Thursday, December 21, 2023

A Federal Appeals Court Affirms the Lower Court Ruling: The Federal Government May Not Tear Down Texas' Razor-Wire Barrier

Yesterday we talked about Texas' new law criminalizing illegal entry into Texas. The law goes beyond the federal law, which I think will doom it, but I said that I thought a state law that substantially tracks the federal law, and thus gives Texas law enforcement a legal basis for arresting illegals (and courts a basis for jailing them), could pass muster.

This new decision supports my take, I think. But you be the judge.

Biden's lawless regime ordered their border cops to rip down Texas' property -- their border wire fence. A lower court found that the federal government had no right to do that and enjoined them from doing so, but then reversed itself and undid the injunction. (Though they still held that the Regime's actions were illegal -- they just reversed their order to stop it.)

Texas appealed that stupid Half-Hawaiian Judge ruling.

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals now affirms that, and temporarily enjoins the federal government from tearing down any more of Texas' border barrier except in cases of medical emergency.


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