Wednesday, December 28, 2022

California's Mania for COVID-19 Mandates Reminds Me of Infamous Executive Order 9066 Interning Japanese Americans During WWII

The PERK (Protection of the Educational Rights of Kids) Association is doing yeoman’s work in challenging this totalitarian mania. PERK’s website provides a simple overview of the state’s barrage of recent bills. 
Yesterday one of the ladies at PERK asked me if I was aware of any precedent in California history for the sort of discrimination now being proposed by state lawmakers. I immediately thought of Executive Order 9066, (February 19, 1942) authorizing the U.S. Military to remove 110,000 Japanese Americans (including 80,000 "Nisei" who were U.S. citizens) from their homes and place them in "relocation camps." 
As President Ford stated when he repealed the Order in 1976: 
February 19th is the anniversary of a sad day in American history. It was on that date in 1942…that Executive Order 9066 was issued…resulting in the uprooting of loyal Americans….We now know what we should have know then—not only was that evacuation wrong, but Japanese Americans were and are loyal Americans….I call upon the American people to affirm with me this American Promise—that we have learned from the tragedy of that long-ago experience forever to treasure liberty and justice for each individual American, and resolve that this kind of action shall never again be repeated. 
The California state's proposal for vaccine mandates—and its discrimination against those who do not wish to be injected with products for which the manufacturers bear no liability in the event of injury or death—is precisely "the kind of action" about which President Ford warned us. 
As was the case of Executive Order 9066, legislative proposals for vaccine mandates are not motivated by facts or reason, but by unwarranted fear of a hypothetical danger. 
The proposal to violate citizens' bodily autonomy and freedom of choice in the purported interest of protecting the public from hypothetical dangers bears an eery resemblance to Executive Order 9066.

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