Monday, November 01, 2010

DC Comics Throws Wonder Woman to the Islamic Wolves

Wonder Woman - dc-comics photo
Super-powered Muslims wouldn’t stone Wonder Woman. They’d boulder her.

This is the second of my three-part cartoon response to DC Comics allowing Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman to be used by a Muslim comic book publisher in order to sell Islam as something it’s not. Check out my first one featuring Superman. 

Until The 99 are unleashed against jihad, there’s no reason to believe that this comic is anything other than Islamic propaganda, and DC Comics is in on it.How's this for a "Halloween" story?Read the full story here.


Gregory said...

I am sick of your comments section. Why do I get re-directed to another site to comment?
Commenting is too difficult on too many of these blog sites.
Crap! Now I forgot what I wanted to say.

Pastorius said...

Sorry about that. Blogger has been having all sorts of glitches for the past couple of months.