Monday, September 18, 2023

The Covid Protesters — Where Are They Now?


Remember when they were arresting people for the "crime" of shopping while maskless? 

Remember when they were arresting pregnant women in their pajamas for the "crime" of posting information about public protest events on Facebook? 

Remember when police were violently arresting teenagers for the "crime" of skating at an outdoor rink during lockdown? 

Remember when they were debanking truckers and their supporters in Canada for the "crime" of assembling in Ottawa? 

Remember when they were arresting pastors in front of their crying children for the "crime" of holding Sunday services during lockdown? 

Remember when they were firing teachers for refusing to take the genetic slurry clot shot jabs? 

Of course you do. But why do you remember all this so vividly? Because the establishment media was happy to air these scenes of trauma and abuse, that's why. The message of such images is clear: if you resist, you will be arrested, constitutional rights be damned. After all, this is an emergency. 

This is The Big Lie of the biosecurity state. And, like every other aspect of the biosecurity state, it is all kabuki theatre. The reason the same establishment media that plastered these dramatic arrests all over the evening news never told you about the follow-up to these stories is because, time and again, these unconstitutional mandates and the violent arrests of the mandate resisters were found to have been illegal and the cases were thrown out of court. In fact, in many instances, the charges were dropped before the case even made it to court. 

The people who are looking to traumatize and scare you, to keep you compliant and complacent, will never tell you what ended up happening to these people. So, allow me to do exactly that. 

Here's the story of what happened after the cameras stopped rolling on these COVID resisters. ...



thelastenglishprince said...

And remember when the government wasted taxpayer funds spying on church members who went to church and kept their Sabbath holy?

Some of us never stopped living during COVID. We refused to become government zombies.

Pastorius said...

Yep. But my church closed.