Friday, September 22, 2023

Project Veritas CEO Hannah Giles Releases Statement on Suspension of All Operations

Project Veritas suspended all operations this week and laid off its remaining journalists just months after the organization’s board ousted its founder James O’Keefe. 
Since then the organization has been under siege by staff revolts, board chaos, poor fundraising, and ongoing prosecutions and litigation by Democrats and the Biden regime. 
Project Veritas was one of the most consequential and feared conservative news outlets in the country for the past decade. Democrats and corrupt public officials grew to hate its founder O’Keefe and his organization after years of exposing public fraud and corruption. 
James O’Keefe left as Project Veritas’ CEO in February after a dispute with the organization’s board when O’Keefe tried to fire the Chief Financial Officer Tom O’Hara. This then set off a staff conflict where 18 Veritas staffers demanded James resign. 
Once James was pushed out, then the staffers loyal to O’Keefe left. Veritas removed O’Keefe from the board on April 24 and formally fired May 15.


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