Wednesday, September 04, 2013

When Should a Book Not Be Written?

The article (linked below) (is) by Clare Lopez about Diana West’s book American Betrayal was published this morning by the Gatestone Institute (originally here). Not long after it was posted, it was mysteriously pulled from Gatestone’s site.
David Horowitz famously said of American Betrayal and Diana West that “she should not have written this book”. Now it seems that no positive reviews of the book may be allowed to stand.
(BUT FIRST) Look at this woman. Listen to her words. How could any reasonable person be afraid of what she has to say?

From Gates of Vienna:

“A perversion of logic as much as a loss of courage”
Diana West spoke last night as a guest of Ahavath Torah Congregation in Stoughton, Massachusetts. Her topic was the continuing controversy over her book, American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character.
In the following clip you’ll hear Ms. West point out the manifest falsehoods that have been circulated about American Betrayal. They seem to represent an attempted “takedown” of her book, a deliberate assault intended to destroy her professional standing as a writer.
The author also explains how she fell into the research that eventually resulted in the book. She began by investigating an entirely different topic, the penetration of the United States government by agents of the Muslim Brotherhood, and followed the trail of evidence back to Communist penetration in the 1930s and 1940s. The parallels between the two cases are striking — each involves the subversion of our government by a totalitarian ideology that seeks the overthrow of our constitutional republic.
Many thanks to The United West for recording the event, and to Vlad Tepes for editing this excerpt:
I recommend watching the full two-hour video at United West. Diana West’s talk begins at about 12:30, and a Q&A follows her remarks. You’ll hear a lot about what what’s in the book, including some quotes read by the author, and more remarks about the nexus between what happened in the 1940s and the current “civilization jihad” against our country.


Anonymous said...

I am reading Diana West's book "American Betrayal" now. As much as it's a page-turner, the upset my gut withstands causes me to take it in - in small doses, despite being familiar with much of the related reports of Islamic infiltration our current generation faces. The sequence she details about people, places, influence and decisions made during the WWII era hauntingly mirrors current events. One could recognize this pattern and even suggest the Muslim ME studied their successes in WWII and honed their skills and focused their efforts on that communist template. Today it seems there are competing if not united interests in dismantling our Constitutional Republic based on that template. Without reservation, In the end, I seriously doubt either can/will win anything (in the traditional sense).

Christine said...

A side note on this topic, I never could understand FDR's support of Stalin.

Fact is, in many ways he was worse than Hitler in his atrocities.

The only reason I can possibly come up with is the size of USSR. Was FDR so afraid of them that he was willing to overlook Stalin's behavior?

Other than that, the prior infiltration of our government doesn't really matter to me now, except for the fact that infiltration of a more dangerous sort is now being allowed.

I am close enough in years to my impending doom of death, that I may very well be gone when something really foreboding happens to our way of life here. But, I have children and most especially grandchildren who's lives will definitely be changed.

That makes my stomach burn.