Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Muslim gatherings in New York City allowed by de Blasio/Cuomo, in contrast to Judaist ones

Daniel Greenfield provides more examples of how, unlike the ultra-Orthodox communities in NYC at the time of the pandemic, Muslim communities are fully allowed to conduct gatherings uninterrupted:
Every year, Shiite Muslims in Flushing, Queens conduct the Arbaeen, a procession in honor of Mohammed's grandson whose death at the hands of a Sunni caliph marked the pivotal break between Shiites and Sunnis, slapping their faces and chests for their beheaded Imam Hussein.

Queens now has a large Muslim population, and regular fall processions of wailing crowds.

The coronavirus didn’t change that.

In early October 2020, videos show a huge knot of Muslim men packed closely together in circles, not wearing masks or with masks down, chanting and furiously beating their chests in memory of Hussein’s martyrdom. Some are shirtless in the traditional fashion. The slaps are meant to be hard enough to cause real pain and there’s plenty of reddened skin on display.

The Shiite procession marches down Flushing’s Main Street, past rows of Chinese stores without a police officer in sight. The media also doesn’t stop by to document the event.

It’s one of a number of Shiite mass gatherings in New York and New Jersey, including more mourning events for Imam Hussein on Manhattan’s Park Avenue in August, where few of the participants wear masks, and another in Kensington, Brooklyn around the same time.
This is definitely illuminating. And this type of procession is fully allowed, much like BLM demonstrations, while most other people like the Jewish community who're considered lesser by the Democrat establishment, are barred from holding gatherings for their own celebrations. It all confirms why Bill de Blasio and Andrew Cuomo are both some of the worst leftist politicians tragically running the store today.

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Jewish restaurant owner pleads with misinformed NYC inspector who is citing him with a court summons/fine for “violating dining ban” — ignoring fact that owner only does take out & had the door opened for air.