Sunday, November 28, 2021

New York State Declares "State of Emergency" Over Omicron Variant, Even Though There is Not a Single Case of Omicron in The Whole Fucking State


From Alex Berenson:

Now this is a lie so brazen even Andrew Cuomo might hesitate to tell it. New York’s new and unimproved governor, Kathy Hochul, last seen telling you to Get Vaxxed For Jesus (I kid you not), has now declared a “state of emergency” that will allow Health Department bureaucrats to block “non-urgent” medical procedures at hospitals. 
Because who needs a colonoscopy, anyway? 
Hochul says the Xi – I mean Omicron, definitely not Xi! – variant is behind the emergency. 
From November 22, 2021:


Anonymous said...

Omicron is an anagram for Moronic.

Pastorius said...

Point taken.

Anonymous said...

State emergencies release federal funding. Let the Gold Rush continue!