Wednesday, September 12, 2007

More serious discussion about HOW to strike Iran

I hope the Hojatieh are taking this seriously

New U.S. 'global strike' plan set for possible 'sovereign options' against Iran

GERTZ: U.S. military sources said the Pentagon has vastly increased its capabilities for conducting a major military strike on Iranian nuclear facilities and other targets in Iran since 2001.

The upgraded capabilities are part a new “prompt global strike” plan and include the conversion of B-2 bombers to permit them to carry up to 80 500-pound Joint Direct Attack Munitions, or JDAMs; and the recent conversion of four Trident nuclear missile submarines into conventionally-armed cruise missile shooters, each carrying 150 submarine-launched cruise missiles. The submarines alone provide commanders with enough firepower to attack 600 aim points or targets with multiple missile salvos.

Additionally, Aegis cruisers have been upgraded and the first F-22 advanced fighter bombers have been deployed. The F-22’s electronics make possible sophisticated information operations capabilities.

The military also have fielded a new 15-ton deep penetrating bomb that is designed to attacks deeply buried targets, like Iran’s nuclear facilities, many of which have been built in hardened bunkers. The B-2 can carry two of the new bombs and B-52 also can be outfitted with the penetrator.

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