Sunday, November 21, 2021

Totally Normal News: One of The World's Top Soccer Players Suddenly Retires After Suffering an Unspecified Cardiac Crisis

Stuff like this happens all the time! 

The 33 year-old football icon is set to depart the game after 18 years at a professional level, following recent complications that came to light in one of his first La Liga matches at the Camp Nou club. 
The former Manchester City striker suffered a cardiac arrhythmia during a 1–1 home draw against Alavés at the start of November - a problem that had originally ruled the Argentine out of action for three months 
However, according to emerging information from journalist Gerard Romero, Sergio Aguero will now in fact retire from the game as a direct result of the aforementioned difficulties.

There is no mention ANYWHERE, that I can find, about what might have caused this sudden arrythmia in a world class athlete.


Dude only built 1 million followers to his Youtube page in three months just for people to watch him play video games. 

I mean it's not like this guy's popular or anything. 

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