Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Let Me Be The First To Introduce Myself

I should stand up...

Hello, I am The Fu2rman, AKA, The Future Man...


I am an Infidel.

I have been an Infidel all my life.

And I'm damn proud of it!

Anyway, from the U.S. media we have heard plenty about Iyad Allawi making claims that Iraq is no different today than it was under Saddam Hussein.

Is that true?

Check this out.

I guess someone should inquire into what Allawi is up to today.

I think he could have a very successful career in California politics, we seem to elect a bunch of nut-jobs.


Papa Ray said...

Who do you think he learned from?

The Fu2rman said...

Papa Ray,

If you could be more specific with your question, I'd be more than happy to answer you.

Pastorius said...

Welcome, my brother.

We be goin' on a crusade.