Monday, December 19, 2022

Pediatric Cardiologist Gives Emotional Testimony on What the COVID Vax Does to Young Hearts


The video above is from senate testimony to stop covid vaccine mandates. Please give the 6 minute video a watch. 

In a study of 151 kids who had a cardiac MRI, and 90 days later on repeat scan, 81 still had damage to their heart, with damage of the lat gadolinium enhancement which is associated with sudden cardiac death. 

Synopsis of portions of the 6 minute video: 

Can the vaccine cause inflammation of the heart?  Yes.  The AHA, Cell Research, clinical researchers have shown that the spike protein from MRNA vaccines are cardio toxic, and cause heart inflammation.  The vaccine forces the body to make spike proteins, which are cardio toxic.  The vaccine activates platelets, inflames blood vessels lining the heart and heart muscle.  

Men age 14-40 are highest risk.  This presents concerns because most of our military are under the age of 40, and were mandated to be vaccinated.  The highest risk of myocarditis is males, age 12-29, two shots were worse than one, Moderna was worse than Pfizer, and the Moderna Pfizer combination (got one of each) was the highest risk group of them all. 

WOW.  Remember when the CDC said that it was ok to mix and match vax brands with ZERO evidence to support that?


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