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2009 Predictions

Days after taking office Pres Obama will be forced into War to aid Israel (three days after they've asked for it).

Russia-China-Iran-Venezuela will officially be considered the new Axis of Evil- which we already know, but three days later Pres Obama will admit this. In the meantime he'll refer to them as the Axis of Improper Parenting and Financial Instability and Brown/Yellow Skinned Individuals.

The USA will be attacked via Terrorists who crossed in through our porous Southern and Northern borders, causing the Border Security Supporters to rise up harder, the Minute Men gain popularity once again and form a viable third party. Conservatives take control of the Republican Party in reaction. Democrats turn Blue Dog, while the hard left who propelled Pres Obama to the top become more critical of Obama.

By this time, Obama has a full head of gray hair, he admits this three days later, and he's lost control of one of his twitching eyes, making him the first eye-patch wearing President of these United States of America. The NAEPWPA (National Association of Eye-Patch Wearing Pirates of America) announces it intends on naming a holiday after Obama, a huge honor.

I know my predictions are sort of "well-duhs" - But maybe you have more creative ones??

More Pirates @

British Telecom Company, FreedomCall, Announces Boycott of Israeli Companies

Europe tries it's hand at ghettoizing the Jews again.

British telecommunications firm FreedomCall has terminated its cooperation with Israel's MobileMax due to the IDF operation in Gaza.


"We received an email from the British company informing us that it is severing all ties with us and any other Israeli company following Israel's strike in Gaza," said CEO Raanan Cohen.


"We weren't expecting this from them and there was no prior warning. I don't intend to appeal to them or answer the letter."


The email from FreedomCall said, "As a result of the Israeli government action in the last few days we will no longer be in a position to consider doing business with yourself or any other Israeli company."


MobileMax, established in 2004, produces a program providing cellular phones with inexpensive international service.

London: Muslims Promoting Event With Photograph Of New York In Flames

A POSTER showing New York being destroyed by meteors from the sky—to promote a New Year’s Day ‘end of time’ lecture at the East London mosque

From Up Pompeii:

This is how Islam sees the next  year and those that follow, they see the destruction of the West and a new beginning for Islam in our countries.

This is their New year wish to us.

Needless to say I and many others will do all we can to prevent this and change the meaning to be the end of Islam in the UK.

The mosque and Islamic centre is allowing organisers to run the all-day event including a video link-up with controversial Imam Anwar al-Awlaki, who America says had connections with New York’s 9/11 attacks.

Al-Awlaki, who gives his talk by video link from Yemen, was named by America’s Department for Homeland Security for having acted as a ‘spiritual advisor’ to three of the men involved in 2001’s September 11 attacks.

Now the poster advertising tomorrow’s event at Whitechapel—showing meteors crash down on Manhattan, setting fire to the city and shattering the Statue of Liberty—has been slammed by the Tory Opposition leader on the local authority.

“The poster strikes me as extremely inappropriate,” Cllr 
Peter Goldstold the East London Advertiser today (Dec-31).

“It would be very disturbing if an event was to be held which damaged the good work the mosque has done. The mosque plays an important role in the life of Tower Hamlets.”

The US Under Secretary for Home Defence, 
Charles Allen, has accused al-Awlaki of using video links to incite terrorism.

He said in an address in October at Nashville, Tennessee: “Anwar al-Awlaki, an Al Qaida supporter and former spiritual leader to three of the September 11 hijackers, targets US Muslims with radical online lectures, encouraging terrorist attacks from his new home in Yemen.

“Al Qaida continues to target American Muslims susceptible to supporting violence in the name of religion.”

The US embassy in London declined to comment on the New Year’s Day event.

But an East London Mosque spokesman said: “Mr Awlaki has not been proven guilty in a court of law. Everyone is entitled to their point of view.

“The subject matter is about judgement and the afterlife, a common theme in many religions.”

The meteors reining down on New York in the poster referred to ‘the end of the world’ which had no official reference to September 11, according to the mosque. 

An American embassy spokesman in London said: “The US is a strong supporter of free speech—but that comes with responsibility.

“Three thousand people from 90 countries died on September 11.”
Oh, by the way, when we say, "Let us make it the end of their time, we are speaking only in the Apocalyptic sense. 

Wait, it's coming

Coming soon to a mall/church/restaurant/synagogue/sporting event/movie theater near you.

from Atlas Shrugs

Every Jew needs to be armed.

UPDATE: 2 Jews wounded in Denmark shooting Two Jews were wounded when they were shot by a group of Muslim men in a mall in Odense, Denmark on Wednesday afternoon. (more here)

The Israelis were selling Dead Sea cosmetics at a stand in the mall - a job
many young Israelis pursue, usually following military service, in order to save money for their future and to continue their travels.

A group of men with Middle Eastern-looking features approached them and an
altercation developed. A man in the group then brandished a weapon and fired at
the Israelis.

One of them was hit in the hand and the other in the leg. Their wounds were
not life-threatening. The man hit in the arm had his bone broken by the bullet
near the elbow, his employer in Denmark told Channel 2 on the phone. The man
was speaking just as his employee was getting into surgery at a Danish hospital.

The public's assistance was requested in capturing the shooter, who was
probably a Palestinian, police said. His getaway car was already found but he
had fled on foot.

UPDATE: The jihad loving AP neglects to mention any Jewish/Israel/Palestinian reference in their news article Gunmen wounds 2 in mall shooting in Denmark - that is how aligned with the enemy they are.

Israel Radio is reporting that a 'Palestinian' opened fire on a group of Israelis in a mall just outside of Copenhagen. More details to follow. (source Israel Matzav) hat tip Kathy


C'mon America. Wake the Hell up. Arm Yourselves best you can. If you see something say something and for God's sake don't turn walk away and not get involved or you're sheep to the slaughter.

Stay Safe. Stay Vigilant. Be Ready. It's coming. . . They are coming. . .M.R.

(thanks to Pastorius for the pic)

Muslims Scream "Nuke Israel - Got To Hell" In Ft. Lauderdale, FL


Rasmussen - Americans Closely Divided Over Israel's Gaza Attacks..HUH???????

Huge victory for evil, MSM evils, elitist naive stupidity, ..on and on...

Rasmussen reports the sickening numbers...

Americans, while far more sympathetic to Israel than the Palestinians, are closely divided over whether the Jewish state should be taking military action against militants in the Gaza Strip.

Forty-four percent (44%) say Israel should have taken military action against the Palestinians, but 41% say it should have tried to find a diplomatic solution to the problems there, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey. Fifteen percent (15%) are undecided.

Callgin the Israeli foreign ministry !!! YOU ARE SCHMUCKS. Barbarian genocidal mass murderers are out publicizing you !

Fifty-five percent (55%) of adults, however, believe the Palestinians are to blame for the current situation in Gaza, while 13% point the finger at the Israelis. Nearly one-third (32%) aren't sure.

Men are far more sympathetic to the Israelis than women. Fifty-six percent (56%) of men support Israel's military action, compared to 34% of women. Whites narrowly give the edge to military action, but African-Americans by three-to-one say diplomacy was the better way to go.

Sixty-seven percent (67%) of those who say they are following news out of Gaza Very Closely support Israel's military action, while 30% favor diplomacy.

While the Bush administration is viewed as a solid ally of Israel, the new findings signal a possible shift in Washington's support for Tel Aviv under President Obama.

Just after the election, 47% of voters said Obama will do a good or excellent job handling national security issues. Thirty-four percent (34%) expected him to handle those issues poorly.

Sixty-two percent (62%) of Republicans back Israel's decision to take military action against the Palestinians, but only half as many Democrats (31%) agree. A majority of Democrats (55%) say Israel should have tried to find a diplomatic solution first, a view shared by just 27% of Republicans.

Breathtaking IGNORANCE by democrats.


While 75% of Republicans say Israel is an ally of the United States, just 55% of Democrats agree. Seven percent (7%) of Democrats say Israel is an enemy of America, but only one percent (1%) of Republicans say the same. For 21% of Republicans, Israel is somewhere in between, and 28% of Democrats agree.

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Just over half of adults (51%) fear Israel's actions will cause more terrorism against the United States, with 17% saying that is Very Likely to be the case. Nine percent (9%) believe that future terrorist attacks on America are not at all likely because of Israel's attacks on Gaza this week.

Those who say they have followed the news out of the Gaza Strip Very Closely are slightly more concerned about increased terrorism at home, with 20% saying it is Very Likely as a result of Israel's actions.

Nearly three-out-of-five voters (59%) say a terrorist attack in the United States like the one Thanksgiving week in India is at least somewhat likely in the next year. Most voters expect terrorists or Iran to provide Obama with his first international test.

The Israelis began heavy air attacks on the Gaza Strip on Saturday in retaliation for the radical group Hamas' continued firing of missiles and mortars into Israel. Nearly 400 Palestinians, including women and children, have been killed in the attacks thus far, and the Israelis, now mobilizing for a land invasion of the area, have rejected international calls for a cease-fire. Hamas, the most outspokenly militant Palestinian group, has suffered numerous casualties and lost many of its facilities but is now firing longer-range missiles into Israel.

Sixty-two percent (62%) of men say the Palestinians are to blame versus 48% of women. But women by five points also are less likely to blame the Israelis and are undecided on the question by nearly two-to-one.

While 57% of whites blame the Palestinians, 53% of blacks are not sure who is at fault.

Seventy-three percent (73%) of Republicans blame the Palestinians, as opposed to 47% of Democrats.

Sixty-six percent (66%) of adults say it is likely that the latest violence in the Gaza Strip will escalate into a more widespread war between Israel and the Arabs in the Middle East, including 30% who say it is Very Likely. Only three percent (3%) say it is not at all likely to have that effect.

For 63% of adults overall, Israel is as an ally of the United States. Only three percent (3%) characterize it as an enemy, with 27% placing it somewhere in between. Seven percent (7%) are undecided.

Seventy-two percent (72%) of men describe Israel as a U.S. ally versus 54% of women.

In a survey nearly two years ago, 67% described Israel as an ally of the United States.

Thirty-five percent (35%) of Americans say they are following news stories about Israel's military action in the Gaza Strip Very Closely, with another 41% saying they are following somewhat closely. Only four percent (4%) say they are not following the news at all.

Muslims Riot In Belgium - Jewish Neighborhoods Sealed

The sign says it all, don't it? Muslims think they have found one of their own in Obama. 

Will Obama give them what they want?

Eurabians inspired by the Messiah

More jihad and Jew-hatred in Europe. "Antwerp: Arab riots, Jewish neighborhood sealed," fromIslam In Europe, December 31 (thanks to Rudi):

These riots were expected, given the massive incitement that accompanied the organization of the demonstrations.


The demonstration that the Arab European League (AEL) in Borgerhout (Antwerp) organized against the bombardments of the Gaza Strip, has gotten completely out of hand. After the protest disbanded the demonstrators marched towards the Jewish neighborhood in Antwerp, clashing with the police. In particular car windows suffered, but also trams and buses were attacked.

The AEL held a protest action in the Kerkstraat in Borgerhout from 2pm. The protesters demanded the immediate suspension of the bombardments of the Gaza Strip and of the violence against the civilian population. Already during the demonstration in Borgerhout there were heated moments here and there.

The situation truly got out of hand when the demonstration disbanded at about 3:15pm. A group of protesters then marched towards the Jewish neighborhood in Antwerp. 

The police had completely closed off the neighborhood upon which started a cat-and-mouse game. The situation threatened to get out of hand and at about 3:25pm the police arrived with more manpower in order to drive out the protesters. At about 4pm the riots moved again to Borgerhout, in the area of the Turnhoutsebaan.

The protesters caused much damage, in particular to car windows but also trams and basses were attacked. The De Lijn bus company is diverting all buses and trams on the Turnhoutsebaan-Carnotstraat-Rooseveltplaats route. [...]

During today's demonstration damage was done, also in the Antwerp Diamantwijk (Diamond Center) where many Jews live and work. Today there is no activity in the sector, according to Freilich. Most shops are closed. Meanwhile the riots of isolated groups of protesters moved to Borgerhout and the Turnhoutsebaan area. The police is out in force.

There's also an issue of the Hamas flags which were present in the demonstration in Brussels for the suspension of the bombardments on the Gaza Strip . According to Freilich the green flag with the white text of Hamas is a banned symbol in Belgium of a terrorist organization. [...]

Various protesters in Brussels held the famous Hamas flag. The Jewish community is shocked that this is allowed. [...]

Bailing Out Sharia Law

From Investor's Business Daily:

Islamofascism: In bailing out AIG, Uncle Sam may have taken on more than he bargained for, including a constitutional fight over the promotion of religion.

Earlier this month, as the New York-based insurance giant benefited from $153 billion in tax-supported bailout funds, it launched a business unit offering Shariah-compliant insurance products in the U.S.

For the first time, homeowners' insurance policies "compliant with key Islamic finance tenets" will be marketed to Muslims in America.

"We are pleased to offer socially responsible solutions to this segment of the domestic market," the near-bankrupt AIG announced in a press release, explaining that the Islamic market represents "an important and emerging growth opportunity for AIG."

But there's little that is "socially responsible" about Shariah law, which regulates the "takaful" insurance AIG is selling, along with other Islamic finance.

Shariah law authorizes horrific human-rights abuses, including the kind of violence and oppression against women, homosexuals, apostates and non-Muslims seen in Saudi Arabia and earlier under the Taliban in Afghanistan.

To fully comply with Shariah code, AIG has hired a "Shariah Supervisory Board" composed of "Shariah scholars." Who are these so-called scholars?

One, according to its press release, is Muhammad Imran Usmani, who happens to be the son of Sheik Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani, who supports violent jihad against Westerners. The elder Usmani is so radical that Dow Jones & Co. recently removed him from the board of its Islamic market index.

At a minimum, AIG has to do better due diligence if it's going to use taxpayer money for such a controversial enterprise. But what's the responsibility of the U.S. government here?

The Thomas More Law Center, a public-interest law firm based in Ann Arbor, Mich., argues the U.S. is promoting a religious legal code at odds with democratic values and capitalism. And that makes the bailout unconstitutional. So it's suing Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson and the Federal Reserve to stop all bailout funds from going to AIG.

According to the suit, use of taxpayer funds to acquire ownership of a business that intentionally promotes, endorses, supports and funds Shariah-based Islamic religious practices violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

"The U.S. government, through its ownership of AIG, is not only violating the Constitution," the suits claims, "but also promoting and financing the destruction of America using American tax dollars."

While that sounds over-the-top, a sizeable share of the profit and any interest earned by AIG's Islamic subsidiary must be "purified" by investing in Islamic charities. Such transfers will be controlled by Usmani and other Shariah advisers.

Since 9/11, dozens of major Muslim charities around the world, including several based in the U.S., have been tied to terrorism and shut down. So AIG — along with American taxpayers — could unwittingly finance terrorism against the U.S. and its allies.

The potential for terror money laundering deeply concerns two Republican leaders on the Hill, who on the heels of the Thomas More lawsuit fired off a letter to AIG CEO Ed Liddy warning him that the FBI could come knocking.

"We hope you can verify what hands your money passes through, because we would hate to see the FBI visit you one day, look into your books and tell you that money from AIG found its way into terrorist hands," wrote Reps. Frank Wolf, congressional Human Rights Caucus co-chairman, and Sue Myrick, co-chairwoman of the congressional Anti-Terrorism Caucus.

What's odd is that the Treasury Department is the agency charged with cracking down on terror financing, yet it's encouraging firms like AIG to go into Islamic finance. In fact, Treasury co-sponsored a seminar in November titled "Islamic Financing 101" to promote Shariah financing to corporate America.

The seminar was jointly sponsored by Harvard University, which is heavily supported by Saudi petrodollars.

So it's not just AIG that's actively helping Shariah gain a foothold in America. It's also Washington.

Financial crisis or not, it's hardly in the economic interest of taxpayers or the U.S. to own part of a business that supports a Stone Age legal code championed by the Taliban and Osama bin Laden.

AIG should divest itself from Shariah business practices if it wants to keep its public bailout money.

Sharia-compliant banking is, quite literally, Infidels funding their own murder.


From Mere Rhetoric:

Pathological hatred:

A group of Arab youths opened fire Wednesday evening on a number of Israelis working at a mall in the Danish city of Odenza, some 200 kilometers north of Copenhagen. The Israelis, who were operating a stall in the shopping center, were lightly wounded in their legs. There is no apparent danger to their lives.

This is usually where I'd write something like "on the plus side this was probably just over exuberant anti-Zionism and had nothing to do with anti-Semitism." But we're talking about a country where "Jews are Allah's enemies" is a popular protest chant...

... so there might actually have been a little bit of anti-Semitism involved.

Rubin: is Gaza war still that hard to understand?

Barry Rubin at the GLORIA Center writes about why Israel is taking on the Hamas in Gaza now, and making clear that it doesn't and shouldn't have anything to do with the upcoming election.

NIN Source States "The Game is Rigged" Against Israel

A "highly placed U.S. Intelligence official" wishing to remain anonymous warns of an "increasing probability of abandonment of Israel by the U.S. and other Western countries" based on "malicious intelligence", says Northeast Intelligence Network Director Douglas Hagmann in a report dated 12/31/08. The official confirmed that a larger extended ground operation is likely in Gaza, adding that as Israel exercises her right to protect herself from her enemies, she is in grave danger of losing the support of the United States.

“I have every reason to believe, based on what I’ve seen at my level of [security] clearance especially over the last several years, that Israel will soon be completely on their own… or worse.” 

When asked what could be worse than losing the support of the United States, he stated: “when our administration provides more support to Arab countries [with] financial and military aid, undercutting Israel’s defense efforts all while pushing Israel to succumb to the pressure of unreasonable demands designed to end with their political annihilation as a nation.”

According to this official, the U.S. has been slowly proceeding down this road. He cited the
2005 surrender of Gush Katif to the Palestinian Authority as one critical example of the slow dismantlement of Israel as a viable nation. “Despite critical intelligence outlining in every possible manner imaginable that this would be a disastrous move leading to the events we are seeing today, it was done anyway,” he stated.

“We are seeing the very scenario play out today that was outlined in intelligence briefs three and four years ago. Knowing that, there is something very wrong with this picture,” he stated.

He added that Western media is also playing a very big role in the current war in the Middle East, thanks, in part, to carefully worded statements prepared by political officials in Washington. Officials in the current administration, like some previous administrations, submit carefully crafted informational releases to a media that is controlled by those having special interests that are contrary to a legitimate peace in the Middle East.
“The game is rigged. At the highest levels of power in the U.S. and even by some in power in Israel, the game is rigged,” he emphasized.

Vetted intelligence reports twisted to fit the agenda of those in government whose special agenda is hostile to Israel, fed to the biased MSM which serves up this poison to an American public unaware that not only Israel's security but our own is being systematically undermined from within. Read the rest and try not to lose your lunch. Hagmann plans to post the remainder of this report in the near future.

Gaza War Videos You Won't See On The Mainstream Media

Quickie link: Gaza War Videos You Won't See On The Mainstream Media (Yid With Lid)

I have a doctor's appoinment today and don't have time to embed the videos here at IBA. Perhaps somebody else can do so?

Stunning Jew-Hatred From a Woman Who Is Jewish Herself

Roseanne Barr says Israel is a Nazi state.


I said Israel will attack any boat carrying doctors and medical supplies--they have turned away the red cross already and all medical and food assistance. Israel is a NAZI state. The Jewish Soul is being tortured in Israel. The destruction of the jews in Israel has been assured with this inhuman attack on civilians in gaza. Hamas is the street gangs---this is equivilent to los angeles attacking and launching war on the people of watts to attempt to kill the bloods and the crips.

Amazingly, that's still less stupid than HuffPo imbecile Lorelei Kelly's assertion that attacking Hamas is like attacking the Salvation Army.

Iranian SA, the Basij to be the basis for tripling the size of the Iranian Navy

NICOSIA -- Iran has directed its internal militia, the Basij, to join a program to triple its navy's size.

Officials said Basij, which is authorized to protect the regime and ensure border security, would patrol the Gulf in coordination with the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps.


In September 2008, IRGC took over all Iranian naval operations in the Gulf. IRGC was said to have deployed up to 500 speedboats as part of a swarm strategy designed to overcome Western aircraft carriers, destroyers and frigates.

"The Basij under command council of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps will build up its navy force in the Persian Gulf," an Iranian government statement said on Nov. 19.


Officials said Basij, comprised largely of seminary and other young supporters of the regime, would be trained in naval operations. They said IRGC would provide Basij officers with speedboats and other vessels for patrols around the Strait of Hormuz, passage for up to 40 percent of the world's oil shipments.


Basij commander Brig. Gen. Hojatoleslam Hossein Tayeb said the formation of the naval force was part of IRGC's program to bolster military readiness. Tayeb said IRGC wants to triple the size of the overall navy in cooperation with the conventional Iranian Navy.

"Basij Navy troops will be well prepared to thwart any possible threat to Iranian territory." Tayeb said.


Basij, said to draw upon up to 12 million Iranians, has undergone an expansion over the last two years. In September, Basij conducted an exercise meant to demonstrate its skills to secure the Islamic regime amid any Western attack.

"Basij is committed to train skilled forces for the IRGC navy and ground forces to thwart enemy threats under sensitive conditions," Tayeb said.

Say it ain't so .. Israel mulls truce offer on Day 4 of Gaza assault...why does Israel even HINT it will act to kill itself?

Israel, under international pressure, is considering a 48-hour halt to its


punishing four-day air campaign on Hamas targets in Gaza to see if Palestinian militants will stop their rocket attacks on southern Israel, Israeli officials said Tuesday. Any offer would be coupled with a threat to send in ground troops if the rocket fire continues.

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert discussed the proposal - floated by France's foreign minister - and other possible next steps with his foreign and defense ministers, Israeli officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not supposed to make the information public.

European Union foreign ministers met Tuesday evening in Paris for urgent talks on the crisis, with France and Germany both seeking a cease-fire.

President George W. Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice called leaders in the Middle East to press for a durable solution beyond any immediate truce.

What would Israel gain by extending a truce to a group who used the last truce to import longer range missiles from Iran in pursuit of religiously based genocide? Israel is now looking at Hizballah to the north, Syria to the north and east and HAMAS to the south, with a 'we'd like to help if we can halt our own corruption for a while' PLO to the east. These threats are backed by a turn the other way Jordan, and an Egypt which would like to see Israel dead, but cannot act in such a manner. 220 million vs 6 million.

How can a truce with a major player in this death match be of any benefit to Israel?

Venezuela secretly transporting Iranian military equipment to Syria. And we are doing?

LONDON -- Western intelligence sources said the CIA and other agencies have determined that Venezuela was secretly transporting Iranian military equipment to Syria.

In late 2008, Venezuela, amid seizures of Iranian equipment in Turkey, used civilian aircraft to send the Iranian equipment banned by the United Nations, the sources said.

In October 2007, Conviasa, the Venezuelan state-owned airline, started a Caracas-to- Tehran via Damascus route after Iran Air in March 2007 initiated weekly flights from Tehran to Caracas via Damascus.
"Venezuela has been willing to help Iran get around Security Council sanctions, and this means that banned Iranian companies send material through Venezuela to Syria or any other country that orders the equipment," an intelligence source said.

The sources, in a series of briefings to European and Arab newspapers, said Iran has been exporting equipment used in ballistic missile production to Syria. They said Iran sent computers, engines and other components to Venezuela. From Caracas, Venezuela's Conviasa Airlines flew the Iranian material to the Center for Research Studies in Damascus, responsible for Syria's missile and weapons of mass destruction programs.

So why didn't these aircraft meet some untoward accident? We DO have a building where people meet to discuss things other than satellite pix and communications intercepts don't we? In Langley, VA. I think? Are we now too civilized and risk averse to act in our own defense when it's messy? I think maybe, yes. Isn't part of their job to take care of these kinds of things early so they don't end up causing a war later or killing Americans later and bigger?

Venezuela's state airline Conviasa began flights to Iran, with a stopover in Syria, in October 2007 with the aim of strengthening commercial relations among the three states, according to Fars news agency.

Syria has sought to extend the range of its missiles to more than 900 kilometers. The sources said the effort involved extending the range of the Scud-class missiles produced by North Korea.

Ugh, 562 miles (900 KM) from Southern Syria is not Israel. However 562 miles from eastern Syria cover a lot of Iraq, doesn't it? ALMOST ALL OF IT. All of Jordan.

"Syria wants to procure or develop missiles similar to the No-Dong or Shihab-3," the source said. "This is a project that has been going on for several years."

Shiab 3 range is 1200 miles. They need 1200 miles because? That would reach Abqaiq. Easily. Or the US 5th fleet bases in Bahrain, Greece, Italy, all of populated Egypt (Iran's deadly enemy as well). ..... are we getting the picture here? Are we going to keep on with the delusion of 'decoupling' Syria from Iran. They are completely a vassal state every bit as much as Hizballah's Lebanon is.

A key Iranian company involved in the smuggling effort to Syria was identified as the Shahid Bagheri Industrial Group. The group was said to be controlled by Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, responsible for Teheran's strategic weapons programs.

The sources said Iran has steadily increased military and security cooperation with Venezuela over the last two years. They said Teheran has exported a range of military products as well as trained Venezuela's military and police.

Bush's vacuum of a response to this is mind boggling. The time to kill these kinds of things is

Thumbnail image for jimmy-carter-hugo-chavez.jpg

when they are in the crib. It is emblematic and iconic of how caotured he has become by the State Dept think-dumb, and Gates like myopia on the idea that we are going to be fighting only guys with RPG's and box cutters in caves trying to mix shampoo, jello and ammonia in an aricraft bathroom to bring down a 777 over the Atlantic. I am constrained to point out, that Bush doing NOTHING cannot be be worse than Obama doing nothing.

Someone has to channel James Monroe and exert the United States someplace more than Iraq and Afghanistan, and in more ways than firing a HARM. Obama, I hope you are still up for this job, dude. Now, what is it you were saying about missile defense? Barack, you aren't going to talk Chavez down, unless your words convery a bone chiling and believable message. I don't think they would believe a threat from you. Not today. But maybe you want the UN to take a stern position, eh?

In October 2008, the sources said, 10 IRGC officers arrived in Venezuela to help train the security forces and intelligence agencies of the South American nation. They said Iran has also used Venezuela as a base for military and security projects in the rest of South America.

"Hugo Chavez is helping Teheran evade UN sanctions by exploiting the Venezuelan airlines under an agreement with [Iranian President] Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to strengthen the Iranian penetration in Latin America," the Washington-based Center for Security Policy said on Dec. 22.

This world remains a tough neighborhood. We don't look up to the challenge right now. We need to get the economy right, and back on free enterprise because that is the basis of our strength and freedoms, but we simply CANNOT make believe these other things are not there.

YouTube takes down IDF's most popular videos

Yesterday, the IDF opened a YouTube account.

I just got an email indicating that because YouTube has removed the IDF's most popular videos, the IDF spokesperson's office has opened an account at LiveLeak instead.

Noah Pollak has more.
This was apparently too much for YouTube, which moments ago removed several videos from the IDF’s channel, including the most-watched video, which showed a group of Hamas goons being blown up in an air strike as they loaded Katyusha missiles onto a truck. The point of such footage, as if it needed to be said, is not to revel in violence — it is to show the legitimacy of Israeli self-defense.

The rank double-standard that YouTube has applied to Israel is disturbing. YouTube hosts all manner of similar footage — much of it far more gory than the grainy infrared images posted by the IDF — of U.S. air strikes. Why is YouTube capitulating to those who do not wish for Israel to be able to tell its side of the story?
Why am I not surprised?

In any event, LiveLeak is much more willing to post non-PC material, and I will try to do my part to get the word out.

Cross-posted to Israel Matzav.

Iranian Hijinks

From Counterterrorismblog

Iran activating its proxies
By Olivier Guitta

Iran is smartly playing its cards, using its main Sunni and Shiite proxy to create havoc in the region and de facto making it stronger. At this point, Iran’s next step is uncertain. But it is quite possible that Hezbollah will decide to open a second front against Israel. Also the destabilization operations against the Sunni regimes in the region hostile to the Islamic Republic are likely to continue unabated. At this point when it comes to terror, all roads lead to Tehran.I wrote an article for the Middle East Times analyzing the current situation.You can read it in full here.

Here is an excerpt:

After the six-month truce with Israel expired on Dec. 19, Hamas decided, or
perhaps was urged, to resume its attacks on Israel. Thus Hamas went on a rampage
campaign, firing rockets at Israel to create terror and death among Israeli
civilians.As could be expected, Israel reacted the way most countries would when
attacked, and to protect its population against a group it considers to be a
terrorist organization.

A new war in the region is likely to benefit only one country: Iran.

Indeed, following the model of the summer 2006 war against Israel triggered by the capture of two Israeli soldiers by the Lebanese Shiite organization, Hezbollah, Iran would benefit with a new front opening up.

This time Iran is turning to using its Sunni arm, Hamas. Contrary to what a number of experts in the region profess, Sunni extremists and Shiite extremists have no problem joining forces against a common enemy and putting aside their age-old rivalries.

While Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the founder of the Palestinian Resistance Movement, also known as Hamas, was still alive, he refused to Iran's advances time and again. Yassin was adamant not to engage the Shiites. After his death, Hamas became much more open to Tehran's advances. Recently, Iran has become Hamas' main bankroller and as such wants to have a say in what Hamas should or should not do.

Moonbat McKinney's boat turned back by Israeli Navy - UPDATED with video from Tyre, Lebanon

The yacht carrying former US Congresscritter and Green Party Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney tried to outmaneuver an Israeli navy gunboat off Gaza Tuesday morning. The yacht rammed into the Israeli gunboat, which then turned it around and sent it back to Cyprus.
Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said the boat ignored an Israeli radio order to turn back early Tuesday. He said the boat tried to outmaneuver the navy ship and crashed into it, lightly damaging both vessels. The navy then escorted the boat to the territorial waters of Cyprus.

Protest boat organizer Derek Graham said the Israeli ship "rammed" the protest boat.
According to the 'Free Gaza' website of the boat's organizers (which I will not grace with a link), the boat is now headed to 'safety' in Lebanon. Here's their account of Tuesday morning's events.
On Tuesday, December 30, at 5 a.m., several Israeli gunboats intercepted the Dignity as she was heading on a mission of mercy to Gaza. One gunboat rammed into the boat on the port bow side, heavily damaging her. The reports from the passengers and journalists on board is that she is taking on water and appears to have engine problems. When attacked, the Dignity was clearly in international waters, 90 miles off the coast of Gaza.

The gunboats also fired their machine guns into the water in an attempt to stop the mercy ship from getting to Gaza.

As the boat limps toward Lebanon, passengers have been in contact with the Lebanese government who have said the captain has permission to dock and are willing lend assistance if needed. Cyprus sea rescue has also been in touch, and has offered assistance as well. The Dignity clearly flies the flag of Gibraltar, is piloted by an English captain and has a passenger manifest that includes Representative Cynthia McKinney from the U.S. The attack was filmed by the journalists, and the crew and passengers will report on Israel's crime at sea once they arrive in Lebanon.

On board the boat are doctors traveling to this impoverished slice of the Mediterranean to provide badly-needed relief at the hospitals there. The crew and passengers were also hoping to take wounded out for treatment, since the hospitals are not coping. In addition, the Dignity was carrying 3 tons of medical supplies at the request of the doctors in Gaza.
What kind of morons try sending a yacht into a war zone? I can't wait to see the video.... And yes, I will post it as soon as I get it.

Here's a CNN clip. The voice is the voice of a reporter on the boat, but the video footage is from loading the boat and not from this morning's incident. Let's go to the videotape.

Taliban Surging in SWAT Valley

Who's watching the nukes?

Ok, maybe not that bad, YET, but still very troubling in a pre-9/11 sort of way.

The Taliban surging anywhere cannot be good. Reinstating the burqa and parallel courts (read:Sharia).

Bet they wish they hadn't shifted all those troops to the Indian border. And that maybe they would have worked a little harder to exterminate these bastards.

from FoxNews via Ace

Taliban Burning, Beheading Its Way Through Pakistani Valley

Iranians Attack Jordanian Embassy

Following Pastorius' post on the Iranian students, we have this, Jordanians and Saudis the target now. I'm not sure who the "Basiji Students" are, but the Basij are the shock troops the mullahs call out to put down protests and "help" the protestors often disappear. As Pasto said "The whole world is forced to watch them in full bloom. This is Islam. Islam is Jihad."

at Gateway Pundit:

IRANIANS ATTACK Jordanian Embassy-- Hold Violent Protest at Saudi Consulate
From the Iranian media websites:

The Jordanian Embassy in Tehran was attacked with explosives, at midnight Tehran time, last night. The Embassy spokesman has confirmed this report. Several Jordanian citizens were inside the embassy during the attack; no one however sustained any injuries. The spokesman also said that he was not certain about the identity of those responsible for the attacks.

It is important to mention that according to Rooz web site, elements of the regime who call themselves the Basiji Students, have via SMS called for the invasion of the Egyptian interest section in Tehran (Egypt has not had an embassy in Tehran since Tehran's regime praised Khalid Eslamboli, member of the Egytpian Islamic Jihadand murderer of Anwar Sadat).

Yesterday also, the Mash'had branch of the Basiji Students, gathered and took to violently protesting in front of the main gates of the Saudi Arabian consulate, located on Mojallal-Sawjed Boulevard in Mash'had. They chanted slogans against Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan. One of the slogans was: "Woe is you, if Khamenei gives me my orders of Jihad" which indicated a call to holy war by the Iranian supreme leader against Saudi Arabia .

They also took to throwing rocks and heavy objects through the windows of the consulate building. They also carried placards that had the words TRAITOR, COWARD and WHORE written on them. According to the Rooz reporter, at 12:30 pm the demonstration reached a fever pitch where protestors began hurling Molotov Cocktails at the building which landed on the other side of the embassy grounds on Molavi Avenue, leading to a massive fire.

Hat Tip Banafsheh Zand Bonazzi


It looks like Reliapundit was right again (dude's got a very high incidence of being correct in his predictions).





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An Iranian Red Crescent vessel due to set sail for Gaza this week carries a "hidden agenda," providing cover for an attempt by Teheran's al-Quds Force to spread its influence and possibly ferrying intelligence agents, an American expert warned on Saturday.

Iran's Red Crescent Society announced on its Web site last week plans to dispatch the ship with 1,000 tons of humanitarian aid.

"The Iranian Red Crescent ship sailing to the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip is an example of Teheran's effort to gain political influence through social aid programs, subvert societies with intelligence agents acting as charitable officials, and encourage the Sunni Muslim street to believe that the Iranian regime is on their side, despite its Shi'ite face," Prof. Raymond Tanter, president of the Washington-based Iran Policy Committee, told The Jerusalem Post.

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I don't agree with RP on that last point. But, I do hope he is right, though.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

McKinney:"Our mission was a peaceful mission" to supply genocidal mass murderers with medical assistance

Former Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, standing beside a damaged yacht in


the Lebanese seaport of Tyre, Tuesday accused the Israeli navy of ramming the vessel to halt the delivery of medical supplies to the embattled Gaza Strip.

"Our mission was a peaceful mission," McKinney told CNN. The recent Green Party candidate for U.S. president and frequent center of controversy is the most prominent political figure to join the relief voyages sponsored by the Free Gaza Movement.

McKinney was slated to travel by car to Beirut where she was expected to conducted media interviews and meet with Lebanese government officials, said Paul Larudee, a co-founder of the California-based Free Gaza group.

Larudee said the organization was determined to continue the relief mission, the sixth such trip to Gaza and the first to be interrupted.

"We're going to get it repaired," Larudee said of the "Dignity," the cabin cruiser which he said sustained some damage to the hull, the bridge and the engine room.

In a news release Tuesday afternoon, one of the 16-member mission, Caoimhe Butterfly offered a conflicting version. The Israeli gunboats "gave us no warning" and "rammed us three times," she said.

"We began taking on water and, for a few minutes, we all feared for our lives," she said of the early morning incident.

These brave souls should be on DEADLIEST CATCH. At least there I can understand it. In this case reckless stupidity, naively conceived ideas about right and wrong, and moronitude on display renders these people into caricature CLOWNS of the progressive self delusional.

Iranian Students Break Into UK Embassy Residence

There's nothing I love more than an enraged Islamic population. That's when they show their true colors.

The whole world is forced to watch them in full bloom. This is Islam. Islam is Jihad.

TEHRAN, Iran: Iran's official news agency says dozens of hardline students have broken into the British Embassy residence in Tehran.

The IRNA agency says the students accuse Britain of supporting Israel's air assault on the Gaza Strip.

According to the agency, the students stormed the compound Tuesday evening and pulled down the British flag.

IRNA says the students then hoisted a Palestinian flag at compound's entrance before police forced them to leave.

The news agency says the break-in lasted about an hour and that the area is now calm. No injuries were reported.

British Foreign Secretary David Miliband has called for an immediate cease-fire by both Israel and Hamas, which controls Gaza.

We win when they lose it.

Answering Israel's critics

Six clich├ęs you are likely to hear constantly in the coming days, and why they're false

1) "Israel's response in 
Gaza is disproportionate"


Since when is war a mathematical equation? The basic objective of any warring party is to inflict maximal damage on the enemy while minimizing its own casualties. Was there anything proportional about the US war in Iraq? Or about Iraq's invasion of Kuwait for that matter? Or about Russia's recent war against Georgia? Israel is doing exactly what any other country has done in the past. This is how war works.


Would a British citizen complain that "too few" British soldiers are being killed in Iraq? Probably not.


And on a more elementary note: Palestinian military inferiority is not an indication of moral superiority. Palestinian insistence on resorting to violence despite this military weakness is an indication of poor judgment perhaps – yet it is by no means an indication of moral virtue. Being militarily weak does not make the Palestinians right.


2) "But Qassams don't kill"


Actually, Qassams do kill. Not too often, perhaps, but dozens of Israelis were killed and wounded by rocket fire in recent years. Moreover, at this time the Palestinians are firing long-range Grad rockets with even greater explosive power. Such rockets killed 2 Israelis Monday.


Yet beyond the casualty figures, the psychological damage caused as result of living under an ongoing rocket threat is immeasurable. Would anyone in the West agree to have their family live under constant rocket attacks and be regularly woken up by sirens in the middle of the night? Would anyone living under such conditions appreciate being told that "these rockets don't kill?" Probably not.


3) "It's all because of Israel's siege. Israel should allow aid into Gaza."


Israel has allowed goods into Gaza regularly throughout the "siege". Palestinians have been able to complement these deliveries with supplies smuggled through hundreds of tunnels (of course, they would likely be able to bring in even more food had they not used the tunnels to smuggle in missiles.).


The day before operation "Cast Lead" got underway, Israel allowed dozens of trucks carrying aid to enter the Strip. On Tuesday, another 100 trucks – double the normal number –are expected to enter Gaza after Defense Minister Barak approved the move.

In short, Israel is allowing aid into the Strip (but guess who has kept Gaza crossings mostly closed thus far? That's right, Egypt.)


4) "Why didn't Israel just agree to renew the Gaza truce?"


First, what truce? Terror groups continued to fire rockets throughout the lull, even if somewhat infrequently, and even if the world didn't seem to care too much. Nonetheless, Israel clearly declared that it is interested in extending the truce. Our top officials made it clear time and again.


Yet Hamas leaders clearly declared that the truce has ended on December 19th, and proceeded to bombard southern Israeli communities with dozens of rockets daily. In short, it is no wonder that even the Egyptians are blaming Hamas this time.


5) "But Hamas was elected democratically – why can't Israel accept it?"


Although Hamas won the Palestinian elections, it took Gaza by force, in the process hurling rival Fatah members down to their death from high-rises and shooting others in the knees with the declared aim of maiming them. Some democracy.


In any case, Israel in fact "recognizes," de facto, Hamas' rule in Gaza, which is precisely why it is justified in attacking the Hamas-ruled Strip, recognizing that it is indeed being governed by a terror entity. Israel did not launch the operation because Hamas is in power there – rather, it did so because Hamas is a terrorist organization that has deliberately targeted civilians with thousands of rockets over the past 8 years.


6) "Israel is targeting civilians"


You mean to say that "one of the most powerful armies in the world" has been bombing Gaza for days, deploying massive air power, dropping hundreds of bombs, and ultimately killing a grand total of 50 civilians or so in the "most crowded place on earth?"

There are two options here: A) The Israeli army is not targeting civilians, or B) Israeli pilots suck. We tend to go with option A.


Indeed, Israel goes to great lengths to avoid civilian casualties, by deploying precise ammunition and specialized techniques. In fact, nobody in the world does this better than the Jewish State.