Thursday, November 25, 2010

Safety Is Now Racism: Muslim Woman Cries, Bitches, and Moans Cuz Skating Rink Won't Let Her Wear Hijab

From Jawa:

A Muslim woman was asked to either remove her headscarf or wear a helmet because the scarf, should it fall off, posed a danger to other patrons. She, of course, is now claiming discrimination. Covering her hair is much more important than the safety of others...

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revereridesagain said...

So how does one legally make life miserable for a rollerskating plug-ugly muslima skank doin' her part to enforce the Sharia?

Skating around the rink right in front of her with ISLAM SUCKS on the back of your shirt comes to mind.

Will they let you eat a baconburger while skating at that rink?

Request "Rock the Casbah" for the all-skate musical selection.

Bring several friends. Scream the adhan. Hit the ice with butts in the air right in front of her so she has to either go around or THROUGH you.

Damien said...


CAIR is anything but a civil rights organization. They only pretend to be one so they can help their fellow stealth Jihadists Islamize America. They are not about civil rights. Hearing people in the media call them that, makes me sick.

Pastorius said...


Remember our discussion yesterday. I say, Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC will continue to refer to CAIR as a human rights organization, and will continue to interview their representatives on their shows.

Damien said...


I didn't doubt you, but its still ticks me off.

Pastorius said...


Even though a Federal Judge has CONFIRMED THAT CAIR IS HAMAS,

the news outlets will continue to use CAIR as the go-to "Muslim human rights organization."

It's a false narrative.

Anonymous said...

She's just too ugly to be showing her face. It should actually be illegal for her to take her hijab and niqab (face covering) off.

Always On Watch said...

I've not watched the entire video but am about to.

I'm thinking that here we have a Latina convert to Islam.

Even if not, think about this: All of us yammer about wanting Muslims profiled for security while flying. Okay, Muslimatoon wearing hijabs are easy to identify regardless of ethnicity.

But what about males who have converted to Islam? They can be Latinos or Anglos (blue eyes, blond hair). We do have a lot of Americans of all races and ethnicities who have converted to Islam. How would airlines profile THEM?

Always On Watch said...

Okay, I've watched the entire video. Twice.

So far, the owner of the roller rink isn't caving.

But will he be forced to? Watch for litigation jihad.

Pastorius said...

There is no way to profile Muslims based upon ethnicity.

But, that's not really the trick with the Israeli manner of profiling.

I don't mean this analogy to go too far (though, maybe it should), but the type of profiling we need is like serial killer profiling.

The security people at the airport need to question people to see whether they fit the profile of a Jihadist, not of an Arab or North African.

Pastorius said...

You said, she's so ugly she ought never be allowed to take off her niqab/hijab.

I say: Sometimes I think that Allah definitely had some wisdom. You know, being a demon, he's been around an awful long time. Even a really rebellious fallen angel will pick up a bit of wisdom over the course of eons.

Always On Watch said...

Has anyone we know been through Israeli security so as to explain more details about that method?

Anonymous said...

We do have a lot of Americans of all races and ethnicities who have converted to Islam. How would airlines profile THEM?

they have these beards:

«All Muslim scholars view keeping a beard as being at least commendable for men
as it follows the example of Muhammad, and most consider it obligatory.»

Peter Dengler said...


Mohammed Atta:,r:0,s:0