Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Food Stamp President

Anyone still believe Obama doesn't want more people on food stamps? Doesn't want the government to be the provider? What's next, swearing your allegiance to Obama in order to get your government handout check?

Funny, I never thought of being on the dole as something to be proud of.

The new USDA ad


Epaminondas said...

This state, Maine, is an example of the success of Federal Addiction Syndrome, resulting in BLUE PERPETUITY.

Counties at a time, literally have fallen into a situation where without federal aid, DIRECT TO PEOPLE AID, programmatic aid for children, auxiliary education, job subsidies, THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS woulds starve.

Young people leave because businesses DIE in a high tax, high cost environment driving the burdens on the businesses which remain ever higher, and leaving a larger and larger gap which has to be filled by government OR, people come to feel, THEY WILL STARVE AND FREEZE.

The result is a land of counseling and EBT cards and PISSED OFF businessmen and women who constantly question what they are doing.

Unknown said...

Hi Midnight.
This post from last week might shine a different light on the 'foodstamp boom'.

Are Corporations and Big Banks Making a Windfall From Food Stamps?