Monday, June 25, 2012

Poll Finds Huge Majority of Americans Think Obama Abused His Power With Use of Executive Privilege In Fast And Furious Case, 56%–29%…

Via The Hill: 
A clear majority of likely voters believes President Obama has exercised his executive power inappropriately — particularly in blocking the release of documents relating to Operation Fast and Furious, according to a new poll for The Hill. 
But in a sign that the electorate’s frustration extends to Capitol Hill, voters by a significant margin also feel Congress has behaved in an obstructionist manner toward the president. Amid the discontent over the behavior of both Obama and members of Congress, the poll found a strong preference among voters for a return to one-party rule in Washington. 
Obama last week invoked executive privilege to stop certain Justice Department documents relating to the botched “gun-walking” operation from being disclosed to the House Oversight and Government Reform committee. 
The Hill Poll found that likely voters disapproved by an almost 2-to-1 margin of Obama’s assertion of presidential power in the case. Overall, 56 percent of voters disapproved of his action, while only 29 percent approved.
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Always On Watch said...

The other 15%? What are they thinking? Or do they even care?

Always On Watch said...

Have you seen Krauthammer's column on this topic. Important!

Epaminondas said...

What we don't know is what % of the people have a clue what Fast and Furious is.


Get me?

Pastorius said...

Yeah, I agree. I think even if Obama was impeached over conduct with regard to the Fast and Furious case, very few Americans would be able to explain what it was about.