Monday, September 01, 2014

It's About Freekn' Time!! Finally, a Western Leader

Britain's Cameron asks for tough anti-terrorism laws to defeat 'scourge of extremism'

British Prime Minister David Cameron on Monday proposed sweeping legislation to combat the “scourge of extremism,” amid the fast and powerful rise of the extremist group Islamic State.

Cameron officially asked the House of Commons to agree to several temporary measures he proposed late last week, including the power to seize passports of suspected British jihadists leaving the country and controlling where they can move within the country.

He said his proposed legislation would give police officers temporary power to seize passports at the border. Secondly, he said it was key that Britain work to keep out foreign fighters who return from the Middle East and pose a threat to the nation, which recently upgraded its terror alert from substantial to severe.

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Always On Watch said...

I'm not holding my breath for any such measures here in America.