Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Leftist Anti-Semitism on Full Display During Anti-War Parade in Hollywood

(From Weasel Zippers). Thanks to Total for sending this to me.

Total comments: Welcome to the 1930's.

My comment: Do you think they would feel as comfortable spouting their Jew-hatred in the streets of Hollywood were our President not such an Israel-basher himself?

The left along with their MSM allies breathlessly claim there's rampant racism at Tea-Party rallies, where they're lucky to find one kook who tries to makes everyone look bad, at lefty gatherings it's blatant and in-your-face...

The Annual March of the Moonbats - March 20, 2010- Ringo's Pictures







revereridesagain said...

Idiot kid with that last t-shirt took spelling lessons from fool over at American Spectator who commented that he wanted to dribble spelled-as-synonym-for-sailors all over somebody else on the thread.

The Peace/Love/Green/O-Bot/PC/MC crowd will look right past this mob of thugs and neo-Nazis and continue to project it onto us.

Total said...

Ringo, who took these pictures at the answerLA moonbat-fascist block party, makes very strong (but scary) points at Jawa Report.

Ringo: No problem. It's become almost received wisdom among far-Left activists that Israel was really behind 9/11, with the help of neo-cons and "Christian Zionists" in Washington DC. I've never seen so many truthers before, and so many of them are very young, in their late teen and early 20s...Which would mean that they were small children when 9/11 actuall happened.

Mean Kitteh: That is an interesting age dynamic that you noted. It does fit the narrative that you see in class rooms today though. I have never understood trthers at all. As for the out right antisemitism I find it frightening and see so many parallels when you compare this with the 1920s - 1930s.

Damien said...
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Damien said...


I wonder if these people have any idea not only how bigoted they look, but how stupid they look as well? At the very least you'd think they'd be a bit more subtle. I mean seriously, "To stop all War's you must first do one thing, be kind to animals, spay and nueter all filthy Jews."

Even Klansman and Nazis from time to time attempt to moderate their tone depending on their audience.

I wonder if any of these antisemitic idiots would be upset if someone came to their rally sporting crew cuts and holding up swastikas and yelling white power. Maybe not, if they're this open about their hatred for "Zionism."

By the the way, that guy spelled neuter wrong.

Total said...


The person who carried that sign has been a common staple at Los Angeles area anti-Israel protests for several years. What's more disturbing, according to Ringo, is the high number of Middle Easterners that pat him on the shoulder and give him a thumbs up.

Damien said...


I'm not surprised that a large number of Middle Easterners are patting the guy in the back, given the massive antisemitism in that region of the world right now.

Too bad I don't think the people behind Protest Warrior are still doing their thing. They could have fun with these idiots.

Always On Watch said...

Not much shocks me anymore.

This does!

I looked at all the photos in one of the links. Surreal!

I'm literally nauseated.

Damien said...
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Damien said...

Always On Watch,

After reading what you wrote, I decided to click the link and look at the other pictures, in some of them, the antisemitism is even more blatant. They're using Nazi like caricatures of Jews, while simultaneously comparing Jews to Nazis. How long until they start praising the Nazis instead? Because, if they are willing to use statements like "Hey Jews and Israel, just like the dinosaurs you will soon be extinct welcome to Jurassic Pork," they are basically calling for genocide. They are basically calling for another holocaust.

In addition, in case some of you might not have noticed, a bunch of them, seem to also be 9/11 truther nut jobs. One of the signs even denies that Muslim jihadists had anything to do with 9/11, and instead blames it on the Jews. If I showed these pictures to anyone I knew and they were not horrified, I would seriously want to get far away from them.