Monday, November 28, 2022

Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Case That 385 Members of The US Government, Including Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Mike Pence, Committed Treason

Above is the link to the 18 page filing. I have never seen anything like this before. The history behind this case: Two brothers, Loy Brunson and Raland Brunson, both filed a court case in Utah. Loy’s case is still pending in Utah, but Raland’s case has now made it to the Supreme Court docket. As most of you probably know, getting a case docketed with SCOTUS (while it is still undecided in the 10th circuit court of appeals) is odd. 

How did it get here? 

Their case hinges on constitutional amendment violations of the right to due process. When an election has concerns of fraud, constitution allows for a 10 day investigation to look at the potential fraud questions and determine if fraud did or did not occur. 

This case is NOT one of election fraud, it is about congress and the senate NOT doing their oath of office and violating Amendment I to the constitution, Article VI of the constitution, the 14th Amendment of the constitution, section 3, the 5th and the 9th Amendment of the constitution, as well as a couple of Utah State Constitution articles. Most pertain to due process, the right to investigation, and not performing the 10 day investigation when questions of election fraud were presented to congress. It began in the state of Utah So the meat and potatoes of this case. We start here. Who are the “et al” in this case? 385 named people, and 100+ John/Jane Does. The 385 named people? Joseph Biden, Kamala Harris, Michael Pence, and 382 other sitting house members and senators. Each of them are listed in the above docket. Have a gander to see if your state rep/senator is listed! 

Why was this court case filed? The allegation is this: “for breaking their oath of office by voting AGAINST the proposition (that came from members of congress) to investigate the claims that there were enemies of the constitution who successfully rigged the election.”. This is in reference to the 2020 election. When the case came before congress to investigate the allegation of fraud put forward by 100 members of congress, the other 380+ members voted no. The senate did nothing to stop the certification without the 10 day investigation period either. 

The oath of office they broke? “"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic..." 

The question at hand: How can you support, and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign, and domestic? Answer: You investigate. If there are claims that there is a threat, even if you don't believe there is a threat, you investigate. How else can you determine if there is a threat unless you investigate? Were there claims of a threat to the Constitution? Yes. Where did these serious claims from from? 100 members of Congress. What was the threat? That there were enemies of the Constitution who successfully manipulated the 2020 election. Is this lawsuit about a “rigged” election? No, it's about the members of Congress who voted AGAINST the investigation thereby thwarting the investigation. Was this a clear violation of their oath? YES. 

So lets back up just a little bit and remember what day this was. January 6th, 2021. Everyone knows “that day”. There were 100 members of congress set to request a 10 day investigation into possible election fraud. A few members spoke on the house floor, and then “January 6th” happened. When the congress reconvened late that night, they voted down the investigation into fraud that was introduced, they stated that no further election fraud concerns would be heard “in light of the days events”, they were pushing through to certify the election. And that is what they did. 

What remedy are they seeking? They are asking that all 385 defendants be charged with Treason for failure to uphold the US Constitution, they be incarcerated for a period no less than 5 years, be fined no less than $10,000, they be removed from their government seat, and banned from ever holding a political position ever again.

Again, we have never in history seen a case such as this. There is no precedent of this magnitude. What will SCOTUS do with this? Who knows. I am following along purely from the “what in the holy hell Batman” that this case is, that it made it to the docket of the SCOTUS ...


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