Saturday, January 28, 2012

What are the republicans talking about? Why are the debate moderators warped?

Does anyone here think that Newt’s accusations against Romney or the new Romney campaign to de-legitimize Gingrich’s Reagan connections ….

makes the slightest difference to increasing manufacturing jobs and investment in the USA?

Is there anyone who thinks Wolf Blitzer’s rather obvious attempt to get attention for CNN by trying to provoke a fight over accusations each side STUPIDLY, ARROGANTLY AND IN A SELF CENTERED MANNER continue to make, …

makes the slightest difference to increasing manufacturing jobs and investment in the USA?

I want to hear about how the candidates plan to help the business people of the USA to increase our economic power through GROWTH of the industrial, research and engineering base of the USA.
I want to hear Wolf Blitzer provoke a fight over the best way to do that.
My disgust with the Republican candidate field, the media and most especially the delusional president and his thinkalikes is manifest and brimming over.
I will never vote for the Obama under ANY set of circumstances, and my disgust for the republicans at this points is 0.001% less.
Forget responsible questioning by the media. They might as well be asking the candidate why they do not perform enough cunnilingus on their wives now and girlfriends in the past.
I DON’T CARE ABOUT THAT EITHER, and the reasons that might be true will do as much for the GDP as the current line of questioning, and the current food fight.



Always On Watch said...

The coming election really should be all about the economy.

Honestly, what I see from all the candidates is arrogance and their being out of touch with the reality on the ground throughout most sections of America.

They need to open their eyes! Take a tour of Reading, Steubenville, the Midwest, etc.

As it is, both Romney and Gingrich see only the less afflicted metropolitan hubs.

I have yet to year ANY of the GOP contenders put forth a workable plan to stimulate our economy here in the United States.

BTW, Epa, I printed out that entire NYT article that you linked to the other day. I'll be sharing it with my high school economics class.

Anonymous said...

The indispensable Kitman TV has “Generation Zero” available to watch online. What I find interesting is the claim that Mitt Romney’s business acumen is the antidote to the looming financial collapse yet no-where do I read about this so-called conservative’s talent used to address this issue.

The movie, however, does voice the opinion of dozens of conservatives – including John Bolton, Victor Davis Hansen, AND Newt Gingrich.

Admittedly, I lean towards Gingrich thus far in the GOP primaries. I notice that of all the candidates, Newt is the only one expressing his love of this country in every venue – particularly where the venue presents an opportunity to teach across generations.

Many conservative voters simply cannot overlook Gingrich’s past personal indiscretions in his marriages. One of those indiscretions I find most appealing in Newt. An affair he cannot and has not tried to conceal – his passionate affection & total reverence for this nation & it’s foundations.

Another example: Christmas Day in 1776 George Washington’s “Victory or Death”

I just haven't seen decades of dedication to this passion and intensity of focus in any of the other candidates.

Epaminondas said...

AoW... Paul Krugman references that article as well to make a different point, but he also adds to the information about what makes the chinese model attractive to inventor/producer/prototypers.


Anon my reservations about Romney as wonderkind of biz have to do with his expertise level being that of a financial products and wealth managment investor, NOT the kind who has to invent out of thin air the model for success. It is a derivative expertise, NOT a primary expertise.

He is a Jaime Dimon, not a Henry Ford.

IMHO We need someone who is an idea guy and who is going to cold blooded-ly FIRE one person after another until he get s the people an ideas that work.
Neither leading candidate is on that track right now

Anonymous said...

The fit may not be perfect, but Newt upset the DC RINO cart successfully once. Many of the RINO's who were wounded by Newt's success continue to traffic DC nursing those open wounds to this day. Newt's been characterized as a "DC insider". Such a characterization isn't limited to the prejorative meaning one-time-'conservative' pundits like Ann Coulter would like to pin on Newt.
Recall Coulter's CPAC statement -
"If Christie doesn't run, Romney will be nominated AND LOSE TO OBAMA."

The RINO establishment is quaking in their boots at the prospect of Newt's taking the nomination by primary voters.