Friday, November 27, 2020

President Trump Goes After Big Tech: “For Purposes of National Security, Section 230 Must be Immediately Terminated!!!”

Last week a poll came out showing that 17% of Biden voters said they wouldn't have voted for him if they knew about the Hunter Biden scandal, and other policy positions; information which was censored and repressed by Big Tech and the media.

SEVENTEEN PERCENT of Biden Voters Said They Wouldn’t Have Voted for Him if They Knew About Media-Censored Scandals

Now, President Trump is fighting back:

Trump wrote, “For purposes of National Security, Section 230 must be immediately terminated!!!”

Online intermediaries such as Twitter or Facebook must act as a neutral platform in order to be protected against laws that would make them legally responsible for what their users post. 

It is clear that Twitter and Facebook are now publishers since they are making editorial decisions on what content is allowed to be shared by users. 

Twitter and Facebook have been censoring conservatives for years but they really ramped up their censorship after the election and began targeting President Trump. 

Twitter is blocking content that is revealing the massive Democrat voter fraud and ran a warning for “unsafe link” to Sidney Powell’s Defending the Republic website.

President Trump's move will not end censorship. 

We are in a fight to the death. These people are attempting a coup.

This is a Civil War; whether it gets hot or not depends on the relative willingness of the Pension-Swilling Union Orcs.


Anonymous said...

I disagree and link to Stixhexenhammer666 for persuasive reason why. Otherwise I am all for Trump!

Pastorius said...

Sorry, I am not understanding. What does Styx have to do with this? Could you fill me in?

Anonymous said...

This is the link to the Styx video.

Pastorius said...

He makes sense.

So, what reason could Trump use?

It sounds like it's a crime is search of a law. Monopoly? Maybe. I'm not sure.

It certainly is an abuse of the 1st Amendment, but of course the argument is they are a corporation. My argument is that in a virtual world they are the public square.