary Jay Carney said Wednesday.
Personnel at Department of Homeland Security headquarters in Washington were also unaware of the decision until the announcement was made, a department official told POLITICO. 
And so it goes on.
Obama is not responsible nor is anyone he appointed.
It’s the unknown huge Washington career mindless, careless, heedless, workforce Obama IS titular head of, but is not responsible for, that is at fault.
And the press?
Morning Joe?
Ed Schultz?
Mr. Thigh Tingle?
Ms. Dowd, Mr. Gregory, Ignatius?