Sunday, December 18, 2022

Walgreen's Stats on COVID Positivity

As we can see, the unvaxxinated still represent the lowest positivity group among those tested. Look at that pack of freshly omicron boostered peeps: 30.7% tested positive for covid during this week of testing. It isn’t any better for those recently vaccinated in the last 3-8 months either. 34% and 39% tested positive in those groups. 
Glad to see that the cron bivalent booster is working so well. 
Overheard a colleague today saying “man everyone in my family is sick. Parents, kids, wife…..”. A few friends of mine with vaccinated kiddos have been sick 2-3 times since early October. 
Speaking of the efficacy of the omicron bivalent booster. We discussed in September how the vaccinated keep mutating the virus and that the variants not covered by the omicron booster would overrun the “vaccine effective” variants by Halloween? Well, here you have it. The BQ1.1 IS THE MOST DOMINANT. 
That “variant” isn’t covered by the omicron bivalent booster. So if you are lining up for the newest latest and greatest bivalent booster, it isn’t doing anything good for you. Any potential benefit is zero at this point (I believe there are zero benefits to this vaccine ever, but hey, some people still believe in them to be effective, just like they believe the tooth fairy is real).


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