Saturday, April 25, 2020

California Doctor Gives His Take on Coronavirus: "We've Never Seen Where We Quarantine The Healthy, Where You Take Those Without the Disease and Lock Them In Their Home"

This Doctor is counting numbers wrong, in my opinion. Generally what he is saying is correct. But his analysis of numbers is not framed correctly.

Serological tests done on a cross-section of the population show that 13.9% of the population of the state of New York already has the antibodies for Covid. That means 13.9% of people have had Coronavirus.

New York State Population = 19,450,000

19,450,000 X 13.9% = 2,703,550

Total COVID Deaths in New York State = 16,162

16,162 divided by 2,703,550  = .00597

What the Doctor says in the video is that 39% of people who have been tested for whether or not they have Coronavirus currently, do indeed have Coronavirus.

But that testing is administered to people who believe, with evidence, that they have Coronavirus.

It is not Serological testing to determine the presence of antibodies. And it is not on a cross-section of the population, so it's results are not very meaningful as to what we can expect if every single person were to be tested.

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