Thursday, February 12, 2009

BBC Readers Comments on The Arrest And Persecution of Geert Wilders

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Here are a select few:

It's devastating to see that even in the UK freedom of speech can be blocked by a minority which blackmails a free society by threatening with riots & chaos. Mr Geert Wilders is not anti-Islam in general, but anti-Islam extremists, the sort of people who bombed public transport and airports in the UK. 
Arie, Rotterdam, Netherlands

UK is banning a member of our parliament because of fear for muslims? Wilders does criticise Islam and you can argue whether he does that tastefully (I didn't vote for him) but he never crossed the legal line. Apparently nowadays the fear in England is bigger than the will to defend the freedom of speech. I was always a big England fan (even spent my honeymoon over there) but now I think England should be ashamed! Many Dutch people, including myself, are now thinking of boycotting England! 
Jeroen, Netherlands

Yes, I think he should be banned not only from entering the UK but from Dutch politics. That he is not a friend of Muslims or Islam is apparent but his approach is very wrong. I recognise a lot of his bluntness, crudeness and rudeness in many Dutch people, as I have after all lived in the Netherlands since 1974. I am not a Muslim but clearly sense a rise of racist attitude among the Dutch thanks to people like Wilders. People are entitled to their differences of opinion but there is a right and wrong approach. I think Muslims have a right to be equally critical about the West regarding the war in Iraq, to name an example. 
Rajiv Mukhi, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Geert Wilders is a member of parliament in an European country. It is a sad reflection of how far the United Kingdom has sunk when a democratically elected European parliamentarian is refused entry to the UK to address the House of Lords because of fear of the reaction of a violent mob. People may agree or disagree with what Wilders has to say, but he has the right to say it. The Lords who invited him have the right to hear him and discuss what he has to say. It is a sad day for the United Kingdom for Parliament and for free speech when they are intimidated into silence by threats of mob violence. 
Frank Clough, Gothenburg, Sweden

Being Dutch, I am very ashamed of Mr. Wilders. He would be much more successful if his expressions were less offending. He causes a lot of trouble, especially for the Dutch abroad and he abuses our freedom of expression. 
Jozina, Tenerife, Spain

Mr Wilders does not propagate hate. He makes the case in his film that numerous terrorist acts find their justification in the Koran. It is a very strong case that Muslims must answer. Wilders does not foster violence, the threat of violence comes entirely from his opponents. The government's refusal to allow him in the country is craven. I suspect it's demoralising to ordinary Muslims who would prefer to be genuinely respected rather than being feared. 
Patrick McGuire, Paris, France


Epaminondas said...

Geert Wilders is an american.
Too bad for him he was born in Holland.

If he was a congressman, do you think Britain would arrest him and lock him out of the House of Lords?

Always On Watch said...

I have read just now that Geert Wilders will be attempting to visit the U.S. House of Representatives. Will he be allowed to visit here in the States?

christian soldier said...

Never paid much attention to genetics until I started 'studying' history -for real!
Being 1/2 Danish-1/4 Dutch-1/4 Irish---I understand why My blood boils-or-'calls'...FOR FREEDOM!!!!
Wilders is welcome here-any time- whether the 'royals' in MY government -like it or not!!!!

Unknown said...

I am so glad this is getting press in Europe. Did you see the Swedish rocket attacks at Atlas? It is very dangerous to import populations with fundamentally different values. Especially when all is rigged so that they can be aggressively culturist and we must be multiculturalist. They push their culture and we respect others.

I am shocked that immigration wasn't halted after Van Gogh's Submission resulted in his death. Perhaps now people will listen. How many must be attacked and killed for folks to see a pattern?

Pastorius said...

Excuse, if you will, the oneupmanship, but we had the video of those rocket attacks five days ago.

Unknown said...


There were two spates of Swedish rocket fire. The first was the group that hit the building up high and it didn't include pipe bombs. Maybe I'm wrong, but I was led to believe this is a new attack. I actually hope I am wrong because I want there to have only been one.

Pastorius said...

Oh, that was a separate attack.

Jesus Christ.

You know what is fucking stunning??? The cops just fucking stood there and watched.

It's a fucking war, and they're just standing there.

Anonymous said...

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BBC Readers Comments on The Arrest And Persecution of Geert Wilders

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Anonymous said...

The right to disagree: Is it wrong?
Let us as human being be mature enough to accept differing opinions, take time to understand why some quarters disagree over some matters.The government of Great Britain acts against the wishes of the few..This is the very fundamental of western democracy.. The right to disagree or disagree..They have agreed not to agree to wilders request..That is democracy is all about..some people agree with you and some people dont..

Anonymous said...

"Mr Wilders does not propagate hate. He makes the case in his film that numerous terrorist acts find their justification in the Koran". My question is " Is he an expert on Koran?" The answer is a definite no..If a muslim but an idiot on Koranic matters translate it differently from the actual meaning and can become jihadist.. Wilder who is an idiot on Islam and Koran definitely translate it not according to the actual commandment of God Almighty..thus wilders himself is a jihadist .. not a muslim jihadist but an infidel jihadist.