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Is Barack Obama the Muslim nation’s new caliph? Try to remove Obama and you will see “Jihad” on a scale never imagined before!

Obama is galvanizing (uniting) the Muslim nation.

I'm posting this because I think there is interesting information contained in this article. I'm not saying I think Obama is a Muslim. I do question, however, the source of his allegiance to Islam.

I do not believe his allegiance to Islam is in the interest of Human Rights. I believe there is a Fascist motive present. I don't know if the Fascism is a Gramscian attempt to weaken the West, or whether it emanates from a belief, on Obama's part, that Islam is as reasonable a system of government as the American system, and is therefore to be nurtured? It could be a combination of both. I don't know.

I can only say, I believe Islam is a Fascist system, and that any reasonable Western leader would do his best to steer away from a system like Islam, which is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions of human beings over the last 1400 years.


The Muslim Brotherhood is primarily Sunni, one of the two major sects of Islam and which the majority of Muslims are, including all in Indonesia where Obama was in his most formative years raised by his Muslim stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, and where his name was Barry Soetoro, not Barack Obama. And now he is aiding the Brotherhood with American tax-dollars and weapons to overthrow the Shia sect in Syria. Shia Muslims in Syria were until recently aided by the mullahcracy in Iran and Hezbollah in Lebanon — both are Shia. But don’t misunderstand, the violent sectarian conflict between Sunni and Shia Muslims (seen in Iraq today)  has always been temporary, i.e., until a new caliph is chosen.
Abdulaziz and Ahmadinijad
For the cameras, Abdullah of Saudi Arabia (Sunni) and Ahmadinejad of Iran (Shia) are in fact united against the United States, Israel and Western civilization. See the Sunni Muslim glaring at Ahmadinejad: It will take time for them to get used to unity.
So now We the People of the United States of America have a Sunni Muslim in our White House aiding, comforting and uniting Islamic powers into a caliphate while most American Citizens are truly struggling financially. Many of us don’t even have a bank account any longer and are dependent on food stamps.
If you do not know that Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. is a Muslim, then you do not know what Islam is, (i.e., you do not know what the Quran instructs), and have not acknowledged the facts.
Obama wrote in his book, “The person who made me proudest of all though was Roy, he converted to Islam.” A Christian would NEVER say that! Roy is Barack Obama’s brother and after “he converted to Islam” he changed his name to Abongo“. What we must acknowledge here is that Obama’s mother married a second Muslim, Lolo Soetoro, who adopted her son in Indonesia and his name was Barry Soetoro. “Barry” is not a Muslim name and after leaving Indonesia he changed his name to “Barack,” an Arabic Muslim name. Also Barack wrote in his book, “Lolo followed a brand of Islam… I looked to Lolo for guidance.” What we must acknowledge is that Barry’s stepfather, Lolo, and mother enrolled him in two separate Indonesian schools as a Muslim. They could have circled Catholic, Christian, Buddhism, Hindu, but they circled Islam. And in a third quote from Obama’s book he says, I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” Instead of saying he is on the side of America, or of Western civilization, or on the side of the Jews and the Christians who are the victims of Islamic terrorism instructed by the Quran and hadith, he is going to stand with the Muslims. And we see him doing this daily: He has been aiding and comforting the Muslims on every issue and at every step of the way. 
And that’s just up to 2010,

 and he has not changed course since then. And while he did approve of the killings of bin Laden and al-Awlaki (Islam permits killing fellow Muslims to spread Islam as the dominant power) Obama has never said anything negative about the advance of Sharia, including in the United States.
In 2008 a poll found that 1 out of 10 Americans believed Obama to be a Muslim. In 2012, four years later, a poll found 1 out of 6 believed Obama to be a Muslim, and these figures are rising. That’s because Americans are beginning to see and acknowledge that the Quran instructs Muslims to lie to unbelievers.
Obama as caliph
Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey considers Turkey to be the head of the Sunni sect and is part of the Muslim Brotherhood.
Obama showed absolutely no interest in helping the Syrian people fighting the Syrian regime, (i.e., has no interest in democracy or upholding human rights), not even when Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey criticized him for not acting. It was not until the Muslim Brotherhood came to power in Egypt, a government that has already thoroughly proven itself to be another repressive regime, that Obama got involved. And King Abdullah of Jordan has seriously warned Obama that the Brotherhood got involved only to install another dictatorship in Syria. Despite King Abdullah’s serious warning, Obama is now aiding the Brotherhood financially and with weaponsThen suddenly the Brotherhood’s President Morsi rolled out the red carpet in a welcome to Iran’s President Ahmadinejad of Iran, the first trip of an Iranian leader to Egypt since 1979. “We can provide a big credit line to the Egyptian brothers,” Ahmadinejad said.
“We can provide a big credit line to the Egyptian brothers.” Ahmadinejad
NOTE: At first it appeared that Iran’s visit was to compete with U.S.A., but now it is clear Iran sees Obama’s conspiratorial moves (giving aid and comfort) and is acknowledging the LARGER mutual goal, i.e., a caliphate. Notice Ahmadinejad’s words, “Egyptian brothers”)—betraying Iran’s Syrian “ally,” President Assad.
Muslim Brotherhood’s President Morsi has been recently quoted as saying:
“Dear brothers, we must not forget to nurse our children and grandchildren on hatred towards those Zionists and Jews, and all those who support them. They must be nursed on hatred. The hatred must continue.”
Morsi has referred to our Israeli allies as “blood-suckers … warmongers, the descendants of apes and pigs … We must all realize that resistance (read as“terrorism) is the only way to liberate the land of Palestine.” Also, last October, Morsi was shown on Egyptian television fervent in prayer in a mosque as the cleric of the mosque chanted, “Oh Allah, destroy the Jews and their supporters. Oh Allah, disperse them, rend them asunder. Oh Allah, demonstrate your might and greatness upon them. Show us your omnipotence, oh Lord.”
This sign is not in reference to the young Egyptians who are protesting against the Muslim Brotherhood, but to the children of the Muslim Brotherhood.
NOTE: Obama wants American parents to teach their children to be exactly like the youth of the Muslim Brotherhood: Not raise them as American Patriots with allegiance to the U.S. Constitution, but to accept Islam as the dominant force. The Muslim Brotherhood is the largest Muslim organization in the world and it is a documented fact that the Musliim Brotherhood is attacking the United States with what they, themselves, say is a “Grand Jihad until the final hour comes.” And what is “the final hour”? It is the hour of the final terroristic assault, the violent Jihad where all Muslims rise up wherever they are to conquer the world.
It is no secret that many Muslims want Barack Obama to be their new caliph. It has in fact already been said, “As Caliph he would solve all our problems.”  This has already been publically stated in Pakistan, which is also of the Sunni sect. Obama was in Pakistan for three weeks in 1981 after he visited his mother and stepfather in Indonesia, a round the world trip that he has not mentioned in his books and at a time that he was struggling to find money for his college tuition. It must be mentioned here that Barack Obama has now given Pakistan billions of dollars in aid“This law is the tangible manifestation of the broad support for Pakistan in the U.S.,”  the White House said in a statement. The videos below reveal how that “broad support for Pakistan in the U.S.” has come about.
Below is the paragraph shown in the video above, dated May 22, 1991, seized years ago when the FBI arrested a member of the Muslim Brotherhood who was photographing the cables of a large bridge. Translated into English, it reads:
Understanding The role of the Muslim Brother in North America:
The process of settlement is a “Civilization-Jihadist Process” with all the word means. The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of Grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and by the hands of the believers so its is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions. Without this level of understanding we are not up to the challenge and have not prepared ourselves for Jihad yet. It is a Muslim’s destiny to perform Jihad and work wherever he lives and wherever he lands until the final hour comes, and there is no escape from this destiny except for those who chose to slack. But would the slackers and the Mujahideen be equal.”
The entire Muslim Brotherhood document is at:
Obama has in fact hijacked the United States government and if Congress even attempts to remove him we will see “Jihad” as never imagined — that is because Muslim leaders in the Muslim Brotherhood see Obama as the Muslim nation’s new caliph. The random terrorist attacks, even the 9/11 attacks, were only done by loose cannons, i.e, an impatient few wanting to lead the “Jihad” and unwilling to wait on the lengthy strategy of the Muslim Brotherhood. Young Muslims in the United States are told, “We are going to do a jihad, but not yet.”
Barack Obama has been positioning himself (massaging other Muslim leaders) to be made the new caliph of a caliphate to rule the world, and he prefers to do so from Washington. If you think I’m theorizing (without facts), you need to look closer at Islam and what Obama and other Muslims are doing. 
Obama had a photographer ready to take this picture only to show other leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood how he is insulting and controlling the American People.
Go ahead and try to remove Obama — there are many reasons why Congress should have already removed him, including being ineligible to assume the office of President! Try now to remove Obama and see what happens.
It has become evident that Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. has all the traits of a ruthless dictator, i.e., a narcissist, a liar, manipulative, a nasty temper, and very willing to violate and alienate human rights. I believe, to be the new caliph, is Obama’s highest ambition and why he is rapidly galvanizing “the Muslim nation,”a supranational fascist totalitarianism having the Quran as its constitution, even now reaching out to Iran with a passive Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel. This is also why Obama is attempting to stop Israel from striking Iran.
Obama and Netanjahu
Prime Minister Netanyahu would be wise not to trust Obama, not in the least.
When it comes to the “final hour” Obama will need/require Islamic unity and also Iran’s nuclear weapons: He must stay on good terms with Iran’s supreme mullah. I write “mullah” because Iran’s “supreme leader” is not an ayatollah, but was only at the last moment given that title so he could be the “supreme leader.” In the same manner the Muslim Brotherhood and Iranian “religious leaders” will unite and appoint Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. as caliph. He will suddenly be the most revered “religious leader” in Islam—taking Mohammad’s place.
The following video very clearly reveals that the Muslim Brotherhood (a known terrorist organization) is working in the Department of Homeland Security and that Obama’s administration is now attempting to conceal this.
The following video clearly reveals that the Department of Homeland Security is not trying to protect American Citizens as claimed, ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!
The Islamic (Muslim) strategy is to infiltrate and get their enemies to do all the work, (i.e., the attack), for them, e.g., both wars (in Afghanistan and Iraq) were strategic loses for the United States. The United States wrote the constitutions for both Afghanistan and Iraq, but we included Sharia law as their legal system. Not only did our leadership defeat the objective to plant true democracy (Islam opposes democracy and human rights), but our leadership has been encouraging the Muslims to continue in their “stealth jihad” to supplant the U.S. Constitution with the Qur’an and Sharia law in the United States.
Instead of the government protecting Americans, we are now being targeted by the government! And why? Because we have been betrayed!
“If liberty is worth keeping and free representative government worth saving, we must stand for all American fundamentals—not some, but all. All are woven into the great fabric of our national well-being.”
Take note of the word “If” in Albert J. Beveridge’s statement above. The word “If” is asking you a question. Do you want liberty, or not? Our founding fathers established a nation based on Judeo-Christian principles, and thousands upon thousands of true American Patriots died fighting for these principles. But the dead are no longer able to defend our Republic, the responsibility to preserve and defend the U.S. Constitution (if you want liberty) is now yours.
Lincoln Memorial Gettysburg Address
And Albert Beveridge is correct: It is not possible to preserve and protect liberty if we do not stand for “all American fundamentals—not some, but all.” All of our fundamental liberties are in fact our foremost security measures and if even one of them is compromised we have a major breach in our security.
NOTE: No doubt this is why We the People of the United States now find ourselves faced not only with enemies from abroad, but by those conspiring with Obama within the United States. Treason is now flourishing in our country.
Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al-Sa
Obama receiving a gold necklace from King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia — fit for a caliph.
NOTE: Truth must be 100% truth, otherwise it is a pattern of deceit. Someone can tell you 99 truths and then 1 lie — then all 100 kill you. In fact the 99 truths and the 1 lie are a pattern of deceit, not the fundamental truths “woven into the great fabric of our national well-being.” If we want liberty we cannot accept lies from our representative government, because once our representatives lie to us, or are willing to accept lies and go on as though nothing happened, they then in fact no longer represent us, but choose to conspire against us.
Russian warships
Russian has amassed a very large naval force in the eastern Mediterranean.
And now Obama is openly admitting to entering into the war in Syria: This is no longer a civil war, but Obama has hijacked the original protest for freedom. Obama has in fact not decided to openly arm the opposition in Syria because of the claimed use of chemical weapons, but the “red line” of chemical weapons was in fact only a loop hole that Obama, (i.e., the Muslim Brotherhood), created after the Muslim Brotherhood took Libya and Egypt — they now want Syria.
NOTE: The fact that the Syrian people were protesting for freedom when Assad started killing them meant absolutely nothing to Obama and still doesn’t: The fundamental principles of freedom (human rights) are not principles that Obama adheres to. Obama in fact unlawfully helped the Muslim Brotherhood take Libya and this is exactly why there are many lies about the attack in Benghazi. There is no freedom in Libya: Al Qaeda’s flag flies on the court building in Benghazi. And Obama is now continuing to help the Muslim Brotherhood to take a strangle hold on the Middle East with his ambition to be the new caliph of the Muslim nation.
NOTE: The war in Syria is about two things: The flow of new found gas to the European Market (which is why Russia is involved) and Obama’s personal ambition. Obama is not concerned for the people of Syria: Democracy and human rights are not principles that Obama adheres to. Instead, he intends to inflame the conflict to unite the Sunni and Shia Muslims against Israel—bringing the Russian, Sunni and Shia armies simultaneously to Israel’s borders.
Russia wants to keep its naval port in Tarsus not only to maintain its presence in the Mediterranean, but as the end of several gas pipelines for shipment to the European market. Russia presently has the pipeline from Russia going to Europe in the north and also wants to control the gas flow to Europe through the Mediterranean Sea in the south.
Russia and Iran have been allies for many years and have plans regarding  Syria, not to secure Assad’s regime, but secure their own interests. When Assad begins to tumble….. Russia and Iran, with Hezbollah in Lebanon, are prepared to swoop in and take all the lands north and east of Israel, including Lebanon and Jordan. Turkey would at first oppose the passage of more Russian ships through the Bosporus (through Istanbul), but it’s already too late, Russian ships are now poised off the southern coast of Turkey and the coasts of Syria and Lebanon. Russia also still has many ships in the Black Sea (NATO cannot protect Turkey) and when this starts Turkey will simply acquiesce to Russia and Iran’s demands. Russia’s army will then march south through Georgia.
With five seas, oil and gas, Russia’s involvement, the Muslims, Israel, and potential for World War III, this is far more complicated than a grandmaster chess game.
Iran’s army is also prepared to go into Turkey’s eastern corner and then swoop down past Lake Van into Syria, as Russia’s army will. Iran will simultaneously invade the autonomous Kurdish region in northern Iraq which is already in conflict with Iran. Will Baghdad attempt to stop Iran? No, absolutely not, the majority of Iraqis are, as Iran’s mullahcracy, Shia Muslim. The Kurds are not Shia, but Sunni. Also, Kurds are not Arabs. The Shia Muslims in Iraq are Arabs.
NOTE: Shia Muslims, even though they are the minority of Muslims worldwide, are the majority in the Middle East. (Most Sunni Muslims are in Indonesia and Pakistan.) Also, Shia Muslims are widespread in the Middle East, whereas most Sunnis in the Middle East are in Egypt. For this reason and because Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are still very vulnerable to Iraq and Iran in the Persian Gulf side, it appears to me that the Shia are the dominant sect of Islam.
When Russia and Iran invade Syria and Lebanon, and possibly Jordan, and thus become a major threat to Israel, you can be sure that we (U.S.A.) will also be threatened on our west coast. Only if we are stretched very thin (defending the ourselves on the west coast and Pacific Rim) will the Muslims attack Israel. And Russia is now showing threatening signs of doing exactly that.
Russia, along with amassing naval forces in the Mediterranean, simultaneously announced it is deploying nuclear submarines to the southern seas. I interpret North Korea’s frequent threats, Russia’s bombers flying around Guam and the simultaneous announcement by Russia that is is deploying nuclear submarines in the South Pacific as a way to draw our focus (and energy) away from the Middle East. With Obama having also put a base in Australia, our Armed Forces are now stretched around the globe more than ever been before.
Islam coming your way
These are the street Muslims. There is another category of Muslims, i.e., those advising Obama.
At some point in this war Israel is going to defend herself:  While the Muslims are determining which sect (Sunni or Shia) is the dominant sect, any involvement by Israel in this war will immediately be a catalyst to unite the two sects into a new caliphate; and most especially when there is the man with the Arabic Muslim name, Barack Hussein Obama, in the White House.


sheik yer'mami said...

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Obama is a Muslim. Everything he does is very islamic, and his pandering is in your face ridicule of everything we, America and the west is and stands (or rather fell) for.

Zero is the biggest fraud ever committed on the free world, and the fact that the impostor and his abominable regime has not yet been eliminated speaks volumes about how far we have already gone down the gurgled.

Pastorius said...

I get what you're saying. There is certainly ample reason to believe he is a Muslim, if one looks at his accomplishments, which, other than gay marriage, are all forwarding the agenda of Islam.

On the other hand, I have a hard time buying that he is a fraud. If he is that means an awful lot of Congressmen, Senators, Generals, members of the media, etc. are derelict in their duty having not reported the fraud. Cuz it is not possible that there is not some small percentage (which would play out in large numbers (hundreds, if not thousands) who would know of the fraud.

Nicoenarg said...

But don’t misunderstand, the violent sectarian conflict between Sunni and Shia Muslims (seen in Iraq today) has always been temporary, i.e.

Uh what?

It has always been temporary but not UNTIL the caliph arrives and then he tells them to hug each other but until the other either converts to the "correct" sect or is killed altogether.

But yes, the Sunnis and the Shiites are united, have always been united, against the infidels. After they kill or subjugate all the infidels, they go after each other.

That's why I think the US should leave these morons to finish each other off.

Nicoenarg said...

Obama is doing a lot of things that are not in line with Islam. Like Pasto mentioned, gay marriage is one of them, abortion is another. Hiring women to work for him is another. Holding non Muslims like Mandela in high esteem is another.

I agree with Pasto in that I doubt that he's Muslim. I do think he considers Islam as legitimate.

Like I've said before though, I think he holds the Western civilization as inferior and evil. Something that should be replaced by whatever else is out there. Right now the strongest opposition to the Western civilization is posed by Islam. So naturally Bronco Bamma sides with Islam.

I think we, in the counter jihad movement, need so stop focusing on whether he's Muslim or not. We need to start realizing that Obama is more dangerous than if he were just a Muslim. Obama sides with everything that is anti-America. Whether that is Islam, leftist crap, atheism, communism, socialism and what have you.

Again, that makes Obama more dangerous than if he were just a Muslim.

Lastly...and this is directed to whoever wrote the article, not you Pasto (:P), Obama is not the caliph of Islam. That claim doesn't even add up.

Some people seem like they WANT this stuff to be true.

At this point I wish he were the caliph of Islam and a Muslim so we'd know better how to deal with him. But the way things stand right now, defeating and exposing Obama and Obama-ism is harder than defeating and exposing Islam.

Pastorius said...

Caliph might mean something different than you than it does to me, or any other non-Muslim.

I took the point of the article to be that Obama is extending Muslim power like no other man in history ....

and that might include Mohammed the Pedophile Prophet as well.

You're right to say that abortion is one of the anti-Islam things.

I do not think you are right to say that hiring women is anti-Islam. There are female leaders in Pakistan and Iran, and some other Muslim nations as well.

And, a larger point of why I have posted this coincides with what you said, whether or not he is Muslim, everything he does hurts America.



Nicoenarg said...


Just because Pakistan and Iran have women in places of power does not make it "Islamic". It is against Islam for women to be in such positions, whether Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc go along with it or not does not matter in the least.

And it doesn't make one a non-Muslim if you hire a woman in your administration. It does raise doubts about your being "the leader of the ummah, the continuation of Mohammed..." if you do such things.

A caliph is not simply a leader who furthers the cause of Islam but also one who is well-versed in Islam and his word stands as equal to Shariah (based on the belief that a caliph is appointed by Allah, he knows the laws of Allah from the Quran and the hadiths so whatever decision he makes is in line with what Allah wants).

So yes, just giving Muslims power does not make one the caliph of Islam.



Definitely. But sadly all the evidence that people point to DOES NOT make him a Muslim, let alone place him squarely in one of the sects, Shi'a or Sunni.

There's a lot of speculation around this and, I'm afraid, not much of it adds up. The speculation is mostly done by people who do not understand Islam very well. This is not meant to be insulting to anyone...I'm just stating things as I see them, over and over.


If I were a conspiracy theorist then I would say something like this:

"Since Obama is Muslim, he is rooting for gay marriage and abortion in America to get the infidels to stop having more children. In his evil Muslim mind he conceives everyday of plans of how he can get infidels to ruin and destroy their culture and values and stop reproducing.

He also shows his fellow Muslim bedfellows how he successfully subjugates infidels by having their women serve him...the ultimate insult!"


But Pasto, that is just how conspiracy theories work. You plant a seed and then anything goes.

Obama may be a Muslim. He may not be a Muslim. You and I agree that he wants to destroy America, that is pretty clear.

I would love to see evidence of him being a Muslim because so far what I've seen has been nothing but a joke. If there is no evidence then I'm afraid he's just someone who hates America and Western culture.

Being the president of the US, hating America and despising Western values is in and of itself worse than him being a Muslim.

Nicoenarg said...

By the way, here's what I mean by going crazy with conspiracy theories:

So the article shows a picture of Obama getting a gold chain from King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, the caption says the chain is "fit for a caliph".

Seeing that Bush also got the same kind of gold chain from Abdullah, does that make Bush the caliph of Islam too? Here's the link for the image:

This caliph thing must run deeper than even Muslims imagined since Bush, an evangelical Christian, appears to also be their caliph...according to the picture above.

Pastorius said...

You write: A caliph is not simply a leader who furthers the cause of Islam but also one who is well-versed in Islam and his word stands as equal to Shariah (based on the belief that a caliph is appointed by Allah, he knows the laws of Allah from the Quran and the hadiths so whatever decision he makes is in line with what Allah wants).

I respond: Yeah, that's what I said. Caliph means something different to us, because we are not Muslims. You grew up Muslim so you perceive it differently.

Much of the information in the article is true, and the article is a decent compendium of important information.

I pretty much said that at the beginning of the article. I also pretty much said that I don't believe everything in the article.


Obama is doing everything he can to hurt America.

You and I are in agreement on that.

Now there are several possibilities here

1) It's cuz he is a Leftist bent on destroying america

2) It's cuz he's an idiot and he thinks all this stuff is good

3) it's because he is a Muslim bent on destroying america

4) It's because he's primarily a Leftist anti-Colonialist (the son of Barack Obama Sr. who was essentially a National Socialist who favored black rule) bent on paying back the white man for his sins and he sees Islam as a weapon in that pursuit

5) he is a Human Rights person who believes that Islam needs to be recreated and believes the best way to do it is to bring it into the fold of the Western world, therefore, he allows mass Islamic immigration, in the hope of inculcating millions of Muslims in Western Culture with it's attendant ideas of freedom for homosexuals and women, and religions sitting next to each other as co-equals ...

6) he is a realpolitik guy who believes that Islam is very dangerous and that the way to defeat it is to create massive chaos in the islamic world, a kind of perpetual revolution, and at the same time introduce gay rights and women's rights thus creating cultural chaos as well, which only adds fire to the perpetual revolution, which will eventually force a more reasonable system, just out of sheer desperation on the part of the Muslim world.



Do you honestly feel like you know which one is true?

Pastorius said...

Here's an odd little tid-bit of information that the whole world ignores, Nico, and I bet you are not aware of it.

At least for the first three years that Obama was President Michelle and the girls were not with him on his birthday.

Do you have any possible explanations for that?

Pastorius said...

What are the names of Bill Ayers children?

Pastorius said...

What is the prettiest sound on Earth?

Pastorius said...

Why does Obama go to a Church where Muslims are accepted as members and Farrakhan and other Muslims are held in high-esteem, even given awards by the church magazine?

Pastorius said...

Why is it there are no records available documenting Obama's life, you know, like his religion, his name, his whereabouts, his grades?

Pastorius said...

Who was Obama's boyfriend during college and what did they do with their time in Pakistan?

Nicoenarg said...

pretty much said that at the beginning of the article. I also pretty much said that I don't believe everything in the article.


Hehe, yup and that's why I said that what I was saying was directed to whoever wrote the article?

Yeah, that's what I said. Caliph means something different to us, because we are not Muslims. You grew up Muslim so you perceive it differently.

Yeah I get that. Just like Allah means God to some Christians out there who declare Allah and the Biblical God to be one and the same.

I tend to stick to the original meaning of the word to avoid confusion.

We can try and have a discussion on whether he's leading Muslims to victory. About whether he's the caliph, I'd stick with "no".

As for points 1-6. I can rule out 2, 5 and 6 based on things I've seen him do and actions I've seen him take. The rest is all up for debate, of course.

I was not aware of that fact about Michelle and the kids not spending time with him during his birthday. And I would have no explanation for it either, really. I do find it really odd though. Why do you propose the reason for this may be?

What are the names of Bill Ayers children?

What is the prettiest sound on Earth?

See I dig philosophical discussions. I do. However I don't think an article that says: "If you do not know that Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. is a Muslim, then you do not know what Islam is, (i.e., you do not know what the Quran instructs), and have not acknowledged the facts." is trying to be philosophical in one way or another.

If someone tries to present something as hard fact, I will question it. Sometimes I may go overboard (you've probably seen me go overboard plenty of times on this blog) but I'd much rather make sure that what I take as fact is actually fact rather than taking it as fact because I want it to be so (I already made that mistake with Islam early in life).

I realize that my approach of criticizing these accusations against despicable people like Bronco Bamma or some other terrorist aren't very popular nor are they nice but I think the difference between us and Muslims (or liberals or whatnot) is that we stick with the fact and the truth no matter how unpopular or unpalatable it may be.

Why does Obama go to a Church where Muslims are accepted as members and Farrakhan and other Muslims are held in high-esteem, even given awards by the church magazine?

My guess would be, same as I said above, that because Obama hates America, he associates with anyone willing to go along with his vision to destroy America. That includes Muslims, Putin, liberals, Mexicans, Argentine political class, Iranians, Taliban, etc.

Why is it there are no records available documenting Obama's life, you know, like his religion, his name, his whereabouts, his grades?

Going back to the first comment then, greatest fraud in history of the US. And then your conclusion that 100s of people, if not 1000s, are in on this fraud making it very unlikely.

But yeah, do I find all of this as off as you do? Of course I do. But I won't say anything "for sure" until I have proof.

But like I said, I love philosophical discussions or even conjecture as long as its clear that my opinion is my opinion and not fact.

Pastorius said...

You write: I was not aware of that fact about Michelle and the kids not spending time with him during his birthday. And I would have no explanation for it either, really. I do find it really odd though. Why do you propose the reason for this may be?

I respond: You're an ex-Muslim. I have a reason. I think, however, you being an ex-Muslim should think about it yourself. And see if you come to the same possible conclusion that I have.

Pastorius said...

One way to put it is to ask this simple question, what date is Barack Obama's birthday?

Pastorius said...

You write: an article that says: "If you do not know that Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. is a Muslim, then you do not know what Islam is, (i.e., you do not know what the Quran instructs), and have not acknowledged the facts." is trying to be philosophical in one way or another.
If someone tries to present something as hard fact, I will question it.

I respond: Ok, I get it. I thought you were attacking me for posting it.

My response to you is based on the same intellectual dynamic you describe above. If someone tells me something is absolutely wrong, when I don't think there is a solid conclusion, then I will fight hard about it.

Pastorius said...

You write: do I find all of this as off as you do? Of course I do. But I won't say anything "for sure" until I have proof.

I respond: THERE YOU GO.

You and I are saying the same thing.

I will not have a real conclusion on this until the dust has settled, which will probably require about 40-50 years of time and I will be a very old man by then.

Unknown said...

Mawlana Rashid Ahmad Gangohi was specifically asked about birthdays of children, and he said there was no harm with it. See Fatawa Rashidiyya, p. 567 (under chapter of jawaz hurmat ke masa'il). The same is also mentioned by Mawlana Lajpuri in Fatawa Rahimiyya (10/226). Ml Lajpuri mentions that the cutting of the cake should be avoided though and that being happy and showing thanks to Allah is fine.

However, both fatawa are specific to children.

Both these scholars forbade the mawlid harshly but allowed birthdays of children.

Pastorius said...

And yes, that's another answer.

Pastorius said...

And here's one to back up Will's answer:

Pastorius said...

Here's more:

Nicoenarg said...

:) no I wasn't attacking you Pasto. I usually address the articles you post written by others knowing you didn't write them.

I think I'm gonna start my comments with, "Pasto I'm not attacking you, I'm addressing the article..." From now on if that'd help the discussion :-P

I'm in bed right now so I'll get to the birthday stuff later. But yes, Islam frowns upon, if not outright forbids, celebrating any non Islamic tradition including birthdays. Even saying "merry Christmas" or "happy new year" comes under the same category.

Charles Martel said...

You seem to forget he is someone who suddenly appeared from nowhere and kicked the favorite horse out of the race. He became the president of the US of A. Whatever he is, whatever his goals, he had to be careful and take measured steps. Supposedly he was to represent the country and the American people, with their American values. He HAD to be careful. As for what he stands for that go against Islam, let's see. Biden forced his hand on gay marriage, and he was furious. Why? probably because he thought it would endanger his romance with African Americans, and/or whatever the umma stands for on the subject. As for abortion and employment of women, again, this is the US. Feminism is highly regarded, and females helped him reach the presidency.

And remember that taqiyya and other tricks in the Islamic kit of deceptions are allowed when in pursuit of the caliphate and other twisted goals.

I don't know if he is a Muslim, but I'm pretty sure he is not a Christian. His actions in the Middle East are helping decimate Christians from their ancestral home. Also, he cancelled a scheduled meeting with one of the Coptic leaders who visited Washington and had the purpose to ask for his support of persecuted Christians, but opens the gates to whatever Muslim brother who's in the neighborhood.

You guys are way too sophisticated for me, and many of your comments go over my head. For instance, what's the meaning of the names of Bill Ayer's children? Lost me there.

Unknown said...

Hi Pasto, as you know my opinion and viewpoint is: As long as I don't see a legalized Baptismal Certificate written in the Name of Barack Hussein Obama, then I must assume he's still a Muslim according to Islamic law.

Only TWO people mention his Baptismal act , O himself and Jeremiah Wright.
Even the Monster of Loch Ness gets more exposure.

Epaminondas said...

He is not a muslim.
And it doesn't matter a bit.

HE is an arrogant self entitled ideologue surrounded by ideologues. Any compromise he has ever made has been forced upon him.

HE DESPISES the essence of america, and therefore despises those who LOVE that essence as, if not evil, then as evildoers.

Jefferson, Washington were nothing more than owners of people like him. Franklin and Adams were enablers.

And in the mirror HE is time's answer.

In other words... HE IS FUCKED UP. And self hating Americans gravitate to that image.

Nicoenarg said...

Agree with Epa.

By the way, I never said or insinuated that he was Christian.

As for whether he's Muslim according to Islamic Shariah...well if I gave two sh*ts about Islamic Shariah then I would be killing myself since Islam says apostates should be killed.

I think Epa summarized who and what Obama is pretty well.


I am not sure if August 4th has anything to do with anything. I don't remember August 4th being important in Islam in anyway, especially since Muslim holidays and important days follow the Hijri (Islamic lunar) calendar? But maybe I'm missing something?

Pastorius said...

here's my answer,

besides the fact that Muslims, in general, do not celebrate their birthdays, August 4th means nothing on the Islamic calendar.