Thursday, June 28, 2012

Is The Obama Administration Imploding In Private?

From Erik Rush:

Over the last few weeks, Americans have been treated to a plethora of disturbing and occasionally bizarre news stories both directly and peripherally relating to President Barack Obama. The fact that many of these have not been covered meaningfully (if at all in some cases) by the establishment press notwithstanding, it would be a mistake to presume that these are not having an effect on the administration and the president on numerous levels.
Given the shape of the economy and the present character of the political landscape, an increasing number of likely voters are scrutinizing what is transpiring in the nation politically, and are making their own decisions as to what is newsworthy. Even if one isn’t solidly aligned in terms of ideology, the nature and gravity of current events has been enough to make the proverbial head spin.
Recently, there’s been the president’s endorsement of same-sex “marriage” and his unilateral granting of temporary amnesty to young adults among our illegal-alien population. These are issues wherein Obama’s position is not shared by a majority of Americans, to say the least.
On the bizarre side, there have been reports claiming Obama held membership in a gay men’s club in Chicago in years past. On the heels of this was the mother of slain Trinity United Church of Christ’s choir director Donald Young claiming that her gay son was killed (execution style in 2007) to protect Obama politically by erasing the trail of his alleged homosexual dalliances. Trinity United Church of Christ was the radical black church attended by Obama for 20 years prior to his election as president.
There are the peripheral events that nevertheless bear Obama’s fingerprints. Since the Trayvon Martin shooting in February, there have been dozens of black-on-white attacks, including incidents just this month in which a young couple was severely beaten by a gang and another in which a man walking his dog had his throat slashed. I have maintained for some time that the resurgence of black militancy is a direct result of Obama and his Department of Justice’s ideological alignment with and leniency toward this philosophy.
On the foreign-policy front, the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi won the presidency in Egypt, Libya has fallen to Islamists, and Syria’s secular dictator, Bashar al-Assad, is struggling hopelessly to fend off revolutionary Islamists in that nation. It has been reported that Obama clandestinely helped to catalyze the Arab Spring uprisings across nations in the Middle East.
Even some members of the press are having trouble biting their tongues when it comes to the increasing clownishness of this president, his liability to the Democratic Party and his evident desperation. A few prominent liberal pundits have come out with catty quips intended to mock Obama, comedians are ripping him on everything from spending to shameless pandering, and incumbent Democratic lawmakers up for re-election in November are distancing themselves from him.
The hard left among Obama’s base is all but prepared to tar and feather him. He simply hasn’t been radical enough. In addition to having failed to impale capitalists and Christians by the thousands along Pennsylvania Avenue, he hasn’t even closed Gitmo or gotten us out of Afghanistan.
The administration’s public shame has now become unavoidable. The press managed to keep the fallout from the government’s Fast and Furious gunrunning operation investigation in check, but it’s difficult to conceal a sitting attorney general’s imminent contempt-of-Congress vote. To complicate matters, of course, President Obama elected to invoke executive privilege in the matter of Fast and Furious, which naturally prompted chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., to infer that in so doing the president was either attempting to cover up White House involvement in the botched operation, or is obstructing justice in the matter.
Now, it appears that some House Democrats will be breaking ranks in order to vote in favor of citing Attorney General Eric Holder for contempt. Add to this the impending Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare, Rep. Mike McIntyre, D-N.C., refusing to endorse Obama for re-election and murmurings of key Democrats boycotting their national convention (which itself appears to be turning into a sideshow), and it is clear that the pressure is on, despite all doggedly maintained appearances to the contrary.

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