Thursday, December 22, 2022

Early Vaccine Recipient Involved in the Vaccine Rollout Campaign Speaks Out – Reveals He Suffered Adverse Reaction – Exposes How Corporate America Colluded with the Government to Push Mandate

Ryan Cunningham, who managed an emergency service department including an ambulance division, was one of the first people to get vaccinated before anyone else. 
He labeled himself as one of those “COVID Police.” 
He was involved in the marketing campaign that ultimately encouraged everyone to get vaccinated and he helped get early access to vaccination for the top executives and CEO of a Fortune 100 company. 
According to Cunningham, he developed adverse reactions days after he received the Covid vaccine, along with six other healthcare at the time. He also claimed that Corporate America colluded with the government to push the experimental Covid vaccine. 
“This is why I left the propaganda machine. I’m ashamed I didn’t realize sooner even with a M.S. in Emergency Management disaster preparedness. The government has and will violate civil liberties in the name of safety. PsyOps,” he wrote. 
“Even though I’ve been on the “right” side of the pandemic narrative for over two years, I wrestle with how many families were destroyed or broken up by the MSM and Gov narrative. I’m ashamed I was involved in that narrative in any way,” he said.

Notice it took him a long time before coming out and. telling the truth. 

He should be ashamed. As he is.

When you have done something so terrible,  it is appropriate to be ashamed. 

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Anonymous said...

Something so stupid. He did something stupid. A lot of us chose not to be stupid. Having a master's degree, or for that matter, any other degree does not guarantee logic nor sensibility; discernment, nor due diligence.

As soon as I noted a deluge of "be safe" narratives - it was incessant - I knew something was wrong. It was too much like brainwashing.

Didn't get the jab. Healthier for it. Immune system still strong.