Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Tucker Carlson Investigation: FBI Interrogated and Purged Trump Supporters from Its Ranks – The Police State Is Real

Tristan Leavitt: one year ago, I testified alongside three of those other whistleblowers Steve Friend, Marcus Allen, Garrett O’Boyle in front of the weaponization committee. And at the time, the FBI had just released information that they had all had their security occurrences suspended. A couple of them revoked. And so, as we started that hearing, Delegate Stacey Plaskett opened by saying, “You know, Chairman Jordan, you’ve invited these people here who are a threat to our national security. How dare you?”

And now, a year later, we’ve been able to pull back the curtain and see the FBI’s documentation for why it did what it did with their clearances. And that’s the context in which we’ve seen this sort of questioning going on, asking people if they ever supported President Trump.

And mind you, it wasn’t just that they asked these individuals. These were interviews by the security clearance division of their fellow employees. So people who were compelled to answer, who had to either answer these questions from the secure division or have their own security clearance called into question. And they were asked, did you ever socialize with these individuals, what was your association with them, and then ask these extremely intrusive questions? And so that’s the context in which this very problematic set of questions came up.

And what we are hearing is that this may be just the tip of the iceberg, that there were many, you know, certainly there have been allegations out there that once people got swept into that security funnel, that there was a purge of FBI employees that had conservative views or had skepticism of the vaccine or just hesitancy to receive it.

And now, in black and white, we’ve uncovered those documents because of our clients security appeal, where we’ve been able to see the basis on which his colleagues were questioned. And this is extremely problematic…

Tucker Carlson: For Donald Trump’s support for the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, our founding document. So these are disqualifying positions.

Tristan Leavitt: Well, it’s that’s clearly seems to be the case behind the scenes. Now, again, keep in mind this is not what was put into the security clearance suspension letter that our client received or that other whistleblowers we have represented received. It’s not what went into their revocation letters. So it’s only now, like I said, pulling back the curtain, that we see that it’s behind closed doors.

So it’s within this black box of secrecy, and it’s really this secret process that has no oversight from the outside. No generally no oversight from the inspector general, no oversight from Congress. That’s an environment that allowed this to flourish, because otherwise we never would have known about this had we not seen those backing documents, because, again, the proposals themselves didn’t reference any of these things that we would consider illegitimate. They just talked about whether someone engaged in violence, whether they broke laws on January 6th, and, you know, the things that stretched beyond that into personal political views or even even feelings about one’s own bodily autonomy, all of that was hidden in these documents. And now that we’ve ripped the mask off the FBI again, where we are certainly going to push the inspector general to see whether this happened in other cases, and we strongly expect that they will find that it did.

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