Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Biden Laptop Reported To Police For Alleged Child Exploitation, FBI And DOJ CONFIRM Emails Legit


Anonymous said...

Latest on Hunter Biden hard drive

Rudy: I've handed over the hard drive to Delaware State Police to investigate alleged sexual misconduct involving a 14 year old

DSP: well... not exactly
REPORT: Delaware police referred Hunter Biden investigation to FBI
The Delaware State Police have referred questions surrounding Hunter Biden's alleged hard drive to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

revereridesagain said...

The initial reports claimed there are videos of Hunter Biden torturing and raping Chinese CHILDREN. Now we are backing off to "maybe 14-year-old" girls acting as cocaine trays? Do you see in which direction this is going?

Giuliani has had to deal with hair-raising reports of child rape in institutions before. (Check out the West Point case.)He got beat. My prediction is that he is going to get beat on this. I am not surprised. I watched scores of investigators get shut out of the "open and shut" Presidio case "for reasons of national security". This is for reasons of beating Donald Trump and ushering in Senile Joe Biden's presidency which is of course much more important.

You realize how brutally powerful and corrupt the Deep State is when you watch something like this go down YET AGAIN -- knowing the result this time will be living the rest of your life in a socialist lockdown.