Monday, November 20, 2023

Woke Targets Sales Decline by 4.9% ... Wal-Mart's Sales Increase By 4.9%

The revulsion normal people feel about Target’s embrace of degeneracy is reflected in its ongoing revenue decline.

In this inflationary era, a store that simply sold the exact same number of items would show a year-over-year revenue increase due to the increased retail price of all products. But because of Target’s repellent social agenda, it managed to see an actual revenue decline of 4.2%. Q3 2023 revenue was $25.4 billion, down from $26.5 billion one year prior. The revenue decline was more than a billion dollars, as consumers voted with their wallets not to reward Target for its loathsome agenda.

Target’s same store sales were down a staggering 4.9% and its digital sales tumbled even more - down 6.0%. It’s certainly understandable that people are reluctant to click on Target’s website, for the same reason they wouldn’t want an XXX address in their browser history.

By contrast, Wal Mart just released its Q3 2023 financial reports, which showed solid revenue growth, including same store sales increasing by 4.9%.


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