Friday, September 29, 2023

California wants to defund schools for not meeting their “vaccine requirements”

California Governor Gayvin Newsom - POS

“California’s Department of Education (CDPH) has released an audit list of 449 kindergarten schools, 175 seventh-grade schools, 56 schools with both grades, and 39 schools that had not filed a vaccination report. California students are considered “not fully vaccinated” if they have not provided proper immunization records to their school, do not have the required vaccinations, or have been admitted conditionally while they are in the process of finishing their school-mandated vaccine series. If a student behind on vaccine requirements has not received a first dose within 10 days of starting school and a second dose within four months of the first dose, the student must be excluded from school.” 

“EdSource reported that vaccination rates in California plunged after schools closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, with thousands of children unable to start the school year in 2022 because they were behind on their vaccinations. However, the kindergarten vaccination rate was 92.8% in 2020, down from 95% in 2018, but went back up to 94% in 2021. Substack writer and analyst Karl Kanthak told The Defender these numbers are being used to create the appearance of a crisis, which he says is part of a broader attack on vaccine exemptions.”

That right there my friends is the problem here. They are requiring a ridiculously high number of kids be vaccinated to meet “state mandated vaccine requirements” so when numbers dip below 95% vaccinated, they blow the horn, flash the red warning light, and threaten the smaller districts with less students with a decrease in funding. At NO TIME should a kid be required to have a vaccine to attend school. Regardless of age. Body autonomy and parental choice to opt out should be paramount.



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