Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Jihad in China?

After several problems with Muslim Uighurs and the links between Xinjiang province with the Taliban, consented by the Chinese Government, China does not want any kind of problems due to the hosting of the Olympic Games. But yesterday two buses exploded in China leaving three people dead. Chinese authorities have considered the attack as terrorism, although investigators labelled it just as a "sabotage".

The news appeared in French newspaper Le Figaro, so I beg your pardon for any mistakes in the translation:

«Les gens sont très secoués. Ca a créé un choc, que ce genre de chose puisse se passer ici, à Kunming», a confié un employé d'hôtel.
«People are very shocked, because of this kind of thing happening here in Kunming», has said a hotel employer. Crédits photo : AP

Is the terrorism specter, agitated by Peking before the Oympic Games, going to be a reality? Two bus exploded on Monday morning, in less than an hour, in the center of Kunming, the Yunnan's capital, a Chinese South-West province. The explosions which took place in the morning's peak time, have killed two persons (Note: this morning another one died as a result of the explosions) and wounded another 14. The first explosion, at 7 o'clock in the morning, killed a woman and wounded 10 people. The bus, which had the windows blown to pieces and the seats absolutely destroyed, was stopped just in front of a hospital. The second happened some time after, in the same avenue, killing a man and wounding four people.

The police cordoned off both places after the explosions and began controlling the identity of all the people in the city to find the authors of the attack. The authorities have been persuaded that it was a terrorist attack, although the investigators have only denounced it as a sabotage.

This hypothesis, presented as a certainty by the authorities, appears after Chinese authorities have considered for some weeks the terrorist menace, specially from the Muslim province of Xinjiang to justify the strict security measures regarding the Olympics. In April, Peking announced the dismantlement in that province of two terrorist groups which were plotting to commit terrorist suicide attacks and kidnapping foreigners from the "Olympic villas". In July, the authorities announced the arrest of 82 "terrorists" who belong to a turco-phone ethnia.
Le Figaro - International : Chine : deux bus «sabotés» explosent.

El Corriere reports there were three people killed in the explosion:
Vittime e feriti dopo le esplosioni su tre autobus a Kunming, capoluogo della provincia dello Yunnan, Cina. Sale l'allarme a tre settimane dall'inizio delle Olimpiadi di Pechino (Reuters)
The place of the explosions after the attack, courtesy of Italian newspaper Il Corriere (Reuters)


Karagush said...

Ok this problem with Uighurs started before jihad was fashionable. It arose when Vhina took over Turestan much the way it did Tibet. They paint them as Islamic extremists to cover their attempts at genocide as something other than what it is-- naked Han supremacy. They destroy antiquities and viciously put down the indigenous people. We would not help them and so they turned to the AQ groups all too eager to exploit their problems.
This is no simple deal like the Jihad we face. This has more to do with China's policy of the three Ts. Turkestan Tiwan and Tibet. The three places they will not discuss freedom concerning.
I hope the west doesnt continue to fall for this.
But unfotunately, it looks like we already have.

Anonymous said...

I thought there was something like that in this.

The problem is: just as China is exploiting the label "Al-Qaeda", how do we know Al-Qaeda is not exploiting it also inside China? This is a question, I'm not being ironic.

Anyway, what astonishes me is the lack of protests throughout the Muslim world against China. No flags burned, no menaces against China... makes me think...

Natasha said...

bonified fundamentalists Islamists HATE CHINA'S GUTS,


they hate communists, not that China is true communist anymore, not even, Authoritarian and corrupt yes, communist, no,

but they still support communism/North Korea, but like Russia, its pretty much--

make money and it doesn't matter really who you deal with, as long as its profitable. Some due to necessity Because of the sloppy ass economic policies in times past, and Chavez will run into the same problem that China and Russia has gotten themselves into,

where, its a type of 'dependency' on Islamic states, but same time, its a strategy, that alliance to destroy the west hegemony, to stay at that super power status--

but the other reason other than the obvious, Muslims don't give a shit about Muslims either, UNLESS the jihadists can 'use' them to push Jihad, other wise,

people are just filth to them, exploit them and kill them--remember Islam IS THE MOST IMPERIALIST OF IMPERIALISMS EVER KNOWN IN HISTORY OT TODAY--

[which is why its an oxymoron if there ever was one for any far leftist to ally with Islamists fighting western imperialism--its the Equivalent of a feminist fighting rape while knowingly supporting and courting a rapist--fucking stupid],

but anyway, another reason the Islamists won't protest is because China, those oldtimers that still have some clue, they haven't forgotten the Islamists butchering of communists in Asia, Indonesia for example,

or in Iran,

they'll ally with them but persecute them within their own borders, so, its a really screwed up strange love-hate relationship between China and the Islamists, Russia too,

power brokers in bed with power brokers, allies but, always watching their backs and the thing is,

one can turn on the other any minute, and they both [or both sides] know it, Just as the Chinese and North Koreans use the Jihadists,

the Jihadists use them too.

Dangerous allies, because All it takes in the left [far left or these despotic regimes] is a shift in power,

and if there is Any vacuum, the Jihadists will swoop down on them like a fly on shit.

But there is something about the selling of arms, well, like China backing Sudan...I would bet majority of that is the oil but,

in regards to arms, arms sales, people tend to forget this, but for every weapon that China and/or Russia sells to the Jihadists--they have one far more superior AND,

they know Exactly, what the Jihadists have. That whole knowing your enemy or being allies with an enemy that is enemy of your enemy, and its a common tactic in communism,

but now, the West has also done this too, the accusations about Iraq having WMD didn't just get pulled out of nowhere,

there was a History there, between US and Iraq, Iraq-Iran war, for one, so US had knowledge of Iraq's and Saddam's capabilities,

at least to some degree. And Who knows what they know in regards to the blackmarket deals, which is big business, arms especially,

this is why its important for people to have a grasp on how international politics works, because What the governments tell the citizens, to keep social and nation-state order, ISN'T NECESSARILY WHAT GOVERNMENTS DO IN THOSE BACKROOMS WITH THE OTHER NATION-STATES,

what We hear is the image they want to portray to us, what goes on, totally different,

deals with the devil every single day, And, not just for power internationally but sometimes necessity to keep one's nation state afloat,

choosing the lesser of two evils, that sort of thing. Governments do it all the time,

every move government makes is for either expansion or survival,

and the US is not an exception to this.

Strategically however Russia and China And Chavez, are walking a dangerous, dangerous line--because the Jihadists are not simply,

little rogue underdeveloped nations anymore--and I think, personally there is a dangerous underestimation in the state dept of both China and Russia of just what the Jihadist nations Are capable of,

I would be curious and I'll go a head and look into to it today, where Mongolia stands in all this,

I haven't read about that part of world in long while but if by any chance there is an Islamist increase in Mongolia, such as there is in former Russian or Soviet countries,

China may have bitten off more than she can chew. Its important to remember that the jihadists are Political Islamists--Power Brokers,

on the level of Idi Amin, who slaughtered thousands of Asians btw, well,

it wouldn't hurt for a refresher course about him, because LOOK at the ties with him and Saudi,

that and Kenya [then look at Odinga and his cousin, Obama],

what just amazes me is both China's and Russia's support of Iran and the nukes,

its the Stalin-Hitler pact but with far more dangerous consequences to both China and Russia--

China is playing a very dangerous game--rush and roulette and I think,
the Jihadists have that gun with the empty chamber...and I would bet this is more reason why the Jihadists are more than happy to sacrifice those Muslims within China's borders,

sacrifice them for a much bigger fish to catch. [why the Islamists and the corrupt commies are more alike than different, at least where Thats concerned]