Sunday, February 06, 2011

In other words: "Hi! Thanks for having us. Here are are our demands." The response should be a brief language lesson -- free of charge -- consisting of the meaning of one word: No. And since it's Canada, they can learn about the French word, too: Non.

"Muslims want children excused from music, mixed phys-ed classes," by Nick Martin for the Winnipeg Free Press, February 5 (thanks to Najis Kafir):
WINNIPEG -- A dozen Muslim families who recently arrived in Canada have told Winnipeg's Louis Riel School Division that they want their children excused from compulsory elementary school music and coed physical education programs for religious and cultural reasons.
"This is one of our realities in Manitoba now, as a result of immigration," said superintendent Terry Borys. "We were faced with some families who were really adamant about this. Music was not part of the cultural reality."
It's not just "not part of the cultural reality." The hostility to music and musical instruments within Islam is rooted in the fact that, according to authoritative Islamic sources...

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Trencherbone said...

Muslims can't contribute anything positive, they can only destroy civilised life. This is the disaster that multiculturalism has inflicted on Britain!

Anonymous said...

Canadians should indulge these newcomers and exempt them from Canada. Back y'all go to your tone deaf, desert-pool "comfort zones". Both sides win what they want/need.