Monday, September 01, 2014

NBC's Richard Engel: US Military is "Apoplectic" Over Obama's "No Strategy" Comment - "America-Trained Iraqi Military Disgraced Itself" By Not Fighting Back Against ISIS

Think about that.

The Iraqi Military did not even fight back against ISIS when they took over the city of Mosul and hauled in a huge weapons cache (many of them probably America-supplied weapons). Why would that be?

It's almost like all those Iraqi's we trained desire for ISIS to have more weapons, and to become a stronger Army.

Just watch, next thing you'll hear is that Iraqi Military will be defecting en masse to ISIS.

Just watch.


Anonymous said...

Insert appropriate Santayana quote about difficult history repeating due to ignorance here.

On the other hand, those who do bother to study history . . .

Skip to the End -- How Did WWI End in Palestine?

World War I began 100 years ago in the Middle East with the Turkish assault on the British-held Suez Canal.

Let's skip to the end and view how it the war concluded in Jerusalem in December 1917.

The British forces stalled in their attempt to capture Palestine through Gaza. A daring attack across the desert to Be'er Sheva in October 1917 opened the path to Jerusalem.

Click here for more on the surrender of Jerusalem to two British army sergeants.

Anonymous said...

Why would that be?

After US drawdown and withdrawal Maliki and his regime imposed a Shi'a dominated government and purged the military of Sunni and others. Obama looked away. Armed Shi'a soldiers were left to defend the desert hindquarters of the country and the non-Shi'a populace were largely disarmed.

When Sunni push-back comes in the form of ISIS the Shi'a dropped weapons and ran home. Why not? They have nothing to lose but their lives in this part of Iraq.

ISIS largely popular in this section of Iraq and supported by much of the Shi'a hating population. Meanwhile the ISIS engages in bloody purges against non-Muslim communities portrayed in the west as great battlefield victories which are actually only a slaughter of defenseless victims.

Met on the battlefield by a motivated and well-armed resistance ISIS would run away like a typical bully who met his match. But no one in the vicinity exists to fill that void. ISIS operates in a vacuum and is inflated in the western imagination thereby.

And...the US doesn't have a strategy for ISIS? What a laugh, why should we expect one? We don't even have a strategy for Hamas!

Pastorius said...

Anonymous, you make a good point. ISIS is Sunni. Much of Iraq is Shia.

But ISIS would not fight on the battlefield, as they are terrorists. They will disappear only to reappear as terrorists.

That's what the Iraqi Army did.

It's what the Taliban did.

So my point in being suspicious of the Iraqi military's "disgracing" of itself is that, well, this is what Muslim militaries always do. They let us train them, give them weapons and then they use it against us.

Look at the General who got killed.

It's not that every single Muslim in Iraq only trains to kill us.

But it is that ENOUGH of them do.

Anonymous said...

"this is what Muslim militaries always do"...

Pasto: Have you ever read Leon Uris' novel "the Haj"?

Most accurate description of Arab military behavior on the battlefield I've ever read. Most infamous when the Arab defenders fled Safed on May 10, 1948 and defended their cowardice by claiming the Jews were launching "atoomi bombs"! I shit you not.

There are two exceptions I'm aware of:

The British trained Jordanian Legion and the Egyptian Army tank cavalry at the beginning of the '67 war. Those two units took heavy casualties and didn't desert the field. I've never heard of any other Muslim military units that did likewise.

Pastorius said...

No, I will have to read that book.