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Maui’s Inferno – Organized Human Evil?

Scene from The Most Dangerous Game

From Peter and Ginger Breggin:

Americans Know What to Do When Disaster Strikes

Americans know what to do when disasters hit. We have been doing rescue, survival, and restoration for as long as we have had communities, from the first small outposts dotting the East Coast to the spread and growth of towns and cities across this amazing land.

We know how to “do” rescue. Many of us learned in our youth, during Scouts or other volunteer organizations. Many of us have served in the armed forces, as EMTs or police, or as a member of volunteer fire departments, or we have had training in CPR and first aid. My father was a member of the ski patrol in its infancy, in New York State. Now, most communities and certainly most regions have established Red Cross offices.

Rescue begins when an alarm goes up. There is a fire, a tornado, a hurricane, a flood, or some other disaster. People gather to help stem the damage, set up a central meeting place, start keeping a list of survivors (and those lost), gather supplies to sustain everyone, comfort the stricken, and start the clean-up and the restoration. Temporary housing is arranged, care for children is established, and the beginnings of a return to normalcy occur amidst the comforting of those who have been through the traumatic experience and loss of family, friends, community, and home.

Rescue Was Missing In Maui

On Maui during that fateful fire and thereafter, little or no rescue was done.8

  • No alarm sounded when the fire threatened Lahaina

  • Telephone service was down from early in the morning before the fire started. “Nobody called us. Our phones didn’t work from five in the morning. The fire was not until 10 o’clock when I went to work.”9

  • Police stopped traffic and blocked exits from the town

  • Children were told to stay home on that school day10

  • Water was shut off as the fire threatened the community

  • The fire raged for hours, but no military fire-ships or hospital ships came

  • People were driven into the ocean as the fire swept up to the shoreline

  • It took hours for the Coast Guard to pull everyone from the water

  • The military was not called in to assist in water rescues and did not arrive on their own for humanitarian rescue

  • Local officials were not in town on the day of the fire11

  • Civilian assistance, including bottled water, food, and basic supplies, were turned away

Diana West has documented the number of children unaccounted for weeks after the fire in her article “Where Are 2025 Missing Lahaina Schoolchildren?” Many others have gathered and published first-person accounts and video footage of the horrors that occurred on that day.12,13

Questions About Maui Fires Keep Coming

Several new issues have occurred to me in the month since the disastrous Maui fire.

  • Where are the numbers of hospitalized patients?

  • Where are the lists of missing adults, let alone children?

  • Where is the memorial wall?

  • Where are the newspaper stories with photographs of those who died?

  • Where are the hero stories, the brave rescue stories?

  • Where are the first-person accounts of escape, save for a few on social media? This is the stuff that newspapers and other media used to excel at — telling the individual stories of a disaster and exposing corruption, incompetence, and malfeasance when suspected. This is the stuff of Pulitzer Prizes.

  • Where are the joint Chinese and US troops who have been drilling humanitarian aid and disaster relief exercises for ten years together in Hawaii as well as in China?14

  • Where is the fundraising for Lahaina, other than that being sponsored by a collection of billionaires,15 including Oprah, who seem to have conflicts of interest relating to the town?16 Oprah has purchased over 2,000 acres of land on Maui. Since the fire, she has been questioned as her property was untouched by the fires and criticized for not donating her own money to the relief effort.17

  • Where is the federal aid promised? “’I didn’t get any help,’: Maui residents struggle despite Biden’s vow of aid,” according to The Guardian.18

  • How much of Hawaii’s cultural heritage and indigenous cultural artifacts were lost? Lahaina is the historical seat of the Hawaiian indigenous peoples.19

Too Many Mistakes to Be Accidental?

Nothing happened as it should have that day. There are too many “mistakes” for these to be mistakes or a collection of oversights or errors or “crossed wires.”    

People were burned alive that day in their cars, waiting to be allowed to depart downtown Lahaina on the only highway out of town as police blockaded the road. Children and their pets were alone in their homes as the fire consumed them.

In a swarm of mysteries arising from the Maui catastrophe, a few questions really stand out. What could have possibly caused such a hot but pinpoint fire, that human remains were reduced to a fine ash.20 The fire was burning one building but not another, leaving trees standing, needles and leaves intact next to the ash footprint of completely burned homes, causing aluminum to melt and puddle like water, and setting boats on fire that were moored offshore.21

Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs)

Some theories are questioning whether modern warfare weaponry called DEWs (Direct Energy Weapons), designed to impede or destroy enemies were used against Lahaina. DEW weapons gather and project energy through a laser beam.22 The weapons can be built into the nose of a plane or be located on the ground or on ships or mobile land vehicles.23 Interest and development in DEW weaponry by nations is on the rise, and DEWs are considered weapons of choice against drones.24

DEW weaponry has also been suspected, as an alternative to coordinated arson, in the wildfires that have consumed parts of Canada in 202325 and earlier wildfires in California.26 A part-time college instructor teaching sociology and criminology in California was indicted in 2021 and charged with five counts of arson relating to the California Dixie fire that consumed more than 963,000 acres. A feature article on the accused professor arsonist documents that as of 2022, he was still in jail awaiting trial.27 He declares he is innocent and that he loves trees and wouldn’t hurt them.

The discussion about DEWS being responsible for the Lahaina fire centers around the fact that the fire was hot enough to melt aluminum, was pinpoint accurate, taking some buildings, sparing others, and was able to absolutely consume buildings, leaving only an ash footprint. This kind of damage has been seen in other recent fires, including the Paradise, California fire in 2018.28 The suggested motive offered to support this theory is the increasing value, location, and desirability of the land, which can be seized and rebuilt after the fire clears out the inhabitants.

How Hot Can Forest Fires Burn?

Forest fires can burn on average as high as 1,472 degrees Fahrenheit,29 with extreme conditions boosting heat up to 2100 degrees Fahrenheit. Aluminum has a melting point of 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, and if the metal is an aluminum alloy (combined with other metals), the melting point is higher.30 So there is a crossover point where a “natural” forest fire can burn hot enough to melt some metals. But the boats catching fire while moored in the water? Are the trees standing with needles or leaves still intact in Lahania?

These are all unanswered questions.

National Park Service has declared, “Even though fire is a fairly common occurrence, very few fires become extremely large.”31 This historical fact indicates that human malfeasance of one sort or another may be the flash point leading to the increasingly large wildfires now occurring.

Organized Human Evil

On the heels of the COVID years, we are alert to keeping our eyes wide open to the possibility of organized human evil as a causative factor in the increasing disasters. A full discussion of evil is an ongoing topic that requires a lot of time, a steady gaze, a steely will, and abundant courage. We continue to try to armor ourselves to be able to look clearly at unfolding circumstances. Our book, COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We are the Prey, is an exploration of evil at its root.

After overwhelming incidents of neglect, seeming ignorance, outright lying, and the ignoring of science and scientific and medical principles with resulting in tens of thousands of deaths and countless created disabilities stemming from failure to treat the initial infection and, worse, assaulting a majority of the population with experimental, toxic and now proven deadly injections of mRNA and DNA “vaccines” we are facing the undeniable evil afoot in our world.

A collection of international billionaire elites, celebrities, and global corporations unmoored from any alliance with nations of origin really do want to run the world. And they want a lot less of us pesky human beings cluttering up their playground.32

The world is quickly trying to move past the COVID deaths and other casualties of the COVID years. We lost so many of our elderly in hospitals, murdered on ventilators. Other elders and the general population were criminally neglected and refused conventional upper respiratory treatments, developing severe illnesses resulting in death or disability. Many of the elders who contracted COVID were sent into nursing homes where they were not provided with treatment and infected others in the facilities.33

The miracle treatments, those that would have brought COVID under control so quickly — hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, plus zinc, antibiotics, steroids if needed, and supplements, were forbidden and withheld nationwide and in many parts of the world.

We have turned our backs on the COVID dead, millions of them.34

Are we now expected to forget Maui? Are we going to let these deaths, these parents and especially these children, slip away?

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